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What do you mostly remember about this?

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the sounds are grating as fuck

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Being too much of a pussy to get into it too much since the zombies and haunts manage to terrify me to the bone
The fact that im horrible at sneaking doesnt help either

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That it kinda loses steam after Return of the Cathedral.

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The esoteric lore
The colour palette
The hammerites

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I still play it from time to time, but from my first playthrough I'd say the mission in Constantine's mansion stuck with me the strongest. That increasing confusion and sense that even the guards were off kept me on edge the whole time, and even though the haunted cathedral was intense in its own way, I think The Sword is the best at catching the player off guard. You don't feel like the all-too-clever thief anymore, it's too exposed and loud for you to be in control like before.

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The weird street lights.

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Steps, whistling and the soundtrack.

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>S O U N D
Walking sounds, enemy barks and a whole load of ambient is permanently burned into my brain. Above all else, the sound design of Thief is pure vidya kino
>from bumbling footpad to master thief
not through an upgrade system or better gear but gained experience and improved skill.

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Garrett's lovable personality.

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The terrible default controls. I bounced off this game hard back in the day. I came back years later and after rebinding pretty much everything it was fine. Still not in my top 5 stealth games though.

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what are your top 5 then?

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[whistles loudly]

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My dad complaining every time I killed or knocked-unconscious a female guard

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amazing atmosphere, amazing gameplay and mechanics.

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From my childhood, loving it but never able to get far in it due to being a retarded child.

From when I went back to it as an adult? Great gameplay, tension, good writing, god tier sound design and fantastic art direction.

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Atmosphere that was often so overbearing I'd quit the game as soon as I get spotted, and then continue later that day or tomorrow. So I would end up playing about 15 minutes of Thief, daily.

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> tension
yep, for me that is the best part

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I recall it being much more enjoyable than a certain other stealth game from around that time...

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getting lost

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rent free

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into the odd is by far the best fm for the t2 contest, hell I'd even say it's the best mission in ages. that shit is terrifying.

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The first mission was amazing, then you go into the crypts and it's LOL zombies, gotta flash or hop run away.
2 was even worse with all the robot levels, though SnR was dope.
I loved breaking into Ramirez's mansion, going in the alley way, grabbing the key and stealing anything of value.
I played on expert and tried to ghost but damn things got shaky.
Maybe I will replay it if I'm still on quarantine next month, have so many games I'm wanting to play at the moment.

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I remember the tune guards would mumble sometimes.
Hup da-dah da, hup da-dah da, hup da-dah da daaa

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I'm playing it now and it's very complicated

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>LOL zombies, gotta flash or hop run away.
Can this meme please stop? You don't have to confront any of the enemies in the game except spiders. They have an awareness system just like humans and can be snuck around without having them notice, just like humans.

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>when are they gonna bring me my dinner, that's what I want to know...

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I always heard that their awareness is 100% proximity based - is this true?

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When they're lying on the ground and haven't been aggro'd, yeah. Once they get up though I'm pretty sure stealth is light and sound based like with humans.

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Correct, and zombies are blind as bats. If you break line of sight you will lose them easily.

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Stop looking at spoilers

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What's the name of the russian fan mission site?

What site has the longest running list of missions?

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To answer the first question: Darkfate.

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anyone want to co op t2?
we can play the campaign or any FMs you like

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>we can play the campaign or any FMs you like
Is the coop mo d finally working? When I tried it the other player was invisible

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The hissing noise of spiders, fuck that shit.

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You can't make me

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They got it working a year or two ago

anyone in NA want to host?

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Fuck yeah I'm tomb raider!

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The ultimate scrub filter.

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Amusing how it's robbing a tiny half-empty mansion that catches Viktoria's attention, when you have already gone through one of the greatest dungeons in any video game ever.

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Not only that but you've broken into one of the most well guarded Hammerite prisons and came back alive with a dead weight on your shoulders, but you also infiltrated an extremely elaborate underground illegal operation and stole a vase from under their very noses.

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In her defense, from what I remember the Hammerites officially classified Cragscleft as a breakout, not a bust out. A weak excuse, but eh. Gold should have changed The Sword's intro to reference Thieves' Guild though. It comes across pretty ridiculous to get praised for the improvised Ramirez job just when you come back from pulling a fast one on half of the City's criminal underworld.

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What's your favorite line from the games?

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Too easy, it's just too perfect.
>I will tell them this. Nothing is changed. All is as it was written. The Trickster is dead. Beware the dawn of the Metal Age.

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I wish I had any friends I could share that pic with who would chuckle as much as I do.

I wish I had friends who liked thief.

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That's a good one. Mine is simply one of the two thieves who casually says "I'm gonna sic the dogs on you when I find you". I don't know why but this has me laughing so hard every single time. The thieves have some of the best lines.

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TG had some of the best lines because they are so quick to catch on to who they are dealing with. There's something fun about getting chased as they scream your name.

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Do people here like Shadows of the Metal Age?

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Yes. It's good.

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the drunk guard song
>du du du duh, du du du da, di dududududu du du da!

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>went to my room... there was nothing in there anymore... taking my things... people around, they just don't care...

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The best levels were Constantine's Mansion and the cave system with the magic horn in it.

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The Sword and Down In The Bonehoard. Very good taste, anon.

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Yeah those maps were incredible.

I'm thinking about reinstalling TG and T2 and trying out the FMs, do you have any recommendations? Is there a site with the compiled best list of Thief FMs?

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Shadows of the Metal Age is a great campaign. has some very memorable maps including a moving train and possibly the best museum FM ever. a few them are kind of bad (I think the brothel level is the worst of the bunch) but you can skip them

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First time I played it, I remember my character was in the dark and a guard started walking towards me. That freaked me out because, before then, if an enemy saw you in an FPS, they would try to kill you. Nope; the guard walked towards me, then turned and walked in another direction. that moment sticks in my mind.

Another: The first level of Thief 2's "soundtrack." I know it was a dynamic soundtrack but I just remember that distinctive sound and that's stuck in my mind.

Also, the demo of Thief 2 was really memorable for me.

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You lift just one cup and they go into full alarm. That was a nasty surprise.

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does anyone have a list of recommended t2 FMs? plz no crypts.

