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Play Princess Maker 2.

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Make 2 Princess Player.

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Was one of the earlier Saturn games I got and still one of my favorites. Spent so much time on that game, relying on a two-page article in Saturn Fan magazine to tell what endings existed. I kept getting the bride-training ending over and over at first; I came to think of that as the bad end.
Still haven't played the others besides 3 very briefly

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Posting the objectively better daughter raising simulator

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Your daughter is a whore

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Yes, she is my whore

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Nah she is less cute.

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Besides this and Princess Maker, what are some other good daughter sims?

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Doesnt exist sadly

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*Mad Eddy's intensifies*

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at least she doesn't become a whore like your little princess

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>cant even turn her into a whore

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That's a linear adventure game.
It's pretty great tho

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I can't turn her into a titty monster. Pass.

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...with the nude code.

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>See-through dress
>Buxom pills

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Yes, I too saw that gamer girl YouTuber did a video on it today.

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>Pedo maker

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>a video with less than 5000 views
>on a game which gets weekly /vr/ threads anyway
this is possibly the worst case of eceleb related paranoia I've seen on this board

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I played Princess Maker when I was 12, so whatever.

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>Forehead doesn't cover half of a head
Not cute, sorry

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I've never seen a thread on this game lol

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This thread was made before that video, schizo.

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What a bunch of creeps

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So what? Is there a problem with someone maybe seeing a video about a game and wanting to talk about that game? I will never understand this z0mg someone made a video about this exact topic mindset people have going on this board. If I watched a video about this game and it was my first time learning about it damn right im gonna wanna talk about it on here a retro video game board where people talk about retro video games like princess maker series.

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right nigga, did I say there was something wrong with it?
No I just made an observation
stop getting your balls tied in a knot

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fuck off

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I love this game, but I'm really bad at it. My daughter always ends up some country bumpkin.

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We've had some, not every week, but it's been discussed before. There's an anon who has a collection of PM games.

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If you gimme a translated version instead of the ching chong then i raise my daughter.

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Ugh you guys are fucking creepy.

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Did your raised a tranny?

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To be completely fair, Princess Maker is one of those games that have no right being as good as it is. I'm not into loli porn or anything, but PM is fun and the art direction is actually good.
The concept may seem "creepy", but it's well executed, so who the fuck cares.

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I really don't understand the appeal of these games. All you do is set up a schedule and try to balance stats. Sure, it's cool to see how your daughter will turn out, but it's basically just an autistic number management game.

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>Sure, it's cool to see how your daughter will turn out
That's basically the fun, also the comfy graphics/music.
I think there's far more autistic number management games than this. Football Manager is normalfag-tier, and it's literally a Microsoft Excel simulator, not even comfy to play, and it can be long and tedious as fuck. PM games don't get to the point of being autistic IMO, just try out different things and see different outcomes for replay value.

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>play princess simulator dress up game
>not a tr*nny
Pick one.

I don't know man, tried playing it myself and found it really shallow. The writing in particular was shit, it was so terrible and generic like anime trash, I never felt like I wanted to replay it to unlock whatever ending. The gameplay part was shallow as well. It's just a glorified barebones JRPG with dress up simulator.

Yeah, not retro but Kingdom Come did it better.

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Well, if you're already biased on "anime trash", obviously you won't like it no matter what.
They're just daughter simulators. It's in itself a niche genre so there's very little to get mad about really, if you don't like it just ignore it, it's not like they're everywhere.

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>niche genre
There are a lot of life sim VNs out there to choose from.

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Yeah but this specific subset, like Princess Maker and Wonder Project J are not.

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What? Can you speak English?

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They are actually, they're just life sim VNs like True Love but with some JRPG and dress up aspects added.

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Uh, yeah, I can.
I just forgot to type a comma after Wonder Project J.
I mean that there are not many games like PM and WPJ. They're not quite date-sims.

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I remember that yaoi friend borrow MC's game which is a parody of Final Fantasy.
I think it's called Fuck Fantasy or something, at least in the English translation.
Is there a H scene with him when you got his ending?
I don't remember, but I think there's no H scenes.

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Did so when I was her age.

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>Tfw no princess of darkness waifu
Why even live

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Isn't she 10 years old at the start of the game?

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That's right. I tend to set her birthday after the festival, so she gets 1 year to prepare for her first one though.

In Mercurious Pretty, you raise a holmunculus.

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you're a virgin, right?

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lol epic win. fucking screencapped.

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I think she's cute.

