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What should /vr/ do about the JRPG Question?

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nuttin' haha

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progressionshit (jrpg, wrpg, tactics rpg, mmo, gachashit, etc) should get its own containment board

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Yeah i fucking hate jrpgs so i obsess over them and shitpost in the threads and make new threads complaining about jrpgs. Discuss something i like? No, I'd rather discuss jrpgs.
Well, i guess i COULD make another bait thread about mario 64 being bad, or a another sega vs nintendo console war thread so i can roleplay about an event i wasnt even alive for...

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Literally nothing.

There is no question.

There is no answer.

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ban shmup talk

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Make threads about things you like. Don't go in threads about things you don't like. This is an 18+ forum, at least act like you're out of grade school.

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Make threads about what you want to talk about. But we all know that you can't talk about anything without shitposting and seething about jrpg's, and would rather pretend to play shmups.

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I am a sick man... I am a spiteful man. I am an unpleasant man. I think my liver is diseased. However, I don't know anything about my disease, and I am not sure what is bothering me.

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we have a containment thread for non-retro tranmaku and yet here you are

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Disregard them, basically hardly post on this pleb shithole and go about your day, that's what I do. Even if it had more threads for actual games this place is non-player city so not like it'd matter

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>at least act like you're out of grade school.

I mean, to OP's credit, they're referencing something that infers some sort of solution to a larger problem, even if it does sound like some extremist moron who is pretending that using the "'x' question" format isn't automatically triggering anyone who recognizes it as an automatic reference to some Nazi propaganda...

But maybe they don't realize that.

Maybe they actually are so ignorant that they never learned about the "Jewish question" or the "final solution" that other people might have learned about, and they honestly don't understand that when they say "The JRPG Question" they're referring to the extermination of all JRPGs, which only further triggers the memory of a literal nuclear holocaust in both Nagasaki and Hiroshima, which are Japanese towns that mostly had innocent people living in them.

I mean, not every grade school teaches the same thing, so it's sort of unfair to make fun of them.

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Imagine manually hiding all the other threads so you can take a screenshots.
That's how /vg/ kids spend their time.

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this is what happens when you zoomers shit on JRPG's in every thread

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/shmupg/ wasn't about games either, it was mostly shitposting about randos and complaining about collectors.

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Burn the weebs. Save the world.

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>implying westcucks are any better

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These are commies desperately trying to manufacture a consensus on a board that isn't /v/ or /b/. Just point them out and move on.

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>JRPG Question" they're referring to the extermination of all JRPGs
there was no extermination plan ever documented or proven to exist, there was a madagascar plan however, but then war broke out and they were put into labour camps and died of natural cause due to ally bombings of supply chains, starvation and typhus, sadly 230k died because of the americans

> which only further triggers the memory of a literal nuclear holocaust in both Nagasaki and Hiroshima,
yes the allies and commies were the bad guys, but they won so re-wrote history, what else is new?

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t. westcuck

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>I mean, to OP's credit, they're referencing something that infers some sort of solution to a larger problem,

There is no problem, that's the point. People can talk about what they like. Trying to police what threads get made on 4chan will always be futile. If you someone doesn't like it here they don't have to stay.

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>and commies were the bad guys
Yes, that has been a historical constant.

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>no argument
>(((south park))) gif
Why even post?

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Does someone have the discord screenshots of the shmuptrannies? Those were funny.

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You can't contain the lazy eggs.

There are more of them than are of you, after all.

I have no idea what you have against JRPGs, though.

I don't even know what that means. RPG stands for either "Role-Playing-Game" or "Rocket-Propelled-Grenade."

Whether either of those things comes from Japan should probably be the least of your worries, though, lol.

t. gudetama

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>I have no idea what you have against JRPGs, though.
It's strange, but these /vg/ kids seem to be particularly obessed with RPGs from Japan. They never complain about western ones (even though western ones are even less action-based. At least some japanese RPGs are action, and some even have semi-shmup mechanics, such as dodging bullets/projectiles, Zelda or Ys come to mind)

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>manually hiding all the other threads

That's not possible. I mean, you'd notice the unusually long periods of time between posts if they tried to do that, wouldn't you?

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>>I have no idea what you have against JRPGs, though
rpgs bullied and overshadowed the shmup genre in the 90s and he has never forgiven them!