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The atmosphere. There's something about it you don't see in anything besides maybe roleplaying shit from the early 90s/late 80s.

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>The Sword
>Down in the Bonehoard
They're seriously underrated. Those levels + craigleft and Return to the Cathedral are god-tier. They're part of the reason I prefer Thief 1 to 2. I guess everyone goes in expecting a straight-forward stealth game, and when game starts throwing curveballs at them it's hard to roll with the punches. At first I hated it but after I beat the game and replayed it they quickly became my favorite levels. There's just a quality to them you don't see in other games. Everything else just seems and tame in comparison.

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Cragscleft is incredible. If it weren't for Song of the Caverns that's an even better mission it would be my top pick for best mission in the series.

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There's something for everyone. What missions did you like best?

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I'm not a big fan of Song of the Caverns. There's much it did very well, the opera house is a refreshing setting and the attention to detail and lengths they went to make it feel like a real opera house is something I appreciate. But as a level? It kind of blows. You get a map so detailed it literally shows you even the secret rooms and entrances. There is no hidden loot either, find the primary objective, and you get a key and a letter pointing you to the secondary. Guards are sparsely spaced, barely anyone in the places where light can be an issue, carpets are abundant everywhere except the ground floor. I'm not saying it's a badly designed level, but where they placed it in the main quest it brings no new challenge to the table. It also butchers the pacing, but that's a problem every Gold addition has, so I guess it wouldn't be fair to single SotC out with this.

tl;dr The mission is fine, but it feels like an FM randomly inserted into the game.

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all of the gold levels are mediocre

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Thieves' Guild and The Mage Towers were at least somewhat experimental, for better or worse. But Gold levels really fucked up with the completely accurate GPS maps.

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Fair criticism. In my case I just really appreciate the sheer size of the place as well as the amount of possible routes you can take to get to various places, which makes the mission very interesting overall. I don't think the talisman missions in Gold ruin the pacing, if anything these were planned from the start but were canned before Gold was a thing. Thieves' Guild is the one that sort of breaks the pacing, but unlike many people here I think it's a good mission.

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>But Gold levels really fucked up with the completely accurate GPS maps.
They're very detailed but never show you *exactly* where you are, unlike in Thief 2 were they're very detailed (even more than TG maps), but also show you the exact room you're in.

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Excellent taste anon.

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are there any sci fi FMs?

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I consider it a design mistake in both games. On one hand it ruins the sense of discovery and organic exploration. But ironically by not obfuscating the true size of the level it also brings in a feeling of tedium when you begin and sift through five-six pages of gardens, floors, sewers, etc., especially if it is something very mundane. For example rather than making me excited to explore, seeing the layout of Shipping and Receiving with the marked points of interest actually had the opposite effect.

But maybe it's just me.

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A few, but they usually aren't very good.

It's not just you, I think it's also a mistake they shouldn't have made. The vague maps from Thief 1 were much more interesting and made exploration much more fun. I just really dislike how you get maps for missions such as Framed or Blackmail that have insane amount of detail for places Garrett has never visited before (though it's somewhat justified in-universe for Framed). Seeing the maps for the Bonehoard or The Sword for the first time was exciting. You begin the level and after an hour or two into it you start asking yourself "How the fuck am I going to get out of this place?".

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A lot, more so than most games.
>Eric Brosius' atmospheric track
>The City both it's setting and how atmospheric it was represented.
>The Hammerites, their old English dialect and several of their chanting.
>"Vigilance is our shield, that protects us from our squalid past. Knowledge is our weapon, for which we carve a path to an enlightened future."
>The Betrayal of Constantine
>Going from being a thief robbing Lord Bafford's mansion to being dropped in the middle of a mine filled with Zombies.
>The Thieves Guild and the Mages Guild in Thief Gold.
>Going undercover and sneaking your way into a Hammerite temple as an acolyte.
>Going into Constantines house for the first time.
>Finding out what the Dark Project actually means.
>Going into the clusterfuck in the last mission and finding the eye chamber.
And this is me recollecting my thoughts when I haven't played this game in 10 years. This game is quite possibly literally unforgettable for me to be honest.

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I'm willing to try them, I remember playing one many years ago where you play as a girl that starts off in a spaceship which drops you off at some ancient ruins. No idea if that was T1 or T2

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The Bonehoard map really stuck in my head. When I first saw it I really was taken aback by how abstract and shoddy it was, but the story explanation was perfect. Imagine having a fully detailed map for The Sword. Shit like **that giant living/bedroom** wouldn't work at all.

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Thief was black?

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Kill Factory 2
The Space Project
Walkin' Da Moon
Deep Trouble
4th Planet
John Dosio's Compound
Mechanist Facility
Space Thief

The only ones I would recommend are Brainchild (because it's creepy as fuck) and Kill Factory 2 (because it's hilarious).

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Pretty much everything.
Weird question.

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I work with a guy who whistles while working, to time machine runtimes and shit, and he does this one that is the same as one of the guard whistles.
He's never heard of the game.

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>I'm willing to try them, I remember playing one many years ago where you play as a girl that starts off in a spaceship which drops you off at some ancient ruins
You don't play as a girl as this one, but it sounds familiar to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymige-U38Ac

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>want to watch some playthroughs of thief FMs
>only youtuber who does this is fenphoenix
>cannot stop talking and making voices

jesus christ just shut the fuck up

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So no matter who, no matter when, Thief III always was a doomed project.
>base building
>deck out your house with loot
That's just stupid. So goddamn fucking stupid. Stahp.

>> No.6327352

The thing is he's not even funny. I wish we had another LPer that wasn't this obnoxious. Klatremus is cool and all but supreme ghosting can get very tedious to watch.

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>Original devs: Base building and pimp muh house
>00s Square: Literally Deus Ex with Garret. Futuristic society and everything.
>10s Square: Watered down Dishonored
The series was fucked 6 ways from sunday.

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*angry Keeper noises*

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Nexus Letum's videos are nice if you're interested in older and obscure fms.

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Had there been no betrayal, what would have Garrett done in his retirement?

>> No.6328107

It just sounded like he woulda kicked back on the beach.

