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Post good licensed games.

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Batman Returns

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The goonies on apple 2

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There are 6 good retro Spiderman games, do you know what they are?

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The t-rex chase was cool.

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Spider-Man (PS1/N64/DC)
Spider-Man (System 32)
Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin (Genesis / CD)
Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage
There are only 4 and Maximum Carnage is just barely good.

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Not a lot of people know about this one. It's OK, SFC exclusive for some reason.

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hahaha epic post friend but if you had half a brain you'd know that there does exist good licensed games, infact there's a shit-ton.

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>Fairly by-the-numbers Final Fight brawler that's only remembered for the sword-toting cyborg chick

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Speak for yourself. A cabinet of this was at the movie theater I used to go to when I was a kid, and me and an old friend would pump so many damn quarters into this. No one ever played as the human characters to my recollection.

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Many, many pinball machines.

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>implying Dutch and his Saltybet adventures isn't the reason people remember it

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Best snes shmup.

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Also, pic related.

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Is this technically licensed?

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>posts licenses nobody ever fucking heard of

The Sega/c64/NES version was better.

Rampage Edition felt like a mess compared to the superior first game

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You're retarded

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>Nobody ever heard of Macross
>Nobody ever heard of Little Nemo


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I've been shilling the Batman TAS Gameboy game as hard as I can. Its fairly basic but has fun level design and cool use of Bats grappling hook.

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Don't use words you don't know the definition of. There's no private gain for you to be posting about this game, hence you're not a shill.

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It's strange that no one posted this.

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90's Konami General

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>vocabulary police

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It's true though. Give a license to Konami or Capcom and it's likely to be good. Honorable mentions: Sunsoft, Lucasarts, Rare. Anyone else, I'm wary. THQ, Akklaim, LJN? Don't even bother.

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>that brand

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Not even technically, its a tie-in for a movie

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This is a quality Castlevania clone, with even the same composer as the original, so it comes with a pretty great OST. A little bit shallow and on the easy side, but fuck it, I had fun playing it. It was made by Natsume so 0 surprises here. Listen to this shit:


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And its prequel.

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It's like Goldeneye 007, (N64) it goes without saying.

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Do subpar at best games that have touching title screen music count?


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Ship up Garry

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Basically every Disney NES game. Rescue Rangers, DuckTales, Little Mermaid, Little Nemo...

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Wow, literally all of those are Capcom games.

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they did no wrong

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>perpetuating idiocy
If you don't tell them that they're wrong they'll never know.

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*tips fedora*

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Go fuck yourself edgelord

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I've played that one. It's pretty good. I really like the manga/anime it's based on too. The manga got weird later, though.

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Who is the snow guy? Doesn't look like snowjob.

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>winning anything on 4chan
Are you the original poster I corrected or just shitposting for the sake of it? Genuinely curious.

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Lethal Foes is a fucking nightmare. Seriously some of the floatiest controls on the SNES. Also damn near impossible to tell if you're actually hitting enemies or not. Really tired of people acting like it's some kinda hidden gem because it sucks.

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Your tism got activated over someone not following your definition of a popular slang word and got pissy when you were made fun of for it. You lost, it's OK, anon.

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So you're the latter?
>a popular slang word
"shilling" is by no means a popular slang word, not even on 4chan, I corrected someone on it (possibly you, you were not clear on that) and you're the one shit posting about it and using ídiotic images in sad attempt to claim some kind of "win" on an anonymous website. Think about it, or don't, post some more images to prove how much of a winner you are.

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Almost every Disney game from the 4th and 5th gen eras made for really good platformers.

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>So you're the latter?
What did he mean by this?
>word that gets thrown around constantly on this site isn't popular slang
[citation needed]
>getting assblasted over me teasing you
Seethe, cope, dilate and go back maybe? Accept it, you lost the minute you said "Go fuck yourself edgelord"

Looks like I found a glitch in the AI
If you're an alien trying to act like a normal human being, you're not doing a very good job. Why don't you go back to your home planet? Or not, you're so pathetic I'm literally laughing out loud.

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Every other version of Alien 3 was objectively shit with bad game design.

