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What the FUCKING FUCK were they thinking??? This stage is fucking cancer, I finished it multiple times but every fucking time it feels like torture. Did the Capcom team fucking played this stage before releasing the game??? What the FUCK. You can brag about other shit levels in this thread.

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git gud zoomie

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how are moving platforms even real nigga lmao just use the magnet beam

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The coding for downwards momentum is fucked so if you don't doit right you'll get jetted downwards like a black hole.

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You mad.

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Wily wars version fixes this

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mega man is literally "lol gimmick" the game. People that defend the artificial difficulty in these games are sick

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It's not that bad. it's a bit glitchy yes, but once you realize what doesn't work, you should be careful to make sure you don't do that again.

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just use metal blades to shoot diagonally at enemies before they have a chance to shoot at you

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>metal blades

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Shut up pussy

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Nice artificial criticism

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>didn't get the magnet beam


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I don't know why you even bothered to reply to an artificial person?

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That you're a fucking faggot.

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I love that stage. The feeling of beating a stage of such difficulty is equal to sex, it's sublime.
Anyway, the trick is to be more centered and not trust the gravity on that level, that is, don't even try to adjust to anything but dead center.

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Based Capcom predicted the future

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That's cheating and the wuss's way out. If you can't beat that stage without the beam, you're taking the easy path, thus making your overall victory hollow.

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Fuck this shit

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That's not so bad once you know what to do, but getting killed and then coming back with no sticky bomb power sucks.

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The block puzzles are pure fucking niggardly faggotry at it's fucking finest, it's god awful


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Mega Man is literally a robot, he's made out of metal. What makes you think he should easily be able to correct himself when being over taken by gravity and inertia. Do you get mad in water levels when you realize he's not buoyant? [email protected] life, lad.

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You're a big flabby pussy

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my mistake, I only glanced at OP's pic for a second and thought it was air man's stage

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What the hell does your screenshot have to do with HP Lovecraft's cat, anyway?

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You can beat Boobeam Trap with 6 Crash Bombs.

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okay bootlicker

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shut your mouth you cerebus looking motherfuck

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>Do you get mad in water levels when you realize he's not buoyant?

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Several things to consider here:
>Because Foot Holders are objects and not tiles, they don't stop his downward momentum at all. He is constantly moving downwards while standing on them and they reset his position back on top every frame. If you step off one without jumping you immediately fall at maximum velocity
>The hitbox that you stand on is only one pixel thick, meaning if the Foot Holder is moving upwards while Megaman is moving downwards they can pass through each other.
>The bullets that go left come out of the right side of the Foot Holder, passing through its body, and vice versa, meaning you can get hit while standing in the middle of it.
In other words, even if they had a good design instead of just moving randomly all over the place, they are so buggy you would be screwed over anyway.

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As much as I don't like that section, it's really not THAT bad. Just use Magnet Beam, my dude. You don't need to Magnet Beam across the whole thing, just magnet beam to each platform. Using magnet beam across that whole section is more of a risk than doing it legit.

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>using an item in the game you can get through normal gameplay
>"bu..but that's cheating!"
neck yourself.

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Shut the fuck up RIGHT NOW.

Here's a bunch of facts for your white punk ass:

1. Moving platforms that shoot mechanic is brilliant
2. It's hard only for pussies like you
3. All Boss levels in Mega Man are masterpieces and if the game kept this level of level design for Wily levels, first game would be the best platformer ever made, beating every other MM game easily.

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> Wily wars
Murder yourself at once.

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> penetrate seven societies of Dr Wily
The fuck does that mean? Now I want an Eyes Wide Shut X Mega Man crossover

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That part isn't even hard, you zoomer faggot, nor is the stage. What are you crying about exactly?

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Git gud.
>..to stop the rapid expansion of strange misrepresentations of humans
Capcom was based.
It reads like a manifesto against trannys.

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I beat that first try lmao, git gud or go back to fortnite, zoomer

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The only thing I hate about this is how their movement is literal RNG and not pre-programmed. It could be over in 5 seconds and be super easy, or they could hover at the bottom of the stage for 3 minutes whil you have to dodge the other platforms projectiles the whole time

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