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what was it like going to the arcades back in retro times?

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Was still a thing in early 2000's
Was pretty comfy desu senpai

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A lot like going to the mall

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>all those machines squashed into one place
>the obligatory pool table at the back usually frequented by dodgy teenagers and young adults
>seeing a new machine come in once in a while
>the new machine replaced one of your old favourites
>getting your ass handed to you by some shit talking grub on SF2 or MK
>not having any money and activating the hidden game on NBA Jam with your school friends
>pressing the start button on the T2 gun machine before putting any credits in and hearing Arnie say "No way Jose"

There's still an arcade or two in my city but they're mostly redemption machines and gimmicky dance shit

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>want to play arcades
>only shittier bars have it
>go to the bar
>older nigger kids everywhere just watching and playing the arcade controlls without putting any coins in the machine
>buy a few coins
>go to a arcade cabinet
>nigger kids threaten to beat you and steal most if not all your coins
>try not to cry so you dont actually get beat up
>bar owner doesnt give a fuck
>never play the arcades
>niggers nigger niggers

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ungodly smell

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It was a different experience in the 80s/early 90s compared to the late 90s/early 2000s
80s was more comfy, as I remember it, more friendly and big ones were Pac-Man (and its many games, I vividly remember the first time I went to an arcade and saw Pac-Mania, for example), Out Run or Bubble Bobble.
The mid 90s were dominated by fighting games and beat 'em ups, which brought a more "rude" atmosphere to the arcades, and more competitive, less family-friendly environment, which was ideal for edgy 10 year old kids into Mortal Kombat like myself.
Then the 2000s was when rhythm/dance games were introduced and arcades were never quite the same.

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>when an older meaner kid came up behind you and mashed your continue away before you could react

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My hometown mall still has an arcade. It's changed locations and trimmed down a bunch since the 80's, but it's still there. Better yet, while Christmas shopping this past December, I checked and sure enough, the SAME DUDE is still working there since the mid-80's (my earliest recollections). What a life.

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>Smegma kissies for extra quarters

yeah for me it's home consoles

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>People that had to put up with hispanics or blacks at their arcades

Genuinely feel bad for you guys. All my memories of the arcade are good ones, and the worst thing that ever happened to me was when an older kid ran into me, knocking me to the floor and making me cry hard, but he apologized profusely and gave me fifty cents

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We had a resident negro that would come by the arcade. His reactions and commentary were great.
>playing MK3
>"DAYUM!" if someone got kicked across the screen
>"SWEET MOTHER OF LORD!" if someone got uppercutted through the ceiling
>"OH MY JESUS!" if someone pulled off a good Fatality

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People actually live like this. Not even a fucking sheet or blanket on those mattresses.

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The real question is why he even keeps the pants on.

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Fun. We all know fun is not allowed anymore in this society.

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Pretty accurate.

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Can't we actually talk about arcade games instead of blogposting about the past?

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>activating the hidden game on NBA Jam with your school friends

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I really, really like the metal slug games although they did have a lot of spots to just kill you.

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holy based

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To be fair, OP wanted to know what where arcades like in retro times. If he wanted to talk about MAME ROMsets, he could have said so.

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don't you have kids to look after anon?

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But your experiences at the arcade back in the day isn't retro videogames, it's just blogposting about personal memories. Has /v/ ruined you to the point you can't tell the difference anymore between videogames and shitposting?

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Yes, you.

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>what was it like going to the arcades back in retro times?

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Not the anon you're replying to, but if a simple post about arcade centers like >>6377453 triggered you this much, then that means you're either a jealous zoomer who missed out, or a DDR fag. Or both.

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>For the duration of the match-up screen, hold down all 12 buttons and push all four joysticks down -- it helps if you have a friend or two
I don't remember how I learned this but it was a thing we did

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Not a chance. Schools are closed and kids want to larp as adults. You can't do that unless you get the other kids who learned to larp as adults before you to share their larp blogs that they're concocting from previous larp blogs.

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This isn't /v/. 90% of posters here are over 30 and hung out at arcades before rhythm games actually, 6th gen consoles killed the scene

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I can only speak for my own arcade but it was a lot of fun. Nice group of regulars all gathered around the machines. I tell you online maybe convenient but nothing tops the feeling of playing someone face to face. We had one kid who could mop the floor with the older teens. That was cool.

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going to modern "arcades" is dystopian as fuck

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Why did you delete?

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Who knows, sounded pretty accurate to me. Guess it's something only California kids experienced.

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early 2000's arcades were extremely based and I often find myself missing it. long DDR lineups, asian guys hogging the initial D machine, people playing both sides on time crisis 3.. the memories

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>cellphones killed arcades

globalization was a mistake

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Holy shit I did not know about this

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What did they delete?

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That and another post was deleted because shitposting about niggers belongs on /b/

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It was for lack of better words, a magical experience on par with Disneyland before it got destroyed. Arcades were dark, which helped the intended feeling of seeing tons of those games lined up, and they were filled to the brim with people, shoulder to shoulder like a concert. No weirdos, the real ones, were not tolerated, but it was a relaxed atmosphere filled with cigarette smoke, laughing, and shouting, and as a kid you could count on being left alone with a room full of those strangers with 5-10 bucks in quarters (if you were lucky) and you'd be fine all day or night.

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From the archive

>>People that had to put up with hispanics or blacks at their arcades

>>Genuinely feel bad for you guys. All my memories of the arcade are good ones, and the worst thing that ever happened to me was when an older kid ran into me, knocking me to the floor and making me cry hard, but he apologized profusely and gave me fifty cents

Doesn't seem that bad and is even on topic. What's wrong with the jannies/mods here?

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>"The quality of posts is extremely important to this community."
I spit out my coffee, then I realized I don't even have coffee at home so I don't know what I spit out.

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Didn't always work. There's an operator setting to deactivate it.

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Please tell me it's not the first time you've read the rules of the website you're currently posting on.

