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Are there any other good examples of /vr/ featured in classic anime?

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Mink from Dragon Half playing sufami. Which is odd considering her game is on pce-cd.

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Don't tell me you're a fucking retard that thinks old=classic

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Anyone care to post Onizuka playing Ape Escape on PSX? I'm on a pre-paid phone so my IP is blocked from posting pics.

Also, Asuka Langley playing Sega CD. Would appreciate.

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Yu Yu Hakusho

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It's not like OP posted something as obscure as Gude Crest.

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Ranma is great. The later seasons of the anime weren't as good, but overall the series (both the manga and the anime) is definitely a classic.

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Only a classic to people who have seen maybe 10 shows in their life

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Shinji is a based Sega Chad and plays Saturn, and Sega produced end of evangelion

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Whether you liked it or not, it was hugely popular.

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Popularity doesn't equal a classic. By that argument shit like MD Geist which was pretty popular is a "classic"

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Yeah, but Ranma was fun.

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That video is MUY aesthetic

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si señor

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Posting this until I can think of /vr/ in anime

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This thread might be interesting: Shmup parodies on anime series

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I'm still salty about how the anime series was never finished and anything from Rumiko that came after Ranma wasn't as good I feel like.

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Seasons 1 and 2 are as classic as it gets, just a shame it trails off as it gets ahead of the manga and devolves into random nonsense. Many such cases in the 90s unfortunately.

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gureto daze

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Noot anime but this mediocre Doraemon-ass manga about an electronics store had this kid character with shirts referencing stuff the mangaka liked, and this one always stuck to me. There was also a chapter heavily featuring Popolocrois for some reason, and a bank robber with a Space Jam shirt, hah.

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Neat can i get a sauce?

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Sorry anon, you actually can't per se, my sauce is the actual manga volumes of the Spanish edition I have, it's really obscure. For what it's worth the name is "Peace Electronics" or "おまかせ!ピース電器店", feel free to look it up, but I don't think there's very much info about it online.

Here's another shirt tho.

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Cool thx!

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mikan el gato!

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>as classic as it gets
/vr/ knows nothing about videogames and even less about anime

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You've been seething the whole thread, deal with it fag. People like Ranma.

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Arcades were prominently featured in the original Sailor Moon series (also in Codename: Sailor V, the manga that inspired it).

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No? I just know much more about anime and retro videogames than this shitty board combined

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absolutely BASED!

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Woah folks we got an expert here

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I remember Usagi would play pic related in various episodes.
Wasn't this an actual PC-98 game or something, actually?
Also lol at the zoomer who thinks Ranma isn't a classic.

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well the sega saturn was shown on evangelion

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Theres a scene in maison ikkoku where Kentaro is playing a galaga cocktail machine and another scene of Godai playing speed race sitdown cockpit.

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Usually I prefer the art of the manga, but with shojo like Ranma it's the other way round.

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>Somehow has a Sega Saturn 8-years before it's officially released

I think Iwa Hazuki was a time traveller.

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Prove it or shut the fuck up, you spineless dweeb.

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Sailor V for x68k

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Not to be autistic about genres, but isn't Ranma a shonen?

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Creamy Mami playin VECTREX

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Absolutely based, the seething replies proves how threatened they are

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wtf lol ranma is an undisputed classic man

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>reddit spacing
>knows nothing

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Yeah Rumiko Takahashi's manga are usually published in Weekly Shonen Sunday, but as a weekly magazine it is more aimed at a general audience than Shonen Jump, publishing more wider-audience fare like Detective Conan. But yeah, definitely not exclusively shojo.

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Who let you out of your cage?

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If Rumiko Takahashi's work in the seventies and eighties is not classic I don't know what qualifies as it. Half the shows /a/ wanks itself over are regurgitated tropes from either Rumiko or Go Nagai.

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don't tell me you're a fucking retard that fails to understand any semantics considering naming 'classic' any thing that comes from a specific era
oof yes you are

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Power of numbers have deemed it a classic just like MASH is considered a classic tv show even if you don't like it. You don't control the anime world retard.

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>not classic


>has lasting impact on current media

not sure what other criteria you think you're qualified to demand to call it classic...

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Akira on the amiga has a few anime cutscenea.


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I know while watching that series that I was legit surprised and mildly elated when the Gradius reference appeared. It would have only been better if they had tossed in a convo with Okoyasu about a Super Famicom/Mega Drive, but I guess the two bros arguing over Gradius/Thunderforce is a bit too autistic for normies.

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Do you have the clip?

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Hudson produced an entire TV series around their characters called Bug-tte Honey, it's basically Captain N The Game Master with Takahashi Meijin/Master Higgins from Adventure Island, but it had special appearances and cameos from other Hudson characters and games like Bomberman, Milon, Star Soldier, etc.

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I’ve seen lots of /vr/ appear in more recent anime. Here’s a tower of power.

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another tower of power

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I don't think MD Geist still works, because it was just one guy shilling the fuck out of it at conventions to everyone's dismay, so it wasn't actual true "popularity".


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did they rattle can that mega to make it silver?

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Most people don't genuinely enjoy M.D. Geist, it's more like The Room or something like that, a badly made but entertaining piece of trash.

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I don't agree with that, I think M.D. Geist is a fun tribute to hyperviolent American action movies from the 80s. It's not a masterpiece but it's entertaining.

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Everyone loves Lain, but I'm also partial to NieA_7.

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