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How influential was it when it came out in the mid-90's?

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I dunno, but I had fun playing the demo over and over as a kid.

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It was really the Battletech centers that influenced home versions. Mechwarrior 2 was the definitive home version though.

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Mercenaries hit harder with my friend group

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it was pretty big
kek, Computer Universe had their Pentium choke with that thing in 1995
also I think, it's still one of the most sold games by Activision

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The console versions suck, though. Pretty textures and lighting to make up for how much was cut down to work on the ps1/saturn, and than the fucking HG lawsuit got a couple mechs I liked removed.

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>Pretty textures and lighting DO NOT make up for how much was cut down
I meant to say. Still puzzles me why there was absolutely no animation interpolation.

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>Mech Lords (renamed Metal Lords)
Not a fan of it but Simtex was developing a strategy game based on Mechwarrior series before it was closed.

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not very. it didn't influence gaming and it didn't influence people into playing BT. I miss fantasy sim games though.
We'll never ever get proper sim mech games again.

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It was Earthseige 2 with my friends

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It was 'Siege games for me and mine

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This blew my fucking mind. Was one of my first computer games, I vividly remember coming home to dad proudly showing me our first PC, complete with joystick. Many hours were spent on this, I would even listen to the badass soundtrack in my boom box like a cool kid. Good times.

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I dunno, could become fertile ground again as VR-gaming matures.

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It was a great game, although I feel MW3 was the peak of the series. Anything 4 or higher is crap that has been neutered for children.

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It has massively inflated sales figures because it was "enhanced" for practically every video card and then bundled with it. There was a Matrox one, a Rendition one, a Power VR one I think... Everyone who bought a video card got a copy and store bought PCs tended to come with it too because it was a super early Windows 95 game so Microsoft probably through some money at it to get it on PCs to show off this new multi-media thing.
All my friends had a few copies of it, only one guy I know had a retail box.
I know coming from a SNES background I was blown away by it. It made me buy a PC I couldn't afford. I also know that I thought the gameplay was terrible. Coming from console gaming, the idea that you couldn't dodge enemy attacks meaningfully just has never sat right with me. Having the better loadout and tanking damage is like 1 step removed from god mode from my perspective.

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>I feel MW3 was the peak of the series
That one is a difficult matter. I mean, MW3 looked mindblowing, its interface and controls were polished, it had pretty awesome details like getting knocked down, or receiving cracks in your cockpit glass, also mechs still felt heavy and inertial, but MW2 with its ascetic cockpits (which looked much more realistic than cockpits in MW3 and MW4), lifeless planets (with different gravitation and temperatures), its backstory with all that honor name stuff etc. felt much more atmospheric.

Got to agree about MW4 though. It was such a disappointment.

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I hope so but I think the modern tastes and control constraints will probably relegate any VR mech games to being much more action orientated with maybe, possibly some novel cockpit controls.
I'd personally like to see the P&P aspect of the game brought in with something more like a modern mekhq or Divinity: original sin.

For anyone interested, MW:Living Legends is probably the best multiplayer experience you can still have with the series. Not retro though.

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>Having the better loadout and tanking damage is like 1 step removed from god mode

Considering most of the mechs in the game are just tanks on legs, I would think thats the purpose. If you wanted to try dodging damage as opposed to tanking, then a customized Firemoth with jump jets might be suited to the idea. Just check out the Firemoth only runs on youtube.

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You could be right. I'd kill for a new simulation style mech game designed with HOTAS in mind. Your P&P idea sounds appealing as well though.

Yes, I second the recommendation of MWLL

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Other influential games created genres that are still going strong.
How many mech sims do you see around?

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There's already Vox Machinae which is actually decent

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Looks nice, and it's got some cool details, but from what I gather the control scheme is very simplified. I'd only go for something with some simulation substance to it, utilizing HOTAS or some analagous ad-hoc arrangement (joystick+wasd, joystick+VR interactive cockpit switches).

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Dunno. I got it from the demo disc which also include shadow warriors, so I played the shit out of SW and never touch MW.

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It did influence 3D gaming hardware, though, as pointed by >>6359147 where a lot of them bundle the game with their cards, which means it managed to showcase 3D tech and capabilities.

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Played on a DX/2 66. It took up 200MB on a 1GB HD which was fucking gigantic for a game. I had played the tabletop prior and was really neat to see it done properly. Not to say the first one wasn't decent, but CGA is rough.

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ES2 became piss-easy though, once you could mount 2 plasma cannons on a bird.

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Simplified compared to what? You can use HOTAS.

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It was the only one I played

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that ball was already rolling and MW2 didn't really have a say in the matter

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No idea. I played mechwarrior on snes. None of my friends would even go near it. So it was kind of a freak game. And i only played it because i was on a misson to finnish as many games as possible. Why? To be cool of course!

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not too much
but mw2 is still an incredible game

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What's a good version of this game to play? There's a ps1 copy that's been eyeing me at a local store for weeks.

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It was a well thought of PC title, but don't remember it being that big a deal. My local Dave and Busters had Battletech pods which was fucking amazing!

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The DOS version, here's a handy portable download that has it all ready to play:

Any of the Windows versions of the Mechwarrior 2 series run into a number of issues if your processor is faster than 750MHz, the most noticeable being jump jets wont refill and shots will pass through targets (mostly projectiles.)

I wouldn't bother with the PSX version: https://youtu.be/87tvXIIMJes?t=539

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there's rich history behind these, plenty of good vids on YT about them

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It's like magic, and I thought a decent working version was impossible.

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mw4 was based and mercenaries was perfect, what an autistic statement

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I like Mercenaries 4 but 4 was a massive stepdown in complexity and feels worse overall than 3.

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mw1, mw2, and mw3 were tank battle simulators.
mw4 was a generic kiddie shooter with a robot theme.

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how the FUCK can I play mechwarrior on a modern system? (W10) is it even possible to buy the games and install these from a disc? The last time i could get any mecharrior game working it was mw4 on vista.

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Which one?




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You're a good man anon, let no one tell you different

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go snag that russian installer

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