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>talking about playing retro videogames isn't retro videogame discussion

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>4 tokens for a dollar
>25 tokens for 5 dollars
>mom refuses to do $5 because it's "too much"
>years later, have own money, change $5 bill
>feeling baller

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fuckin noob

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>Then the 2000s was when rhythm/dance games were introduced and arcades were never quite the same.
I used to go in high school for the DDR. It was a weird combination because they'd put those games at the front facing the street so if you were kicking ass you could get an actual crowd watching, but at the same time that "rude" atmosphere you mentioned was already firmly established so there was this mutual hostility with players avoiding eye contact yet trying to show one another up at fucking dancing games of all things. Extremely awkward places to visit but the only way you could find a machine when they were still fairly rare.

A little bit earlier in the mid/late 90s they were still pretty magical though in my experience. The "real" arcades were already shutting down and hadn't figured out the things that would keep them on life support yet, so they were becoming (relatively) rare where I lived.
However, there were still ancillary arcades fucking everywhere. Bowling alleys, cinemas, laser tag places, camping grounds; you'd randomly find rooms with a dozen or more machines in all kinds of places with an eclectic mix of golden age and 90s machines and maybe a pinball table or two, but no fucking ticket games or fighting/racing cabinet farms because it wasn't their primary business.
They were usually dimly lit, always practically empty, often cheap as hell and the carpet still had that smell.

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Our local roller skating rink had two “arcade” areas in it when I was a kid (80’s). One area was dedicated to pinball machines and 3-4 pool tables. The other was for arcade machines and a couple of ski-balls. Was a really great environment. You had the lates pop/rock/rap playing for the skaters and plenty of arcade goodies to choose from. They even had a decent snack bar. That was the first and only location that I ever saw a jama conversion cab for Splatterhouse. I dumped a many of token into that machine before it got converted to something else.

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>Please tell me it's not the first time you've read the rules of the website you're currently posting on.

Kill yourself you faggot zoomer fuck.

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this, the chad arcade smells like piss, cigars, beer and weed combined.

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The city I lived in from the age of 6 to 11 had a shopping mall high rise, the entire top two floors of which were a gigantic arcade full of early 90s arcade games, early full-body VR games, super generous redemption machines (the prizes were equivalently expensive but it still felt cool to walk around with pockets stuffed with half a roll of tickets), and fucking amusement park rides. Cool ones, too, like an WW1 airplane ride where you could control altitude with a yoke and "shoot" at the other planes with a swivel gun.
On the top floor was a dragon roller coaster that weaved over the top of the other attractions and half the track even went out into open space above the mall atrium which was open all the way to the bottom floor, back before those kinds of places had suicide nets, which was terrifying and fucking awesome to a little kid.

Kids today are missing out in an era where your parents aren't willing to abandon preteens for an our or two while they shop.

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I remember using up all my shekels trying to beat Mr.Burns in the Simpsons Arcade. A really cute older boy gave me extra money to finish it since we were playing together. It was my first boy crush as a bi child.

I kept going to the same bowling Arcade every week but I never got to see him again.

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People still do that?

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in the early 90s in korea arcades were everywhere. it was roughly 10 cents (usd) to play most games in s. korea back then. old dudes would hang out there on their lunchbreaks with an ashtray and a high chair. there were usually multiples of the same machines. the most popular games were the various iterations of street fighter 2, various snk fighting games, the arcade version of dodge danpei, and i remember playing super pang (not sure what it was called over there), bust a movie, and bubble bobble. on the military base they had a neo geo machine, nba jam, pit fighter, and sf2.

in the mid 90s i moved to the states and the only arcades were in malls and putt putt golf places. there would be a few games in pizza huts. usually the same shit. goonies, operation wolf. sometimes you'd get really lucky and the grocery store would have double dragon and you could do that while your mom shopped.

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Was cool as fuck in the 90s, always full of cigarette smoke the older bad ass kids would chainsmoke in their Bart Simpdon shirts and shades. And you could get weed or pills or whatever too if you were so inclined, there was always lots of people selling illicit shit, Guns n Roses blaring on the PA speakers.

Just felt like a cool dingy bad ass hang out spot when you were still a kid

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I grew up in a tourist trap so almost all of the arcades here in the 90s were "family entertainment" venues.

But they were still pretty awesome. Some of them were so big that they basically had every single kind of game imaginable anyway, not just redemption machines.

They also lasted longer than ordinary arcades, which pretty much all disappeared after the year 2000.

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When I was 12, you could spend all day going from arcade to arcade on the boardwalk in Delaware. There were 5 arcades: one that was giant, one at the carnival, one with tickets/prizes, and two smaller ones. You could go and drop $5 in an hour, then we'd spend the rest of the day sticking our fingers in the coin returns and picking up free games. I swear we'd get another 3 hours doing that. Remarkable how many quarters you'd find.

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The area I grew up in was not very populated so seeing arcade games outside of a movie theater lobby or pizza place was rare. Once tho at the county fair they set up a tent full of cabs. Me being broke, young(around 6), and just wandering around(parents didn't care back then) it was a magical find. I watched so many game intros and other kids playing. Found a guy fixing a game and asked him so many questions he gave me a dollar ti go away. Blew all 4 quarters on Toki.

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I remember once when I was like 12 or 13, beating a college kid so badly at Virtua-On that he rage quit. I basically had no idea what I was doing and the match was close. Towards the end we were both very low on health and hiding behind walls. I jumped up and hit him with my ranged attack, killing him. He punched the joysticks, got up and stormed off. Great memory.

>> No.6378809

I heard some losers used to punch others for beating them. (What I imagine is your average manchild raging and throwing a punch that hurts his hand more than it hurts the opponent, but still not a nice thing if catches you by surprise.)

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Also greasy sticks.

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lol. 90% of the posters here don't even bother larping as being over 30.

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To keep the knees warm

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I was once a store manager of a Namco Cyberstation arcade. It didn't pay anything near what I make now, but it was the most "fun" job I ever had in hindsight.

I would close the store and hit the service credit switch on Gauntlet Legends and play for hours, friends would swing by sometimes. Soul Calibur 2 marathons, House of Dead, Time Crisis 1 and 2.

DDR scene got big and 100+ people would show up for tournaments, lined up out the door watching some of those guys play it.

Great time, shame they are an ancient relic now.

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The scene of the punk kids skate park/arcade hideout place the Foot clan used in the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie? Exaggerated yes, but exaggerations of real life and not as exaggerated as you would think in the cities back then.

