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>n64 has no games
uh, sorry sweety
>Mario 64
>Ocarina of Time
and the list goes on

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Yeah, it is infuriating when people only know the most mainstream games, but it happens in every system.

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>n64 has no games
>every game
Yeah, zoomers and console war vets are retards.

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>no real rpg
>no real horror
>almost no blood and gore
>all worthwhile titles are continuations of already established titles

What a console.

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>no real rpg
A shit genre which consists of a barely interactive movie disguised as a """"game""""
>no real horror
>almost no blood and gore
only 11 year olds care about that
>all worthwhile titles are continuations of already established titles
nice bait

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Define "real", because I'm sure N64 has stuff like Ogre Battle and Resident Evil 2. Even more stuff if you delve into the JP catalogue.
>almost no blood and gore
Are you stuck in 1992 when MK 1 came out? One of the first games to come out for N64 was Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Anyway, why would blood and gore matter in the long run? Games with blood and gore aren't necessarily good, and once you're not 10 anymore, gore stops being a major factor in determining enjoyment of a game.
But yeah, still, N64 had a lot of games with blood, FPSs were one of the most popular genres on the system.
>all worthwhile titles are continuations of already established titles
Kinda true for all consoles though.
Sin and Punishment was a great title and it was an original IP though.
>What a console
Well, if you want my honest opinion, 5th gen (and onwards) were never as good as 3rd and 4th gen.

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>A shit genre which consists of a barely interactive movie disguised as a """"game"""
t. autist shmup fan

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Compared to the juggernaut that is the PS1 library, the N64 is definitely limited. On the other hand, N64 has plenty of A+ quality games, whereas PS1 is brimming with shovelware.

They’re both good systems so fuck off with this console war bullshit.

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>what is Paper Mario, Quest 64 (it's good, eat shit), Ogre Battle 64.
>what is Resident Evil 2, Doom 64, Nightmare Creatures.
>what is Ocarina of Time, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Killer Instinct Gold
>what is Conkers Bad Fur Day, Jet Force Gemini, Goldeneye 64, Perfect Dark, Sin & Punishment, Mario Party, Smash Bros 64, Mischief Makers, etc;

Case in point, you suck dick like a knob gobbler and that's all there is to it.

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I would say that the top 20 games for both systems are equally as enjoyable, and there are probably 50 or so games for each that are worth playing and owning. So at this point in time, when the classics are well-known and well-documented, it's pointless arguing about it. The only time it MIGHT have mattered is if you were a naive, uninformed kid looking to rent a game for the weekend. Picking at random, assuming all games were available, your chances of getting a pretty good to amazing game for the N64 were about 4 in 25. On the Playstation it would be maybe 1 in 25 because of all the crap shovelware. But considering most stores filtered out the worst game anyways, the actual numbers were probably closer to 1 in 2 / 1 in 3.

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The N64 seems to mostly be hated on by NES and SNES fanboys. The N64's library was such a departure not just graphically, but also in the available of various genres on the system. This boils the piss of a lot of people who grew up with the NES and SNES, making it easy for them to write off the N64. I'd argue the N64 is a better console than both of those.

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5th gen in general was a big departure from previous gens.
Younger people think that during 4th gen, SNES owners cared about RPGs, but the reality is that RPGs were still a niche genre, and most kids in the 90s would have thought turn based gameplay was lame. The big genre of 3rd and 4th gen was severly lacking in 5th gen in general: platformers and side-scrollers.
It really is something when the most famous 5th gen 2D game is actually soaked in RPG mechanics and doesn't actually have platforming design.
Probably the best side-scrolling platformer of 5th gen is actually a N64 game (goemon's great adventue), but still doesn't compare to the sheer volume and quality of side-scrolling platformers NES, SNES and Mega Drive got.
But nah I don't think NES or SNES fans hate the N64. Nobody back then thought "yes, I want more 2D", 4th gen reached a peak, and people were ready and willing to jump into 3D, just for the excitement of something new.
People who were born later will never know how it really was to jump from 2D to 3D. And I'm not sure if we'll ever experience such a change in our lifetime again.

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People who complain about the n64 today didn’t grow up with one. You had to be there during its time to appreciate how awesome it is. It was the TRUE start of 3d gaming , which hasn’t aged as gracefully as 2d, so if you weren’t there then its hard to know where to start, Once you get past the Mario parties, zeldas, and super Mario 64 you don’t really know where else to go. Try gauntlet legends, rampage universal tour, South Park, Pokemon stadiums, army men sarges hero’s 2, Star Wars shadow of the empire, San Francisco rush, yoshis story, paper Mario, Diddy Kong, Mario kart, snowboard kids, these games are fun to me even to this day, but if you grew up with the ps3 as a kid then I’m sure your experience will vary.

