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>really love all the old classic arcade fighting games
>not a fan of most modern fighting games and rarely play them
Why is this?

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Because you couldn't keep up and instead settled on what was familiar and easy.

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lol, he thinks fightan is any different now than 20 years ago. lmao. Fighters are for retards.

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Play David Sirlin's Fantasy Strike.

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Because you like nostalgia, not fighting games. You probably also want to just play against the computer.

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double jump killed fighting games and turned them into an autistic genre

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>You probably also want to just play against the computer
No, not at all, it's much more fun to play against human opponents than against a CPU, especially if they're really good at the game

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fighting games moved away from a focus on fundamentals and grounded play. most new fighting games have some kind of gimmick that completely dictates the flow of matches and takes away from the original fundamentals of spacing, footsies, whiff punishing and yomi. maybe that's what OP prefers.

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Don't listen to them, OP. I didn't grow up with arcades but I feel the exact same way. 3D fighters are so bland compared to the charm of a good 2D fighter. Usually these games are more mechanically complex than the later titles and offer more in term of character variety. Not to mention that sprite art just looks gorgeous on a good CRT. The day I build myself a decent PC, I'll be kicking back with some fightcade.

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>You probably also want to just play against the computer.
Do people actually do this, especially with the cheap arcade AI

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They became derivative.

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because you like simple and tight systems instead of 3859285 hit combos, infinite juggles, 5 different types of move cancels, 3 different types of parry and so on.

There's a reason why the genre was super popular and now it's niche as fuck, but the autists don't wanna hear that

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anyone want to try picking up a new /vr/ fighting game via fightcade? might be fun if we pick up something obscure so we're on an even field.

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Just play DragonBall FighterZ

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okay let's play some survival arts

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THey bocame flashy and full of stupid useless animations so retarded kids with ADD could focus for 2 minutes.

The newets game i can tolerte is the Xmen COTA game, after that its all OMG SUPER SPECIAL ATTACK, OMG FLASHY ANIMATION...
Not to mention how stupid the gameplay became too, with infinite combos, zero strategy, just memorize a 3 button combination and repeat.

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Because they were fun, tight, had fantastic 2D art and character designs, actual memorable music, less autistic obssesion about balance, etc.

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balance isn't the issue in new fighting games. it makes a game more fun to have every character be viable instead of one character objectively being best due to some broken tools or developer oversight. It does suck when games are constantly micromanaged and rebalanced for the sake of keeping tournaments exciting, but that's more a case of fucking with a balanced game to cause upsets and "hype".

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You forgot the community. This toxic elitist wannabe e-sport champion crap didn't exist back then.

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>decent PC,

dude, u can run fightcade and emulators for any classic fighting game on a $35 raspberry pi computer

like holy fuck, brazillians in mud huts can run fightcade off a 15 year old used dell laptop

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Late era 2d fighting games were best, games like garou, kof98 and third strike. I don't think we'll ever hit that level of smooth gameplay and timeless crisp graphics again. everything moved so fluidly including animated cloth "physics" on sprites. Music was at its best and games had deep mechanics that still let the fundamentals of spacing and zoning shine. Something changed in the early 2000s and fighting games have sucked since. Earlier 2D fighting games had too much janky shit like random stun and random damage to be worth playing seriously.

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A lot of tacked on mechanics, trying to be more flashy with less player input.

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>This toxic elitist wannabe e-sport champion crap didn't exist back then.
Yeah, people would straight up beat you up instead. Good times.

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They don't make old fighting games like they use to, because people are still playing those old games. Why make more games play like Super Turbo, GarouSpe, KoF98, Third Strike,... When people are still playing those games anyway.
Also don't be afraid of gimmicks. Something like Rival Schools is full of gimmicks (Tardy Counters, Air Combos with launchers, Team Attacks) but incredibly simple to play, something like Virtua Fighter looks simple to pick up but is very hard to get good at.
Fighting games are fun because they're all simple, yet still feel different to play.

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>toxic elitist
confirmed for never being around arcades

there was always an alpha dog type motherfucker who bodied everybody and the guy always had his dickriders

only thing that kept everything in check was that arcades were a business, and anyone with a quarter was able to play

but some arcades had house rules and sometimes these were posted on the cabs sometimes. i.e. no throws, no sonya juggles, etc...

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that might be because there was a ten year drought in the 2000s where the only fighter of note to come out was Smash until Street Fighter 4 came out which revitalized the genre. Up until then it was Marvel 2, CvS2, GGXX, SF3 and ST at Evo almost every year consistently which wasn't a bad thing because those games are fucking awesome but what few fighters came out couldn't get any traction and grow.

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there was a drought of 2d fighters, but the early 2000s is when 3d fighters had some of their best games. tekken tag 1, soul calibur 2, tekken 5 DR, virtua fighter 4. 3D fighters became shit again around the time SF4 picked up in 2009

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This. The SF2 crowd actually shitted up a lot of arcades to the point where girls and kids wouldn’t come any more.

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>Late era 2d fighting games were best
except arcades were dead, and no one like those games on release

roster was entirely new, it might as well not be called SF

>KoF 98
a game still rehashing the same roster and graphics since 94, no one dared to put cash in this machine.

isn't even a 90s game, came out after dead arcades, and doesn't resemble fatal fury at all. So no one gave a shit.

Back then(1999) it was Alpha 3, Tekken 3, Soul Calibur, VF3(in japan), or MvC

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it was great, a teenage wonderland.

and arcades made mad dosh

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It says a lot that I've heard stories from several different people about being threatened with knives over SF2

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Daigo got beat up so badly when he was a kid he developed ptsd and almost stopped playing. And that was in Japan, in America some asshole could definitely shank you.

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was he playing money matches or something?

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Just arcade things back in the 90's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK3-rJ_5zoE

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I'm somewhere in the middle. All my favorite fighting games come from the late 90s and early 2000s. The early-early stuff from the start of the decade doesn't do it for me.

Although I also play modern fighting games.

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Nothing changed, apart from the fact that these things now happen during e-sports tournaments instead of the arcade.

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I had the same problem at first.

For me, a good transition was sf2 to sf3 third strike. played a lot of ken and akuma(gouki), then tried akuma in tekken 7 and started learning the fundamentals.

I think it comes from a place of being comfortable with a character being designed around a more compromised moveset.

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>'living in a rough neighborhood'
If that was da hood for him, I can't even imagine how he would have fared over here...

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those are great games on their own but none of them were taken seriously as competitive games here in the west except for maybe Tekken 5, and even then DR only got a PSP release so that was hardly good for the game. Lack of competition is sorely felt moreso in a fighting game than any other genre, especially since this was back before proper netplay existed to fill that gap.

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Could be because old fighting games look better, sound better, and feel more responsive

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I think modern games think of competetive gaming as twitch reaction gaming. Like starcraft2 compared to broodwar is just an unwatchable clusterfuck

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It really depended on the arcade. Though even at the nice ones there was still some chance you'd run into a sore loser.
Good video and advice.

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No, it's still mostly a local thing, unless I'm forgetting a fistfight that happened at EVO.

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>it's still mostly a local thing
Obviously, serious, world-class competitions will have proper security and face control to some degree.

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So it doesn't happen at e-sports tournaments then.

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e-sports tournament = where a large number of people gather to compete

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Se me in super turbo then

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Fighting games didnt move away from fundamentals. Just because a game has air dashes and meter doesn't change anything.

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The old arcades were rougher and meaner. People would get beaten up at arcades, tech wasn't shared, etc.

The FGC we have now is lightyears better.

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You get old, you stop getting into brand new things as much. It's a natural fact of life, it makes a lot of evolutionary sense. It's like how when the internet was getting really good first you had hardly anyone 55+ using it - old people online were called "silver surfers", now every single literate person uses it.

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People don't fight at gatherings the way they did at arcades.

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SC2 was huge in france. back then the tournament crowd didn't care too much about home ports (apart from SC2 ironically since the final patch version was PS2). DR also made it to PS3 a few years later with online, and the game was still active enough then.

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Yeah, tell me more. During my time frequenting the local tournaments of a certain game, I've seen many things, from raging primates to flying chairs and flipping tables.

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the most standout rage moments in modern fighting games are so time compared to the SF2 era. I'm talking stuff that got filmed and went viral. Sanford Kelly throwing his stick is about that most you're going to see.

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I give up. People still trying to educate me on what I saw with my own eyes, while being there.

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Tekken 5 on PS3 was released the same year as Tekken 6, so that didn't last very long. Things may have been different in France and they were certainly different in Japan and Korea where arcades still exist and the population density was smaller, but outside of a few hotspots like NY and LA arcades were dead so games lived and died based on their console ports, at least in the 2000s. In the 90s arcades were still around and almost indisputably the best versions of the game but that dropped off hard.

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Right now, all I have is a crappy laptop which can barely play OG Doom at a stable framerate. For the past 3 years, I've just stuck to consoles, since I own most of my favourite retro games. Is raspberry pi easy to set up?

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Street fighter 2's roster was completely new. Should that game change its title too?

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The raspberry pi is an overrated piece of shit. I don't know why is it being treated like the universal choice for every computing tasks, from industrial control to retro gaming cabinets.

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Street Fighter 2 had all of Street Fighter 1's playable characters. I don't agree with him about SF3, just saying.

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look for a cheap optiplex. they work well enough for emulation, and you can easily add parts to it and turn it into a legit budget pc for modern games too.

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Well clearly you're a better and smarter person than everyone else. Go you!

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because modern fighting games suck and thats the only truth. modern street fighter looks like shit, i dont even wanne play it just because of the shitty artstyle. mortal kombat is boring now.

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This. Newer Mortal Kombat and SF games look awful and boring, with an incredibly shitty artstyle, which is amazing in the case of Capcom, who had some of the best artist in the medium. Even Bengus has become bad for some weird reason.