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Rhythm games are the main reason that arcades enjoyed a few more years of quality life in the 2000s

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This. They had to innovate to get people to leave their console at home to play at the mall.

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You don't need bedding on the mattresses in your gaming parlour. Those are primarily for fucking your bro when he loses to your sick skillz. The fact that this gentleman has two implies he is an excellent host.

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goddamn, goin on 40 years that brother is

he still give change for a quarter or are the games all bucks now?

>> No.6379093

to be fair, flappy bird is basically an arcade game. It has the depth of a shallow 2600 game, but it achieves the necessary elements. I just hope they give you more than one life per play. Flappy Bird as-is on quarters would quickly gain a rep for being brutally unfair.

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Reminder that if you're old enough to have gone to an old school arcade in your lifetime you're too old to be on this website, like why aren't you married with kids working a job yet? Maybe cause you spent too much time on a forum for video games reminiscing about your youth, wishing you didn't have to be in your 30s

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It's a shame that trend of finding experiences impractical with home hardware didn't continue.

Earlier ITT I mentioned somewhere having early 90s VR games: the one I remember trying was a sweet multiplayer giant robot duel sim, which mainly suffered from bad framerate and primitive rendering. That kind of thing could still have had plenty of potential if people hadn't assumed it was dead, and it's still borderline not worth having at home (I like mine but I couldn't justify the cost if I weren't pretending I'll get around to using it for dev eventually) despite a scattering of neat experiences that could be tailored to compliment the arcade model pretty well.

Shit like motion platforms had so much wasted potential too. I wish we'd gotten stuff like sweet spaceship or mecha or tank cockpits to climb into rather than the fucking stupid 4D makeout booths we wound up with.

Arcades didn't have to die.
It's weird how obvious this is in retrospect considering it was the whole basis of their appeal in the first fucking place.

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Spoiler alert retard, fucking around killing time online is 90% of most jobs.

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I get a similar vibe from modern barcades, well before the sickness I got to go to one frequently, called 16-Bit in Columbus OH, and it was just wall to wall people, 80s music, classic movies and music videos on big screens, and great arcade games that were well-played and well-maintained. Had a fantastic atmosphere, people just joining up to play games, or watch each other get high scores, or to duel over scores, or clear gauntlet like it was a child's toy, etc. I met old gods who easily hit multi-million runs on robotron, or guys that used to just sit on gauntlet all night for a quarter with friends, etc. There was also just a lot of healthy competition in games like Jam or MK or SF. Great place. It's only really like that on Saturday nights, and I dunno if it's always like that, but that was when I was there. Just get some good booze in ya (albeit overpriced but it's a bar with free arcades so what do you expect) and play til you drop. I loved it. Hope it survives the lockdown.

There also used to be an arcade specifically targeting weeaboos but it shut down for lack of money. Shame, it moved to a much better location in a mall (used to be in a shady as fuck part of university city) but ironically I think the mall has less access from students, so a hard position. Such is the arcade struggle.

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you haven't lived until you've changed a 20, your testicles will be as heavy as your pockets that day

>> No.6379128

VR and Pinball places are still around, so it's not all gone. Just hard to get people to go for putting their face on something in public.

>> No.6379129

>Hope it survives the lockdown.
Luckily if you personally survive the world will be just like that Twilight Zone episode and you can freely go there and play to your heart's content without interruption or needing to pay for drinks until you accidentally break your spectacles

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yeah right, shit shuts down without money, worst comes to worst they'll close and I won't go to shit.

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>Zoomer detected.



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My point was more to do with continuing to design novel experiences that fit the model of arcades (or even random individual corner store or bar installations) which can rotate cabinets in, to preserve that popular public appeal.

Pinball is niche now and those site-scale VR things are definitely interesting, but it's a different industry more like laser tag or mini golf where you gotta drive out to a warehouse in an industrial estate.

As a design space, something discrete you can fit in a portable cabinet for passers-by to throw a buck or two at is pretty unique.

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>like why aren't you married with kids working a job yet?
I do. I just shitpost on here when there is downtime at work, which is like 60% of my time.
LAMO at you not making mad cash while also playing games and shitposting. You're never going to make it anon.

>> No.6379645

I went to tons of old school arcades, I'm married with two kids and have a great job that allows me to shitpost, fuck off zoomer nigger.

>> No.6379656

Fine, just remember that at age 30 you have to suddenly dump all your games into the trash.

>> No.6379745

I think honestly it really would take something beyond what we can imagine to make people go to arcades again. Realistically once the graphics gap was closed by the xbox, it was a wrap. People are pretty shallow and for the most part what made the arcade special until the end of the 90s was that you couldn't get graphics that good at home, and the control interfaces were fun to use. There were lots of good games and even good arcade ports during this time for home systems, but the arcade was unquestionably a cut above, state of the art. Give people something like a cube or xbox that you can play FZero GX or Rallisport Challenge 2 online on though and... the arcade is looking like more and more of an optional luxury.. ah fuck it, why not just stay home then.

>> No.6379769

>Hope it survives the lockdown
Probably given all the state and federal payment forgiveness going on along with foreclosure moratoriums, plus don't forget the chain of supply, i.e., the beer and liquors guys also want to keep their jobs. Barcade, right?
And on an on. I'm very optimistic.

>80s music, classic movies and music videos on big screens, and great arcade games that were well-played and well-maintained.
All of that is important, but the most is the maintenance. As in, back in the day if a huge arcade ate say, 3 or even 5 of my quarters, that wouldn't be terrible, but irritating nonetheless, but if they can get that down to a rarity, it helps. It's crazy how even now some decent arcades aren't quick enough with repairs and, to me, that tarnishes the experience, especially when they're don't care that something isn't as perfect as it can truly be.

>> No.6379770

It was nice. My dad was vice president with control over a coin-op division (among other things) for a japanese company with an american subsidiary. I got taken to a lot of arcades and told to play games or just hang out while my dad and one of his friends would hang out and observe me. Looking back I was terrible for market research.