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The Hammers are a metaphor for Freemasons taking over our society with their batshit crazy beliefs about worshipping bricks and how to lay bricks and how laying bricks is a metaphor for morality it disgusts me I dare you to kill every one of them.

>> No.6328410

Pretty sure they're just the medieval church with a new coat of paint.

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>find out about all the really fucking cool fanmaps
>even more coming out because of the anniversary
>haven't touched another game for the past month

Every single day of my life is spent waiting until it's nighttime so I can move on to the next map. I finished Gold and 2 two years ago and been pretty damn sad ever since that that's it for classic Thief games and now I find maps that somehow manage to be even better than the originals.

>> No.6328914

You have a lot more to look forward to, including two massive campaigns in the works.

>> No.6328935

>freemasons worship bricks
You okay buddy?

>> No.6329626

>>deck out your house with loot
>implying decking out your crib with loot isn't baller as fuck
Fuck off nigger. Seeing your home grow with each successful mission is gangster.

>> No.6329659

Garrett steals to pay the rent. He isn't a fucking kleptomaniac, he doesn't want any of the shit he steals either.

>> No.6329887

Doesn't fit in with the premise of the original Thief series, though.

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The Hammerites did literally nothing wrong. The only faction more benign than them are the Hand Brotherhood, because they do literally nothing.

>> No.6329954

>The Hammerites did literally nothing wrong
>Literally have a gigantic tower were they torture people for arbitrary reasons and leave them in such inhumane conditions their lungs rot out
Yeah they lock up criminals but they also locked up whoever they wanted.

>> No.6329979

Have they locked up anyone who wasn't a criminal? I don't think so. Conditions weren't great, but that's medieval prisons for you. Can't blame them for not having modern health care.

>> No.6330001

The at least locked up someone who was acquitted of theft.

>> No.6330027

I don't remember that, but could be. Anyway I think their monastery and the Cathedral proves it well enough that the Hammers weren't on top of their hygiene game. That's a luxury for the rich.

>> No.6330187

There's a newspaper in Constantine's mansion where they randomly jailed some women even though she didn't break any laws. It's on the second floor somewhere.

>> No.6330208

It's in the STOP OPENING DOORS room, specifically.

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Found it, thanks. I suppose we'll never find out whether the woman was truly innocent or not. But it does show that at least Hammers consider themselves the final authority in the matter of law.

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Return to the Cathedral sucks. It's just a series of fetch quests with a "spooky" atmosphere.

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File: 1.46 MB, 1050x1589, Garret On The Rooftop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Great atmosphere and unique semi-medieval fantasy setting with amazing levels. Love the first two games but I have a hard time playing them now, must of gotten burned out after playing through so many fan missions over such a short time.

>> No.6330702

Unless I'm missing something, the secret passageways aren't marked on the map. You have to stumble on them or read the readables to find them.

I remember the level being less empty than Lord Bafford's and Assassins and more difficult too, due to the heavy use of tiles. Other than The Sword, it's the best mansion-type level in Thief Gold.

>> No.6330738

"Thief is about stealth, and stealth alone."

False. According to Randy Smith, the monster/undead levels were added because the developers were worried that a pure stealth game wouldn't sell. Sure, it's possible to sneak past those enemies, but you can also choose a violent approach.

>> No.6330772

>the monster/undead levels were added because the developers were worried that a pure stealth game wouldn't sell
That doesn't negate that the core gameplay is about stealth and thieving, unlike the reboot where they, and I quote;
“We want you to play as a thief, but we don’t want to force you to play as a thief.” - Stephane Roy and "We wanted to bring him more for the modern audience of today's console market," - Nicolas Cantin

In other words, Thief 1-2-3 were stealth stealy games, with an option to get violent if you REALLY would want to. While Thief: Tacticool is a hunk of shit that wanted to be the next Assassin's Creed and Dishonored. Also you couldn't jump jump.

>> No.6330859

As someone who completed Dishonored 1 and 2 each multiple times, Thief 4 felt nothing at all like Dishonored.

>> No.6330915

>As someone who completed Dishonored 1 and 2 each multiple times
I feel like I'm the only one on earth who absolutely cannot stomach those games.

>> No.6330975

I mean, they're not perfect. I really don't care for the main story. The powers can be really OP, which makes combat more viable than stealth in some situations, especially in Dishonored 1's case. And shadows play a lesser role than in thief.
I still far prefer Thief 1 and 2, But I still enjoyed Dishonored quite a lot. I loved the level design. I like the lore and its world. While combat is certainly a viable option, it was never forced on me, unlike a lot of modern "stealth" games. No powers run in Dishonored 2 is actually legitimately fun, too.

>> No.6331003

I tried playing it with powers and the blink ability alone was too broken. I tried playing it without powers, but it becomes apparent fast that the game is not built for that.

>> No.6331032

Dishonored 1 definitely expects you to use blink, with even a couple moments outright requiring it, which is why it's "no powers run" still allows you to use Blink.
Dishonored 2 was a lot better about it, IMO.

>> No.6331149

Without a shadow of a doubt, this
>My heart - it ceases, my breath undrawn, my eyes forever focused,,, on the sanguine, metal dawn

>> No.6331189

The red Xs on the map are the secret passages.

>> No.6331453

I feel that the level would be much better without Murus' ghost. It's not that difficult to observe the situation and put two and two together.

>> No.6331702

I'd still take the Murus questline over Escape! and Strange Bedfellows anyday.

>> No.6331707

I unironically like the tunnel parts of Escape! because it feels so good to go full DOOM.

>> No.6331772

Fuck Undercover and fuck the AI

>> No.6331779

The Broken Goddess and Black Parade?
I hope they aren't vaporware, the screenshots look great.

Bikerdude (darkmod) is beta testing a huge city map too.

>> No.6331781

The Black Parade is well on track and isn't vaporware. Broken Goddess is still in pre-production I believe.

>> No.6331789

Except Hammerites are on the decline in Thief 1 so that's just incorrect.

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File: 112 KB, 800x450, TheDarkMod4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would love the dark mod if the controls weren't so clunky and the texture work wasn't terrible. The game actually hurts my eyes with those textures. They go from low res (good) to super cheap high res to the point that it doesn't fit the model it's on.