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10 mental damage

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Wait, I recognize this handwriting. You're the puyo guy, right? How many Japanese franchises do you have collections built around?

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Oh no, I am destroyed by this reply.

I do enjoy the Puyo Puyo games, but I don't think I am the guy. There are a lot of pros at playing that game. I don't exactly build collections, I just happen to have kept most of what I had from back in the day.

In Ayanami Raising Project, you raise a human-angel hybrid clone. They also released a raising Shinji one too.

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Just admit it note anon, you're just looking for validation like you always do on this board. Just drop the whole "teehee I make notes and show handwriting with my collection pieces I'm so original!" schtick and people might take you more seriously. You might as well use a trip or do avatarfagging at this point.

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The worst part is that he can't even read Japanese after all these years of collecting Japanese games.

>> No.6415542

I think I also recognize his handwriting.
If I'm not mistaken, he frequently posts his collection in PC98 threads.

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Hi notes anon, once again I gotta tell you I apreciate your collection

>> No.6415747

It's a shame the other games aren't as good. I waited ages for them to be translated.

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5 is the best, the fuck you are talking about

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>this fucking E

Yes, the one and only.

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I saw an anon on /v/ commenting that there was a secret shop, is that true?

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Nothing on this thread about me from other posters is true. I do find it amusing where all this wild speculation comes from. So I will continue to post as is for the entertainment.

First it is the H's now the E's ... it's how many others write those letters.

You can raise a fighter in Tactical Fighter. Specify her training regimen. See her develop into a top tier fighter.

Add "MOPI = 1" to the config file, and you will have acess to the un-dress, buxomize pills, and other curios.

>> No.6416496

>First it is the H's now the E's ... it's how many others write those letters.
I don't know anyone who purposely writes every letter uppercase except for the "H".
And also, all your "3"s are backwards.

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no, there's nothing, it's a bad ending.

>> No.6416591

What the fuck are you talking about? Are you blind?

>> No.6416595


Newfag I see

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Long live the queen

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>bad ending
More like consolation ending.
Bad ending is forever arone.
In Sotsugyou Ryokou (pic related), you can get this guy (1 H scene).

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Which is a terrible game build entirely on You Diededed meme. Too fast, too short, to railroady

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No dude, it's definitely you. Hahah, had to dig this image up but it's confirmation alright. Don't come here that often so I don't know what all this "note anon" hubbub is about, though I think collecting games, especially ones in their original boxes, is very cool and nothing to be ashamed about.

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>Ugh you guys are creepy!
Upvoted XD

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Stop bullying the guy and his hobbies..

>> No.6416774

>his hobbies
posting pic of his collections with notes in /vr/

>> No.6416783

You sound jealous of his collection

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>i want my daughter to be a whore
>my whore
>not creepy

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I have a couple games in the series. Others do too.

I haven't played them yet, but more recently there are the Summer Lesson games where the premise is to set the lesson plans in tutoring the girls.

It is not intentional leet speak.

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What kind of faggot doesn't want to fuck his daughter?

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>not intentional
>proceeds to purposely do it again
See, the purpose of writing is to have others read it. Intentionally writing in a way that inconveniences the reader in any way is not only contrary to the purpose of writing, it's also a dickish thing to do. The issue here is that everyone reading it can not only see your superfluousness in your writing but can subconsciously recognize that your purpose of writing out your response is not so that others can read it, but more for your own self satisfaction, It's also why namefagging, tripfagging, avatarfagging, reddit spacing, leetspeak, and chatspeak are looked down upon. doesn't matter whether you put stars instead of dots on your "i"s or write your "A"s as diagonal "4"s, the point being is that you're intentionally doing something that you are aware annoys someone else, for the sole purpose of standing out, refusing to correct it, even though it is well within your capabilities. Which is pretty much the definition of being a dick.

Stop being a dick and write like everyone else

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You aren't?

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Just man up to it, for fucks sake. No one's gonna fall for you "it's not me" bullshit.

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>mfw the latter half of the video

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>give daughter all the boob pills for maximum boobs
>marry her

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i already played it hundreds of times , man.

>> No.6417776 [DELETED] 

It's called pimping chad.

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What's the best way to play PM2 today?
There's some sort of remaster at steam but it looks like shit.

>> No.6418353

The original is perfectly playable on DOSBox, even on Android with a touch screen.

>> No.6418397

FM Towns is my favorite

>> No.6418404

I meant the english dos version. Presumably "the original" was on pc98 or whatever

>> No.6418445

Right where it hurts.

>> No.6418458

Is 2 better than 3 that's on the Switch?

