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Share comfy gifs

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this triggers me it's not comfy

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it certainly is

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Panel de Pedo, aka tetris attack in the west.

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>Panel de Pedo
Of course.

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Boku no Natsuyasumi!

I can't get the original to boot on my PS1 emu unfortunately. I love the aesthetic of that series.

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How come Lucca is the only one with a unique sprite here?

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that's the same sprite after Ayla's big party in Prehistory, I wouldn't say it was unique

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>People post these amazing look gifs without saying the source
This board is torment :(

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Really reminds me of Summer Wars

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Watching part of a long play of it now. Looks really cool.

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not comfy but soulful

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would get comfy with her if u kno wut i mean

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Why don't you play the fucking game?

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Does anyone have Legend of Dragoon gifs?

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He's a zoomer so the thought literally never occured to him. Their instinct is to watch a Let's Play

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There's nothing wrong with watching part of a video to see if it's something you'd want to put the time into playing, let alone go through the trouble of buying it in this day and age.

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Just play the game, faggot.

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Legitimately impressive perspective work on this one. Your eyes instantly recognize the correct illusion of depth

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I think Karnov is a pretty cool guy. He kills dinosaurs and doesn't afraid of anything.

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This gif gives me a funny feeling.

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that fire's really kicking like it's got lighter fluid streaming into it

a little too hot to be comfy

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>Panel de Pedo
>Not Panel de Pon
>Pedo is a fart in Spanish

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Commies assert pedophilia where it doesn't truly exist, in order to confuse the pusruit of true pedophiles which the jews have in spades.

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Pedophilia is literally okay when jews do it.

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>shiny female retro pixel booty
where can i find more of her

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>the trouble of buying it in this day and age.
just get the rom like any sane person would do.
you can play the game for free like that, if you don't like it there is nothing to lose.
and if you like it, good going then, is not like the devs get money from buying retro games in their original form.

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Well damn this one takes me right back to a time and place I'd long forgotten.

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That's the trick.

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Post original content faggots, is not hard to record yourself emulating a game,

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Fuck me and my comfy fetish...games?

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I will never understand why anyone would watch someone else play a game /especially/ if that someone else is talking incessantly throughout.

In the beforetimes, I had an employee who likes some /vr/ but since he's a filthy zoomer, it's not much. He watched someone play SotN beginning to end. The whole. Fucking. Game. Wut? Nigger, emulate that shit and play it for yourself, you fuck.

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you first

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in order:
-Breath of Fire III
-fuck I don't know, looks like that Ogre Battle game on n64
-Chrono Trigger

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I’ll nearly always play a game myself first, then if I dont like it but theres something about the game that interests me I’ll either watch a longplay or find a lets play with a decent host.

Like for example the silent hill games have some neat ideas and design elements but I cant fucking stand playing them. Not bad games just not to my taste. But they still have merit in their own way.

Also few people focus on watching these things, they’re kind of background noise while you cook or whatever.

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SotN is pretty short though, like 3 hours if you know what you're doing? To a first time player it could easily be 10+ and maybe he just doesn't have that kind of time, or care enough to put 10 hours in, but can stand having it on in the background for 3 hours as he multitasks or something.

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i want to plow marin

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Why not a real woman?

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also, do retro-looking games count? pic related its samurai blitz

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Modern 2d is so impossibly fucking ugly. I suppsoe that no actually talented artist would ever bother with pixel-painting these days.I guess the reason is that iIt's all done by nostalgic imbeciles and hacks as well as no-budged dipshits.

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you think? I actually think the opposite. Pixel art tends to gather the most paletteaware artists in art nowadays, also there are eldritch treatises and advances on pixel animation. But they tend to either oversaturate the games with flashes for every fucking hit striked or step taken OR the worst: Mix pixel art with 3D meta environments and high res fonts to make it moooooooooodern

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In the 80s real artists did pixel art. Today only wankers do pixer art. Exactly as you described.

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Your move.

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That's unfair.

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based on what

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Eh, the Dragon's Crown's original style is much nicer to look at.

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Is this board Retro Games or Retro-Looking games?