>> No.6331832

I don't know why, but the low polis and textures combined with realistic voices and realistic-ish sound and shadows are 100% perfect, why does it feel so good

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File: 307 KB, 1659x2129, EVBnnxNWkAMbEUT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this was recently posted on the lead dev's twitter, apparently the top four are black parade maps and the bottom one is assassins

>> No.6331878

Kinda gives it that dreamlike quality, because your mind has to fill in the gaps of what you're looking at.

Never realized the city was so tiny in assassins.

>> No.6331895

assassins? I'm not familiar with this project, can you link me to the thread on ttlg?

>> No.6331898

It's is actually quite big, but it looks small next to Ramirez's place since that has a lot of wide areas (rooms, the courtyard, etc). The assassins also lead you on an unusual path that makes it feel bigger. If it weren't for the tailing objective, you could just walk up the street from Farkus's store and take a left and you're basically right at Ramirez's.

The comparison shows that the TBP missions are similarly sized to TDP missions, but more tightly packed with less negative space between walls.

>> No.6331901

It's the mission in Thief 1 where you first get the lockpicks.

>> No.6331904

Assassins is the fifth mission in The Dark Project (forth excluding the tutorial).

>> No.6332063

I enjoyed the "commute" from garret's base... just walking around the city, enjoying the sights, listening in to people's conversations and looking for side quests. it makes you feel like you're part of a living world. having to visit a fence to sell your loot was a really nice touch. my only complaint is that the city ended up being too small with very few NPCs, but this only happened because consoles. the lack of vertical action kinda sucked too. but the core idea behind it was great.
and despite all the hate THIAF got, this was one of the things they did right.
i'd love to see a modern take on it, like Death's Cold Embrace but more ambitious.

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>> No.6332630

There were a lot of things Thief 3 did right to improve the game.
>moss arrows choking dudes
>the open world, as you said
>no need to use the compass as an additional item (imo, an improvement)
>more realistic blackjack?
>standing against walls

But some things just downgraded
>Blackjack doesn't look like a blackjack
>third person is silly
>climbing gloves instead of rope arrows
>no swimming
>no holy water arrows

>> No.6332647

>more realistic blackjack?
Suspicious about these. I was never able to stomach Thief 3 due to the clunky movement, but the blackjack in Thief 1&2 is the best feeling knockout weapon I've ever had in a game. The only thing that's better is the knife in TF2 when it's not glitching like crazy. As for lockpicking. I honestly never seen a lockpicking minigame that felt like it improved the game at all. Thief's felt perfect because it made noise and it also took a fixed amount of time, so picking locks was more about timing guards movement in the area rather than memorizing some minigame.

>> No.6332648
File: 1.64 MB, 1920x1080, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coincidentally, I'm playing Thief (Gold + TFix)for the first time now thanks to another thread. Did play Thief 3 a bit but never got into it at the time. This fucker scared me like holy shit.

Am about to do the third mission. But goddamn though, shat my pants at times especially the fucking zombies in the mines in the second mission. Fuck the mines. Fuck zombies, it's like playing a horror game and I hate horror games. Also the motherfucker got up after I killed him and I shat and ran.
Not knowing where enemies, where I am on a map, compass usage (something which I only have rudimentary knowledge of), it's truly a different experience. First time I forgot to save (modern autosave has spoiled me) and I had to redo everything after getting killed near the throne room. Now my finger's basically glued to quicksave.

Thanks, /vr/. This stuff is great.

>inb4 top left
Streaming my gameplay on Discord.

>> No.6332654

Once you beat the game Thief it's the perfect game to try and do levels in 1 shot (no saves). Really puts you on edge and makes the game replayable. Also the difficulty add/removes convenient sections of levels and adds more objectives, some of which feel like they coulda been the primary objective.

>> No.6332657

If you hate zombies you are in for a treat with Bonehoard.

>> No.6332669

>I was never able to stomach Thief 3 due to the clunky movement,
True, it has been a while but when I think back, I think it felt like most Unity games do today: floaty.

>but the blackjack in Thief 1&2 is the best feeling knockout weapon I've ever had in a game.
Was more referring to the fact it can only be done from the back, on non-alerted enemies.
Not sure if it's actually more realistic, but I could see the argument that someone who can prepare or is aware of an incoming blow is more likely to stay conscious, versus a surprise back-to-the-head blow. But then they also changed the model to a spiked bat for some reason.

Lockpicking was a tad closer to reality in 3, and I say that as someone who's tried his hand at amateur lockpicking. And I saw a bit, because every game uses that style nowadays while TES4: Oblivion's lockpicking is the one actually closest.
Thief 3's a bit more interactive than T1/2's but whether that's a good or bad thing is not my judgement, I guess.

>> No.6332675

Ironically even though I hate lockpicking minigames I liked Oblivion's system. I think it's just because usually when picking locks it was when no one was around and thieving in that game was typically slowpaced. It also probably has to do with the comfy aesthetics the minigame had.

>> No.6332978

Third person wasn't just silly, they designed the movement physics around it, making first person mode very clunky.

>> No.6333291

The Dark Mod had this problem. It feels like all modern first person games are designed like this. I fucking hate it.

>> No.6333515

based mental illness anon

>> No.6333628

About the first game? Everything. Almost a flawless game. It's a shame you can only buy Gold now, TDP gas better pacing and a better Lost City.
I disliked the Metal Age but I'm replaying through it right now, it isn't as bad as I remembered it, but no bunny hopping makes me kinda sad because it was fun to do. The black guards caught me off-guard. I remembered there being female ones, but I forgot about the black ones. Cooler aesthetic than I remembered, but I still prefer TDP's Dark Fantasy more. Shipping and Recieving was horrible, it was so long and it kept dragging on, it wasn't hard at all. Initially I wanted to ghost it but I gave up, blackjacked everyone and ran around the map carefree to open all of the warehouses.
Speaking of which, I legit forgot the missions in the Metal Age. Apart from the first two, Ambush, which I liked, the bank, which was kinda obnoxious iirc because it was just full of electric lights and robots and cameras and guards and marble. I also remembered the new Lost City, Life of the Party, which is overrated because I didn't like the tower and the final mission which took me an insane amount of willpower to sit through.