Music is very bad now too, with no memorable or distinct themes like the originals. They are afraid of being cheesy and not being taken seriously if they make catchy themes, so they put generic background action music to avoid getting any atention.

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>everyone hypes up guilty gear
>completely hate it
I just want fighting games to be slower and focused on fundamentals
but im not old and im in fact younger than most people here

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what we have now is like a lame boring fisher price version where everyone is passive aggressive trying to be e sports personality streamer
nah ill take the old one

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the new samsho

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It still feels like your moves in a modern fighting game matter less than any move you make in an old fighting game, they feel more tense and makes you actually think about what you're doing

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What's /vr/'s favorite fighting game?

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'02 is solid too

Weaponlord gets special mention.

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As a a burger I genuinely wish KoF had an audience here. I prefer it to SF personally but fucking no one plays it. Unless I force myself to deal with laggy Brazilians on figthcade I can't play anyone.

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I'm a leaf and a bunch of people around here used to play it and we still meet up (or hopefully will again soon) but as with a lot of gaming it's more memory now than anything.

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But unironically it's VF3.

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Why do kids larp? Serious question.

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Could be any number of things. Probably you just like the art style, atmosphere, low res graphics, the music etc.
ayyyy zoomzoomzoom

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They got overly complicated and focus purely on hardcore competition and ridiculous skill ceilings. Whereas they used to be about just having fun, cool artwork and music, and atmosphere.

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Yeah I like the old ones street fighter 2 all the versions, mortal kombat games, marvel vs capcom 1&2, x-men vs street fighter, x-men children of the atom. I like the newer ones like street fighter 5, tasunoko vs capcom, mortal kombat 11, and smash bros are all pretty cool.

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They were made to be approachable and comprehensible to people walking past the cabinet that had never seen a fighting game before and suck their quarters out. You were a minor wizard if you could do any of the special moves among your group of kids and little in the way of meta had developed, so a slower pace was more palatable than it would be later. Most of the mechanics now are a tower of babel piled on top of each other to make things more interesting to the people that breathe the games, which they pretty much had to do but makes it into what may as well be learning a new language to people on initial approach. The walk up and play angle from the arcade has fallen off as things became more console centered, to say nothing of how the internet hivemind has changed the approach to everything. Like others have said the presentation has also fallen off a lot in the 2d now 3d fighters, both because it's cheaper and because it's not relying on the 5 second impression as you walk by to draw you in.

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It's ironic that the changes to modern fighting games to make them more approachable actually make them needlessly convoluted and one dimensional, and are part of the reason the genre is on life support. Anyone can understand the fundamentals of street fighter 2's fireballs and uppercuts, but modern fighters are all about frame data and comeback mechanics.

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In a way its kinda like professional wrestling, everybody loved it when it was BIG GUY VS BIG GUY WITH A MOUSTACHE.
but then.. the new "smart" generation came around, the "fans" who were pushing for flippity floppity small guys from the indies.
and slowly but surely the titan vs titan tv show turned into small guy crying about not having the belt despite having a lot of pull backstage show.

Smart fans ruined wrassling, smart fans ruined fighting games by crying about frame data and lag and being offended by stereotypes and big tits.

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I blame Esports and over reliance of online play. I get these games are meant to be played with real people and Im not saying online shouldn't be an essential component but it shouldn't be the only component. These games have become less about people having fun and more about sucking off the next big shill for some shitty game that gets the most views online.

When did couch play just stop being a thing?

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netcode is one of the few things I can agree on as being important for modern fighting games. Realistically the vast majority of the playerbase fight online, locals and arcades are mostly dead, and it sucks to have connections drop or inputs get eaten by a shitty infrastructure. I agree with the majority of what you say though, the devs of guilty gear summed it up quite well with "wild vs mild". Guilty gear was always about being wild, and making big changes just for the fun of it. With the shift towards esports and pros literally using the games as their only income, it wasn't responsible of them to make deliberately unbalanced games just for fun so there was a change towards mild balance changes and a more tame experience.

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Netplay vs quarters on the glass or in a smoky basement.

>> No.6345609

Modern devs don't know how to balance, only nerf.

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That's all I do. I can't put in the hours to compete online, but I can iterate techniques until even the cheap shit of Seth or Gill doesn't stop me. And when I beat the end boss satisfactorily with most of the roster, well, then the game is done and I play something else until maybe I want to play some friends at it.
It's a video game, not a lifestyle choice. I don't want to grind out 1-frame links and perfect footsies into FADCs for 4 hours a night to keep my Ultra Platinum or whatever.
I want 10 fights and a goofy end sequence. I want a toe tapping soundtrack to unique backdrops and wildly variable characters. I want costume unlocks as rewards for skill, not grinding FM.

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Smark-based wrestling finally got the audience it deserves

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Beating Gold Justice was not tame.

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I hate that games get rebalanced based on the whims of streamers and tournament players. Fuck esport faggots. They've done nothing but damage to games as a whole in their quest to "legitimize it" so they can justify their own crappy and desperate attempts at fame

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That would be the pandering to and not them directly though. I mean it's cancerous sure but devs should get blamed just as well.

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Best SF games by consensus:
ST2. SFA2, SF3:3
Best KoF games by consensus:
KoF 98, KoF 2002 UM, KoF XIII
Best GG games by consensus:
Best MK game by consensus:
Best VS game by consensus

All of them fairly old, but considered the best, so it is understandable

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Uppercuts and dial-a-combos were still better than just uppercuts.

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Games have a lot of characters, moves, and efforts put into them nowadays. Characters are also selling points (or outright sold as DLC), so it makes sense developers try to keep the roster balanced and every character a viable option. Also unbalanced and broken games are only fun if you're screwing around. In competitive context, a lot of players will "play to win" (ugh) and pick top tiers. If the game is unbalanced you'll end up fighting the same broken-ass characters all the time.
Nowadays devs have a ton of metrics to know if the game is well-balanced and will react accordingly since you can patch games on the fly over the internet. They don't just listen to "the whims of streamers and tournament players". It fucking sucks when your main get nerfed the fuck out, but I'll always appreciate the effort. It's better than resorting to house rules (banned characters, no throws, no turtling,...) like back in the days.

>> No.6345972

SF4 also has a strong following, KoFXIII is fairly new and MK9 is widely considered the best by a wide margin by most MK fans.

>> No.6345978

Couldn't possibly disagree more. I think fighters being able to get rebalanced via patches as they can be now is one of the best things that ever happened to the genre.

>> No.6345982

Online play is the primary vehicle now, and it emulates tournament autism instead of playing with your friends on the couch or in the arcade. If you like the game enough to stick with it for more than 30 minutes you'll quickly get spun up on the tryhard path and get waist deep in learning the terminology and how to do everything "properly," leaving a huge no mans land between interested and not. It was generally a lot more enjoyable when you were up against what your friends could figure out themselves, locals are a bit of a misnomer now when it's largely the online hivemind doing the heavy lifting in getting people up to speed. It also probably doesn't help knowing exactly how much you suck, both in being able to see top level tournaments and having precise ladder positions. Finally taking down your brothers friends older cousin probably doesn't have the same feeling of triumph as when he was legitimately the best person you knew at the game, the dynamic shifts when it's reduced to "oh he's 2k mmr and I'm 1.6." It's far more a test of how well you execute other peoples ideas instead of what you and him figured out about it outside of the very top level, making it far more impersonal, to say nothing of the lack of human presence next to you all along the way. The combination of willingness to play for hours and lack of outside knowledge isn't replicatable I don't think, making for a far more unsatisfying and literal ladder climb compared to the older more figurative one.

>> No.6345985

SFA3. V-ism is just broken if you really need it with no differences except that grass stage. The rest is broken too but not as bad as v-ism and not being online or uber competitive means it's kind of a non-issue anyways.

>> No.6345991

The issue is WHO are they being re balanced for? And the answer is always stuck up tournament player eceleb faggots. These are the people who decide what is popular, what needs to be changed and what needs to stay the same. Not the bulk of the players. Just some streamer shill faggot.

>> No.6345993

I don't understand not playing to win, so I might be one of "those" players, but generally agree with you. I find usually when something you really liked about your main got nerfed, that's exactly why it happened. The move was unbalanced enough that it both wasn't fair in a competitive context which in turn would make players of that character rely too heavily on it. A nerfing is just another opportunity to learn new things about the character.

That said I'm happy NRS never figured out how broken Wonder Woman's air dash was.

>> No.6345995

I remember half the fun was in figuring out how to fight broken characters. Buff the other characters to make them viable but don't make X character less fun because some whiners cried it was unfair. Life's unfair.

>> No.6346007

I can understand that attitude but mine is polar opposite. Not that I didn't love the couch fun locals we had a lot back in the day and the rare time it happens now, but over time I got a little bored mostly playing the same people over and over. As well, not that I take them very seriously in a large context but I really really like fighting games so I've played them a lot over the years and more than most of my other friends. It makes it a lot less fun to fight your buddies when you know you can trounce them.

Now with solid online though I can fight and endless stream of people which suits me perfectly. I like finding that one guy who's just better enough that if I'm really on my A game I can eek out a win.

>> No.6346009

They're being rebalanced for everyone everywhere because better balance makes for a just plain better game.

>> No.6346013

A lot of newer fighting games balance their gameplay mechanics by making things that are easy to do, bad, and things that are harder to do, better, damage-wise. Not that they're altogether hard, per se, but you aren't going to get the same gain from footsies and individual buttons that you are from long combos and fancy setplay--whereas an older game can make an art form out of using individual buttons and spacing effectively, and nothing else. In most newer games, this is the exception to the rule. Likely reason being the developers want their animations and effects to come on-screen, and the game to appear "deep" with the use of predetermined strats like the above, for the sake of generating excitement either in hyping up the game itself in promotional material or drawing attention to the competitive following.

