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I never had a Sega Saturn, only Playstation.
Did I miss out on anything?

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The Saturn is not /vr/‘s future.

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Sex and success mostly

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I recently bought an action replay plus for my Saturn. Does it play all import games? I wouldn't have any trouble playing Mega Man X3/X4/8?

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I think you need to flash pseudosaturn onto it but try it before anyway

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All right I'll look into it before I go ahead and start buying expensive imports. Thanks.

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A library that wasn't bloated by shovelware but still managed to have a worse good to bad game ratio.

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>Did I miss out on anything?
Mostly just inferior arcade ports.

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if you can’t read Japanese, then no, not really

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>wasn’t bloated by shovelware
kek, delusional

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Yes. Every system except the PS. And >>6299358

Spotted the EOPs

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>he learned a foreign language to play shitty JRPG and VN shovelware

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You missed out on being so thoroughly fucked over by Sega that it would give you lifelong stockholm syndrome.

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>he's bitter other people can learn languages, travel, meet people, and make good money

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You type like a woman.

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I'm guessing you mean your mom writes well?

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>Common core zoomie wasn't taught the Superior Oxford comma
Shouldn't you be playing animal crossing right now?

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Saturn seems like one of those systems that was shit when it was out and didn't get good until 20 years after release.

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Saturn specialized in very good 2d. It had a lot of great anime and japanese style games.

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Should have bought one of the red carts with PseudoSaturn pre-installed on. The Action Replay Plus loses the memory card feature when flashed with PseudoSaturn.

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If you were old enough to afford imports when it was current it was good. Of course, I was a kid and played it at my local store and at another kid's place, so I got to experience the terrible western library and was not impressed at all.

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It had a lot of lewd games, just bought one of those 1-handed controllers that ASCII made for it. They made a Playstation version too.

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Weird you assumed I meant that because of grammar and not the fact he listed traveling and meeting people as positives.

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Seriously don't understand this. Why not just play hentai games on a computer?

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I don't have a nice VGA CRT, and it gets even lewder when it's on a Saturn anyway, I don't know how.

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Those are both positives for anyone who's not a basement troll

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Event hoarding is an unhealthy behavior.

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If I can read Japanese, what are some must-play games? I only know Sakura Wars.

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Here you go, this is what you were looking for.

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>entire catalogue
yeah, really useful infographic there

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post something of use than shit posting queer

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Can confirm the 4 in 1 they sell plays imports, just got one recently.

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uh every saturn game is worth it

dont be a lazy cuck and try every damn game 1 by 1

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dinosaur island

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The sheer amount of inferior ports in these lists is baffling.

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>no sakura wars

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That's a very outdated list less focused on finding cool things on the platform and mostly just condensing down the experience into a few big titles

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>n-nooo it was good if you ordered Japan exclusive games that no one else in your neighborhood played

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List isn't that bad, but in the modern day Saturn isn't anywhere near the best or most accessible way to play Duke Nukem. Double for Quake, it's incredibly impressive but it has a million better source ports on modern systems. Can't stress enough how superior PowerSlave is on Saturn though.

Also if you get Clockwork Knight, get the sequel as well. It's literally the same game split in two, playing one without the other is pointless and unfulfilling.

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>but in the modern day Saturn isn't anywhere near the best or most accessible way to play Duke Nukem. Double for Quake
Who said the Saturn versions are the best versions in the first place? They're just cool ports that are fun to check out. Duke plays very well by the way. It's nice they play differently to their PC ports too.

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Yes. So many great games. Fighters Megamix, the Japanese version of Fighting Vipers which includes Pepsiman as an unlockable character, House Of The Dead, Virtua Cop, Last Bronx, and Virtual-On.

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You had me excited for a second, but it appears the Saturn version has the lewdness cut out:


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You wouldn't have missed much I you got one while it was still new, the majority of good games never left Japan because of Sega's retardation.

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>n-nooo i can't into reading comprehension
It's hilarious how the angry little children here are always imagining new things to be angry about

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