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>rpgs bullied and overshadowed the shmup genre in the 90s and he has never forgiven them!
This is also false. If anything, this supposed "shmup fans" from /vg/ should aim their anger at fighting games, which actually took the spotlight from shooters in the early 90s.
But what do these kids know?

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>there was no extermination plan ever documented or proven to exist

I mean, there was the Axis powers (which, despite Mussolini's intentions, were led in terms of firepower by Hitler), who were intent on exterminating an entire "race" of people (Jews aren't a race, but fuck biology for the sake of argument), and they had Hirohito in tow because he figured (as the U.S. did for a number of years (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2004/sep/25/usa.secondworldwar) that Hitler was the best bet in terms of who was going to come out of this global conflict on top.

And Hitler was a fucking White Supremacist. He literally believed in some Aryan race that had white skin and would somehow take over the world.

I have no idea what he must have said to Hirohito that would have convinced him that his vision was the best, but you'd have to be a complete moron to think that after his Nazi party won the war they wouldn't just go ahead and exterminate every living creature that didn't comply with their outlandish rules in terms of who counted as being "Aryan" and who didn't, and that Japanese people weren't going to make the cut.

And in terms of Jewish people, there was a whole system of extermination camps.

Are you new here?

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>but they won

No. No, they didn't.

>what else is new?

Well, the fact that they didn't. Some people don't realize this.

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Not him, but it's not as if there would be any point in arguing with /pol/ memes in a /vr/ thread. Even if he lacks the knowledge to explain why it's bullshit, it's not like you besting some random anon is going to disprove established history. Ridicule is appropriate here.

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>the allies and commies didn't win WW2

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Pretty good resource responding to common denier claims if you want information
About nazi leadership being complicit

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Ridicule on whose part, rabbi?

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Stop watching hollywood propaganda.

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Kill yourself, you fucking kike.

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>no argument

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The chutzpah on this fucking kikel.

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/v/-tier thread

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This is what happens when you allow commies even an inch. You think my posts are ridiculous, but I'm fucking warning you, /vr/. This has happened to smarter boards than you.

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I like JRPGs and shmups

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did you know that in WW1 the hit count of riflemen was fairly low because they had low motivation to kill their enemies, that was rectified in WW2 because propaganda made all these claims about how monstrous their enemies were so they were motivated enough to destroy the germans

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Yes, the jews refined their propaganda between the two (((wars))).

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Interesting point of view. Applying this standard of evidence, it seems like the holodomor genocide is even more poorly substantiated, both in terms of intent and the numbers. Have we been lied to about the USSR as well?

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>If you someone doesn't like it here they don't have to stay.

Well, shucky-darn; turns out that if you someone doesn't like it here they don't have to stay.

You trying to say that if I don't like it here, I can leave?

Because I'm pretty fucking sure I can't, asshole.

I fucking hate it here. It's like the most nightmarish mockery of any sort of iteration of consciousness I can imagine played out before me at every given moment that I interact with the public.

Everybody believes in some absurd sort of deity who can magically rescue them from whatever misspent life they have managed to live in however many years they've been conscious insofar as they can remember.

If you could just up and decide that you were done with this kind of retarded interaction, then you would have done so years ago, but for whatever reason you're just bound to go ahead and live as a human for however long it takes to finally run out of reasons for being human.

So maybe you do have to stay.

Maybe it fucking sucks.

Maybe there's nothing you can do about it because you can't prevent yourself from waking up.

Either communicate a way around it or stop using the excuse that "If you [don't] like it here [you] don't have to stay," though.

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>preemptively brings up the Holodomor
Oh this jew is sweating.

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except OP is a nazi, not a commie. he literally wants to gas all jrpg fans.

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I'm not talking about OP, I'm talking about the (((posters within))), like you.

>> No.6335873

all debunked here.


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Preemptively to what? I'm simply following your logic, there's no evidence that the holodomor was a planned genocide after all. In fact, I'm struggling to think of any prominent genocide with such a plan in existence

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>your logic
I wasn't that guy.

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OP is complaining about games like Sakura Wars, which embraces the Axis.
OP is a cryptojew.

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Not a single debunking, not even any addressing, just the same old memes that have been torn to shreds long ago, even the ancient forged "forgeries" that claim to come from historical books that mysteriously cannot be found by any denialist

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>skims for 10seconds
>ignores everything, plugs ears, closes eyes

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That's because I've already seen the vast majority of these infographics. Hey, riddle me this, where did this supposed "ally forgery" come from? Reverse image searching only brings up neonazi/chan sources, curious isn't it?