Biggest thing that I remember about the arcades from my childhood were the skeeball machines. Everyone played skeeball. Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat machines got some use, but air hockey and skee ball were the biggest money makers for the arcades is what I was told. I also knew early on that most of the prize games and redemption machines were scams, it helped to get a nearly limitless supply of coins or tokens to see that first hand despite being told.

no bully plz

>> No.6379810

Yeah, a well-maintained arcade is such a rarity anymore, that's why it stuck out to me so much. I feel for the staff though, I've gotten to know the maintenance guys before and they often say that the problem is that some machines are just hard to source parts for, some machines just get out of wack or break down easily (they cited gun games as a big culprit as far as calibration), and most of all, they all complained about lack of resources. Too often, they've told me, they're just one guy, and they have to service the entire place, and the management isn't willing to shell out as often for games that don't generate as much income, meaning that they prioritize maintenance for redemption games and have much less concern for "real" games, because the sad reality is that anymore, a true arcade game is more of a money sink than a money maker. The cost of maintenance is often higher than what it pulls in, and that only becomes more true as the hardware ages and the parts become less and less plentiful. That's why I'm happy that barcades have come around, as they make a good excuse to pull in cash, which in turn funds the machines being able to run and keeps maintenance a realistic possibility (plus the machines get to be on free play).

I think it is a unique thing, but that it more or less went the way of the dinosaur. What place do those novelties have when their competition can go with you anywhere and be in any pocket?

The closest thing I can think of that still exists is a candy machine, especially those ones where the gumball drops into a little pinball/pitch n bat field that you "play" for all of one success/failure and then the gumball comes out.

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Digging through my attic because bored AF I found an old Aladdin's Castle token. I miss being a shitty teenager sometimes.

>> No.6379849

>What place do those novelties have when their competition can go with you anywhere and be in any pocket?
I mean, there was always competition before and by definition a novelty is something you aren't getting elsewhere. Like the "competition" for things like pinball machines in a bar was human interaction and alcohol which are objectively superior (and the whole reason you're there in the first place), but bar games contrast and compliment the rest of that convivial environment.
Those bar games include things like darts, billiards, or the coin/pin games which largely preceded pinball too, and every bar already had... so why adopt pinball at all?

You're spot on with candy dispensers like that. There used to be a whole lot more variety in mechanical and even early electromechanical game cabinets which ended up being displaced by the success of pinball, just like how video arcades ended up displacing the variety of games they once had with rows of whatever was making the most bank (walls of identical fighting or racing machines, and now where they still exist they're nothing but those fucking ticket gambling games for tweens) which ended up killing them by being a monocrop.
But there's nothing wrong with all those older styles of games and they could totally come back or be extrapolated into new shit. I'd say there are plenty of things phones can't do in terms of scale or tactile sensation, but there's no reason phones themselves couldn't be integrated into novel attraction concepts as well and in some cases ancillary installations like gimmick photo booths already do so.

>> No.6379908

as a child, it's hard to imagine your parents as being anything but your parents, but they're normal people, too. they have downtime to spend on forums as well

>> No.6379909

>all your secret club are belong to us
zoomers. lol

>> No.6379953

honestly though if you're over 40 and on 4chan that is really sad/some kind of red flag, whether you want to admit it or not.

>> No.6379967

Cope harder that no one wants you here. Go back to your play pen.

>> No.6379968

Do you plan on leaving?

>> No.6379978

That came many years later when the change machines here started taking $10 and $20 bills.

First reaction was “omg you gotta be a millionaire to be changing that much!” Then shortly after I’d be changing $20, drop it all into Daytona USA and not even blink.

>> No.6379992

Comfy. Japan was always better though. Couldn't believe how clean the arcades were when I visited in 2000.

>> No.6380013

Having a consolized mvs and a banana cart (which was sold for a mister setup, no ragrets) Metal Slug 1 is especially friendly if you practice and try to go as far as you can on a quarter. It feels like it has the least cheap deaths of the series, but this just may be my lack of skills/practice at the other entries in the series.

I might add more later, but I remember so many games. A couple really distinct memories were finishing tmnt and simpsons with 4 players packed around, taking turns when someone ran out of quarters. I bet we fed $20 into the game to do so, but it was fun anyway.

I remember playing both Joust (my favorite game of all time) and Gladiator in the entrance of a rural walmart. Gladiator was kind of janky but was pretty rewarding at the time.

The same walmart had a rare as fuck Joust pinball machine. That thing was a real trip, dual player horizontal machine where you could shoot balls into the other player's side, plus an insane egg round where probably a dozen balls dropped at once while playing single player.

Fucking Guile, that prick always killed me at the local arcade, come to find out later, there was some kind of bug that made him even tougher than M.Bison. Some cheap assed windmill kick without having to actually go through the animations/button combo that a human player would.

Skating rinks were especially great, ours had a huge rink with arcades all along the wall. New games like Double Dragon 2, and old classics like burger time, pacman, even kangaroo.

My cousins and I played countless Frogger and Dig Dug since my uncle/aunt worked at a 24 hour laundromat. The humidity and smell of fabric softener permeated the room. We would go into the access room behind the machines and look for change that had dropped onto the floor or out of the drums at least twice a day so we could get quarters to play.

Going to the state capitol city and playing at a nickelodeon in the big mall was insane, cheap games and so MANY.

>> No.6380054

Yep, too much cheap entertainment now. People don't socialize like they used to. Barcades with friends of a similar gaming taste is basically the equivalent now.

I mean, mall culture was a thing, even in small towns with a mall. Parents would shop or go to the keystone walmart and let the kids wander in the mall.

Many things contribute, amazon/internet purchasing, death of retail and malls in general don't help things. No use going to the local mall if there's only 4 overpriced stores in it. Malls used to be a destination where you would shop for hours, now if you even go, it's for a specific store and get the hell out as fast as you could.

>> No.6380062

Very funny how the /vg/ zoomer got triggered by this thread because he wishes he was born before to experience real arcades. Enjoy MAME, kid.