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Yeah it "goes on" to Starfox 64 and F-Zero X snd then it stops.

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While N64 has around 50 worthwhile games, PS1 has at least 200 classics

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>200 classics
is this whole fucking site brain-dead?

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You are not forced into playing the shovelware you know.

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>People who complain about the n64 today aren't blinded by nostalgia
Fixed that for you buddy. People complained about the N64 back then all the time.

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You like RPGs? You're fucked.
You like Fighting Games? You're fucked.
You like arcade games? You're fucked.
You like any kind of 2D Game? You're fucked.
You like strategy games? You're fucked.
You like shmups? You're fucked.

Those are serious holes in it's library. Naming 1 game doesn't change this, both the PS1 and the Saturn have a plethora of games to choose from in those genres.

The N64 Library is really only good if you like 3D Platformers, 3D Racers, FPSes, and the remaining First Party Nintendo games that don't fall into those categories.

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Your post reads like a typical sonypony post on /v/ in 2007 defending the PS3.

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>People complained about the N64 back then all the time.
Not him, but I don't remember that. Most people were amazed at the N64, and the only complaints I remember weren't based on its hardware or games, but on the prices of carts.
People back then were also generally less whiny and cynical. Remember, it was the time were kids had no access to the internet yet. Sure, you can dig up some early console war threads from usenet, but those were all already jaded adults.

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>You like any kind of 2D Game? You're fucked.
Kind of true for 5th gen in general.
Sure, Saturn did have some awesome arcade ports, but when it comes to original 2D games made for console, 5th gen systems could never compete with 3rd and 4th gen.

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>naming games doesn't change this
do you even think before you post?

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No, there were some definite complaints about how few games were available at launch, and how long the waits were between good games coming out on it. And the drama of Square dropping Nintendo and going to Sony was pretty huge too.

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Both the PS1 and the Saturn have tons of 2D Titles.

Do you fail at reading? I said naming ONE game doesn't change this. Why did I say this? Because anytime you point these holes out you get some N64 retard go "MUH PAPER MARIO!" thinking that solves the whole problem. It doesn't. Especially when you have tons of RPGs on the Saturn and PS1.

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>No, there were some definite complaints about how few games were available at launch, and how long the waits were between good games coming out on it.
Kinda, but to be fair, waiting between really good games was long for any system.
>And the drama of Square dropping Nintendo and going to Sony was pretty huge too.
I don't really remember this, probably because before FF VII came out, RPG was still a niche genre. People didn't buy a PS1 in its early years to play RPGs, they wanted to play racing games, and fighting games, and maybe 3D platformers.
Sony did some really good moves handling the marketing of FF VII, and combined with the FMVs and the fact the anime boom was starting to bloom in USA (and was already stablished in EU) made FF VII a world-wide success, but the realization that Nintendo lost Square only came later for most people. At the time, Final Fantasy wasn't really a known name outside of actual RPG nerds. Which is why VII was the first Final Fantasy for many, and why the SNES FFs were first played by majority of people on emulators, even people who were actually alive during 4th gen.
Of course things were different in Japan, but then again, Japan in general has different tastes than the west, for example, N64 games like Mario Tennis, Kirby's Crystal Shards and Yoshi's Story are fan favorites instead of stuff like Goldeneye.

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Why don’t you list all of these off? Surely you’re not just spouting off arbitrary numbers, are you?

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>Both the PS1 and the Saturn have tons of 2D Titles.
Yeah, I guess so. But a lot of the really good ones are arcade ports. In terms of THE actual 2D genre (platformers), 5th gen was lacking when compared to 3rd and 4th gen.

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2D was still pretty big in Japan where the 5th gen did represent a significant leap in 2D. Playstation and Saturn had pretty big and great 2D libraries.

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I've already named more than "one" in a previous post. The system doesn't need to have 100's of games in certain genres to kneel at your beck and call.

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Mid 90s PCs were a better start to 3D

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>Playstation and Saturn had pretty big and great 2D libraries.
As I said here: >>6334180
Sure, they did have many great 2D games, especially Saturn, but most of them were arcade ports. I feel like 5th gen was lacking in actually great side-scrolling games made for console. Stuff like Astal, Punky Skunk and Little Ralph are nice, but you and I know they can't compare with the best platformers 3rd and 4th gen had.
it's understandable though because 2D platformers stopped being the centre of attention.