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>we got /pnd/ anons on /vr/

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>rpgs bullied and overshadowed the shmup genre in the 90s and has never forgiven them!

Look, there's a very simple way to determine whether you're playing an RPG or not - there is no dice-roll for a game that isn't one.

I played Zelda for years, and I never saw it as an RPG, even though I eventually learned how much random luck had gone into my attempts.

Dragon Warrior, however, I immediately recognized as one.

Both were satisfying.

Shooters had their place, too, depending on the mood I was in.

>which actually took the spotlight from shooters in the early 90s.

Who would be shining the spotlight, after all, lol?

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Reddit spacer begone.

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Other arcade genres were overshadowing shmups just fine on their own.

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if you want to debate this go to /pol/ or maybe /his/, plenty of people don't believe in that hoax anymore, but this board isn't here to educate you out of hollywood propaganda, kike forgeries and their magical 6million number.

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Twinkle Star Sprites

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>how to determine an rpg from a non-rpg
>there is no dice-roll for a game that isn't one.
no one asked that question, who are you talking to?

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Russia, Stalins regime got real good at doctoring images

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This is very simple. When someone formats a post such as that idiot does, you don't even consider his words. You call him a retarded reddit spacing nigger, and then you move on.

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I've debated it on both many times, your kind will change topic and deflect as soon as things start looking inconvenient, many are straight up mentally ill and will flood the threads with repetitive phrases in your imaginary crusade against the jews. But more importantly I encourage you to look for the sources yourself, not just for that particular pic but all of these "blatant forgeries". You'll quickly discover that there are none, these photos were never presented as evidence and they exist as pure disinfo meant to deceive the dimwitted creating useful idiots that spread lies like diseased rats.

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I didn't ask for empty conjecture. Can you point me to a source? Was it submitted as evidence? Where? Was it in a respected historical book? Can you find it?

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Kill yourself, jew.

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I hope your jawline isn't as weak as this response, friend

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Quintessential jewish response. I expected nothing less.

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even gaming boards see through their tricks!

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Their strategy is basically just spamming the same bullshit until some stupid people buy it just because they've seen it repeated enough. They don't care if it's true or not.

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>provide a source
>when you can be arrested simply for questioning it
yeah sure

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Okay, so basically the question of communism wasn't even part of the decision in terms of who won World War II.

Germany had already invaded Poland, and established a fairly large groundswell which they used to commandeer an entire fleet of jets to drop bombs on a completely civilized portion of England, which forced them to respond as well as they could, even though they were caught off-guard because they didn't think they really had anything to do with this.

England didn't give a shit about Communism at the time, because they were balls-deep in colonizing any society that had literally anything they wanted, regardless of what it might cost some washed-up remnant of the British Empire to procure.

But once they realized that these folks were actually insane, and intended on literally taking over the world, they tried to warn the U.S. and any other country who would listen...

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Not in America, the only country that matters

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Fuck off.

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What do you mean? I'm asking for evidence that this supposed "ally forgery" that's apparently getting debunked in the pic I posted was actually presented as evidence for the holocaust anywhere. Also no you won't get arrested for questioning the holocaust, you will get arrested for spreading disinfo and even then only in some countries. You're most likely a burger so this means nothing to you.

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Okay. I will succumb to your wishes. Please direct me toward whatever form of media you might determine as legitimate, if "hollywood propaganda" is illegitimate. Whose story would you have me believe, traveler?

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God, the jewish consciousness is just so fucking tiresome to listen to.

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doesn't matter, the source for all actual information is lost because of years of tampering, any new information can't be gathered because it's unlawful, the gatekeepers to the information have there own interests and it is nigh impossible to get any truthful documentation on the subject

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/vr/ - Retro Games

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Yeah, the "movement" snatched up a lot of the mentally ill faggots what would otherwise be isolated in hardcore conspiracy circles posting grainy videos about the illuminati on youtube and weaponized their insanity.

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they claim 6000 were gassed and cremated at Aushwitz per day, that's like 4 bodies per minute. Give me a break.
In chambers that weren't even air tight, didn't have proper fumigation ventilation, didn't have enough wood and fuel to burn 24/hours a day non-stop for years....and the bodies were pulled out manually by guards and inmates (bodies covered with deadly gas)...and put on tiny little cremation belts, one by one, into individual furnaces....lmao this is the dumbest hoax ever made. And there are no mass graves found, just pictures of piles of bodies hit by typhus/starvation near the end of the war.
Even if an order was given to do this, it would be impossible with their technology and facilities to pull it off.