>> No.6380063

if I am still on 4chan at 40 then absolutely I will admit that my life has been a failure and rededicate myself to serving the lord or something like that, it's bad enough that i'll be 30 next year on a site meant for edgy teenagers but at least I was one when the site was new unlike weirdo ass boomers on here

>> No.6380069

My hometown of 40,000 people had one (1) arcade in the downtown area. It was honestly pretty crap; there were only 7 or 8 games in the font and the rest of it was pool tables and dart boards frequented by biker types. Honestly not the kind of place for children to be, and it always freaked my friends out. It was probably the motivation my parents needed to get me a Playstation in late 1997 (even though they'd just bought a Super Nintendo in 1995). Anyways, the arcade machines eventually all broke down and/or were eclipsed by consoles, and by the time the new millennium rolled around it had turned into a straight-up biker hangout.

I have a wife and kids but also have a dead-end job that affords me a lot of time to shitpost. And now with Coronavirus I'm working said dead-end job from home, so even more time to shitpost.

The Yakuza like to keep their properties nice

>> No.6380075

Serious question, what makes you think that websites are determined by age groups?
And even if you think that, what makes you think that 4chan, a website that's mostly a copy of the japanese futaba (a very web 1.0 site), is meant for teenagers?
Teenagers want web 2.0 features like sharing, liking, streaming, etc. 4chan offers nothing of what zoomers would like. The only reason we have zoomers here is because they probably find the idea of anonymity novel, but other than that... why are you here? You should be on tiktok or something.

>> No.6380080

I can share my personal experience.
Started going to arcades when I was like 9-10, my father went with me. In the right neighbourhood it was expensive, but satysfying. I'd play a couple quarters in Virtua Fighter, then street fighter alpha 2 then some racing games to finish, loved Cruisin' USA to death.
Then when I was like 16 (2001), right before the LAN house fever started, I'd go alone to this place where you'd always get harassed by some bad people and stuff.
People played KoF like crazy all day long. One time I got back to my car and someone had tried to steal it.

>> No.6380081
File: 29 KB, 640x480, 32157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>speaking about IRL experiences with arcades back in the day upsets zoomers
Nice. I will remember this.

>> No.6380082

yeah, you're too retarded to engage with sorry man

>> No.6380085

honestly there should be an age restriction on this board; nobody born in the 90s or later should be allowed to post

>> No.6380108

Overlooking that arcades were a thing before video or even electronic games even existed.

I do think it'd take an industry completely discarding everything about where that market ended up and starting from scratch for it to ever have a chance at getting back to where it was, which is... unlikely. But I also think most of us are coming at the question from the same limited perspective that lead to it stagnating, and some of the precursor industries are still around and relatively healthy, so it's not as impossible as it seems.

>> No.6380113

there's plenty of topics i can join in on, and i was born in 1990

>> No.6380241

We had a Namco arcade that finally closed in 2009 after being unprofitable for years. During the summer they would do 50% token bonus on $20 or $10 dollar purchases. When Maximum Tune 3 dropped I put in 2 $20s . Couldnt even hold my pants.

>> No.6380259

Based. I was so addicted to max tune, didn't think I'd like it as much as initial d but

>that soundtrack
>getting your card up to like 700+hp
>that 6 speed shifter

I dropped $20 at a time on it, good memories

>> No.6380571

>everyone must be as young and dumb as me
Back to le facebook kiddo

>> No.6380607

Our local one (county of 100k people) finally closed in 2017. I'm actually surprised it lasted that long. The place was stuck in 2006 the last time I visited, maybe 2015. Everyone just went there to use the 2 DDR machines and play pool, and maybe some ancient lightgun game. It was kinda sad to see it go, but yeah they were on life support for half a decade.

>> No.6380814
File: 498 KB, 500x261, source.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I grew up in the sticks, right, yeah the middle of nowhere anyway so the mall was really far away which is probably why I never got gud at fighting games because fuck playing those shits on a SNES controller and the six button genesis controller wasn't a thing yet anyway the arcade was pretty cool there was a ton of shit to play but the problem was that it was kind of a shitty city to be in and there were a lot of niggers shitting the place up but I didn't really notice because I was a dumb hick kid and didn't know they were mocking me when I wore Raiders gear around, since Raiders stuff was gang apparel at the time for one of the more vicious gangs running around, anyway when I got big enough to just be dropped off at the arcade when my parents shopped they told me "now anon never go to the bathroom on your own just hold it till we get back" but one time I was like holy fuck I gotta take a dump really bad but the bathroom at the arcade was FUBAR so they told me go into the one in the hallway by Foley's (RIP) and I did so I go pop a squat and two fucking queers come in and start fucking each other at the goddamn urinal I'm like WHAT THE FUCK THAT'S A THING WHAT because the internet wasn't a thing right I didn't know faggots were real I thought a faggot was just a kid like Josh who tattled on everyone fuck that guy probably is a fag anyway I fucking didn't bother wiping my ass and bolted and told the arcade guys what happened and they laughed and said yeah that happens a lot don't use that bathroom and I'm like you fucking assholes you could've warned me

>> No.6380845

Here we go again...

>> No.6380978

>Enjoy MAME, kid.
Not that dumbass.

Born in 80 here, I'm damn glad MAME exists, and to a greater extent the mister, it's got quite a few golden age games now for what it is. MAME isn't the same as an arcade, even when you build or convert a cabinet with a crt in it. It's pretty decent that way, but if there's a certain game that is "your game" and you are good at it, you can tell small differences, not usually gamebreaking, but not a welcome addition.

>> No.6381000


>> No.6381013

It was good times in the late 80s and mid 90s. The closest you can get to that experience is going to japan

>> No.6381023
File: 25 KB, 579x329, orangoutan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all those cool 20 year old lads who showed me how to get good at arcade games in the early 90s while I was a single digit age kid

i haven't forgotten about you kind-hearted bros, even though you're all around 50 now

>> No.6381027

I never understood the obsession with MAME "arcades". A SBC in a flimsy cabinet feels nothing like an actual arcade machine. Plus 80% of the magic of arcades came from the atmosphere, not from the games or the machines.

>> No.6381305

Scabies central probably

>> No.6381314

Wow >>6379101 really triggered a lot of people huh?