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In your dreams

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Yoshi's Island

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I wanna fuck Din

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what is this from

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i grew up watching my uncles and family play master system, snes, n64 and psx.
long plays have also been around longer than youtube.

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not a jiff but

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didnt know jackie chan played video games

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One of my favorite shiggers pics ever. So much condensed soul.
Super Game Boy, one of the border frames it has.

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Rayman is a funny game to me because when I first played the PC port, it had no sound for me for whatever reason. So i never got to hear any of the music or sound effects, and being an imaginative child, I made up my own music and sounds in my head. When I hear the actual ost and sounds, they feel really jarring and out of place now.

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What game?

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panel de pon

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How did I never notice the Shy Guys shaking their heads? Does that really happen in the game?

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Sailor Moon Super S

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Yes. They are very disappointed you never noticed them.

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>I can't get the original to boot on my PS1 emu unfortunately.
Do you have a japanese bios?

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Startling Odyssey II
specifically from an error screen for having the sram full.

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Beautiful, fren.

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No, it looks like a Newgrounds flash garbo.

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beef salami

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My mind was blown when I found out you could animate the SGB boarders.

Yoshi's Island is so pure.

How do I make good gifs? I only know webm.

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Imagine crying this hard because someone enjoys different things than you

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that's digimon world 3.

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Fucking zoomers

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birdo looks ripped straight out of the Q*bert universe here
it wasn't so obvious until now

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http://blog.bahraniapps.com/gifcam/ Or https://www.cockos.com/licecap/

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Optimize them with https://ezgif.com/optimize

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The chances of being able to fuck a real woman have escaped their reality

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not comfy

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NOTHING is comfy about that game. Nothing.

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thanks anon

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nothing wrong with watch a let's play of an RPG

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God those hair physics annoy the shit outta me they way they're rendered. Must've looked amazing at the time though.

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mega based

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obviously a zoomer quest.
don't know which one though, but that should narrow it down enough for even an idiot to find it.

>> No.6405491

looked around a bit, and the first games all look pretty similar, so one of the famicom dragon quest games, or dragon warrior since it's in english

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Anything 80s to 90s Capcom

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i don't think you understand the thread topic
or your misread "gifs" as "games"

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It's the first Dragon Quest game. It's the English localization known as Dragon Warrior, which is easily distinguishable from the player character sprite which is significantly different for the Japanese version in that there is only a sprite for the protagonist facing forward as opposed to all four directions like the localized version.

It's also easily distinguishable as the first game as opposed to the three sequels for the Famicom/NES, because only the first Dragon Quest for the Famicom had the unique battle aesthetic where there was a window with its own background. In 2, 3 and 4 it's simply a black screen for a background and battles take up the entire screen.

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Valkyrie Profile.

Fuck you, asshole

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She's not for lewd!

>> No.6406524

>higher than native resolution
>smeared 2D elements with the edge being cut off

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Yeah I wish more people would do gifs at original resolution, it just looks much better. Prime example is pre-rendered games like DKC. People often complain that it looks bad, but when you look at them at their original 240p resolution, it's gorgeous.

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>I will never understand why anyone would watch someone else play a game
Better than reading a magazine and imagining. Helps with harder areas/ games, I learnt build orders by watching what better people did.

>> No.6409502

Yep, middle one is Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber

>> No.6409854

How many months did it take for one autistic jap to create this pic, pixel by pixel?

>> No.6409864

Not long at all. There were methods.

>> No.6409874

>Draw two pictures
>Interlace them

>> No.6409936

Why would they waste this good art on a puzzle game?

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>> No.6411636

>implying Vs. puzzle games aren't based

End your life.

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not even that guy, but sometimes if i want to check out a game before making the jump into downloading it and getting it running nicely, i'll watch some footage.

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Dungeon Siege for sale at GOG now

>> No.6413402

My sister and I always joked that the skulls were checking out Simon's legs

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>tfw I'll never beat the final boss

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I am literally making an isometric game in this style using Unity.
Thank you for providing this.

>> No.6413450

Why, what did you learn?

>> No.6413452

The reason people don't do that is literally no one played the games on a screen that small. So unless you view the GIF itself on a 240p screen it's also not true to the original nature of the scene.

