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Try again with a different OP image

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This isn't /r9k/ or /biz/ OP.
Away to the flames of hell with you.

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That's every PC game for the span of 16 years. Too vague of a question.

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no, no good or interesting games have ever been made, I'm sorry

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goto myabandonware or abandonia and go thru the various sections/genres and you're sure to find something. especially since you were so vague and didnt even remotely hint at what you're looking for

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You're clearly an old school fat 90's anime fan or a furry.
Fuck off mate.
Sick of boomers cunting the place up here.

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Okay, zoomer.

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Question: Is it bait because of the Wojak, or because you are asking about an emulator as if it was the operating system games were released for?

If you are asking in good faith, obviously. This is the definition of lurk more though.

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DOS rom

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Super Castlevania Bros on the Sega System? Now that the dust has settled it's a collectathon and just not that good, especially since you didn't know that it was really a HIDDEN GEM called Donkey Donkey no Picnic in Japan.

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try out the first 2 civ games, they're incredibly archaic, but they're real nifty and still quite fun

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>first 2 civ games
Civ 2 is a Windows game.

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Mech Warrior 2

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>the only actual answer

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Dungeon keeper and System Shock 1 are the 2 best DOS box games I've played. The non-DOS Enhanced Edition of SS1 is better though.

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Also Daggerfall can be really cool if you get a good dungeon.

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Fuck off lil zoom

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The Enhanced edition is pretty much based on a DOS version fix that enabled WASD + mouselook and higher resolutions, you can still find it on the net: https://www.systemshock.org/index.php?topic=1719.0

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toxic users in /vr/ as i see

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thx a lot for those who answer my question tho

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Nah, people aren't being that mean, it's just that it would be cool if you put in a little effort before posting. If you are serious there are even charts that have a number of "obvious" great DOS games.

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These are just the beginning though! Depending on how interested you are there are lots of interesting obscure titles that are good if you have the patience for them.

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thx dude

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go fuck yourself

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I've got Empire Deluxe on floppy in box. Only paid $2 IIRC about 10 years ago.

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Jazz Jackrabbit for a fun platform game.

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Is Magic Carpet too popular to be allowed to suggest?

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All the Apogee Games
Commander Keen
Secret Agent
Duke Nukem 1, 2

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