>> No.6381318

We have an arcade and 50% of the machines are MAME Cabinents. It kind of loses the luster desu. Most of the other machines are
>Light Guns

It's OK I guess. Its $8 for an hour of free play so I go sometimes before my movie. We also have a Dave & Busters near me but it's awful and every time I get food there the fries are cold

>> No.6381391

Its hard to have a comparison now because even the switch can do reasonable versions of the big boy games but its like watching moving on your laptop and then going to the cinema.

I only remember these periods.

late 80s, pretty good games that you could usually find on the home consoles eventually and the graphics and gameplay were pretty intact.

about 1994, most people didn't have a ps1 but there was daytona and tekken. This is pretty much 2 generations ahead. Games were really expensive so you would barely get any time to play but it was just amazing to look at the games running at 60 fps. After a trip to the arcade I would be think about the games for weeks.

1998, I remember house of the dead, virtua fighter 3 and virtua on but they still had a lot of games from 1994. It felt neglected but still pretty fun.

2001, still had many games from 1994 apart from some dreamcast ports but you could tell it was done. I played trying to experience what I had before but it was just ok. I first played metal slug 3 on real hardware after playing it on emulation for a while, it was alright.

>> No.6381420

The other way around, zoom was severely triggered by anons actually being alive to experience arcades, and he got mocked for it.

>> No.6381434

It was magical because going from playing our cheap 8-bits computers at home back in the 80s to entering an arcade with 3-monitors Ninja Warriors, Out Run, After Burner, Chase HQ or great looking 16bits games like Ghouls'n Ghosts, Rastan, Final Fight, Super Contra was an amazing experience. Also, games were changed every now and then and you probably would never see these games again in your life, which added to the mystery and excitement (until arcade emulation arrived, of course). The greatness continued to the middle 90s, but eventually started to fad with the end of the century. It just morphed into something interesting in its own way (music games, crazy cabinets, etc) but different to what the golden era brought to us. Also, the new century obliterated great classic arcade developers like Data East, Irem, SNK, and some of them like Capcom, Namco or Taito just became a former shadow of what they were, speaking about arcades, of course.

PD: I hate the new tasteless, huge, neon cabinets.

>> No.6381437

>For summer used to go to arcade all the time with dad.
>Most arcades are dead where we go for summers now
>No more arcades
>And just NOW finally get to like fighting games.
I'm so fucked up

>> No.6381465

I dunno, dimly lit lights, questionable stench, garish carpet, sticky floors, and a large lineup of kids wanting to play Mortal Kombat.

>> No.6381512

>all those older kids who'd lift you up so you could sit on the house of the dead cabinet because you were too small to shoot up at the screen

>> No.6381579

It's sad to think about what the pandemic will do to the few surviving arcades and barcades. Modern arcades packed with shitty ticket machines (gambling for tots) and overpriced deluxe games will be little loss, but it's sad for the few retro arcades with real games.

A couple of guys in my town announced a barcade and have been pulling their pud for years with a storefront full of classics which has yet to open. Now they will never open as people freak out about touching dirty surfaces so I've been planning to swoop in and buy the games when they get desperate.

>> No.6383053

kidnapped and murdered by fat guys...every fucking time.

>> No.6383127

>Now they will never open as people freak out about touching dirty surfaces
You're way too pessimistic. People will be over this and back to normal in less than a year.

>> No.6383148

really cool anon

>> No.6383271

Kung flu is probably the least scary thing you'd catch from touching the machines in a barcade

>> No.6383957

Mall of America?

>> No.6383991

This. Things will be getting back to normal everywhere by June and everybody'll have forgotten there was a pandemic by September. If the arcades were going to fail, they were going to fail anyway. Joints with thin margins and all that.

>> No.6383993

In fact there might be a cash boost to the surviving bar/arcades as people rush out after lockdown to do stuff again.

>> No.6384013

>I-I'll all blow over soon!
No bros. This won't be over by then, and a lot of arcades will sadly be fucked by going so long without income. I do agree though that if they can pull through, they'll see a boom in business, plus be flooded with a bunch of thirsty, desperate thots who will further boost return visits.

>> No.6384706


>> No.6384718

This has been on my mind. The last retro arcade near me has so many rare candy cabs. I don't want to see it go under.

>> No.6384752

>a lot of arcades will sadly be fucked by going so long without income
No more than 90% of brick-and-mortar customer-facing businesses.

If this does go long enough, they won't be alone. Rental and real estate agreements fall under ordinary contract law and can be frustrated by things like pandemics and government mandates, and that'll massively devalue those markets--for everyone--under new agreements.
I mean I don't know exactly what'll happen everywhere but arcades/barcades are in the same boat as less-niche shit that won't be allowed to simply fail because that'd turn every city on the planet into a ghost town.

Where I live one of the first things the state government did when enacting the shutdown was pick up the cost of the last inventory restock for bars etc, and announce a moratorium on evictions.
It's no problem for arcade cabinets to collect dust for a while, and I think people are gonna get used to spraying/wearing gloves/washing hands when it comes to touching common surfaces in general waaay before it comes to games. It's not something you can stay precious about; you can't avoid interacting with shit like elevator buttons.

>> No.6385119


>> No.6385135

I'm going to make a guy an offer he can't refuse, instead of taking just one game he takes 3 (cabinets) and can keep all profits for 3 months to do my small part in helping make up for the lost money. If he goes for it, it's a good long term business relationship, and if not, there's others that would love to have a mini arcade for their business. The first guy only has so much space, but the point is, many people are ready to light a fire under the economy to get it jump started once the government boot is taken away.

>> No.6385273

You could smoke in them in the 80's. It was kind of like a fog covered dive bar but full of stoned kids and teens with awesome arcade cabinets and the random pedo creeper lurking.

>> No.6385312

>You could smoke in them in the 80's. It was kind of like a fog covered dive bar
That's part of why they're so legendary. Smokers are more interesting than non-smokers too.

>> No.6385339

>nd I think people are gonna get used to spraying/wearing gloves/washing hands when it comes to touching common surfaces in general waaay before it comes to games. It's not something you can stay precious about; you can't avoid interacting with shit like elevator buttons.
But will people get used to being cautious in tight cramped environments like bars, clubs, and arcades? I think we'll see wearing face masks being something customary like Japan already has been doing for many years, but that ambiguous fear of contracting the virus from a crowd of people will still linger in people's minds. Whether that would be enough for people to say no to visiting those kinds of places and opting for parks and open areas for leisure is the question.

