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For a long while after Doom, what would later become the FPS genre were simply known as Doom Clones. What were some of the best and worst of these so-called Doom Clones and did any actually surpass Doom in quality or tech?

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Also Heretic was a kick ass Doom clone

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Can it be considered a Doom clone if it uses the actual Doom technology?

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I would still think it could and would be, in the truest sense, albeit an officially sanctioned one.

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Amiga has some kino Doom clones like Genetic Species and Breathless

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yeah a lot of the doom engine games were sweet as hell

Hexen, Strife, Hacx, etc etc
you give good level designers the doom engine and you really can't go wrong

pic related honestly one of the most interesting ones that got made

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if that's the case then Strife

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Strife is the most fascinating one for me, someone actually making an RPG with the engine. Despite its numerous short comings it is still a good game and ambitious as hell.

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Worst is Depth Dwellers. Absolute dog shit.

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Gloom has a sourceport

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With the introduction of the hub level system(s), there were no real 'shortcomings'. The only reason there weren't many epic first person RPGs is because the uncertainty of how it will be received. Strife is how it is not because of technical limitations, but because it was rushed.

(Imagine how epic would have been if Raven turned Hexen into a full-on action RPG.)

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I always thought of Alien Trilogy as a Doom clone.

Alien Resurrection was the more ambitious game though it had a lot of flaws.

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>(Imagine how epic would have been if Raven turned Hexen into a full-on action RPG.)
Wouldbe incredibly based and really a no brainer for the setting and characters. Isn't there a mod that adds something like this?
Alien Trilogy is definitely a Doom Clone as is Alien vs Predator on the Atari Jaguar

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I just found out that strife works with GZDOOM and ive been having an absolute blast with it (I cant get the veteran edition to run right on anything). Not the most balanced game for certain because I could never find a difficulty setting that was "just right" and its bullshit when a bomb explodes on nothing and goes off right in your face. Aside from that I find it strange there weren't more games like this from that time. Kind of feels like a proto oblivion game.

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I think Korax mod is what you need anon

GZDoom supports Strife since forever

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Alien Trilogy on PS1 is probably my favorite

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It's crazy to think Doom ripped off most of the setting from Alien, and then Alien Trilogy one upped it by ripping off everything about Doom.

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>proto oblivion

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Yeah that make sense. Never got to play those.

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Not Death Mask?

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Thanks, I hate it

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I loved Gloom and even played it before even laying my hand on the original Doom. I also tried making my own levels, but wasn't that good with the editor.

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I feel like gloom would be better remembered if it didn't ape dooms name. It's already pretty fondly remembered, but I think that's mostly because it was the best on the system.

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Death Mask was amusing and kind of bad at the same time but I don't really count it as a Doom clone since it just uses those old 90 degrees blobber mechanics that existed long before Doom and Wolfenstein. It was Hired Guns but worse.

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It's not even really a Doom clone, it's more of a very simplistic Wolfenstein clone. I don't think there's much there to interest people these days, but the later levels have some interesting mechanics like the ghosts following you through walls and the raptors rushing you.
The only decent Amiga Doom clone was Alien Breed 3D and that's forever tainted by its pathetic postage stamp sized screen and 2x2 pixel resolution. The rest are typically technically good but not fun to play (Breathless) or just shit all round (Fears).

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Strife is a good example of this, also killing time was pretty good

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I dunno, I think Gloom should be of interest to people interested in retro FPS, it wasn't actually a bad game. It was simple but fun - unlike all the other Amiga "look we can make Doom too" developers these guys remembered to actually make a game instead of just focusing on the technological aspects. Its biggest problem was that it was dated before it was even released, but that shouldn't matter to retro fans.

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No one has mentioned any of the MAC Doom clones. A lot were based on the Marathon Engine:
Damage Incorporated:

Prime Terget:


There are more, too.

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And more: Sensory Overload:
(This one feels like it is based on the Pathways Into Darkness Engine.)

And speaking of, no one on here EVER talks about that, Bungie's first FPS:

And the Quake total conversion: X-Men Ravages of the Appocolypse.

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Dude, those enemy Gibs are amazing. Looks great

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One of my fav Genesis games.

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Amiga FPS are always a mess when they try too hard to be on par with the Id Software technology.

Gloom & Genetic Species are literally the best thing the amiga have in years

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what the fuck is this facial expression

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Zero Tolerance for the Genesis/Mega Drive. Absurdly advanced given the hardware it was running on.

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Zero Tolerance is really cool little Doom clone on the Genesis/Mega Drive of all fucking things. Not bad, the playfield is tiny as fuck and surrounded by HUD by that makes it run faster and it actually looks decent. Maybe a little TOO ambitious for the resources they had but a good game nonetheless.

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the theme of the game itself isn't that bad anyway. too bad it plays for all the game instead of just in the menu.

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People say that the Amiga died because it wouldn't have been able to run Doom, but this seems on par, if not better, than what Doom is. The people who made this game must've been huge Amiga fans who didn't want the format to die.

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>this seems on par, if not better, than what Doom is
Just no. It's a very simple game that is very aware of its limitations and so manages to be pretty fun despite them. It rightly doesn't even try to be like Doom but for that lack of ambition is not even a fraction as interesting.
I'll probably still play through it again once ZGloom works better. The "Underkill" machines you can play in hidden areas (that don't work yet in ZGloom) are references to Mark Sibly's previous game Overkill, a pretty fun souped-up Defender clone.

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I like it more than Doom.

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>all these idiots calling Wolf clones "Doom clones"
now I know why whenever indieshitter claims their FPS is "Doom-inspired" it almost always turns out to be a primitive Wolfenstein clone with flat square tile based levels, lack of texture variety and no lighting variation.
They come from same place as you.

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'doom clone' was an accepted analogue to 'First person shooter' for a long time

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maybe morons called them that, but everyone I knew, and all the publications I read called them simply "shooters"

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Unless you're an ESL, you obviously didn't know very many people or publications

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pics or didn't happen

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Doom clones is a stupid term

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Also licensed the Doom engine.

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>but this seems on par, if not better, than what Doom is
No, the level design and enemy design is not even remotely as good. Gloom has some cool sprite graphics, but overall I think Rise Of The Triad is a million times better.

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The cover art and stuff for Gloom reminds me a LOT of Mutant Chronicles.