That and meter management, and a genre-wide fetish for "optimizing" everything you do. Fishing for combos in older games is a surefire way to get baited and stomped, but that's where your only damage is going to be in a newer one.

>> No.6346015

Buffs can work too but it gets tricky because it can throw the balance even more out of whack. If Ryu's hurricane kick has something unbalanced about it its far easier to just remedy that than go and give every other character something as broken. And like I say, if you needed that broken move to win then I think you kinda sucked or weren't trying anyways.

>> No.6346016

The problem with online it's just so faceless. It's completely impersonal. Why should I care about beating some faggot a country away who I can't decently communicate with and will forget each other's names almost immediately.

>> No.6346019

The "playing to win" is a nod to the infamous Sirlin article about the correct way to play fighting games. I understand where it's coming from, and of course I'm always playing to win myself, but I don't like that rigid tryhard "pick a top tier" mentality. Everyone has their own ideas of fun, favorite playstyles,...

>> No.6346027

I always play my best but at the end of the day I'd rather try and lose with my favorite character even if they are low tier than win because I picked someone high tier I don't very much care for.

>> No.6346028

That's kinda how it is in Japan in arcades. Your opponent is as faceless if you don't go look at his face on the other side.

>> No.6346031

I don't know about you but I just like playing the game so even if I don't talk to them (which is an option sometimes too) I just like getting to play against another human player somewhere. To me how they play is what stands out and you tend to remember user names. Back playing Injustice there was a guy like I described who I would match with a lot and could win about 1 game in 4 when I was having a good night. And that guy won the Injustice Evo that year. None of my friends could put up a challenge like that and that's what I'm really playing for.

Ahh yeah I agree with that. When I play SF it's mostly Sagat even if he's been way nerfed but my second go to is always Dan.

>> No.6346035

100% agree with this.

>> No.6346039

But you still see them. Even if you got an cabinet blocking you can still hear them, see them talk to them and they have to stand up sooner rather than later.

>> No.6346042

Not saying tournaments don't have their appeal, they are pretty damned cool in many regards and it makes sense why the actual best congeal to play each other. But a lot of them came up in the before times when lower level play was actually fun and grew with the games from when everyone was bad, and probably made a lot of in person friends (and enemies) along with it. The top level stuff basically lives on interest of a large number of lower levels, which I think is why Smash especially has been as persistent as it has been. If that group disappears pretty much everything else will with it, and from what I see the future doesn't look too bright in that regard, especially once the world runs out of largely cut off places like Pakistan. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out over the next couple decades but maybe the FGC was a one time deal.

>> No.6346082

I see where you're coming from but think I just don't have the same nostalgia for when everyone was bad as you do. I think since decent net play has come about almost everything in regards to fighters has been getting better.

>> No.6346106

I don't think I'm looking at it as nostalgia so much as why it lived and why it will probably die. Outside of a very limited niche I don't think it looks good but eh, I could be wrong.

>> No.6346121

I think assuming the gaming industry implodes fighting games will keep going strong. Games are so huge now that even niche genres can thrive and I'd hardly even call fighting games niche.

>> No.6346204

They're easy to pick up, hard to master, look cohesive and fun, not too complex or too simple. Street Fighter 4 and 5 look complete horse shit.

>> No.6346212

The worst thing to ever happen to fighting games was when flashy combos went from the highest source of damage, to the ONLY source of damage.

>> No.6346229

Try King of Fighters 13 and Guilty Gear X2

>> No.6346234


the ONLY time i saw fight game arcade players shitting things up is when betting got involved.

>Fighting games didnt move away from fundamentals. Just because a game has air dashes and meter doesn't change anything.

...uh yeah. thats just plain wrong and an incorrect assessment of what has changed, and what fundamentals were.

>smart fans ruined fighting games by crying about frame data and lag and being offended by stereotypes and big tits.

thats wrong too, those complaints aren't even coming from the same groups of people.

>> No.6346237

Do you play the PS3 version of 3rd Strike and Marvel 2?

>> No.6346247

Did you play Granblue?
It's pretty basic.

>> No.6346332

Wasn't this originally a fighting game about robots before Riot turned into a fantasy game?

>> No.6346345

Fighting games are the only genre of vidya I haven't tried yet, what are some good /vr/ ones to start out with and what are some tips so I don't immediately get filtered

>> No.6346356

t. rpg gamer

>> No.6346360


SF2 is probably the gateway most people should go through just because nearly all games coming after bear its mark in some way. From concepts to timing.

Its also a satisfying game that doesn't feel too bad dealing with the computer AI to learn the game. You don't automatically feel like you've been cheated when you lose like some other fight games from SNK or the MK series.

>> No.6346378

Not retro but the new Samurai Shodown is a good entry point.
I disagree. Assuming you mean ST even then I would say inputs are far too strict in it to appeal to a newcomer. ST is something you have to be dedicated to play since basically everything in that game is bullshit in one way or another.

>> No.6346392

I would almost be tempted to say Mortal Kombat because it's so simple, but it also controls weirdly compared to almost any other fighter. Also it's AI sucks but all AI sucks and on lower difficulties it's plenty easy for a beginner.

Really the best choice I think is to just go with one where you like the characters and setting and just start playing.

>> No.6346398

Just play 3rd Strike on Fightcade. Make sure to never play Sean. Don't use Twelve, Hugo, or Q until you're familiar with the intricacies of the game. Chun-Li, Yun, and Ken are basically the best characters. Poking, counter poking, canceling, baiting, and punishing are super important across all fighting games.

>> No.6346409

Different art styles and different presentation.

>> No.6346443

I tried playing Zangeif on SF2:T and I kinda suck though since I lose half my health on most matches and can't get past Ryu
>Poking, counter poking, canceling, baiting, and punishing
No idea what these mean

>> No.6346468

Old fighting games
>exploring different visual themes and gameplay gimmicks across many series and one off games
New fighting games
>tournament esports and online focused, frame data driven gameplay, seasonal patch driven """balance changes""", monetization driven character rosters and product features, time spent "in da lab" before you get to play for real

>> No.6346472

Zangief is pretty hard for beginners partly because grapplers are harder to get used to and his moves have some hard to do motions.

>> No.6346495

This will be handy for you. The genre comes with a lot of terminology.

>people playing seriously is bad
>better balance is bad

>> No.6346512

Hopefully this doesn't seem too crazy. There are a few major parts of every traditional fighting game. A poke is a move that a player can use outside of a combo to get some quick damage without getting very close. Some pokes are much more safe than others just like supers, specials, etc. A safe move, taunt, etc. is just something that can't put its user in a bad position like eating damage. A counter poke is just hitting the opponent with your poke when he tries to poke you. Canceling is when the player stops the frames (animation) of a move to do another move. This is really important. If you can't cancel, you're done. Baiting is what it sounds like. You make your opponent do something and then destroy him for it. This can be done with conditioning, which is repeatedly doing something to make your opponent think you'll do it one more time, or just good movement works as well. Punishing describes harming your opponent for doing something unsafe like not hitting you with a move or hitting you with a move that is really slow. There's a bunch of other things you should also know, but you can look up all this stuff. Fighting games have really wild depth and human opponents make it really wild. Just make sure to have fun. If you're not having fun, stop.

>> No.6346530

I play 3rd Strike on FightCade and I main Q, and I don't play Marvel 2

>> No.6346547

The big problem is that tournaments all got too commercial. Evo is literally nothing more than a commercial venue at this point. People don't have tournaments for games the fans choose to be popular they have tournaments that publishers choose to prop up. When the big games, after all this time, are still SF5 and Tekken 7 Im sorry the system is broken. It's just shills watching shills.

>> No.6346820

>best Alpha game
Based and redpilled

>> No.6346863

>I disagree. Assuming you mean ST

nope I mean straight up WW. there's just so many concepts & good gameplay rules that start there.

>I would almost be tempted to say Mortal Kombat .... Also it's AI sucks but all AI sucks and on lower difficulties it's plenty easy for a beginner.

the AI is a killing reason. I like early MK but am still prejudiced against block buttons. Especially for a total beginner.

Also, I feel like there has to be some truth that the fact of the game features fighting is not the appeal, because many games could be dictated by fighting, like what we now call beat-em-ups. But part of the appeal is the artistic showcase of the martial arts on display, particularly exotic and not widely known or seen martial arts.

So in a way, a fighting game is also an immediate gratification of adolescent question of "who would win in a fight of these hero characters," which can launch an immediate debate on those characters attributes.

Thats one reason why SNK games still persist is because their character designers really seemed to understand that when they worked with their artists and animators. Its not enough that they are different, there has to be a why and how that they are different that either makes sense in a narrative way, or in a kinetic way to the player. SF2 is really the launching ground for that being done successfully (even though a few tried as far back as yie ar kung fu in 1985), and SNK really pushed those attributes across multiple titles.

However, the novel appeal of that debate/comparison of fighting style has broken down over time just due to the internet and the exposure of and cultural spread of different martial arts around the world, with movies, newer and more exotic fighting games, and then the arrival of MMA. Its just not as fresh an idea because more and more people have a basic familiarity with at least a handful of martial arts now, compared to /vr/ adolescence.

>> No.6346873

I chose Zangief so I wouldn't become conditioned to just spamming moves with other characters instead of forming a strategy to get close to the opponent. What other way should I learn how the game works?


>> No.6346902

Good place to start is probably just learning all your different attacks. Know what all the buttons do, the range on your attacks, and a general idea of when to use them. Then focus on mastering the special inputs. You don't need to be perfect to beat the CPU obviously, a lot of that is just figuring out how to exploit the AI, but if you want to play against other people you'll want to be able to do your specials 100% of the time from both sides. It makes fighting the CPU more fun too when you can do all the moves.