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We are everywhere bro, even where you least expect it.

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>t-talk about games, goyim! that's why you're here!
Shut this pathetic thread down already.

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ninja warriors and guardian heroes aren't belt

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Daddy chill.

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You can shut up now.

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jarpigs lol

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They're games, sort of. Let them be and stop backseat moderating, you fat embarrassment. If you don't like it there's always /v/.

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6 million in 5 years, works out to a kill and cremation rate of 2.2 bodies per minute. Go study the facilities they used. Literally impossible.

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Not /vr/, but it's not like the thread is on-topic anyway

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The nazis themselves, in their own documents, estimated the times it would take to cremate bodies with numbers as low as 15 minutes per corpse

>> No.6335971

You seriously need to take this discussion elsewhere, you're smelling up the place.

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It's over, video games won, hollywood lost.

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>, that's like 4 bodies per minute. Give me a break.
Oh they were burning them one by one, gotcha. It's funny how you retards always try to apply modern cremation practices, which are delayed to prevent the appearance of smoke, to mass processing of cadavers during WW2.

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If videogames won then why is my life so empty

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>it's so obviously false that we had to delete your post, goy
You're not fooling anyone.

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my brain automatically filters all that shit out when looking at the catalog. RPG is for retards, only exception is Soulsborne, but those are just action games with heavy RPG elements.

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>You're not fooling anyone.

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It's funny, these jews always project with an image of their own tribe. You would fucking tremble if you saw my visage.

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WW1 was fundamentally different from WWII.

Some asshole named Gavrilo Princip was supposed to assassinate the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, and wound up missing his chance, which caused him to eat a sandwich at a shop somewhere along the route.

He happened to walk out of the deli with a rare shot, and managed to kill him.

This action triggered a tangle of alliances, with various countries having to weigh in in terms of whose side they aligned with, and which wound up essentially blaming Germany for most of the atrocities of war in which a number of countries participated in, as well as forming a coalition of nation-states titled the "League of Nations" which would continue to form the United Nations.

WWII happened because Germany decided to follow a leader who rejected any blame for their country's actions, and instead decided to target Jews and homosexuals as an enemy, who they would increasingly target to the point of placing them in concentration camps while building an army of patriots who would die at any cost for their country.

Like, you have history books where you come from, right?

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>You would fucking tremble if you saw my visage.

>> No.6335997

>Actually believing in the HoloHoax

>> No.6335998

Next time you go correcting the record for several paragraphs, try not shooting yourself in the foot with a single phrase. Consider this advice.

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we know their cremation furnaces, they fit one or two bodies, depending on weight. They weren't giant lava pits lmao....we know their "gas" chambers weren't air-tight, had wooden doors, the vents were shit and smoke stacks were low, meaning everyone around the buildings would be poisoned.
We're led to believe guards and inmates manually dragged all these bodies into furnaces, while being covered in deadly gas, from chambers that aren't air tight or vented properly.
2.2 bodies per minute, 24hours a day, for 5 years...and all this without any order from above or co-ordination we can document. During the end of the war when all their supply chains were being crushed? Lmao.

Ironically Hitler refused to use gas-warfare in WW2 because he knew how awful it was during WW1 and it broke the geneva convention, some of his generals suggested it, but he declined. Yet he was using it to gas gypsies in work camps? lmao

>> No.6336012

"Lmao" is the interjection of hopeless idiots.

>> No.6336013

>we know their cremation furnaces, they fit one or two bodies, depending on weight. They weren't giant lava pits lmao....we know their "gas" chambers weren't air-tight, had wooden doors
Oh yeah I'm just going to go ahead and take your word for it.

>> No.6336014

>hollywood version of WW2
literally the biggest lie ever told, after Muhammad flying to heaven on a horse!

I wish they made a video game out of it

i know right

>> No.6336016

You can go to holohoax museums, there are images, there are blueprints of their design...their furnaces were dogshit, totally not equipped for that level of demand.
And the gas chambers even worse, because they were meant to be quick de-lousing showers, to clean inmates from insects/bugs to prevent disease spreading.

>> No.6336017

Sure thing, Cletus.

>> No.6336019


Jews never had propaganda, you moron.

They're Jews. Like, the bible is pretty available to anyone who wants to read it.

It's right there in plain view. The first five books of the Old Testament are called the Torah, or the Pentateuch.