>> No.6333751

>The black guards caught me off-guard. I remembered there being female ones, but I forgot about the black ones.
Tell me about it. I had to drag the first black guy to a well lit room because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. And the female was such a shock she almost killed me.

>> No.6334096

>Shipping and Recieving was horrible
Really? That's one of my favorite levels in the entire series.

>> No.6334104

I loved it for the most part but I stopped at Return to the Cathedral because I just didn't care for the sheer number of zombies and the move toward combat

>> No.6334123

I don't think game-ifying a mechanic improves it, per se. Another anon summed up why pretty well.
>standing against walls
Again, I don't see how turning an element of the first two games (a guard walking past so closely as to almost touch you) into a button-press mechanic is actually an improvement.

>> No.6334172

If you thought RttC's move toward combat was obnoxious you should have seen Strange Bedfellows. If you ever so much as brush against a mosquito Garrett makes it his life goal to exterminate every bug ever.

>> No.6334213

It being generally fun until the wizard/ghost-whatever dude shows up.

>> No.6334247

If I have Theif Gold from GOG and apply TFix, which executable am I supposed to use after patching? The regular one, the one in ddfix or the one in no_ddfix?

>> No.6334254

I think you can just use the default gog launcher. TFix messes around with the files themselves. You'll know it's working if you can see the cutscenes before each level and 16:9 resolutions are supported.

>> No.6334263

Just played it. Was not a fan. Burrick caves were confusing as fuck too.

Did like the Ramirez mission (Assassins). Infiltrating a mansion and skulking from room to room lifting his valuables? 10/10 this is what I lived for.
Do have a question tho; is it possible to disable the alarms? I accidentally tripped the one in the prison because I was just pressing buttons to see what they did (thought it was a release-all, initially), and got chased by a Ramirez guard (but escaped) and he sounded the alarm making the theft of Ramirez's purse quite hard.

>> No.6334264

You can pick 16:9 in vanilla GOG Gold.

>> No.6334324

Luckily that objective is avoidable by just running straight to the cave.

>> No.6334332

GOG version might have TFIx already patched in then. I have Thief Gold on CD and it doesn't have that or cutscenes.

>> No.6334339

There are a few mosquito swarms down in the dark parts of the cave, I touched one of them by accident. To be fair I also nope'd out and reloaded.

>> No.6334350

>Strange Bedfellows
Man I haven't played that mission in so long. The mission where you explore the abandoned city always kills my playthroughs because of that fucking loot requirement. If it's not that then it's escape.

>> No.6334353

>the abandoned city
The Haunted Cathedral. Not The Lost City.

>> No.6334361

Was gonna say, Lost City has a pretty lenient loot requirement.

>> No.6334365

Lost City is supreme comfy in every way, like taking a vacation.

>> No.6334389

It is cool on paper, but it's huge and mostly empty. I spent like half an hour just getting all the keys and clearing a path and another half going to every warehouse and getting all the loot in one big swoop. I did love the elevator with the broken button that you have to shoot bit. I realized quickly what I had to do, but it's designed so briliantly. The painting that literally says "hurr durr your arrow in me will show you the path" wasn't as good..

>> No.6334394

I also liked where the spice bags were hidden. I noticed the opening, went on the second floor to see how I'm supposed to get the ones on top of the crates and man did it feel good to break the shit out of that window.

>> No.6334419

What are your prefered key binds for movement? First time player here and I have:

ctrl=crouch toggle

I think it's a bit awkward though as I keep walking foward when I want to back up still atm.

>> No.6334429
File: 112 KB, 513x478, Hammer_warriors.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

playing it now, I love it, I just wish the AI wasn't straight up retarded

>in prison level, there's the mage (some guy with fire) and some other guard not dressed in red
>take bowl I snatched from that chapel looking area with the rug
>staying in shadows, being very quiet, throw it deep down a long ass hallway to my right
>both proceed to circle the room and then go right back to their starting places, and chill out
>reload quicksave
>throw it again, this time they go in random directions and one goes directly in my direction and bumps into me

is it just randomized where they go or are they really that stupid and have no idea where sound sources are?

>> No.6334430

The level “Assassins” was when it officially hit me I was playing the best video game ever created. Hyperbole? Perhaps but I still argue that the original Thief is an exemplar of everything that make video games great: that borderline perfect blend of the other examples of creative media - art, story, sound, and music with the unique criteria of I interactivity. My only problem with Thief is whether vanilla or gold is the better version. Good just ruins the pacing ever so slightly and two of the levels aren’t good enough to justify the bloat but, fuck, more Garrett is never a bad thing. Anyway, Assassins achieved this by fully immersing me as Garrett and his place in the world at the time: mystery unfolding, assassins attempt on his life foiled, follow them in true stealth, discover who hired them, rob the motherfucker blind before pushing on with the story. If you decide to infiltrate the house via the window using food arrows (why wouldn’t you? They’re majestic) you’re treated, or at least I was, to this music kicking in when your feet touch the ground:


(Skip to 5 minutes on the dot)

Try and tell me that’s not fucking AWESOME.

>> No.6334432

*food == rope. I’m on the gin.

>> No.6334440


this may help

>> No.6334443
File: 2.24 MB, 1920x1080, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, I'm kind-of stuck. Is there any way to noclip? I'm using dark hook but the cheats in it still have me noclipped, and I accidentally quicksaved instead of quickloaded.

W walk forward
S walk backwards
Shift is run
Q & E is lean left/right, tab is forward
mousewheel up down is scrolling through items, MMB is use item
C is crouch toggle
LMB is attack, RMB is block
0 is clear weapon
Space is jump
F11 quicksave, F12 quickload.

>> No.6334449

Oh, and F for speed toggle so you can creep around sloooowly.

>> No.6334451


So you're saying "Speed Toggle" isn't needed? It seemed to me it was the one button that let you truly tip toe around not making any noises. Is just walking enough?

>> No.6334469

No, sorry, Speed Toggle is bound to F, I forgot it.
O and M for objective an map as well.
Only thing I don't use it Slide On (which is useless with modern mouse/keyboard setups) and the turn-camera/center-camera buttons (because I have a mouse).