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Those are some of my Puyo Puyo games, yes.

>> No.6419057

can't you only make them like slightly bigger

>> No.6419184 [DELETED] 

3 and above are more like sim games. PM2 had some RPG elements where you had more control over your daughteru.

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Princess Maker 2 is basically a training simulation for how we should be treating women. You got to train and homeschool them while they are young. Lest you get roastie debris like >>6413847.

>> No.6419773

He's an attention-whoring faggot. He deserves all of the bullying he gets. Every single post he makes is an excuse to show off to people online.

Why else would he grab a set of games, write a note the exact same way every time, and upload a photo of said games and notes with every post?

Clearly he has nothing else going on in his life and no actual accomplishments to point to, which is why he feels the need to behave this way on an anonymous basket-weaving forum.

>> No.6419786

it's okay anon one day you'll have a great collection like him

>> No.6419808

coping and seething

>> No.6420986

Why would you isolate your daughter from interacting with others, shaping her own self, envisioning her own future, and contributing to the society on her own will? Do you have such an insecure male ego?

>> No.6421009

For the same reason retards need supervision.
They screw themselves up worse when left alone to their own devices and their equally retarded peers.
Even animals know better than to leave their young alone to fend for themselves.

>> No.6421035


Gotta be careful not to have a rubberband effect. Grew up in the Bible Belt, and lots of "daddy's good little girls" were so repressed that they viewed all debauchery as "great sin" and dove straight in when they decided to indulge in it once they left the nest.

>> No.6421048

virgins are people too you fat fucking cunt

>> No.6421074

Isnt that the case with everyone, not just girls? Kids need to be nurtured, not isolated, or else they would be unable to understand their own purpose and the world theyre living in.

Thats why princess maker is a terrible game. Your daughter feels just like an extension of yourself instead of a real individual you interact with. You choose which time she goes to bed, which time she studies, what kind of cute dress she wears, whom she dates with, whom she has sex with, as if youre playing as yourself. It's autogynephillic as fuck. This is the reason why men turn into tr*nnies, theyre obsessed with this cute daughter figure inside their head which they shape according to their own desires.

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>not wanting your titty monster daughter to ascend the throne and decree boob law leading to a buxoming new age for all the land

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I heard there's an uncensored version. If so, where can I download it?

>> No.6421110

This game is a piece of shit, my daughter keeps turning into a whore

>> No.6421135

>"No! teen girls are never attractive to anyone under any circumstance!"

Really nigger? does this bitch honestly believe all this bullshit or is she like all women deathly afraid of criticism?

>> No.6421139

>participating in a forum culture that embraces slurs and ironic bigotry as signals of in-group membership and laughs condescendingly at the normies who are appalled and hurt by them
>whining that making your posting style distinctive in any way even though you're aware it annoys others is "the definition of being a dick" and must be stopped
Pick one.

>> No.6421142

Can you make shinji get in the eva

>> No.6421146

Lol both of you are faggots, get back to talking about this child grooming simulator

>> No.6421153

Abandonia has the uncensor patch if you're playing the DOS version.

>> No.6421154

Tfw used to watch this youtuber as a kid

Tfw shes an obnoxious sjw now

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In the DOS version, there's a cheat to access a secret shop.
The secret shop sells an invisible dress.
Not a patch.
It's cheat code in >>6416487

>> No.6421163

>Tfw shes an obnoxious sjw now

It's just the most nauseating thing to watch these people address non-issues that only exist within their "extremely online" world. Its like they are running PR against stuff they had nothing to do with

>> No.6421165

Shes an sjw

>> No.6421168

Well every woman is really but how much of one?

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The English DOS version covered her up in the beach scene. Originally she was nude.

>> No.6421172

Which non issues?

>> No.6421174

A big one

And i wouldnt say all are
Some of my female friends hate sjws for complaining about everytjing and sometimes censoring shows and jrpgs

>> No.6421175

Maybe its just me but do people really stop playing something if it has anything untoward in it? why even bring it up for 1/3 of your video instead of just not covering it at all if you hate it so much

>> No.6421178

Anything untoward?

>> No.6421179

>Some of my female friends hate sjws

They don't really, scratch the surface and they are just as afraid of looking non-pc

>> No.6421180

They pretend to hate it because they think they'll gain something by doing that. Never trust women.

>> No.6421181

Yes anything that has the barest potential to be not banal

>> No.6421183

>Never trust women.

"Oh why are you killing the zombie babies! they are just babies!"