So, read it. I did. It's fucking insane - like there's two different creation stories one after another, and the story just ignores that fact and keeps going.

But even if the Jews are insane for believing this nonsense, it doesn't mean they deserve to die, for fuck's sake.

I mean, whatever you have to believe in order to wake up every however-long and be you doesn't make you worthy of death, does it?

And if it did, would you be willing to die just because somebody decided that your reason to live wasn't good enough?

>> No.6336021

Hello mods, I reported the thread, delete it already or keep banning people for wrong think.

>> No.6336024

This is some next level pilpul. Next level in that it is so far removed from reality that you must be an actual embarrassment to your tribesmen.

>> No.6336029

Ignoring the other dumb shit, the idea that Hitler didn't use it because it was awful is probably bull. More likely it was a strategic decision.
>In mid-1939, the formula for the agent was passed to the chemical warfare section of the German Army Weapons Office, which ordered that it be brought into mass production for wartime use. Pilot plants were built, and a high-production facility was under construction (but was not finished) by the end of World War II. Estimates for total sarin production by Nazi Germany range from 500 kg to 10 tons.[41] Though sarin, tabun and soman were incorporated into artillery shells, Germany did not use nerve agents against Allied targets.

>> No.6336032

every board on 4ch is "red-pilled"

this is really really disturbing

>> No.6336034


>> No.6336035

Are you actually taking that shitty infographic of a wooden door with no context or source as evidence?

>> No.6336039

alas i have spotted yet another transsexual

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Must keep you up at night, huh? Maybe that's why we're all being kept in our homes? Sneaking off to New Zealand are you?

>> No.6336042


Dude, do you have any idea how many controlling factions of humans have silently watched as the group they were hoping would die faded slowly away because they were cut off from whatever sustenance might have maintained them?

It's a lot.

The USSR is no different. They tried to subsist without any sharing with the outside world, but discovered that it was impossible.

There was a coalition of countries in the late 1990s who decided that they would only cooperate with countries that were willing to participate in the global economy.

>> No.6336050

What, no RE2 Will Smith threads for you to whine in so you came to this one? Dumb nigger.

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>communism failed, so globalism is your only choice
Leave it to a kike to ignore the one sane option—national socialism.

>> No.6336061
File: 496 KB, 593x502, I_do_not_think_it_means_what_you_think_it_means.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6336062

Those are what we call genocides, this applies to the USSR as much as it does to the british empire, even though intent in both cases is arguable. None of this is comparable to the holocaust of course which was very much a deliberate extermination whether we're talking about groups of jews being rounded up and shot in the east under the pretense of "anti partisan activity", forced enslavement and starvation or gas chambers

>> No.6336064

>normalfag movie
>impact font meme text
You failed before you even posted it.

>> No.6336069

Yoyoyoyoy what about dem Turks eh?

>> No.6336071

A glimpse into the pitiful, broken mind of someone raised on 4chan who derives a sense of value simply from being a deviant

>> No.6336073

Please stop bloodletting and raping children in your Hollywood rituals. Thanks in advance.

>> No.6336074

it's a good movie tho

>> No.6336076

Nice ad-hom. Will take into account.

>> No.6336078
File: 47 KB, 383x534, practice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do any of you play games?

>> No.6336079

How is the Hollywood bail out doing? oh wait.

>> No.6336080

>there's no evidence that the holodomor was a planned genocide after all


I mean, I guess, except for this Wikipedia article that pretty much spells it out as a planned genocide.

If you want to argue that, you can go ahead and take it up with the Wikipedia moderators, but it doesn't seem very far-fetched to me considering how shitty people tend to treat each other, so I'd be surprised if it weren't true.

>> No.6336084

Yeah, I rebeat Terranigma again today. That ending gets me every time.
Oy Vey! 4th times a charm edition!

>> No.6336085

It isn't.
You talk like a nigger, and think like one too!

>> No.6336086

Wish granted lad, are you honestly convinced that you're leading a 4chan crusade and arguing with jews who are in on the conspiracy? Absolute lunatic.

>> No.6336087
File: 916 KB, 245x285, Jennifer-Lawrence-ok-thumbs-up.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol k

>> No.6336090

You killed Stanley Kubrick for making a movie about this shit. And he was one of you. Don't play coy.

>> No.6336091


Kek; no such thing. Jews believe in some sort of God who decided that they deserve to live.