>> No.6385437

Face masks are good at hiding identity. I doubt the US could allow face masks for long without crime skyrocketing. Japan has a homogenous population with historically low crime so it's not an issue for them.

>> No.6385450

Yeah you're right, it's an open question how long it'll take for caution, paranoia, normalcy and the danger of overcaution to all balance out. I don't think people will be acting like bubble boys forever once this thing blows over, and there are public health reasons NOT to do that--and we've already learned the lesson of generations that were over-hygienic so there will be active sentiment on the opposite direction--but it's unknown what the time frame and equilibrium will turn out to be. At least as far as time frame goes, if real estate/rental markets tank like they're already starting to, it's not like commercial rent is going to go back to its previous level quickly so there's likely to be leeway. Public health sentiment equilibrium is a mystery though.

Maybe we should roll out the mind machine interfaces a little early so people don't have to touch joysticks.

>> No.6385456

That's retarded. Criminals already have ski masks and bandannas, dogg.

>> No.6385489

Contemporary arcade bars are actually pretty nice.

>> No.6385597

Holy shit! A 12yo expert on pandemics and economics. Such a rare things to find these days. We're so honored to be graced by your presence and enlightened by your wisdom.

>> No.6385702

Like willingly walking into an establishment to be Jewed. Arcades, cigarettes, soda, alcohol, weed, and lotto tickets have always been a tax on the stupid.

>> No.6385821

Arcades give you something guaranteed dough.

>> No.6385843

You seem fun. I bet people love hanging out with you.

>> No.6385862

your zoom is showing

>> No.6385884

One nearest me is ruined by the turbo-asshole owner and his cunt wife. Their food sucks too. Overpriced beer AND I have to play only what your wife like on the jukebox AND you don't keep on maintenance. WOW sign me up.
He's on youtube calling black people niggers btw.

>> No.6385893

Kinda losing the high ground there when you try to convince us by nitpicking thoughtcrime on his social media accounts.

With all those gay little complaints it sounds like your insufferable redditor ass just ain't welcome there and you're buttfrustrated about it.
I mean I ain't skeptical of the idea of a barcade sucking ass, but that's just how you come off.

>> No.6385909

>Kinda losing the high ground there when you try to convince us by nitpicking thoughtcrime
He's a total piece of shit that hates:
>all races that aren't white
He runs a fucking arcade that he advertises as family friendly, but he kicks out families if a kid even touches a machine. The dude's an unhappy little douche and I'll be glad when he finally folds or dies.

>> No.6385917

And you're right, I am unwelcome there. The reason why is insane, anon. It belies how cracked he is. It's not even his place, it's his wife's, who he openly calls a bitch. This isn't some nice dude that kicked out some shithead who then came here to post I'm talking about.
The point is, it's a crying shame that he's such a prick, but to be frank nothing he has can't be found somewhere else, but Christ the guy is a needless douche who deserves nothing good.

>> No.6385924

You're mistaking "nice memory of a guy who was cool to you as a kid" with "unbridled adult penis-brain".

>> No.6385928
File: 19 KB, 296x500, batman2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>And you're right, I am unwelcome there.

>> No.6385931

Imagine you're enjoying a classic arcade game, and then for no reason whatsoever, apropos of nothing, the owner's wife place a tablet of pictures of abortions in front of your face. That happened and I know it reads like fiction. Wish it was.
Imagine the owner watching you one-quarter a game and he says nothing to you and even acts "hurt."
It ain't like it used to be where there's a lot of choice, so it the best place in terms of the amount of games has a monumental fucktard manning the place, it's a bummer.

>> No.6385936

Sorry for the typoes. Wish I had a small fortune to own a place the size he's got. It's just money, not character, so that takes out most of the sting.

>> No.6386129

>Arcades... have always been a tax on the stupid.
Apparently it was stupid to want to experience the latest, most powerful hardware running the newest and often best games?

>> No.6386135

I'm sorry your parents don't give you an allowance.

>> No.6386378

just buy one of them when it folds they'll be a motivated seller

>> No.6386514

Don't be confused by the childe who never experienced them when there was a reason for them to actually exist.
They definitely have been a gyp for the last, like... 20 years or so, though.

We're not so far from the point that they'll have been stupid longer than they were ever good, come to think of it. That's a little depressing considering there was no *technical* reason for them to stagnate.

>> No.6386629

That's my point idiot

>> No.6386635

Parents became paranoid due to propaganda. Young kids used to go out and venture fairly far from home, go to arcades, amusement parks, beaches etc. Now parents want to know where their kids are every second.

>> No.6387138

You're very bad at thinking.

>> No.6389230

he's saying that criminals will use them whether they're illegal or not... because they're criminals

>why don't they just make crime illegal

>> No.6389237

They were dodgy as fuck and I had to lie about going somewhere else to my mom every time I went.

>> No.6390092

See you in 10 years

>> No.6390094

Loud and dirty as fuck. For whatever reason we enjoyed it as a kid but now that I'm older (will be 28 in July), I realize arcades were dumb as fuck. They were loud, overcrowded, usually smelled bad, and were dirty as fuck. Then you add in the fact that some nasty, sweaty fat fuck was probably on your favorite game and you had to wait. Or better yet, you're playing and some random faggot decides to put a quarter in and either play against you or play with you.

>> No.6390096

imagine not using MAME just to school the zoomers

>> No.6390991

And he'll still be crying about oldfags because he'll be 22

>> No.6391052

Personally I don't give a damn and will be perfectly happy to go back to normal once we're allowed to do so.

>> No.6391186


I have a video of me going to the arcade when I was a kid on my channel, but I will also add a text description here.


Well there was going to the arcade and there was going to the arcade to play Mortal Kombat 2 (and or whatever the hot game of the time was). Two different feels.

Going to the arcade was fun/ok. It wasn't a big deal if it was in between crazes. Don't get me wrong, anytime you arent in school was fucking awesome. I was a mall rat/arcade bum for the better portion of my pre teens.

