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Why does this immediately turn into a horror game after the first mission? Is the rest of the game like this?

Because if that's the case, I rather stick with my MGS games. I didn't sign up for zombies and giant fucking spiders.

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The second game has 0 zombies and spiders and is widely considered the best in the series and genre. The first game basically jumps back and forth between stealth levels and magical monster levels. I honestly prefer the first game for the reasons most people dislike it. It really sucks the first time through because it's not what you're expecting, but after a while it just grows on you. It has a quality to it you wont see anywhere else. Down in the Bonehoard is amazing for the atmosphere alone.

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Why does MGS immediately turn into an action game once you realize you can run past all the enemies to reach the next checkpoint? I didn't sign up for this.

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Should I just skip this one and play the sequel then? Sounds like a direct upgrade to me.

Shut up faggot

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I'd at least play through The Sword mission personally. It'd be hell of something to miss out on. The few first missions go like this:
1 Baffords - Stealth
2 Craigsleft - Zombies on first 2 levels, stealth 80% of the mission
3 Bonehoard - Crypt, zombies, monsters, god tier atmosphere in the Hall of Echoes though
4 Assassins - Stealth. Very similar to first mission
5 Thieves Guild - Stealth
6 The Sword - Stealth, hard as nails and prob the best part of the game
After that it's a total mixed bag and the game expects for you to roll with the punches. The game has higher highs but lower lows. If the story parts from The Sword aren't grabbing your interest them maybe just skip to Thief 2. It'll spoil a lot of the first game but it's pure stealth. If you do end up going that route I'd go back and play Thief 1 and see if it's better once you gotta better feel for the game.

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Oh yeah. Make sure you're getting cutscenes before and after missions. You need a fan patch if not. Applies to both games.

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It keeps switching between human and non-human missions, but you can sneak past monsters just like you would with regular guards.
The second game has mostly human locations, but this makes the game a bit repetitive compared to the first one, because some of the missions are basically the same and there's little variety to the environments.
But you should experience the whole trilogy. If you want more pac-man styled stealth action, you should stick with MGS (and I don't even mean it in a negative way, MGS's rectangular design is perfectly designed for the PS1 controller)

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>but you can sneak past monsters just like you would with regular guards.
Not true for all levels. It's true for Craigsleft, but there are some instances in bonehoard you're gunna have a real hard time trying to sneak through.

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Any patch to remove them?

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>The second game has 0 zombies and spiders
That's blatantly untrue

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just play the game, no one's gonna cherrypick missions for you just because you want this game to be something else

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There's a skip level cheat but you'll just fuck yourself over because you'll only have as much loot as you had on you for the next mission. Also it's hard to tell if it's going to be a magic level or not because sometimes it starts out with monsters and changes 15% of the way in (Craigsleft). If you really hate them you might as well will just play up to and through the Sword, quit there and come back after Thief 2 if you want. The Sword has a few stealth missions leading up to it so it's not too bad.

>Splitting hairs this hard
There's literally 1 small room with zombies in it that can't leave it as an easter egg/reference to something in the prior game, and the spiders also only appear in 1 room and are locked in a cage. 99.9999999% of the game is zombie/spider free.

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I still remember that fucking basement with the button. I legit cried.

curiosity killed the anon

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>There's a secret I missed
Fug. Time to replay it.

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I can't decide if I want to replay this or give the first System Shock a chance. SS just isn't pulling me the way Thief always did, but Thief didn't grab me at first so maybe there's hope for SS. What do you Thief anon's think?

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They have very little in common (they are immersive sims sure, but that's a design approach, not a genre). Also the first and the second System Shock is entirely different too, the first one is a scifi Ultima Underworld with no RPG elements at all, whereas the second game brings back UW's RPG elements, but features more functional, literal spaces like Thief games do - basically if you take the Thief stuff away from Deus Ex, you get System Shock 2

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I'm more-so asking because in Thief they love to throw curveballs and the world seems really deep. I want to play 1 then 2, but 1 seems pretty straight forward so far. Just marching through the levels shooting cyborgs and bugmen.

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>there's nothing supernatural or strange in metal gear solid
i can't remember, did mgs4 retcon everything as nanomachines, or was it just the big shell incident?

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There's at least one more room with zombies in it but it's pretty well hidden and you have to read the book in the room to accidentally raise them.

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"Because if that's the case, I rather stick with my MGS games. I didn't sign up for zombies and giant fucking spiders."

Suck it up faggot. Though Thief 2 is my fuckin fav, the zombies in 1 weren't the worst.

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Am I supposed to ignore the fact that bunny hopping makes me much faster than anything else on the map and can get me out of most precarious situations with ease?

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IMO, the zombie/monster enemies were fine. Its just that some of their levels (especially late in the game) are not designed with stealth in mind.

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What? All missions are supposed to be stealthed.

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A few of the lategame missions aren't very friendly towards stealth, unless you savescum like a bitch.

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Theres absolutely no real point in doing stealth in levels like Bonehoard and Haunted Cathedral. All it does is slow you down, as most of the challenge in them comes from traps and environmental hazards more so than the actual enemies.

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Well yeah, they are lategame, they are not supposed to be easy
Exploring is the key part of the game. Running around like a tard kinda kill the whole thing.

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>The Keepers have found out that the Mechanists were building a nuclear bomb that was planned to be used in a Pagan territory. This nuclear bomb would eliminate most of the Pagan population. And the Mechanists would show no mercy for them, even if children, old people and defenseless people were to die as well. This discimination would certanly bring an unbalanced future to the world, as the Mechanists would certainly destroy forests to build their industries and whatnot.
>The Keepers knew that they had to do something to stop this bomb being launched into the Pagan territory, because Pagans are essential for nature´s perseverance. So, once again the Keepers approached Garrett and asked him to sabotage the nuclear bomb. It was hard to convince Garrett to accept this task, as it would prove to be very dangerous. But eventually Garrett agreed and managed to sabotage the bomb which was located in a hidden area somewhere in a desert.
>The Mechanists tried to launch the nuclear bomb and, as a consequence of the sabotage, the bomb blew up before taking off. The entire Mechanist base was destroyed along with the Mechanists working there.
> [...] Garrett was caught in one of the thousands of Mechanist traps after a long period of hide and seek. Once captured, he would be executed by being thrown into the Mechanist facility on planet Mercury as prey to be hunted and killed. This hunt would include not only mech bots but human mechs as well. Some of the Keepers felt a duty to help Garrett in this critical situation as they were responsible for putting Garrett in this mess in the first place. And so, some valiant, strong and determined Keepers asked the Mechanists to help Garrett survive, confessing at the same time that they were the ones responsible for sabotaging the nuclear bomb.
Fuck me Portuguese missions are something else

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Go play Rhianna Pratchet's masterpiece Thief on Xbox One

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>That fucking random building with a landmind behind the door
Biggest piece of bullshit I've ever seen.

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Not hiding all the time doesnt equate to mindlessly running around.

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If it’s who I think it is, his missions are usually dogshit don’t play them

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The only good thing I can say about her is that she at least had the common sense of not tarnishing her father's legacy.