>> No.6334474

I ran into a really weird gamebreaking bug in Thief 2 (with TFix 2 and EP2) that I didn't see mentioned anywhere. Running Interference. I don't what causes it, I think it's picking up the rings before escorting Genievieve out, but if the last thing I try to do is break her out, Basso just opens the door, the dialogue plays, he enters her room and it shuts behind him, locking both of them inside. If I block the door with my body, they both just stand there regardless of what I try to do. I can glitch Genievieve out of there by dropping a key onto the door (the noise makes her run), but Basso won't fucking move.

>> No.6334632

Luring really doesn't work in Thief unless you have a noise arrow. If the guards aren't already alert (swords drawn at all times or searching) then they usually just stay put and just become alerted. They usually need continuous sounds to home in on a source depending on how far they are from it (which is how the noise arrow works). At the very least for throwing shit it needs to be somewhat near the guards for them to go to it and usually it works better if they're already alerted. Usually the AI gets smarter the more alert it is.

I honestly prefer it this way. I always found frequent luring in games to be really tedious and it always makes the guards seem like fish. Thief encourages you to be more active. At the very least you can just pick up your noise arrows after shooting them. Also I wouldn't recommend ghosting if you're trying to do that. If you want some sort of crazy challenge it's 1000x more fun to try to do the levels in 1 shot with no saves than it is to ghost.

>> No.6334638

W = Run
S = Backwards
A/D = Strafe
Q/E = Lean left/right
Shift = Change speed
Ctrl = Crouch (have to hold)
F = Lean forward (really powerful with the blackjack)
1/2 = Scroll weapons
3 = Blackjack
4/5 = Scroll items

I have a bunch of others but those are the really useful ones.

>> No.6335159

Again, this is just my opinion. I prefer the new lockpicking one simply because it's closer to reality and involves the player's skill instead of just waiting.
Flattening yourself against gives the stealth a tad more immersion when they're nearly brushing up against you.

I actually forgot two other mechanics I liked: NPC's can see your shadow and leaning into the light does expose you. Thief 1-2 didn't do that.

>> No.6335180

>leaning into the light does expose you. Thief 1-2 didn't do that.
Pretty sure leaning changes the light source you're in. Sometimes when I'm waiting on a conversation I'll lean around like crazy and watch the light gem go nuts.

>> No.6335189

Nevermind dudes, was able to use it after enabling the lockscript + collision OFF + ghost ON.

>> No.6335420

>I always found frequent luring in games to be really tedious and it always makes the guards seem like fish.
Yeah, as much as I love Hitman, the coins make it far too easy to immobilise guards.

>> No.6335435

In Blood Money? I don't think I ever used the coins, and I got SA my first try a bunch. I guess it just wasn't my style.

>> No.6335459

>In Blood Money? I don't think I ever used the coins
Same, they never did what they were "supposed" to for me, at least. Maybe I used them too wrong or something, but I barely got "huh, what's that?".

I just choked a bitch and hid their bodies.

>> No.6335505

Blood Money wasn't as bad about it (Though, BM still had plenty of conveniently placed NPCs for gaining easy disguises). But the recent ones, Coins are extremely OP.

>> No.6335569

Like I said. Luring isn't really my style. It isn't even really realistic. If a dude hears a noise he's gunna be super sketched out and constantly looking around. It'd make him even harder to sneak up on.

Oh. The only ones I've played are Blood Money and Silent Assassin. Silent Assassin is a bit too tedious for me.

>> No.6335581
File: 617 KB, 640x480, Screenshot (29).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the pool parties

>> No.6336558

I seriously hope you're not enjoying FMs through the prim of unfunny let's plays.

>> No.6336571

Honestly? I remember when Razorfist never shut up about it.

>> No.6336576

I don't watch let's plays of anything.

>> No.6336587

I have Thief 3 lying around. Can I start with that or do I miss something?

>> No.6336602

It's a bad game. And also the (bad) conclusion of a trilogy

>> No.6336607

It could be worse, it could be thi4f

>> No.6336613

True dat. But to Thiaf's credit, at least it moved to its own continuity. Easier to dismiss.

>> No.6336913

I started with the xbox thief 3. Stopped halfway through and forgot about it. Then played 1 and 2 back to back. Then played 3 on PC. It's fine.

>> No.6336992

It's that movement. It's fucking awful. Someone else in this thread said it's because it's 3d camera movement even though you'll mostly be in first person. Sure fucking feels like it.

>> No.6337045

Playing the TDP for the first time now and so far I somehow don't like the fact that you don't have to make it to a level exit to finish a mission. Kills the immersion a little bit for me.

>> No.6337056

Stop playing on normal.

>> No.6337057

This is only for Normal. On Hard and Expert you have to exit the levels by yourself.

>> No.6337068

Don't stop playing on normal. Even on normal this ends after the third mission.

>> No.6337076

Oh, okay. Didn't know that.

>> No.6337081

He'll still miss out on some parts of some maps unless he plays on higher difficulties

>> No.6337095

>what is replay value

>> No.6337180

Yeah I wouldn't play Thief on normal the first time. You'll miss out on a bunch of stuff.

>Playing missions on normal first time
>Exploring half the maps the first time
>Not exploring the entirety of the Bonehoard the first time
>Not saving replays for shit like ghosting or doing the entire mission in 1 shot

>> No.6337243

>falling for the "play on expert" meme
>ending up among those sorry people who hate half of the missions (i.e. cragscleft and rttc) because of the obtuse objectives, which are meant to be extra
>never returning to lower difficulties and pretending you know all of the game, yet have no idea where the key to the evidence safe in cragscleft is hidden on hard

>> No.6337260

I haven't regretted doing my first playthrough on Expert except for The Haunted Cathedral which I finished 50 under the loot requirement. Crawling out of the library to hunt for a needle in the haystack was the opposite of fun.

>> No.6337291


is normal not preferred for first playthroughs?

>> No.6337296

>falling for the "play on expert" meme
You're a meme.
>ending up among those sorry people who hate half of the missions (i.e. cragscleft and rttc) because of the obtuse objectives, which are meant to be extra
Fucking kek. That's what pulled me in so hard the first time. Gigantic epic missions not 1 shot and done ones. The only thing that was a bitch was what this anon said >>6337260 because some of the loot literally blends into the background (necklace on haystack)
>never returning to lower difficulties and pretending you know all of the game, yet have no idea where the key to the evidence safe in cragscleft is hidden on hard
So? I don't give a fuck. I got the full package the first time.

