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What's a moment in a game that literally traumatized you?

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Fucking this. What is it about hedge mazes that are so damn terrifying? Going through the maze sequence in RE4 gave me terror shakes when reminded of this part.

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No joke, this scene traumatized my little sister when she was a kid. She's an adult now and the sound of a chainsaw can still give her an anxiety attack.

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The sense of disorientation is very unsettling when you have limited visibility and are being pursued, with the volume of the enemy's sounds ebbing and flowing as you run. AFAIK, there was also NO WAY to actually kill the Frankenstein's monster. You could only trip him up temporarily, so it was best just to run in terror.

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The entire Waxworks game for the Amiga. That entire fucking game man.

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You might as well post the "This isn't what happens in my hentai's" GIF if you're gonna post pictures for the fine gentlemen and ladies of the board.

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no way someone can get a trauma from a video game

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Don't remember how to get to that part I'm afraid

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IIRC, you have to interact with the tentacles without a mask in the Cavern section.

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Oh, wait a second...

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Oh here we go.

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Could never figure out how to take good video.

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The Legacy of Darkness remake had an optional boss fight in that one "safe area" fenced off somewhere in the middle of the hedge maze, where you have one final showdown with Frankie and the dogs to kill them for good.

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The Shadowgate series had a lot of scary shit in it, specifically its deaths (see pic related)

Beyond Shadowgate's game over screen shows the protagonist being executed too (looking back its pretty tame and played for laughs, but still pretty disturbing in nature) https://youtu.be/7vPvlKrE5nI?t=46

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Ah, that's interesting. I never got around to playing Legacy of Darkness.

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Shadowgate 64 is an amazing atmospheric exploration game, with little ways to die.

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Yeah shadowgate 64 has a very creepy atmosphere, almost reminiscent of the fromsoftware games on ps1

I do remember falling through a cieling and dying in that game. Not really scary, but definitely startling.

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MAP05: The Waste Tunnels in Doom II.

It's supposed to be a sewer system, but back when I was a kid and my English was really bad, I intepreted it as "the ruined/abandoned tunnels". And it seemed plausible: it's dark and menacing, with a creepy BGM. I felt really uneasy about it in general, but then I ran into the Lost Souls (I played Doom II before Doom, so I didn't know about their existence before)...

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>creepy atmosphere

While I agree it's somewhat king's fieldesque, I wouldn't call it creepy at all. It's just quiet and floaty.

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'Oh... I'm dying!'

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Most of the Horror Soft games in that style, but especially the Elvira games...

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>It's a sad thing your adventures had to end here, senpai!

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no bully plz

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>Waxworks is just a reskinned Elvira

I learned something today

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These unholy abominations. I love them.

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Let's go for a swim...

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This motherfucker was terrifying to 9-10 year old me, so much so that he reintroduced my fear of the dark.

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One of my college pals was super traumatized by the Silent Hill 4 fps levels. Being locked in must have triggered something.

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what game is this? looks sick

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Those abominable guys with big teeth in quake (2?). Am I tripping thinking they could go through the teleporters? I was pretty young.

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>fell in love with the windows version
>can't find a good way to run it

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My younger brother, whom was pretty unfazable for games 1-3, actually FEARQUIT SH4 when the apartment turns against you.


>friends and I went to theater opening night of the first and only Silent Hill movie
>giggling teenage girls in front of us
>30 minutes of "tee hee this movie's so dumb haha"
>Rose sees "key" in tonguejanitor's mouth
>"teehee... wait... that's messed up..."
>giggling slows
>Sirens begin
>Tonguejanitor is moving and going BLEBBLEBBLEBBLEB noise
>those girls ACTUALLY RAN SCREAMING from the theater
>Regardless of many flaws, the movie becomes instant 10/10 to me and my friends

Never actually seen that happen before xD

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Clay Fighter 666

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Waxworks, the developers also did Elvira: Mistress of the Dark and Jaws of Cerberus which use the same overall engine. I recommend playing all three, they're great adventure games.

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I'm reminded of this pic here, which prompted me to say to my friends "If there's one being in the Pokemon universe that needs a hug, it's Mewtwo."

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It's amazing how bad the second SH movie is compared to the first (which as a "piece of cinema" was also bad but fun fanservice).

Silent Hill 4 is a good game with about every "want to replay remember that part" cliche thrown in. Giant escort mission, unkillable enemies, half the game is a copy and paste job, too many items too little space, etc.

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this collage of ptsd is just missing the ice spider crabs and ice sharks.

This series is the most horrifying thing in existence. The dreamcast game has some new unspeakable horrors that I can't show here.

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On the engineering deck of System Shock 2, there is a mutant lurking behind a corner and he jumps out and yells at you.
Got me pretty bad the first time.
And he still gets me every time again despite me knowing he is waiting there for me.

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the stress

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that escalated

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whats that point n click, that is very gritty? The one with the legless general that launches the nukes on every occasion

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Elvira series + Waxworks are kino.

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>keep getting killed
what game is this?
it looks hard.

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Nothing in that game was really /that/ violent, then suddenly THIS shit shows up.
Even playing it as an adult it legit caught me off guard.

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Shit, you’re right. Every time I play through RE4 I tense up at the maze section. Even though the dogs are actually really weak it’s still scary shit being ambushed by them

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German Contra 3 where you play as a robot because censorshit

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>robot because censorshit
I onlyl played Contra 1 & 2 in the NES.

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That's Harvester. That's another one that gets really fucking wild

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I was 4 years old when my brother got ZAMN for genesis, I played it by myself and nearly died crying in the chainsaw hedge maze. Then 2, years later he got resident evil for ps1 and because of my prior zombie fears, that game scared the ever living shit out of me. My brother would babysit me and pretend there were zombies upstairs and told me to hide while he went to investigate. then he would act as if he was getting eaten alive and scream for help. I would just cry in the closest screaming for my brother. My mom said I used to wake up in the middle of the night begging God for help so the zombies wouldn't eat me. I still have residual anxiety anytime I play resi 1. Fuck my brother, that and he would torment me with scary stories to tell in the dark. I was a frightened child, to the point I was afraid to go to the bathroom alone at school in fear of zombies trying to eat my flesh while I was still alive. I love zamn and resident evil now, but it took a while in my preteens to force myself to beat those games alone and break my fear.

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Robots are pretty based anon. I'd play it.

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yeah, that's it. Oh boy, that game burns into the brain

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Super Probotector is the only good contraIII. You enjoy watching half naked sweaty guys kill aliens in the most unbelievable manner while climbing walls and girders? That fully retarded, man.
I prefer watching outstandingly cool robots which are a million times more believe able shooting aliens while climbing walls. Also humans can't jump hanging from girders. Robots can. It's so much superior to that ugly human version.

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Manly action-men are cooler than robots, and Konami knew this, which is why Contra takes strongly after Predator, Rambo, and Aliens.