If you want to get more seriously into fighting games, Gief's Gym is a good guide for Street Fighter V. Some of the lessons, especially the early ones, should help with basic concepts across different games. But playing SFV or some other modern fighting game with other beginners playing and a large, active community would be good for learning. You'll learn a lot faster playing against human opponents.

>> No.6346909

There's also these video guides for Turbo that were part of Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2:

>> No.6347098

XIII is up to debate though.

>kara jab shenanigans

>> No.6347148

Honestly that sounds like the case

>> No.6347150

No one played those in America but in Japan (the place that actually matters when discussing old fighters) kof 98 was doing extremely well

>> No.6347163

>Anyone can understand the fundamentals of street fighter 2's fireballs and uppercuts
Bitch please, even back then people complained about spamming fireballs and using jab dps in super turbo.
Fighting games were new back then and one of the few competitive games around.
After that people lost interest because more competitive genres were available and fighters were getting old for people who can't appreciate nuance and only look for innovation.
After that fighting games become more complex since that was appealing for existing fans and getting new fans was already a lost cause.
The fighting games of today are in a weird place in which they can't be SF2 simple because skilled players could find it boring but adding too much complexity makes it impossible for new players and those out of the loop to win.
However tekken 7 was a huge success and it is incredibly convoluted

>> No.6347165

Old fighting games were almost always hilariously broken. Only super turbo is balanced from the original era inspired by sf2 from what I can remember

>> No.6347171

>old fighting games
>Ripping off sf2

>> No.6347176

That doesn't really go against what he says.

>> No.6347179

Modern fighting games expect you to be some fucking autistic who has an encyclopedic knowledge of every fighting game ever made and most of all is plagued with ns which is the worst part in face the first portion of my post was fake I only wanted to distract the jannies from seeing the other part of my post which is 100% true just look at Evo it's like friggin Detroit lol.

>> No.6347196

A bit too basic even.

>> No.6347208

Modern games put more focus in the momentum.

>> No.6347216

While WW and CE may be broken as fuck, ST has as much jank as its contemporaries.

>> No.6347292

>the AI is a killing reason. I like early MK but am still prejudiced against block buttons. Especially for a total beginner.

I really think MK's AI gets a bad rap compared to others. All AI sucks and old AI in particular and they also all pull the same tricks of input reading and cheating on charge moves etc. At high difficulties it's pointless because winning becomes just knowing how to exploit whatever that game's AI is worst at. At lower levels though which a beginner would use MK isn't much worse than anything else.

The block button, lack of diagonals and other things I fully agree with and why I didn't recommend it.

You'll quickly learn you can't just spam those moves because they're mostly unsafe in some fashion and if your opponent doesn't suck they will punish you for it.

>> No.6347305

Really what fucked it up was the run button but that's why everyone always used that infinite run kombat kode or whatever the fuck they were called.

>> No.6347347

>true just look at Evo it's like friggin Detroit lol.

It's cute that you avoid a whole genre if video games because you're afraid of losing to brown people.

>> No.6347352

cope seethe dilate

>> No.6347358

Cope over what? I think it's hilarious. You also complained about having to learn how to play lol.

>> No.6347478

more like i ain't gonna lose my wallet to some n who is gonna mug me after the tournament is over cause he lost the prize money to me cause he's a fucking n who can't fathom the world don't wanna him like the fucking n he is i hate ns so fucking much fucking uhgh.

>> No.6347568

i made a /v/ampire savior thread, no one came, but everyone hogged on to this gay thread where op is not even looking for games,
fite me

>> No.6347574

also justin wong got tased, some guy was stabbed in china, even to this day you google kof97 you get that news, in our country old people would get good in kof and metal slug and let kids play and pretend to teach them and dry hump them fucking jej,
i almost got caught in the mess when playing strider but ran away like no tomorrow

>> No.6347596

awww fuck sorry, thought it was /v/ where i made /v/ampire friday thread,

>> No.6347818
File: 2.96 MB, 1280x720, 1556771200702.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Only super turbo is balanced from the original era inspired by sf2 from what I can remember

>> No.6347819

When? I'm the guy who always posts links to getting started with vsav, would play you.

>> No.6347863

ST is incredibly broken u fuckin retard

>> No.6347868

lmao shut the fuck up kid

>> No.6347887
File: 2.95 MB, 1280x720, Claw.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dude, it's balanced, trust me.

>> No.6347983

I don't know if I am alone with this but I think there are too many characters in modern fighting games. You can almost get anxiety just by looking at the character select screen. I believe that SF Champion Edition had possibly the right amount of characters. With less characters it's more easy to make them more iconic and memorable, like the original SF 2, Soul Edge, Darkstalkers or Art of Fighting casts.

>> No.6347989

Jesus, I hate that character.

>> No.6348010

Yeah, fuck Ken.

>> No.6348085

What is it with people and using random Japanese terms? Could the FGC really not be bothered to say mind-reading? Fucking weebs I swear

>> No.6348095

>translating yomi as mind-reading
That's silly as fuck. It's just a read on your opponent, not psychic powers.
And what's wrong about using Japanese terms to talk about Japanese games? Do you get buttmad at shmupfags too when they use tate/yoko? If you're so afraid of weebs, don't post on an anime website like 4chan.

>> No.6348103

That's how all professional jargon works. Or do you jump at the word cuisine too?

>> No.6348336

>And what's wrong about using Japanese terms to talk about Japanese games?

Reminds me of the porn section of 4chan, suddenly tittyfuck became pairuzi for no reason.
just a buncha retards trying to make their hobby seem more interesting than it is by using foreign words.

>> No.6348430

>And what's wrong about using Japanese terms to talk about Japanese games?

You're not on a Japanese board for starters and if there's an English equivalent use that. There's no reason to use the Japanese version outside of purposely wanting to be a weeb.

>> No.6348454

Professional argon rarely has true direct equivalents. yomi is not just mind-reading, it's a term with very specific connotations inside the fighting community. Just like programmers all around the word say "parse" regardless of how the word translates intot heir own langauges, fighting game enthusiasts use Japanese terminology even when the terms are pretty easy tot ranslate to the user's language.

>> No.6348493

you play felicia? I usually make threads on /v/ on fridays not consistently tho, but its usually fridays.
probably there is some other guys too I guess, because he takes credit for those threads whenever people meme about "a guy fishing for games in darkstalkers"
or you also make threads on /v/ about vampire savior?

>> No.6348531

At least cuisine is a western word
Seethe more you fucking weeb

>> No.6348571

What the fuck are you talking about ? I should know better than engaging buzzwords spouting shitposters like you, but they're sadly everywhere on that board.

>> No.6348586
File: 2.95 MB, 480x360, 71fe2826-b2e9-4aba-8735-c30a4e439170.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't make threads but whenever someone posts a thread about the series I just post a guide for getting started with vsav.

I can't play for a few days as my stick broke and I have to wait for a new one but if you're ever around or make a thread I would be up to play. Also I don't play Felicia, I most mess around with Morrigan and Lilith.

>> No.6348613

12-20 is truly the right amount of characters.

>> No.6348630

>Just like programmers all around the word say "parse"
Weird example to choose, since English is the world's business language and programming has worldwide applications.
Anyways, using yomi is weird and unnecessary because fighting games (and video games as a whole) aren't inherently Japanese. They're not inseparable from Japanese culture like kendo, sumo or shogi, otherwise Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct wouldn't exist. I have the same issue with weebs who use tate/yoko for shmups, Japs didn't invent the concept of vertical and horizontal, just like they didn't invent the concept of anticipating your opponent's next possible moves.

>> No.6348639

>because fighting games aren't inherently Japanese.
They could almost well be, since almost nobody outside America play Mortal Kombat and the likes, and the only reason it became a genre is SF2.
I'm European and we use Japanese (yomi, okizeme,...), English (crossup, rushdown, stun,...), and local slang. It's a fucking mess but it's fine because it's a jargon everyone understands.

>> No.6348723

You whiny racist babies are a hoot.

>> No.6348730
File: 1.60 MB, 300x200, 4f5.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As a long time KoF fan I couldn't disagree with this more. To each their own but I love a massive roster.

>> No.6349360

I've seen people argue they dislike it in KoF since characters often feel samey but I just see it as a trait of KoF. KoF is more about mastering the system while SF is more about mastering a character.

>> No.6349389

>like holy fuck, brazillians in mud huts can run fightcade off a 15 year old used dell laptop
I actually think it's neat the way Brazillians latched on to KoF and stuff so hard.

>> No.6349390

I suck at fighting games so I am inclined to agree with this. I suspect you could make a satisfying fighting game with only like 4 characters.

>> No.6349443

wait is that supposed to be Kamille? looks kinda crummy

>> No.6349452

98 is probably the one that was most played in US. That or 99.

>> No.6349461

Still had two redizzy's that were left in. One for Guile and I think Vega.

Also Yoga Spear and that fucking flame are ridiculously high priority. Shit the flame even nullifies projectiles.

>> No.6349471

Brazilians will play anything, fucking anything, on fightcade. Most suck and just call you a faggot in Spanish but you have to admire them.
99 sees almost no play anywhere, people generally don't like strikers. The only two that see remotely any play in the US are 98 and XIII, and that's barely.

>> No.6349487

Yeah must've been 98 then. Arcade by me at the time had a neo geo cab that had a KOF on every slot. Also 21 seats of Daytona. Good times.

>> No.6349663

For some weird reason, I agree with you about King of Fighters' roster. It's probably the only game I don't mind having lots of characters. Don't ask me why, though. Maybe it's because being a crossover it seems more logical to have lots of characters from different games? Who knows.