There's no hiding if you believe that you deserve to live.

>> No.6336093

what a fag

>> No.6336095

>except for this Wikipedia article that pretty much spells it out as a planned genocide.
No it doesn't, it's a hotly debated issue because no evidence of intent can be found so people rely on speculation and circumstantial evidence, ffs it states as much in the article. Not that it matters because I believe it was a genocide

>> No.6336096

Braindead. Can't even defend his own tastes.

>> No.6336101


>> No.6336105


>> No.6336108
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>> No.6336115

Just report the thread, mods dont seem to give a shit right now.

>> No.6336116

The jews are the supreme enemy of humanity, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a jew.

>> No.6336118

snitches get stitches

>> No.6336119

I see what you did there jewboy

>> No.6336120

Kill yourself.

>> No.6336121

Sure is retro video games in this thread, oh wait.
bitches get itches.

>> No.6336123


>> No.6336124


I'm sorry; your attempt to dismiss the content of my message because of the spacing of the words has been rejected by common sense.

You remain as a discriminating force of aesthetic hatred, however, so maybe you can feel good about that.

Otherwise, you sound completely illiterate.

>> No.6336125

Get fucked, kikes get the cross.

>> No.6336126

You pompous fucking 14 year old.

>> No.6336131


They were. But if you didn't have the quarters, you didn't have the quarters.

And if you wanted to tackle the arcade, you had to have a pretty hefty collection of quarters.

>> No.6336132

What's the matter? Semicolons too complex for your infantile mind? I'm dancing circles around you right now. Compare your intellect to mine and then remove yourself from existence.

>> No.6336134

>who are you talking to?

Your mom.

>> No.6336135

This is so classic. You think that a grown man doesn't know what a semicolon is, yet you still think you're hot shit for using it. You're adorable.

>> No.6336137

*teleports behind you*
You sacrificed intelligence for speed and now you will be laid to rest. Nothing personal, kid.
*slashes 6336132 in half*

>> No.6336138
File: 86 KB, 790x712, itachi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heh, you're pretty good... But you're 10,000 years too early for me

>> No.6336142


>> No.6336143


This is very simple. When someone makes you have to think for a second, you resent it and call them a nigger because you're so scared that what they say might make you question yourself that you don't know what else to do than just stick your fingers in your ear and go "nyah nyah nyah" until you die.

Shame on you.

>> No.6336147

Listen to the Patrice O'Neil chat on this very subject, and get illuminated. That is one nigger who I will press F for.

>> No.6336156

>your imaginary crusade against the jews

I mean, there are a lot of people who still would gladly sacrifice the jews, lol...

It's not exactly imaginary.

Of course it's completely stupid that there would be some sort of god that chooses any group of people as that which deserve to exist over any other.

In that sense, yeah - fuck everybody who thinks they have some sort of lock on any supreme being that would choose them as a group that deserves to live more than any other.

>> No.6336159


What about "Fuck on," though?

>> No.6336160

that's deep

>> No.6336164

>God, the jewish consciousness is just so fucking tiresome to listen to.

Well maybe if you would just let go of how jewish your conciousnessness was, you'd be less tired.

Nobody asked you in the first place, asshole.

>> No.6336170

You keep proving how exhausting it is. And suddenly, he was voted into power.

>> No.6336172

Well I didn't vote for him

>> No.6336174

Of course not.

>> No.6336175

Good, because I didn't.

>> No.6336176



Also, it's not true. Truth is truth despite whoever's interests might be involved.

>> No.6336183

Okay fuckboy, calm your dick.

>> No.6336185



>> No.6336186

I'm a girl

>> No.6336187

You keep telling yourself that.

>> No.6336189

I will, because it's true. And if you don't like it then I guess that's just fine.

>> No.6336191

Literally okay. I will not get webbed into effeminate bullshit.

>> No.6336194
File: 287 KB, 785x847, 1586740535500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol webbed. Spider-Man fan? Same.

>> No.6336201
File: 240 KB, 512x512, 1565475743895.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So are you Ksenia or vintologi?

>> No.6336203

>we know their cremation furnaces, they fit one or two bodies, depending on weight.

Oh, you silly goose. Once you have a collection of dead bodies, all you have to do is dig a large enough trench to set them all on fire and continue to burn it until they have been reduced to ashes. Are you really that ignorant? Human bodies are very flammable, especially if they have fat on them, which most do. So dumping a bunch of bodies into a pit and setting them on fire would be a pretty good way of erasing any physical evidence of their existence.