>> No.6337298

Maybe you can avoid expert, but I wouldn't play on normal personally.

>> No.6337302

No, but imo there is not much difference between normal and hard. AI is almost the same, you get some bonus tasks, only thing I heard people complain is that loot requirement may be too high in some missions (Lost City for example), but I personally did not have any problems with that.

>> No.6337326

It's not the Lost City that's the problem. It's the haunted cathedral, which is the mission in the abandoned section of the city. All the loot there is worth 50-100 gp and it's hidden in garbage and shit. Also playing on normal usually adds a lot of shortcuts, which get taken away on hard.

>> No.6337327

>You're a meme.
No u
>got the full package
I'm extremely happy you filled your pleb tummy with everything you could grasp in one go, and boosted your ego pretending you did the right thing, but don't spoil the experience for others please.

>> No.6337345

You're the one ruining experiences for others. First times the sweetest and master ensures you get the most out of it.
>You're a pleb for not playing on the easiest difficulty and missing out on content the first time
Dishonored and Thief 4 sounds more up to your speed if you think side objectives are too much to handle.

>> No.6337361

Could be, but as I said, I had no problems with that. Only problem I had with The Haunted Cathedral are random walking patterns of zombies and burricks that sometimes kept me stuck on that bridge for tens of minutes.

>> No.6337892

The devs famously got cold feet about the stealth gameplay in TDP. Worried it'd either be too hard or not fun. Keep that in mind when that retard tells you to keep playing normal.

>> No.6337906

And in the end that decision was to the game's advantage. TDP is carried by its varied missions just as much as it does by its rock solid core gameplay.

>> No.6337917

Not gunna disagree there. It's hard to stomach at first when you go in expecting to be robbing a mansion and you're greeted with a tomb raiding level. However, on retrospect it gives the game way more depth than any other stealth game. It really gives off the feeling that Garrett's has to do good and shit jobs to scrape by and the entire world has all sorts of crazy history to it. The latter part especially. Thief immersed me in a way other games haven't, just because it genuinely feels like you're looking at this very mystical world from a Thief's point of view. Not to mention that atmosphere.

>> No.6338139

FUCK the Bonehoard and FUCK the Mines.
Thief not Tomb Raider, ok?

>> No.6338141

>Thief not Tomb Raider, ok?
Thieves steal shit from other places besides mansions.

>> No.6338156

Do it, anon! Do it for these lads and ladettes!

>> No.6338161

Cragscleft without the mines would be a perfect level but I don't hate the mines, you can just run past most of it.

>> No.6338167

The levels better with the mines. You're sneaking through the abandoned derelict part that no one wants to deal with and it feels that way. It makes the whole mission feel like there's more to it.

>> No.6338256

> the abandoned derelict part that no one wants to deal with
If they were designed better I would want to deal with it. The only good part of it is luring a zombie into the talking hammerites at the bottom of the factory and not having to spend water arrows. Taking Basso out through there is insufferable.

>> No.6338267

>Taking Basso out through there is insufferable.
I released every prisoner the first time and the Hammerites fucked them up, including Basso..

>> No.6338280

>If they were designed better I would want to deal with it.
And then it wouldn't be abandoned and derelict, and hammers would be overrunning it, and it wouldn't be the best way to sneak in completely invalidating the whole point of that section. This is why stealth games never live up to TDP. No one wants to simulate ACTUALLY BREAKING INTO A PLACE they just want to be a Naruto ninja.

There's literally a section of water behind one of the Hammer guards that will take you to the beginning of the map that's available on master. I think the easier difficulties have secret passages.

>> No.6338281

>including Basso
how? he's unconscious for that mission, you have to pick him up and carry him out

>> No.6338284

>And then it wouldn't be abandoned and derelict, and hammers would be overrunning it, and it wouldn't be the best way to sneak in completely invalidating the whole point of that section. This is why stealth games never live up to TDP. No one wants to simulate ACTUALLY BREAKING INTO A PLACE they just want to be a Naruto ninja.

I didn't say I wanted nothing down there, I just wanted less bullshit. Literally all the spiders could go and it would have still worked as a haunted mine.

>> No.6338289

>he's unconscious for that mission
I've seen him glitch out and actually be standing upright. Though that was before TFix.

>> No.6338290

Dude there's 1 spider that is in a pit that you can just shoot. You can run straight past the zombies, they don't even wake up unless you run past them twice. The only bullshit part is the jumping when climbing that chasm and even then it's a risk that comes with thieving. Are you just trying to kill every single zombie? They're only a threat if they corner you and even then holy arrows are basically an RPG because it does damage in a small AOE.

>> No.6338295

>This is a stealth game

>> No.6338308

>It's a stealth game so literally every single mission needs to be a fortress with guards
>Not bland and repetitive at all
The mines aren't the main attraction they're just how you get into the building.

>> No.6338319

>The undead
>Not bland or repetitive

>> No.6338326

This is literally your first introduction to the undead so I'm not sure what point you are trying to make.

>> No.6338327

>It's not what I expected
>It's also bland

>> No.6338357

>Not expecting the undead
Expecting the Undead and them not being there is the best part of TDP

>> No.6338373

Just skip to the metal age then.

>> No.6338384

Way ahead of you

>> No.6338916

TDP has the most variety, the strongest narrative with the best pacing and atmosphere.
DS, for all of it's flaws (movement, city sections, climbing gloves) has the smartest AI, dynamic light sources that make or break a run based on your timing, neat levels that would only be better if the game didn't run on a shit engine. Also a blackjack that isn't broken. Too bad gas bombs exist, shit OP object. Carry 5 of those, run circles around groups of 5+ guards, drop one, boom, no worries for the rest of the level.
TMA is TDP with reused levels, forgettable filler levels for half of the game, no bhop allowed and diversity hires.
Gold is TDP with a butchered pacing and worse, modified original levels.

>> No.6338986

Is there anyway to convert the gog version of gold to TDP? Or should I just download a copy of TDP and manually add all the improvement mods to it.

>> No.6338992

ignore the bitter goldlets

>> No.6339002

There is GoldtoDark.