>> No.6421216

Sorry, I thought you're referring to the undress.
I didn't know about the beach nude scene, never play the Japanese version.

>> No.6421236

You're just a bad father.

>> No.6421260

>This game is a piece of shit, my daughter keeps turning into a whore

What is this game? a real life simulator?

>> No.6421274

Why is raising a girl so comfy?

Now i want to be a dad :c

>> No.6421284

What the fuck do you want them to do? If they made the daughter a "real individual", half of the time you're playing you wouldn't even be doing anything.

>> No.6421286
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Don't mind me, just having my 11 year old defeat the War God using the power of extreme savescumming.

>> No.6421549

>11 years old
tell me your method

>> No.6421775

Whats the best PM game to get into the series? Theyre on steam right?

>> No.6422115

Why aren't you showing your tits or GingTFO?

>> No.6422507


>> No.6422557 [DELETED] 

>Even animals know better than to leave their young alone to fend for themselves.
that exactly what most of them do. but mostly because other animal grow up much faster and animals are dumber than retards. e.g. you leave a chicken or duck to raise their own young, most of them will die.

>> No.6422573 [DELETED] 

only if you want the "new" version with graphics from FM Towns I think. PM2, unreleased english beta , will work on any version of DOSBox by default.

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I haven't done this in a while, but if I remember it right. Start the game with at least four whole months before the first Harvest Festival. Put your daughter on a robust diet, buy the summer and winter dresses just in case and save. Schedule an adventure and two painting lessons. In the adventure area, hang around a spot where you can encounter people. When one of these mustache guys shows up, rob him. He might run away from your little girl (if he doesn't, reload) and drop around 1000g which will pay for the lessons. Keep doing this until she paints a picture that can win the art contest (skip the first chance to paint, take the second). She'll probably turn delinquent within the first two months, which allows you to lower her stress by scolding her, which is enough to keep her from getting sick so you can keep doing this without giving her any breaks. Win the art contest and blow the money from that on fighting and fencing lessons. Once her combat stats are maxed out, you have the Mithril armor from the final bandit and the Katana you find in the snow area, she should be able to beat the War God, though it might take a few tries since you can still get fucked up by crits and magic.

>> No.6423326

Whats wrong with steam?

>> No.6423404

what jobs does she do at the beginning?
which stats does she raise at the beginning?

>> No.6423995

She doesn't do anything else, what I described there is the entire plan. It's not the proper way to play obviously, just something I concocted to see how early in the game I could possibly beat the War God.
If you wanna keep going after that you can just do whatever, there's still 8~9 years left after all. Money is not a problem when she's strong enough to one shot harpies who drop over 100G each in the desert, so you could just decide on a career for her and assign her jobs and lessons accordingly.

>> No.6424294

I don't see literally anything wrong with that vid. What triggered /vr/?

>> No.6424328

Ayanami Raising Project with Asuka has the densiest logo I've ever seen on a game cover.

>> No.6425238
File: 151 KB, 873x653, My God Damn Daughter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never happened with me, I've only played the 3rd one, but I spent all my time raising my daughter to be a fighter and she ended up becoming a teacher. She didn't feel like an extension of myself at all either. By the end she felt like a real person and I was a little sad our time together was over. Almost actually wanted a real kid for a second.

I only have 3, will that do?

>> No.6426332

Are there any games like PM2 but with more of an emphasis on interaction with your daughter? I hate how outside of specific events in PM2 all you can really do is have a one-sided chat with her where she says something random.

>> No.6426985

Is there any saturn translations out there? I would love to play it on there.

>> No.6427014

having an actual daughter. they don't tell you it gets more expensive as they get older...

>> No.6427020

He said good daughter sims. Nothing good about putting in so much effort raising a daughter only for her to start getting railed by niggers at 14.

>> No.6427110


100% text based but really well written.

>> No.6427851


>> No.6427876

Just raise a daughter (male) then.

>> No.6427901

Sounds like a good idea.

>> No.6427946

Is there any gameplay or is it just menus and pictures of your daughter doll? I wanna make a girl who shanks people.

>> No.6427963

There's top-down RPG segments but they're not that good.

>> No.6429167

Why am i having fun playing this

Why is being a virtual dad fun

>> No.6431207

PM2 is THE cult classic that throttled the genre, so start with that one

>> No.6431238

You must've not actually played it since you don't tell her when to sleep and you she doesn't date or have sex with anyone until the game is over. Maybe it's just some lighthearted weeb game not meant to be some social commentary interpreted by some loser several decades after the fact.

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