Remember these games cost money. If you are 8 years old, 2 dollars only went so far. So you'd spend most of your time loitering. Hitting the start button on every machine hoping to get a free game. Talk to the quarter guy who works there. Go to Toys R Us and play the kiosks for a bit. I remember Blue Slushies being a thing.

Generally it was cool, it'd be like going to the comic book store or some shop where you kind of know people only in the context of the place and would never hang out with them outside.

My last "true" memory of the arcades (Ive been going my whole life, but they kind of turned into DDR/Time Crysis/Basketball Hoop/token places) was in grade 9. I remember going on lunch break to play Xmen Vs Street Fighter. There wasn't hype for any game in the arcade at that point but it s chill.


There was MORTAL KOMBAT full on hype mode arcade time. And that was FUCKED. You would have at least 30 people at any given time at one machine. People trying to put their quarters in to play the winner. This was exciting times. ESPECIALLY for MK3 because of all the unlockable secrets. I distinctly remember a kid running into the arcade I was at saying "They unlocked Smoke at Crystal Palace" (an amusement park across the parking lot, you see it in the video) and a bunch of people walking to their arcade to see smoke.
It was really great.

>> No.6391219


It was really magical during MK2 - MK3. I think a lot of these guys who cover retro gaming forget that sure the MK Ports were alright I guess, but it was the fact you could PRACTICE AT HOME and go kick the shit out of some guys at the arcade version is what made it.

Relatively no one would play the other games. There would be some guys playing some niche stuff (RAMPART) and you know, the guy with his girlfriend and stuff, but generally there were only a few games you would see people on.

The gimmicky games (Virtua Racing) were like $1 a shot. So you'd basically blow it all in a fraction of a minute. I remember trying to stretch a dollar on some weird Street Fighter Championship Edition hack. You could throw a million fireballs and sonic booms (it was some dumb rom hack) but you could get a solid 30 minutes for 50 cents on it.

For me, it was MK2 and MK3 and a bit of the 3d fighters. I remember when Soul Blade/Edge whatever the arcade version is called came out. They tried to have tournements and stuff, and yes people played but it wasn't like Mortal Kombat. Mk3 in particular was insane. So many people would be there.

I remember buying Die Hard Gamefan just for MK moves. Thats just what you did back then. You felt like you really unlocked some shit. Some special power man, it was really cool. So you'd walk into the arcade and do moves and fatalities some people didnt figure out or know about yet. It was really magical.

I wouldn't know but Id guess that online games are that feeling on steroids for the kids who are my age now when I was in the arcades. The fact that there are so many free games to play is incredible. Being poor and a gamer sucked back in the day.

>> No.6391239

The biggest takeaway I can think of is the excitement. Because the games you had at home looked like AND SOUNDED LIKE shit. Chiptune is cool now but back in the day everyone was trying to find the next big thing. Videogames were like iphones. BETTER GRAPHICS BETTER SOUND. Gameplay was still important but for the masses I think it was about examples in better technology. So going to the arcade was like being allowed to get a glimpse of the future I guess for a lack of a better analogy.

So going to the arcade was fun, but it was more exciting when something new came out and captivated people. You'd be sharing these moments with people. Like 30 people seeing Reptile do his tongue decapitation fatality for the first time is really something. It's like you are on the tron bikes or something. That last scene in the wizard where they play mario 3 for the first time, thats what i felt like. You were competing in this new thing that the other guy was equally impressed with (not always there was a lot of drug people at the arcades too haha).

Anyway Zoomers, you didn't miss much, I'd guess its a lot funner now, but it was cool in a primitive sort of way back then.

>> No.6391496
File: 24 KB, 640x448, whoever said dolphins shouldn't take acid wasn't a dolphin on acid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Crystal Palace! Holy shit, that takes me back, dude.
I'm from PEI, and when I was a kid the arcades on the ferries to NB and NS and in the ferry terminals was the greatest.

>> No.6391525
File: 20 KB, 320x474, 1181242060245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This game never works

>> No.6391538

are those boxes super guns?, is that the place where SuperDBZ tournaments were held?

>> No.6391542

too bad coronachan fucked the world.

>> No.6391605

Light gun games take the most abuse because retards like to act "hard" and abuse the guns whether they win or lose. It's uncool to treat private property right, remember.

>> No.6391970

The Stacker machine next to it is far worse than the flappy bird machine, considering you can rig the machine to only give 1 major prize from 1 in 20 to 1 in 800 even if you played 100 percent right.

>> No.6392072

I worked at the video arcade inside Harrahs in Reno in the early 90's, some kid opened the Mortal Kombat machine to get free credits, caught it on tape and had him 86'd from the casino.
Neck yourself weeaboo.
I remember whe disneyland had a 2 story arcade and a penny arcade.
A kid gave me a token to finish double dragon 2.
I call bullshit, especially on a retro board.
Chad detected.
Frenchpet? you must be a fag.

>> No.6392934

the weird SF2 is called Rainbow Edition. totally broken, you can change characters on the fly, broken moves etc etc


>> No.6393928

Oh man the FERRIE!

PEI is based, although I heard its a bit of a shit show now. So is Moncton. Fucking opiods.

>> No.6394189

I fucking love Rampart

>> No.6395509

Why did you get 86d?

>> No.6395520

The owner doesn't like his games to be played well that is, beating his scores is a no-no and he's just a prick along with his wife. He watched me 1-credit Moon Partol and instead of congratulating me, he sneered. Not a sarcastic sneer, a real one. He also didn't seem to like that I was better at Spy Hunter than him-and I did not trash talk. He's a piece of shit. That's the best I can figure because one day for no reason given, he told me I wasn't welcome anymore, so I left. I won't try to be somewhere I'm unwanted.
Oh I just remembered that my picking music to play on their jukebox seemed to radically alter their demeanor, so I guess they think that Rammstein are nazis? I played "Wilder Wein" before playing Pole Position, and yeah I grant that it's a weird combo, but it's a bad reason to 86 someone.

There is youtube video of the owner calling black people niggers at the intersection his arcade is on, btw. He's not a nice or a smart man by any stretch. And I'm white, so if I were black I doubt he'd of let me play for years then suddenly ban me.

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>I remember whe disneyland had a 2 story arcade and a penny arcade.
They got rid of both??