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Top 5 Saturn Games?

For me:
1. Shining Force 3
2. Panzer Dragoon Saga
3. Virtua Cop 2
4. Sega Rally Championship
5. Goiken Muyou

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1. Panzer Dragoon II Zwei
2. Virtua Fighter 2
3. NiGHTS into dreams...
4. Sega Rally Championship
5. Baku Baku

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1. panzer dragoon zwei
2. elevator action returns
3. cotton boomerang
4. Bulk Slash
5. Powerslave

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1. PD Zwei
2. Virtua Fighter 2
3. Sega Rally
4. Power Slave
5. Burning Rangers

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In no particular order:
>Sega Rally
>Guardian Heroes
>Shinning Force 3

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>Guardian Heroes
The first and only time I ever got to see a Sega Saturn was at a friends birthday party where his older brother let us use it, and we played Guardian Heroes all day, and it blew me away having only ever experienced SNES content. I never knew the name of the game and always wondered what crazy trip of an anime cartoon turned beat em up I played.

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1) OutRun
2) Space Harrier
3) Darius 外伝
4) Elevator Action Returns
5) Exhumed Power PharaohSlave 1999

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1. Panzer Dragoon Saga
2. Burning Rangers
3. Grandia
4. Dead Or Alive
5. Sega Rally Championship

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Alphabetically because I can't be bothered.
>Panzer Dragoon II Zwei
>Radiant Silvergun
>Sega Rally
>Virtua Racing
>Winter Heat

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Princess Maker 2
Nadesico ~the blank of 3 years~

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dare I say, based

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Basically this console was just a Guardian Heroes system for me.

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Saturn sucks, PSX rules. More games = better system. This isn't debatable, so don't even try. Let me derail your good thread for hours because I'm insecurely obsessed with the fact that the system I grew up with has the least notable or memorable games of them all.

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No dragon force

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What’s the point of this thread? Everybody is just going to list from the same 20 or so games.

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Virtua fighter 2
fighting vipers
sonic jam
tomb raider
guardian heroes

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1. Psychic Assassin Taromaru
2. Panzer Dragoon Saga
3. Radiant Silvergun
4. Silhouette Mirage
5. Dragonforce

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>1. Shining Force 3
>2. Panzer Dragoon Saga
>3. Virtua Cop 2
>4. Sega Rally Championship
god I fucking swear don't you normies know any titles besides the most popular ones? Any single discussion about any platform I see is the same list of "best" games

>best PSX games
>Crash, Spyro
>best N64 games
>Mario 64, Goldeneye 64
>best SNES games
>Mario and Starfox

most popular does not equal the best

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1. Shining Force III
2. Radiant Silvergun
3. Shining the Holy Ark
4. Panzer Dragoon Saga
5. Guardian Heroes

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what are yours then nigger

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Guardian Heroes
DRAGON FORCE >>6392470
Sega Rally
Fighters Megamix

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It gets pretty redundant. Having said that all those titles are great.

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Based PS1-let with boring games.

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You should play Elevator Action instead of calling shining force 3 popular

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On Saturn? Albert Odyssey, Powerslave, The Horde, Dark Savior, Beyond Oasis, Lunacy, Shinobi X, Burning Rangers, Baku Baku, Enemy Zero, Mystaria.

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Legend of Oasis is the Saturn one, also my first pick.

Guardian Heroes
Magical Knight Rayearth
Fighters Megamix
Dragon force

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Childhood: (no order)
1. Daytona USA
2. Virtua Fighter 2
3. Die Hard Arcade
4. Virtua Cop
5. Virtua On

Boomerhood:(no order)
1. Elevator Action Returns
2. Knights in to Dreams
3. Virtua On
4. Cyberbots
5. Asuka 120% Burning Festa

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>>6392883 this should be a reply to >>6392756
but I fucked up
Yeah I meant Legend Of Oasis

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Sonic Jam
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Street Fighter Collection
Sonic R
Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition

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Death Crimson
Death Crimson
Death Crimson
Death Crimson
Death Crimson

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based Jamchads

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Sega Rally Championship
Sega Rally Championship
Sega Rally Championship
Sega Rally Championship
Sega Rally Championship

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Fighters Megamix (or any of the Sega 3D Fighting games, minus VF1)
digital pinball necronomicon
X-men vs Street fighter
House of the Dead
Daytona USA Circuit Edition

Shoutout to Kenji Eno and Warp!

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I would love to play YU-NO, Desire, or Eve Burst Error. Too bad I don't know Japanese. Thankfully Eve Burst Error and YU-NO have English PC ports.

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I fapped a lot to this whore. I think what gets me the most are those bold fuchsia shoes.

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Desire is translated too.

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>Burning Rangers
Fucking how? That game is so janky its barely keeping it together. I dont think there is a single surface in the game the camera can't clip and see straight through.

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There's a reason why I listed it last. Even then it's still impressive how they managed to get all the other effects in the game like colored lighting. If it were on PS1 it would be an embarrassment but for the Saturn they really tried to pull out as many visual tricks they could even if it meant sacrificing performance.

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1) Fighters Megamix
2) Panzer Dragoon Zwei
3) Bulk Slash
4) Dynamite Deka
5) Nekketsu Oyako

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Anyone got a good list of Japanese games worth playing? Either translated or playable without needing to read text?

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Saturn has quite literally the definitive version of outrun. Silky smooth 60 fps.

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Psychic Assassin Taromaru

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body special 264 girls in motion vol. 2
die hard arcade
saturn bomberman
my best friends
virtua photostudio

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Magic Knight Rayearth
Burning Rangers
Guardian Heroes
Radiant Silvergun
Panzer Dragoon Saga

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Too many good games to list 5

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All of the SRW Saturn games.
Love me some tactical turn grid based games.

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1. PD Zwei
2. Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter
3. Gungriffon 2
4. Stellar Assault SS
5. Guardian Heroes

My personal honorable mentions: Princess Crown (will be in my top 3 once it's translated)
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (personally I enjoyed it for what it was)
Elevator Action Returns
Assault Suit Leynos 2
Bulk Slash
Darius Gaiden
NBA Jam TE (my favorite sport game on the system)
Sega Rally Championship

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Based. Did it have any other one besides F/F Final though?
At least this one is better than the PS1 port, which got a butchered soundtrack.

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1. Vampire Savior
2. Street Fighter Zero 3
3. X-Men vs. Street Fighter
4. Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
5. Pocket Fighter

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Not sure if any others got released, I only played SRW F on the Saturn.

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1. Rayman (superior to ANY other version)
2. Nights
3. In the Hunt (superior to ANY other version)
4. Bug
5. Clockwork Knight 2