>> No.6349720

Too many characters gets overwhelming to me. Seems impossible sometimes to learn all the matchups, especially when new characters get added over time, and old ones are rebalanced.

>> No.6349758

It might as well be impossible anyone not plugging away at one game, being there for the updates when they hit. Popularity aside, it's probably a good thing that many games keep staple characters just so there's enough buyers who remember how to play, keeping the game alive.

>> No.6349885

>they should add a fucking buffer to that shit attack so after 3 times you get dizzy and cant do another one.

>> No.6349886

douchebag, you are such a douchebag.

the problem with classic fighting games is the sick japanese style apologia of ''dont fix it, just adapt'' mantra that this snobs have taken.

>> No.6349898

>Weird example to choose, since English is the world's business language and programming has worldwide applications.
And Japanese is the world's fighting game language. Good that you understand. I did not read the rest of your post.

>> No.6349947

What is it with folk and wielding pot-shot Francish names? Could the FGC truly not be bothered to say mind-reading? Fucking Saxons I swear

>> No.6349953


>> No.6349963

>fighting game threads are full of non-players just like the shmup threads
What is it about arcade gaming?

>> No.6349967

I am attracted to the the cool-looking characters but can never get into gameplay, for one.

>> No.6350475
File: 181 KB, 625x626, eAGZxvD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine defending your weebery this hard

>> No.6350686

>And Japanese is the world's fighting game language. Good that you understand. I did not read the rest of your post.
You're brain damaged, and you missed the most important part. There is nothing inherently Japanese about fighting games, otherwise MK and KI wouldn't exist. Hell, look at JRPG fans. Japanese is literally in the name, it's a literal prerequisite to the genre, and you don't see them saying "keikenchi kasegi wo suru" to refer to grinding. Because Jap words aren't integral to understanding video games, using them unnecessarily just shows everyone how much of a weird, pretentious weeb you are. Games aren't anime you fucking cunt.

>> No.6350797

Because you're either an old dog that can't learn new tricks or you're a old-good-new-bad hipster or both.

>> No.6350825

The best thing about old fighting games is how there's no character customization to ruin the aesthetics.

>> No.6350903


>> No.6351017
File: 2.95 MB, 1280x720, 1545546190684.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>classic game
>select a cool sumo guy
>fight a cool karate guy
>fight is dictated by spacing, ranging, setting up attacks
>do some button combos for cool special moves now and then

>modern game
>have to pick from some sort of SJW assemble
>fight some horrid eyerape DIY character called trannyD1ck69420
>trannyD1ck69420 stunlocks you because while you studied for your engineering test trannyD1ck69420 studied the game's super specific bullshit gimmick engine that makes strategic gameplay irrelevant

>> No.6351037


>> No.6351059

I don't want to be that guy, but SFV has horribly sexualized female fighters (like a lot of modern figthing games) and very disgustingly done too. Others characters like Abigail hace completely retarded designs that makes you wonder what happened to the once amazing art department of Capcom.

>> No.6351073

>that makes you wonder what happened to the once amazing art department of Capcom
It's flat out not the same people anymore. The people who worked on the 90s stuff were all gone by the early 2000s.

>> No.6351080 [DELETED] 

>Ron shuffled his feet uncomfortably as he stared at them, hands tangled in a worried knot
>"What the fuck you doin' Weasley?! You better not be looking away from them!",yelled Malfoy as he stroked his rock hard member as it protruded proudly from his wizarding robes.
>Ron glanced up sheepishly to see Harry vigorously pounding Hermione from behind on the Gryffindor commons table.
>Harry looked over his shoulder at his friend with a slight grin on his face.
>"C'mon Ron", Harry grunted in between his rapid thrusts, "no need to be coy. Take it all in."
>As he plowed deeper and deeper into Hermione's beet red pussy he looked over at Dumbledore, himself deeply entranced in the act taking place before him.
>"I much prefer this Chamber of Secrets to the other, professor!" Harry exclaimed.
>"FOCUS BOY!" Hissed Professor Snape, rubbing the tip of his precum glazed penis with his thumb.
>"You're just like your father. He could never take a proper inter-house fuck train seriously either."
>The look on Dumbledore's face lightened somewhat as Harry's thrusts became quicker.
>"You getting your vinegars, young mister Potter?" Dumbledore asked in his usual, calm tone
>Harry didn't have time to respond before he began to ejaculate wildly deep inside of Hermione's slick cunt.
>Falling over her back, he licked the sweat from her skin and gazed up at the clock.
>"Twenty-one minutes... looks like a new house record." Harry muttered out in gasping breaths.
>Snape's dick began to go limp.
>Dumbledore, slapping Harry on the back, exclaimed, "50 points for Gryffindor."
>Ronald looked back down at his feet, tears welling in his eyes.
>Malfoy looked over at Dumbledore and yelled, "He cheated! There must have been a spell or some such!"
>Tucking his willy back into his robe he stormed passed Snape and over to the common room door.
>"My father will hear of this", Malfoy whispered as he stormed out of the room.

>> No.6351105
File: 411 KB, 1280x720, 1545543078211.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>horribly sexualized

Yes it is awful

>> No.6351407

>A bunch of people who never took the time to appreciate fighting games at more than a surface level comment on fighting games,
Old fighting games are filled with absolutely degenerate and unfun shit, but you never knew it because you played them as kids in an age where databases of meta information weren't a click away. I would bet good money the vast majority of you would be completely unable to deal with fireball traps or claw vortex in ST while signing its praises as a fair fundies oriented game.

>> No.6351469

I doubt most people here would even care to play at a remotely competitive level.

For the few here that probably do play competively to a degree, I go to events like Frosty's Faustings and Combo Breaker, I think they're aware that all these older games are bullshit to a degree. In a game like ST everything is bullshit, and it sort of evens out in a way.

>> No.6352319

It's not hard, just takes dedication

>> No.6353258

In old fighting games the basic shit actually does damage, so they still feel good to play even if you're a novice.

>> No.6353278

That's actually a really good distillation of the two games. KoF I usually do random or pick arbitrary teams, like just characters wearing vests or something. In Street Fighter I'll play around a little but usually just stick to Sagat or Dan

>> No.6353281

I wish I could play MK2 again and have it feel the way it did as a teenager.

>> No.6353304

I don't like SF2. I was just playing it. Way too much bullshit.

>> No.6353731

What did you think was bullshit? Who were you playing with?

>> No.6353736

As a person who barely knows fighting games, the best pick up and play old school style fighter is Garou.

>> No.6353751

Competetive players should be gassed. You people have killed several genres by now. Fighting games, shmups, RTS games, even FPS games. You are the worst by a long fucking shot.

>> No.6353773


>> No.6353775

Video games is a competitive medium. Stick to watching TV if you don't want to be challenged.

>> No.6353871

I dislike every character having literally hundreds of combos. I prefer the simplicity of the older titles.

>> No.6353876

Challenge is one thing, competition is another. neither Castlevania nor Sekiro are competitions.

>> No.6353946

Not him and I can understand not liking competitive games, but getting mad about them like this >>6353751 is kind of pathetic.

>> No.6354132


>makes you wonder what happened to the once amazing art department of Capcom.

Boner culture.

>> No.6354846
File: 186 KB, 680x564, capcoomer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6354897

Based, great game

>> No.6355153

Just Defend is even more kuso then parries.

>> No.6355173

Debatable, but agreeable

>> No.6355185
File: 1.01 MB, 2452x1910, coomerforcedmeme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck off with this artificial forced meme bullshit.

>> No.6355208

Based is kind of an odd term for it but Garou MotW is a great beginner's game for sure.

>> No.6355260

How did competitive players ruin shmups?

>> No.6355380

Wait, I don't get it. Why doesn't Ken just block? During the first few hits it looked like he was trying to DP him, but was just mistiming it. I don't know a whole lot about Super Turbo, is there something I'm missing?

>> No.6355410

That move is a 50/50, what way he has to block is unknown to the Ken player. Basically Vega's Flying Barcelona Attack forces the opponent to guess correctly, if they guess correctly and block the right way the Vega will eat a massive punish, but if incorrectly blocked the Vega gets basically a free hit. That guy just happened to be incredibly unlucky and the Vega was able to keep spamming the move as he kept risking that the Ken would guess wrong.

>> No.6355503 [DELETED] 

This is because fighting games are proxy violence for blacks. The nerdy black kids still want to be gangsters so they use street fighter in place of brawling and the NBA. And that's dragged everyone down with them so now you have this dirty brown sludge of a community where everyone remotely civilized has left.

Which makes it all the funnier when casual Asians wipe the floor with them because they aren't acting like playing beat 'em ups is gang warfare.

>> No.6355534
File: 1.07 MB, 1280x1024, 1476164241463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus, there are so many stigmas being spouted by people who have clearly never sunk more than ten hours into a modern fighting game. Even then there are still fighters closer to oldschool games, like SamSho and arguably Granblue. It always surprises me when people complain about excessive mechanics when I legitimately get excited realizing there's a ton of different offensive and defensive options to utilize and master, or multiple combos with different routes and enders.

All this complaining really just shows how many people never played beyond arcade or a few friends. You can go through solid tutorials pretty fast and then study up on a single BnB or two. Tekken has 100 moves, but you can mash while focusing on fundamentals at a low level, or look at a top 10 list. Fighting games are easier than ever to get into, despite the additional layers to digest.

>> No.6355561

Except DLC makes it more important not to balance characters. Sell a few broken characters, maybe nerf them a bit but make them good enough for esports play and people will buy them because of it. People seeing DLC characters fighting on stream are more likely to buy those characters than if they only appear once or twice a day. DLC makes imbalance more profitable as long as you don't push them completely over the edge.