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What's not spouting of arbitrary numbers about 50 N64 worthwhile games.

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Arcade games are real games

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Kirby 64
Abe's Oddyssey
Abe's Exodus

5th gen had a handful of great 2D platformers

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unga bunga n64 bad

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Just off the top of my head theres:
Symphony of the Night
Megaman 8
Megaman X3
Megaman X4
Megaman X5
Megaman X6
Silhouette Mirage
Guardian Heroes
Oddworld Abe's Exodus
Heart of Darkness
Adventures of Lomax
Clockwork Knight
Clockwork Knight 2
Earthworm Jim 2

Seriously it's a meme that the 5th Gen was lacking 2D Titles.

> I don't really remember this, probably because before FF VII came out, RPG was still a niche genre.

This is again a meme. Sure they weren't as big as they are now, but they still had a following and were popular. You can go read magazines from around the time Square announced they were jumping ship and they're all making a huge deal out of it.

You named 3 Games. Paper Mario which is decent but no where near the level of what RPGs were available on other systems. Quest 64 which is shit game that N64 fanboys prop up because their system is starved of RPGs. And Ogre Battle 64 which is a Strategy RPG.

So my point stands. Paper Mario and Quest aren't enough to fill the massive hole in the N64's library when it comes to RPGs. Nor is Ogre Battle enough to fill the hole for strategy games.

After all, what happens when you beat those games and you want to play another game in those genres? On PS1 and Saturn you have options, on the N64 you're fucked.

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I never said they weren't, but side-scrolling platformers weren't a main genre in arcades, it's mostly fighting games and shooters, with the occasional run n gun.
There are some good games there (some others, not much), but you both guys know that there are far better (and more) 2D platformers in 3rd and 4th gen. Let's be honest.

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>but you both guys know that there are far better (and more) 2D platformers in 3rd and 4th gen. Let's be honest.

More yes, but that's just because all those systems could do was 2D. As for far better, that's debatable.

That and you made it rather limited with 2D platformers. What about top down 2D games? WIth that you can start throwing in things like Shining Wisdom, Magic Knight Rayearth, Linkle Liver Story, Legend of Oasis, etc.

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What a piss poor list of games that is. 5th is not 2D's proudest moment

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It's better than what's on N64.

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>As for far better, that's debatable.
I genuinely don't think it's debatable.
When you have to name stuff like Megaman X5, X6, Gex or Earthworm Jim 2 (a 4th gen game that wouldn't even make into the list of best platformers in its era), it's evident that the quality dropped.
>That and you made it rather limited with 2D platformers
The reason I specifically talk about platformers is because platformers were THE genre of 3rd and 4th gen. If you follow the whole discussion, it started when an anon said N64 haters are fans of NES and SNES that wanted to play RPGs. I said that most NES and SNES fans back in the day didn't care about RPGs (because yes, it was a niche genre, even if magazines did talk about them, it just wasn't a popular genre, the idea of turn based gameplay was just weird for most kids), and in any case, if there really were NES and SNES fans who hate the N64 for "not having the same kind of games the previous consoles did" wouldn't be RPGs, but platformers. but again, this is a case with 5th gen in general. And again, the probably best platformer of 5th gen doesn't even have 2D graphics ironically enough, Goemon's Great Adventure.
And having all that into consideration, that still doesn't mean NES and SNES fans wanted more 2D platformers, because if you were alive back in the day, you know that most people were actually excited about 3D, because it was NEW. People would rather play shit like Toshinden rather than SOTN. Also, SOTN is precisely an example of platformers not being the main thing of 5th gen anymore. SOTN is without a doubt the most famous 2D game from 5th gen, but it's more of an action RPG than it is a platformer. But anyway, SOTN wasn't really as popular as people think it was at release. Its cult status was slowly progressing over time, and cemented it when people actually started having nostalgia for 2D games during 6th gen. During 5th gen, 2D was old news.

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So your whole argument is "bb-but N64".
We're talking about 5th gen in general.
Besides, I'd say N64 has some of the best looking 2D games. There were few, but when it does it right, it does it right.

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the only good n64 exclusive is smash

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“There were few”

I agree, just a few, while the ps1 has HUNDREDS OF 2d games that were on par or better with those few n64 had