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I love when I come to this site and I see some autistic sperg fagging out in posts. I envision a fat smelly hasnt washed his dick in 3 months virgin sitting in his moms basement balding and reeking of shame and sweat cackling like a madman cuz he "won" an arguement on an abu dabi sand sifting forum. no matter what you reply with you'll just be acting like THAT guy and that's hilarious and you'll never amount to anything in life virgin basement fatty

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ok retard

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I can't believe no one has posted Goldeneye yet.

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go back to >>>/v/

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you can do some pretty flasy shit with her if your based.

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Stop samefagging and go back to your home planet or better yet, up the gaping dilated flesh wound you plopped out of

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>he's still posting
Stop trying so hard and drop the buzzwords, your new is showing. You're not even making any sense you retard.

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If this>>6377652 is in fact you, you're trying way too hard to fit in. Now back to Jupiter.
Before you go I'll leave you one of these. I know you'll hate it or at least pretend to so you can try to fit in.
Behold, pic related aka (you).

Anyways, back on topic. Super Star Wars on SNES is the tits.

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The fact that you even have that image saved to whatever device you're shitposting from speaks measures about you. The fact that that image reveals you as a cross-board shit poster says enough.
Go back and stay back

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it's blizzard

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Square may have developed it but Nintendo published it, in no way is it a licensed title.

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Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed

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>The Sega/c64/NES version was better.
Shit taste, especially the NES version.

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same. Favorite Goldeneye memory:

>hanging with 3 bros and one bro's gf
>gf is hippie feminist artist with hairy armpits - any stereotype about her is true
>4 boys playin Goldeneye
>gf gets mad because we should be talking about our feelings
>fem rage slowly builds "People need to talk to each other not play games!!!"
>erupts in a tantrum
>storms out
>we keep playing for a while
>eventually put the controllers down to get snacks
>all 4 of us stand in the kitchen eating snacks and talking about "society"
>the gf is still gone on her tantrum walk or w/e
>we bros have fucking deep conversation for 5 hours
>we talk about our feelings too
>conversation peters out, we all say "well, shall we go back to Goldeneye?"
>pick up controllers, start playing
>2 minutes later gf walks through front door

gf was replaced 2 months later, 1 bro is gone now, but 3/4 of the original bro team still gets together to jam on TF2.

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Is it still trendy to dislike this awesome machine?

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and to complete the Batman holy square

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Willow is strangely good for being a licensed game

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Yes, it's very detailed. I think it benefits from composite well.

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Was a bitch to launch because I might be stupid and didn't bother properly reading the readme for an obscure emulator but it's a rather fun Diablo-like RPG.

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How old were you all at the time?

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Journey to Silius is the best Terminator game, even if its license was stripped.

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Capcom and Konami made very good game based on licenses.

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Though actually, calling it Diablo-like isn't correct, since there are plenty of differences, like the maps not being procedurally-generated.
That Star Wars: Episode 1 game for PS and Windows is really fun too. I'd say it's better than the movie it is based on.

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both bugs bunny ps1 games are weirdly good

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PC-Engine CD Macross 2037 is based too. That CD music hnnng

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You obviously have no idea how licensing works for IP's. It doesn't matter who publishes, the dev has to license to use IP for reasons of contract in development. This protects Nintendo legally.

Nintendo has to license the use of Geno and Mallow if they ever use them in return as they are Square's IP, even though they were the publisher.

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hoes mad

Anyways, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure on the PS1 was a great fighting game.

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True Lies was ridiculously fun. Very hard, but I love the movement and shooting mechanics.

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>No minigame with Jamie Lee Curtis in her nightie
Missed opportunity, but still a surprisingly-good game for a movie tie-in.

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This is the best game ever

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Good game this time.

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Based. Capcom had plenty of great arcade beat em ups, but this and the DnD ones are the best.

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I never knew it was trendy to hate it. It busts my (pin) balls that I can't play this on a regular basis.

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We could literally post only beat em ups and reach bump limit, pic related is the finest capcom did

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I double your bet by introducing TMNT into your rectum

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This bad boy here took away all of my pesos back when i was a small boy

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