People who actually cremate others are very different from those who just dump them into a fiery pit, if you didn't know.

>> No.6336205

>People who actually cremate others are very different from those who just dump them into a fiery pit, if you didn't know.
Yep, the difference is that the jews are the only people who would do it. Hence their fantasy of the Holocaust.

>> No.6336210

I will not date you

>> No.6336212

No, I'm just asking so that the proper head can get blown off.

>> No.6336217 [DELETED] 

Not gonna blow you either hon, lmao

>> No.6336220
File: 257 KB, 512x456, DWZczju.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6336223

>you must be an actual embarrassment to your tribesmen

Lol; probably not inaccurate.

Pilpul is an argument that occurs outside of what "really matters," but who is allowed to decide what really matters?

>> No.6336224


>> No.6336227

Tranny discord cultists. Geez anon, I thought some of you were /pnd/.

>> No.6336228

doesn't solve the time problem at all, it actually makes it worse because open air fire-pits aren't as destructive as closed furnaces, and would have to be further away outside, meaning there would be gigantic pits with evidence in them.

again there's no evidence volcanoes were used. but keep trying.

>> No.6336231

>but who is allowed to decide what really matters?
I guess real men, because you have none, and you don't believe in God. The irony is that you are reactive to what the goyim believe.

>> No.6336232

That explains it, I don't go on any tranny discords so I didn't know.

>> No.6336235

I don't go on them either, smartypants. There are undercover agents who have been digging into their shenanigans for months.

>> No.6336236

Tranny neonazis? Unsurprising

>> No.6336237

It's more likely than you think.

>> No.6336238
File: 612 KB, 639x529, whachu_want_a_cookie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the formula for the agent was passed to the chemical warfare section of the German Army Weapons Office, which ordered that it be brought into mass production for wartime use. Pilot plants were built, and a high-production facility was under construction (but was not finished) by the end of World War II. Estimates for total sarin production by Nazi Germany range from 500 kg to 10 tons.[41] Though sarin, tabun and soman were incorporated into artillery shells, Germany did not use nerve agents against Allied targets.

So, they utilized nerve agents against their own population without using them against the countries who were trying to stop them from using them against their own population.

[pic related]

>> No.6336241

(((Wikipedia))) is pure slander at this point. Even you have to admit this, Mordecai.

>> No.6336242


It's actually true, lol.

Deal with it.

>> No.6336248
File: 27 KB, 310x327, mordecai-rigby-drawing-fan-art-judges-thumb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've only got to admit two things - jack and shit. And Jack left town.

>> No.6336259


Historically, this seems to be the case if you're referring to crucifixion.

But that's also a punishment that belongs to 2,000 years ago, when the Roman Empire was anything more than a fucking joke.

So I'm not so worried about it, you pompous blowhard.

>> No.6336271 [DELETED] 


Yup; I'm 14 years old.

I outwit you in terms of my vocabulary and my logic, but I'm only 14 years old, and your identification of a semicolon is sufficient to prove that.

Because that makes sense.

Or would you rather not question what it might mean if I were?

If I did happen to be 14 (fucking) years old, would that actually benefit you, or would it just mean that some 14-year-old outsmarted you?

And if I'm not 14, how old would I have to be in order to impress you?

You seem really preoccupied with age; why is that?

>> No.6336279

>Compare your intellect to mine and then remove yourself from existence.

See, now, that's the problem: you can't remove yourself from existence.

You think whatever you have to think about whatever it is that you have to experience in order to be alive, which you are because you're thinking whatever it is that you think.

Even if you don't want to exist, or don't believe that you should, or wish that you didn't, you just fucking do.

Existing is an embarrassment.

>> No.6336282
File: 30 KB, 330x330, 555222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bar Kokhba revolt

>> No.6336285

>6336132 in half


That's not actually difficult unless you include a unit of measurement.

>> No.6336304

>the jews are the only people who would do it

So, the jews are the only people who would dump a bunch of jews into a fiery pit of bodies that belonged to other jews, and this somehow suggests that their explanation of the holocaust as a time in which you could be killed and thrown into a pile of burning jews was some sort of fantasy?

I think you need to revisit your logic.

Holocaust denying won't make sense until everybody who has had contact with those directly involved in the conflict are dead, after all, and I'm pretty sure even then it won't.

I mean, I like that you think humans are better than that, but it turns out not so much.

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