That said, yes DKC is stunning.

>> No.6413476

There's not final boss in that game

>> No.6413504

which sonic game is this?

>> No.6413514

adventure 1

>> No.6413530

I mean the Crab, anon. I've *beat* the game, but none of the paths that lead down the Crab. I can easily get to him without losing a life, yet the timing of the final jump requires too much for how little time you are given.

>> No.6413550
File: 2.88 MB, 320x240, PC-98とマルチペイントでベイビープリンセス、綿雪ちゃんを描いてみた。.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wouldn't surprise me if the main assets were scanned in and then touched up.

>> No.6413881

Wha game?

>> No.6413916

Why would anyone want to fuck a real woman? Marin is both more brave, more humble, and more personable and loyal than any real woman.

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>> No.6415121

How did it help?

>> No.6415124

kek, they mirin'

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>dat webm
This is why I still come to /vr/.
There's always the off chance I'll find something either new or something that explains something I've wondered about for a years.

>> No.6416907

tetris?, more like braptris haha

>> No.6417558

this looks cool

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You posted chrono TRIGGER.

>> No.6417793

She isn't even 2D real. She's just the blowjobfish's wet dream.

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File: 2.93 MB, 320x240, kiki2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Go back to /v/ please

>> No.6418610

>lmao, just blindly play everything and waste your time

>> No.6418614

>why bother trying new things when you can just watch someone else do it for you?
i'll never understand "lets plays"

>> No.6418768

he made sonic

>> No.6418770


>> No.6418783

I miss this aesthetic

>> No.6418804

Unironic peak soul meme

>> No.6418961

holy shit what game?

>> No.6419004

Saga Frontier.

So you know for next time, 4chan has a built-in feature so you don't have to ask and wait for a reply next time. Click the blue arrow to the right of the reply number, then click Image Search >> Google. That way you will reverse Google Image Search with the image in the reply. Usually for reasonable resolution video game screenshots the title will come right up.

>> No.6419014
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Thank you.

No need to be a such a passive aggressive prick about it tho, Jesus.

>> No.6419037

Next time someone's teaching why don't you get taught

>> No.6419172

>Current yr
>Not knowing one of the most popular JRPGs in NihonGo.

>> No.6419428
File: 1.54 MB, 506x434, SMB2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6419436
File: 240 KB, 499x448, SMB2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6419440
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>> No.6419447

say what you want about all-stars but it nailed the mario 2 remake. almost feels like what the whole compilation was based around

also letting you save and switch characters without having to die is nice

>> No.6419463

I can hear the music now!

>> No.6419512
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>say what you want about all-stars
what do you mean? it's a beloved package.

>> No.6419739

how the fuck do you hear nes music on a snes game??

>> No.6419742


>> No.6419748

For some reason, Nintendo's great at doing winter wonderlands. Some of my fondest memories including playing through areas like the Shiver Region in Paper Mario.

>> No.6419749
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Stay safe out there.

>> No.6419796

I always see the rocks as 8 balls in a game of pool

>> No.6419821

one of the comfiest of gifs

>> No.6419827
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>> No.6419837
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>> No.6419841
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>> No.6419870

People give All Stars a lot of shit but I really like the nighttime backgrounds. 90's Nintendo was very good about incorporating that feeling of looking at the stars.

>> No.6420346

I honestly didn't know this thanks anon ^_^

>> No.6420359

What is this?

>> No.6420362

Chrono Cross

>> No.6420396

Comfy the game

>> No.6420437

Comfy Cross

>> No.6420917

>Love & Destroy

>> No.6420923
File: 48 KB, 258x239, Aquatic_Ruin_Zone_.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also, Spring Yard Zone

>> No.6420938

It keeps asking me to Cope, and I just don't know how.

>> No.6421105

Man, I loved the winter area of paper mario too
I also have fond memories of it

>> No.6421290
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>> No.6421706

But who were these romans?

>> No.6421764
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>> No.6423303


>> No.6423383
File: 11 KB, 320x224, Columns_SystemC2Title.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they right here

>> No.6423407

I can hear this .gif