>Why do modern fighters suck
Too much focus on masturbation and not enough on core gameplay. SF2 works because it has very limited combos and movement. You're not having to dash all over the place like in tekken or learn 20 input combos. You can immediately understand what you're seeing and why X works and Y doesn't. Modern games are so much adding "depth" that the core gameplay disappears entirely. SF3 and Marvel killed the genre. SF4 rerolled back to SF2 and tried again but the damage was already done. Devs have lost sight of what matters while fanboys think 1 hit and then comboing to death is "fun" i.e. marvel vs capcom style. Players don't like watching their opponent jerk off for 10 seconds because they got jabbed. Combos over 5 hits unless some of them are a multi hit single move like a dragon punch aren't fun to be hit by and make the game more about who can be king autist rather than who can outplay the other.

>> No.6355596

Why is your life so empty that you live to have pointless competitive matches against utter strangers? And don't say it's like sports because it's not, sports matters to the local people. Your hobby doesn't matter outside of your own bedroom.

>> No.6355656

Because competition is fun, are you retarded? Playing video games is pointless in itself, what makes fighting games any different?

>> No.6355675

The max for a combo should be one of every attack button into command normal, into special, into super. So for most games that would be around 7. Adding air juggles if it's an anime fighter.

>> No.6355696

And why would someone sink ten hours into a game they didn't enjoy? Ten hours is a solid game length for most games, not the starting point to have fun. People who like SF2 aren't suddenly going to like Tekken 7s shuffling and joystick waggling because they played ten hours of it.

Are you? If you enjoyed being competitive you would pick something competitive to compete in. Fighting games are the biggest loser competitions. They're not taken seriously because they're for chumps sitting in their mothers basement or Capcom marketeers propping up losers living in the ghetto on their mothers sofa. Even shit like star craft and CS go are a joke and they have real backing.

That sounds terribly repetitive and the same bad memory games needed. Let's say jump kick, low kick into a punch then a fireball should be the base line. That's a reasonable combo for a beginner to learn and something you can play around with for different situations. Dial a combo is awful and combos need to be more organic based, preferably discovered by players not tutorialized. The reason sf4 did so well is it pulled combos back closer to sf2 than the shit ts had.

>> No.6355737

>preferably discovered by players not tutorialized
You do realize that all combos -are- player discovered right? Tutorial combos are almost entirely discarded within days.

Rev2's gatling system would be the definition of organic given how many different buttons you can confirm off of, and Tekken's not a bad example either given so many moves interconnect with each other. Being able to act off of all your tools is hardly repetitive.

And how the fuck is LINKING supposed to feel organic, when it could be argued you're needlessly turning combos into rhythm games?

>> No.6355747

Combos haven't been player discovered for a long time now. They're built right into the design documents for each character. They don't add everyone of them to the move list because they're already too large but they're sure as fuck planned out. Other wise you couldn't balance characters in games focused on combos for damage.

>> No.6356026

It depends on the game. Injustice had a pretty fluid combo system and even though there were ones it lists in the character bios, once you're familiar it was pretty easy to figure out your own. I used mostly custom Wonder Woman combos in that game that I never saw anyone else do.

>> No.6356202

because polygons dont animate well, and dojin fighters are rubbish. thats why

>> No.6356354

>Polygons don’t animate well
Guilty Gear and FighterZ disagree.

>> No.6356421

You bring up a good point. ArcSys stumbled a upon a really good visual aesthetic by combining cel-shaded characters and limited animation frames to give off the appearance of either 2D sprites (in GG's case) or actual 2d animation (in the case of FighterZ

>> No.6356428

> polygons dont animate well
What? Are you retarded?

>> No.6356463

>They're not taken seriously because they're for chumps sitting in their mothers
Good thing I'm on 4chan, full of people on their mother's basement.

>> No.6356610

>Except DLC makes it more important not to balance characters. Sell a few broken characters, maybe nerf them a bit but make them good enough for esports play and people will buy them because of it. People seeing DLC characters fighting on stream are more likely to buy those characters than if they only appear once or twice a day. DLC makes imbalance more profitable as long as you don't push them completely over the edge.
Do you work for Namco? Sounds like a good way to piss off your player base.
>Combos haven't been player discovered for a long time now. They're built right into the design documents for each character.
If games worked like design documents, beta tests wouldn't be a thing. Forget players finding new techs months after the game release, sometimes it's straight up busted from day one.

>> No.6357362

More like 99 doesn't have useful strikers and play more like a butchered 98.

>> No.6357435

>call you a faggot in Spanish
Brazilians speak a version of Protuguese.

>> No.6357542

Mechanic inflation, the more spectacle-focused fighting games (Melty Blood, Guilty Gear, etc) rely far too much on dexterity and the overly-busy animations make them very mentally draining to play. Just thinking about them crushes my will to stay awake.

I have a job, and responsibilities. I'm not spending my free time learning frame data.

>> No.6357751

>rely far too much on dexterity

What the fuck does that mean? Lol

>> No.6357770

That's he's bad and lazy, but wants to make excuses instead of improving.

>> No.6357793

Must be the first time I've heard someone call GG's 3 frames animation "overly-busy". Because your brain can't process fast fighting games doesn't mean they're "spectacle-focused".

>> No.6357823

I'm a carpenter by trade, my hands are wrecked from 20 years of power tool usage. Modern fighting games test your dexterity more than they test your knowledge of the game.

>> No.6357829

>It always surprises me when people complain about excessive mechanics when I legitimately get excited realizing there's a ton of different offensive and defensive options to utilize and master, or multiple combos with different routes and enders
I'm very much a casual when it comes to fighting games, but like any genre I belive there does reach a point where there can be so much going on with a game that it becomes becomes far harder to want to penetrate than I think is reasonable for a lot. Like BlazBlue which doubled down on the mechanical complexity it's predecessor was known for by the time you get to Central Fiction. There are a plethora of system mechanics to manage and internalize and that's before you touch your characters which are generally very specific in playstyle and unique mechanics with individual meters and resources to manage. It's not impossible but it's very cumbersome

Even titles that don't have nearly as much going on like Killer Instinct 2013 can add wrinkles that run very deep. Combo Breakers are great because they allow for strong defensive reactions to pressure, but there's a lot to learn regarding when to break, what strength to break with, and what each character's moveset is so you can recognize the former two situations. On top of the opponent being able to counter-break if they make a good read using the same information

I know this is purely subjective, and I love GG and KI a lot specifically because of strong character specific mechanics and good base systems. But it also took me years to actually understand those games and in the case of GG, since I started on the PS2 I never even understood there were things like Guts ratings until the wii version of Accent core rolled around so on top of fighting games potentially scaring off players with the amount of mechanics. Some aren't good at signalling what is happening behind the hood. Although that's less an issue with the rise of in-game glossaries and better tutorials.

>> No.6357834

Try SamSho, knowing frame data there is mostly irrelevant. As long as you understand the system mechanics using your tools smartly will get you wins. Combos are near nonexistent, and the few that do exist are very easy.

>> No.6358045

I stopped playing in around december, but iirc there were a couple American flags on there and mexico/colombia spic connections were usually ok.

>> No.6358047

a2 is garbage lmao, broken ass kusoge where you mash walkup valle cc and alpha counters all day, fuck that trash idiot game

>> No.6358054

>More like 99 doesn't have useful strikers


>> No.6358253

still better than a3

>> No.6358284


>> No.6358337


>> No.6358353 [DELETED] 

retarded shitfuck mod abusing his power and protecting his shit spam thread

>> No.6358360

Such a shame that sexualization is wasted on those designs with awful proportions.

>> No.6358993

These people are exactly why FGC is the ghetto of the gaming world.

>> No.6359315 [DELETED] 

The elephant in the room with fighting games and shmups is that they're all poorly made shovelware with a few standouts
Fighting games especially are incredibly broken barely functional pieces of shit
The whole le epic footsies nootral is just nonsense

>> No.6359746

Note how comfy the atmosphere of SF2 and Mortal Kombat 1 are. SF2 and the later games in general have more character variety than most TV shows. That's what fun looks like. Every other fighting game except maybe Samurai Showdown, feels like it is missing something big.

>> No.6359769

why the fuck is 4chan so fucking bad at fighting games?

>> No.6359942

Also true for FPS players.

>> No.6359946

>I can't put in the hours to compete online
The actual sad thing is you already put in more hours than what's required to compete against AI anyways.

>> No.6359957

>I hate that games get rebalanced based on the whims of streamers and tournament players. Fuck esport faggots.
You think casual bitches don't storm forums with "NERF THIS SHIT BLIZZARD/RIOT/CAPCOM" you're deluding yourself.

>> No.6360040

Because you unironically have people like >>6359315

>> No.6360063

2D fighters are always better with 2D graphics because the limited plane and snappy animations make much more sense when traditionally animated and the presentation style of fighting games makes them the absolute best place to show off beautiful 2D visuals.
modern 2D fighting games with 3D graphics completely miss the mark. the benefits of 3D graphics are completely incompatible with this specific style of presentation.
so the newer street fighters look like hot vomit, and they still play like street fighter minus some fuckery so why bother playing the newer one? same with the other franchises, even the ones that use pseudo 2D cel-shading. it can look pretty good, but even at its best it's knockoff 2D graphics in a game that has no reason not to be 2D anyway so again - why bother playing the newer one? it's the same fucking game every few years anyway. why the fuck would I ever play a KOF with worse graphics, identical gameplay and less characters than KO98? that'd be fucking stupid.

>> No.6360192

I used to really enjoy fighting games in the 90s but nowadays I feel there are simply too many special moves and gimmick gameplay elements

>> No.6360579

2002 was pretty important too. And the best one imo.