>> No.6339596

>Gold is TDP with a butchered pacing and worse, modified original levels.
I like Thieves Guild. The mission was elaborate and the seedy basements really interesting. What I didn't like was backtracking a shitload from the first manor to the second mansion to actually get the vase though.

>> No.6339639

>Gold is TDP with a butchered pacing
Only if you played TDP first. Otherwise, I would recommended Gold to any new players.

>> No.6339649

I liked the idea of the Thieves Guild. And the mission even started nicely. But once you get to the sewers...it's so overwhelming when you play it for a first time. Bunch of doors with numbers on them, and even more levers with even more numbers give the impression that the level is bigger than it really is. And the backtracking of course...But the Mage Towers and Opera house were nice additions.

>> No.6339713

First time seeing a Fire Mage casually stroll through lava scared me more than any undead.

>> No.6339735

i like how in the first level the first guard that goes near you when walking says hi to you, this never happens again in the entire series

>> No.6339737


>> No.6339749


>> No.6339824

he´s a moron, i called out on him because he was talking non stop and not playing the game properly and he didn´t reply back, he´s pussy ass bitch

>> No.6339980

First time player back again, deep into the bonehoard now (switched to hard) and I have to say it, i fucking HATE how the movement feels in this. How is it so janky? Bit disappointed. The dinosaur frogs are cute though.

>> No.6340025

There's a friendly guard in the Guild mission too, but that's a Gold-only mission

>> No.6340029

is there a mod that does the opposite (turning TDP to Gold)?

>> No.6340153

Doubt it. That's just piracy.

>> No.6340195

TDP feels really short without the Gold missions, and the worst Gold mission (The Thieves Guild) is still nowhere as bad as the worst level of the base game, Escape!.

>> No.6340196

What? The movement is Thief 1 + 2 is smooth as butter. You've rebinded your keys to use wasd movement and mouselook right?

>> No.6340203

>nooooooo every stealth game needs to be metal corridors with military guards!!

>> No.6340206

>worst level
>not Undercover
Look I don't even hate Undercover, but the game practically shits itself if you haven't knocked out anyone before the alarm is sounded.

>> No.6340214

Undercover is pretty bad too, but at least you can just blackjack everyone and explore the map in peace

>> No.6340223

Escape! lets you do the same. And there are no surprises and ticking clock switches there.

>> No.6340237

I'm not the type to complain about mazy levels, but Escape is really like a maze, plus every tunnel has at least one enemy in it.

>> No.6340245

I'm probably alone in this, but it's the mansion part of it I dislike. Revisiting a gutted version of an old level always rubbed me the wrong way.

>> No.6340271

In TDP. Realizing you can also stealth and trick super natural foes.

The red specters were the most terrifying thing ever, but one day I decided to throw a random object to lure the two specters who guard a mansion in Lost City, and when I lured them into the same spot, I flashed them and wiped them out, letting me explore that area feeling like the coolest mother fucker.

It felt really immersive as well, because in his dialogue, Garret always brushed them off like if they were a bunch of chumps, so after realizing I could achieve the same thing, it was amazing.

>> No.6342252
File: 1.07 MB, 1103x621, dump001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6342345

You are working on your fan mission... Right, anon?

>> No.6342452

So let's say I want to make a fan mission, should I do it using Thief modding programs, or The Dark Mod? I never played The Dark Mod and I don't know which one would be easier for a beginner. My general idea for the fan mission would be a survival horror type one, bunch of zombies, haunts etc.

>> No.6342461

Dark Mod is great but the advantages it has over the originals work better in missions with human enemies. If you're doing survival horror you're better off working with T1 or 2 which also have better zombie variety.

>> No.6342472


>> No.6342613

The amazing voice of Garret, the cutscenes and RETURN TO THE HAUNTED CATHEDRAL

>> No.6342661

The Dark Mod is a standalone game, heavily inspired by but separate from Thief.
If you wanted to make a fan mission for Thief, you'd use DromEd.

>> No.6343564

>heavily inspired by but separate from Thief.
It's literally Thief but with the standard "totally not X" layer that most video games or tabletop settings use. Only for legal reasons.

>> No.6343701

Saying it's literally Thief implies all the issues (clunky movement being the biggest one) don't exist.

>> No.6343709
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No, dumbass, you said it was heavily "inspiried by", while it's literally a Thief fangame that replaced all the Thief-names with OC donut steels (Hammers > Builders, etc). It's a Thief clone that went on a few separate avenues but it's, in essence, a Thief fangame.

Also, clunky movement in T3 didn't exist? Only 100% source codes clones without issue are Thief games? Nigga what.

>> No.6344650

Fuck man, this game is pure jank. I also just saw the game over screen for killing a guard who was "wielding" a sword (looked more like ballet to me) when the mission objective clearly stated "Don't kill anyone who is unarmed". There are some ROUGH edges you might cut yourself on in this game. I didn't really want to kill him just have some time to scout out the layout and then reload though.

>> No.6344684

Is this from Thief1? I can't recall it.

>> No.6344757

Then you should've blackjacked him. Combat is always a last resort.

>> No.6344984

When the thief stole stuff

Idk I didn't play it

>> No.6345048

He was clearly armed. He even attacked me before and I got away. I kill him with an arrow and the game shows me a mission failed screen with the objective "Don't kill anyone who's unarmed" marked. That's a bug friend.

>> No.6345112

What mission?

>> No.6345127

Thieves Guild right at the beginning inside the tavern after you pick the first lock to the back door.

>> No.6345154

Also another thing that bugs me is that NPCs can see through objects within rooms. The fuck is up with that? Happened to me twice now. One time I was behind a large chair approaching two guards and the other time I was behind a gigantic barrel that 100% covered me entirely but I was still spotted immediately. Objects are not cover in this. They're apparently just there to hinder you maneuverability. The only ways to hide are corners in the level's architecture and shadowed areas.

>> No.6345243

chairs can´t cover your whole body because you´re bigger, same as real life

>> No.6345591

Yeah thats one of the things I like about the sequels and spin offs. the furniture isn't just there for decoration. you can hide behind them (or under them, in Dishonored at least) open the drawers, search them... thief 4 even has desks with locked drawers

>> No.6347291
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Old Bafford's.