>> No.6360625

Yep, I've encountered this before. As soon as someone knowledgeable like me starts to understand how heavily flawed fighting games are the fans throw a tantrum

>> No.6360651

I think the last "new" fighter to really hook me was Soul Calibur 4, and it was inferior to SC2. Old fighters just stand the test of time so much better, I'm always down for some Super Turbo.

>> No.6360659
File: 263 KB, 1280x720, wakuwaku7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is Waku Waku 7 any good?
I'm gonna pick it up, never played Garou but it looks fun.

>> No.6360863

SCVI is the best in the series though

>> No.6360871

find an english word for okizeme that accurately sums up the entire concept in a single easy to use word.

>> No.6360872

Please, explain to me tbe flaws of an individual game.

>> No.6360875

I can't wait to see the autistic drivel that's going to follow about how it doesn't carry the nuance of glorious nihongo

>> No.6360881

Reversal Edge kills it for me. The series peaked with 2 imo.

>> No.6360882

"mind games" is probably the closest english translation, but yomi is literally four letters so it's much easier to use. even then, mind games doesn't fully sum it up. it includes conditioning, intelligent use of 50/50s, and other concepts that are lost by simply referring to them as "mind games".

>> No.6360884

>reversal edge
Literally a non issue at high levels of play, thanks for again outing yourself as a scrub

>> No.6361457

Hell fucking yeah my dude. Arina is also a total hottie.

>> No.6361621
File: 597 KB, 576x768, 1488183128816.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New fighting games are too much of a fast paced twitch gaming mess. I miss how simple, goofy and charming SF2 was. I miss that old 80's/90's geniuneness. Look at SF4/5 how it tries to be more epic and hardcore. But this is /vr/, im pretty sure im preaching to the choir on this.

>> No.6361629
File: 109 KB, 854x480, snapshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fighters are best enjoyed fighting the cpu to unlock artwork. The 50 level mission mode in GGXX was the balls, I pity the faggots who think theyve gained something by gitting good at videogames, hahaha

Silly stories modes like the highschool sim in Rival Schools or the roguelite in Tobal 2, Ehrgeiz are also grate. Imagine caring about videogame tourneyfaggotry LMAO

>> No.6361634
File: 4 KB, 256x250, I_am_a_Perfect_Soldier.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ends your 1cc

>> No.6361648

We get it, you're too lazy to learn a game.

>> No.6361657

>fighting the cpu is too easy
>no wait, fighting the cpu is too hard now, change it back
Fags, the whole lot of you.

>> No.6361669

I'm a retired tourneybabby and it wasn't worth it, my discord tried to dox me and the chinatown arcade I used to frequent closed down. I'd rather play games with tool assist to kick back and relax now and explore cool features.
Check out what you could do:

>> No.6361681

>kof 2k2 Magic Plus
>every single team: rugal, choi, k9999 fullscreen hsdm spam
Looking back that was fucking demented but so much fun.

>> No.6361689

To elaborate choi has an hsdm that can randomly crossup/break through defense. In Magic Plus hack you have free unlimited access to infinite hsdms at any time.

>> No.6361692

>im totally a retired tourney veteran
>i just have no proof and think fighting the AI is great

>> No.6361702

Okay I lied I never been at tourney level I just messed around with my local community and it wasn't for very long, more like only 2 years. I decided it wasn't for me and moved on, still enjoy casual matches with twitch streamers though, they are really chill and friendly.
I'm mostly just messing with you, no harm intended.

>> No.6361724

My Tool Assisted journey looked like this:
>trying follow tutorial on xmen vs sf and failing miserably
>set game speed to 50% and spam savestates
>suddenly can do infinite combos with ease
>can master any character even zangief/sabertooth while playing on keyboard
>shit, this is more fun than playing people online on fightcade
And the rest is history.

>> No.6361726

If you said this instead of being retarded no one would care. No one cares if you're not into it personally, it's being a faggot and thinking you're above people who play.

>> No.6361742

Nah you know how 4chan works, we need to create imaginary division and become autistic enemies.

>> No.6362632

op btfo
fighting boomers btfo

>> No.6362636

>Fighters are for retards
This is what retards say to cope for their lack of skill.

>> No.6362638

Do you really trust the minds that came up with "footsies" to produce sensible fighting game terminology?

>> No.6362642

Do you think features like that should be built into training modes? Might help people pick up fighting game mechanics easier.

>> No.6362648
File: 92 KB, 1243x350, Evolution of Terry's sprite - Kappa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>SNKfags think those games haven't aged poorly
The graphics and sfx of SNK fighting games were obsolete oftentimes virtually the year of release. There was only one point in history where that definitively wasn't the case, and it falls squarely in the era you're calling shit.

>> No.6362656

Dead Or Alive 3 & 4 were also excellent.
There was also Def Jam Fight for New York.

>> No.6362662

They made most of their games on 1989 hardware, nigger. Even when they moved to Dreamcast era hardware they kept the same style.

>> No.6362665

I prefer Darkstalkers 2 over DS3.

>> No.6362670

Is this supposed to be an excuse?

>> No.6362681

Naruto Ultimate Ninja games
Dragonball Z Budokai
Godzilla Save the Earth

>> No.6362697

I guess not since AoF3 had better graphics than SF3 on a drastically old system.

>> No.6362705

>Best GG games by consensus
>Best VS game by consensus
>Best MK game by consensus
+ MK9

>> No.6362712
File: 669 KB, 288x158, alex hugo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6362727
File: 24 KB, 130x147, robert-aof3-walk.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They should have kept the poverty fighter strategy instead of trying to branch out into risky 3D and portable markets.

>> No.6362734
File: 27 KB, 304x224, unnamed.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6362749

SNK didn't have any money because they kept releasing the same game every single year back to back with less features and characters plus the need to rehash old assets just to make the deadline.

If they gave their games proper dev cycles of years, then the product would have come out better in both presentation and probably gameplay.

>> No.6362753

Ah yes as opposed to Crapcom releasing well play tested games such as Mahvel vs Capcom 2 and a couple dozens revisions of Street Fighter and Vampire Savior.
Still images make AoF3 no justice though, you gotta see them in motion though and it's clear cut that Capcom are talent-less hacks pushing faulty unnecessary hardware revision as a form of piracy protection.

>> No.6362792

The difference is that Capcom didn't title their revisions like brand new games, and generally added more than they took away with each revision. They also took the time between brand new games to substantially increase the quality of both the presentation and the gameplay, definitively. These are things SNK couldn't be counted on for.
Both companies however usually reset the amount of content between games.

>> No.6362802
File: 6 KB, 211x239, 1519423987118.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The brainlet's guide to 3rd Strike right here.

>> No.6362804
File: 36 KB, 340x206, Vampire_Savior_2_The_Lord_of_Vampire_logo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's that?
The sole change to this version of the game was the manner that dark force functions.

>> No.6362814

It's not like they released Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter with exactly 1 (one) character replacement from XmenvsSF

>> No.6362817

DS3 is kind of crap, yes. I am curious though whether you have more examples or if this is the single exception you could find on the Capcom side.

>> No.6362831

Yeah anon they actually adopted the SNK strat of releasing "story sagas" with jojo venture going into jojo bizarre adventure. And then they made a digital comic with the PSX Jojo bizarre adventure port kinda like SNK was doing with their VNs. Heck they still do it with BlazBlue Calamity Trigger.

Fighting games were being treated kinda like Anime episodes in the 90s that way they kept both operators, casuals and tourneytards happy.

>> No.6362834

I mean BlazBlue X Blade Code.

>> No.6362836

It was actually worse than that on the roster front, but like I said, for things that weren't called revisions, content was typically a stumbling block for Capcom.

>> No.6362853

>SF3 and Marvel killed the genre.
No they didn't.

>> No.6362857

For some reason none of them owned or played any as kids.
I find it odd since I've been around fighting games since I was maybe 4 years old myself. And these people somehow never played a single one until their 20s, if ever.

>> No.6362876
File: 866 KB, 934x1400, VampireDCIkeno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wrong, there are several changes.
>Sasquatch, Gallon, and Aulbath were removed and replaced with Pyron, Phobos, and Donovan
>Oboro Bishamon is playable
>Pushblock is different, MUCH harder to use making pressure more difficult to deal with
>removal of the jump attack chain system outside of dark force and the switch to a jump attack links system for air combo system
>ground dash links are almost entirely gone, only a few are now exclusive to Bulleta
>throw are not jump escape, throw loops are incredibly difficult to escape from
>many balance changes, most notable is Zabel's unblockable was removed
Overall Vsav2 is just the inferior experience, while some low tiers had nice buffs they're actually even worse off now thanks to how difficult pushblock became, making pressure even stronger then before. To add to this throw loops broken beyond belief, characters like Bishamon and Felicia rule the game with their ability to tick throw repeatedly and safely.

>> No.6362893

>GG..., TvC, CVS2, and MK9
Godly taste. I was never really a fan of MVC3 myself, but I don't big ass combo tag fighters like that are really for me.

>> No.6362937

Except MvC2 was and still is massively popular so the positives outweighed how unbalanced the game was

>> No.6362941

Man I wish TvC wasn't basically a flop because that game was real lightning in the bottle. But then, how do you expect your game to not flop when you release a fighter on the Wii of all things?

>> No.6362945

MvC3 has problems no doubt, but they're problems you can work though. And honestly, it's more balanced than 2 was because as much as people talk about Doom/Morrigan or Zero May Cry, there's way more teams that work on a competitive level in that game than in 2.

Helps that the game is fucking beautiful thanks to the cel-shaded comic artstyle.

>> No.6362948

I fucking love SamSho. Even the new one.

>> No.6362964

Man people shit on SFIV now, and I get why because that game had serious problems and not just that it was too defensive, but they need to understand how badly we needed fresh blood in 2D fighters when it came out. There's a reason everyone jumped ship from Third Strike when it came out. Third Strike was awesome but people didn't want to play it FOREVER.

>> No.6363037

Savior 2 and Hunter 2 were basically just an excuse to sell off excess stock of CPS2 boards.

>> No.6363180
File: 159 KB, 1024x606, 1587178900541m (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kodansha vs Capcom would be the dream

>> No.6363191

Nice filters, fagboat.

>> No.6363747

still looks like sterile shit

as if you know what you are talking about you pretentious faggot

>> No.6363753

This will blow your mind but third strike was downright hated until the evo moment 37 meme hit.

>> No.6363790

I think modern fighters are fun but I'm just a broke bitch and don't have the cash to buy new consoles or upgrade my PC ; ( someday though

>> No.6363801

thats not true. 3s had a slow start. yes pepple hated at first. but it was the dreamcast version when 3s gained momentum. and with the ps2 version it gained popularity. the stupid evo moment was when filthy casuals like you took notice.

>> No.6363806

>buy new consoles
You might be in for a major disappointment. These arent consoles anymore. More like bastard PC hybrids

>> No.6364434

God I want to obliterate Arina's tight pussy and leave her breathing and broken

>> No.6364441

Normally I wouldn't care but seeing Devilman characters next to Zatch Bell ones in a fighting game by Capcom would be fucking great.

>> No.6364462
File: 395 KB, 1680x1050, youngsinglegirl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw entire life just a button mashing faggot at fighting games
>decide 2 or so months ago I want to actually learn
>play world warrior sf 2 just because I like how broken it is
>actually learn how to play
>actually learn how to anti air and poke and tick throw
>tfw go from prey to decent player who can atleast win some matchs online against other players
>tfw having fun

have I been missing out my whole life? I even managed to 1CC the game as Chun Li like 3 times so far

>> No.6364484
File: 40 KB, 96x103, kasumi-crh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love Art of Fighting 3

>> No.6364623

It wasn't a flop.

>> No.6364693

>have I been missing out my whole life?

Yeah. Fighting games are awesome when you actually play them. Glad you discovered it.

>> No.6364707

>Fighting games are awesome
And you know whats even better? There are enough 90s fighting games to last a life time. Lots of stuff that people usually overlook like Breakers is relatively deep and fun.

>> No.6364737
File: 2.74 MB, 520x377, tumblr_p1stv92SnV1qb5qxmo1_540.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I play them from all eras but yes, if you only wanted to play them from the 90's there's certainly tons to spend time on. I could probably happily just play '98 forever.

>> No.6366379

All these complaints sound like they could be fixed by one thing
git gud

>> No.6366620
File: 170 KB, 332x318, kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6366628

Now don't autofellate

>> No.6366631

Sony cucked the PS2 release so bad capcom gave preference to the Xbox. They wanted to include all anthology releases including alpha, super turbo with it because they thought 2D was dead. It barely came out.

>> No.6367136

Did the same thing last summer with 3rd Strike, play regularly on fightcade now. Better late than never.

>> No.6367468

i played the xbox version online for years, fun times

>> No.6367534

upboated XD

>> No.6367580

haha epic pwnage /b/ro!

>> No.6367617

vr ones are going to auto-filter you since the only people who play online are old fighting people who’ve played it since release.
Granblue is the big nu one everyone’s playing right now that has a sizeable beginner contingent.

>> No.6367642

I'd pay to see those "new games are too complicated, old games were simpler!" posters play AoF3. This game still plays like nothing else nowadays.

>> No.6369017

>vr ones are going to auto-filter you since the only people who play online are old fighting people who’ve played it since release.
Love this meme. If you go into fightcade lobbies like 3S or Jojos most people have barely any idea what they're doing.

>> No.6369075
File: 110 KB, 500x710, street-fighter-III-strike-fight-four-the-future-cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it will always be the apex of the series and genre in my book, the only flaw is that a lot of the characters really suck ass but it has the best overall mechanics imo

>> No.6369087

SNK art is god-tier but this is just not true

>> No.6369365

AOF3 feels unfinished to me. Like they ran out of time and never polished the game.

>> No.6369484
File: 145 KB, 550x395, killer_instinct_snes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6369486
File: 60 KB, 648x409, super-street-fighter-2-turbo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't decide between pic and >>6369484

>> No.6370040

>Sailor Moon in a fighting game
This is going to open the eyes of half the people in this thread

>> No.6370059

blame David Sirlin for this. Guy kept bragging in game design classes he made a card game with the same name and said it meant "reading the mind of the opponent" which became a meme way back when. He unfortunately had a big presence in early FGC (and maybe now. Don't keep up with their shenanigans due to waning interest in the genre) due to being one of the few who could talk about fighting games back in the day without sounding like a sperg.

>> No.6370082
File: 24 KB, 384x224, unnamed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My favorite isn't /vr/ related but my favorite /vr/ one is Pocket Fighters. Call me a pleb but I loved the self referential combos, the cross over cast, fighters getting burned/electrocuted/flattened, the stages, and the overall "fun" atmosphere of it. The Console version had an RPG mode that I enjoyed when I was younger too, and it's one of the only FGs where I bothered to do the survival mode because the further you progressed the more of the gigantic stage you'd get to see.

Waku Waku 7 is pretty close up there as well but I didn't play it as much as PF.

>> No.6370093

Sirlin is a total meme in the fgc. Honestly most instances I see people saying yomi are ironically to mock him.
Pocket Fighter is a solid game, nothing wrong with liking it. I genuinely think it's the perfect game to introduce people to the genre, I've played it with both casuals and hardcore fighting game players and always have had a a blast with whoever since it's just such a simple, silly game. I really think Capcom was on to something with the three button scheme and it would have been nice to see it continued in some way, it's simple enough to introduce people easily to the idea of fighting games but not dumbed down to the point where strategy is removed.

>> No.6370140

In fairness wasn't that basically what arcade cabinets always were, hyper-specialized PCs?

>> No.6370590

You might prefer how the art styles look in the 2D games compared to, say, Street Fighter V. Alternatively, you may prefer the game style of fewer hits ending a round -- fighting games as a whole have increasingly moved in the direction of several lengthy combos per round.

>> No.6370642

>people saying yomi ironically
This, like if you do a simple mixup my friends would say "oh dude the YOMI" as a joke

>> No.6370669

i just want to say i hate street fighter alpha 3

>> No.6370682

Not him and I can see that, but I just learned it as a normal term which fighting games are full of. Never thought one way or the other about it till this discussion.

>> No.6371408
File: 2.82 MB, 700x394, SFA3 Karin V-ism combo.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6371724

Speaking of art styles, it's kinda painful how boring the presentation is in SFV

>> No.6372713

because on fightcade, not even regulars properly know that game, you would expect all the regulars to pull some awesome shit at you but nope all they do is nothing, probably because of the game, i know its a shit complain but that game has weird stage to character size ratio, like one can run all they want and characters like sagat have so shit jump arc that you can easily get zoned out and thats the real problem, go try to play on fightcade, all those players would literally do nothing but bore you to death, would keep running and fire ball you which will neither hurt you nor will let you get close, and thats literally it, they all do, i mean how do you even play these games when you dont even want to do fight, they keep running running and running frustrating you to death and force you to make mistakes and you will lose, and amazingly you can easily win by doing the same thing, but its fucking boring,

that game is weird, encourages you to some really shit moves and play retardedly,
but those complains probably only apply to fightcade, but still it baffles me, because even on fightcade if you play some obscure game, you will find some really good player that will show you actual skill ceilings of that game,
i have seen breakers revenge, kizuna encounter and fatal fury special, and was always amazed at them like, wow doods how did you even learned that stuff, amazing,
but in alpha 3 fuck them they just keep running
literally all rounds last like 90 seconds fuck it,
i actually learned sagat vism combo before going online but i was really disappointed, i only once played a good player but he never comes now, and instead i find him in 3s room but in 3s hes kinda average, oh well.
in almost all classic fighting games you will kind of automatically get good if you play enough but not this game nope

>> No.6374979


>> No.6374986

Street Fighter 1 only has Ryu & Ken as playable characters

are fuckin retarded? All the new characters are new additions.

SF3 on the other hand, REPLACED the roster with entirely new characters. In fact, the devs originally didn't even want to include Ryu or Ken, but decided against it.

And if you actually saw an original cab for SF3 you would realize that was their intent. The cab simply had a roman 3, and the words:


Many couldn't even tell it was a Street Fighter game until they say Ryu and Ken in-game.

>> No.6374996

>ps2 version

>evo moment

>> No.6375001

I've seen insane sets on youtube, though usually they're from Koreans, Japanese, or Brazilian players.

>> No.6375005

>Must be the first time I've heard someone call GG's 3 frames animation "overly-busy"
He might mean all those visual effects going on. It does make the game busy. Btw, oh man, I'd hate to get hit by a 3f overhead.

>> No.6375013

At least fireballs and AAs work in A2 and I won't lose 30% from unblockable vc or guard crush vc.

>> No.6375017

No reason to call people scrubs when they just don't like a mechanic.

>> No.6375021

Samsho3, MotW, Last Blade 1 definitely looked better than most games during the year of their release. And CvS Terry shouldn't be included in the graph.

>> No.6375025

MvC2 has more gameplan variety than 3 though. UMvC3's meta mostly revolved around being offensive, Morridoom being the exception. I'd take a game with less character diversity than one with less gameplay diversity.

>> No.6375037

>>ps2 version

>> No.6375048

>that game is weird, encourages you to some really shit moves and play retardedly,
Exactly. A3 just feels so weird to play, it's so kuso.

>> No.6375101

Ralf Jones from KOF comes to mind as a simple fighter in a modern fighting game.