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I love infographics and recommendation charts and wondered if there were any gaming related ones. I'll post a few.

Things like best-versions-to-play, chronologies, etc. - they can all go here.

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this is fucking dumb as shit you should delete it

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It's not the best, but it made me laugh! You may want to take these as simple recommendations than anything else. Thanks for replying!

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Why would you recommend the mobile versions for anything except IV?

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>best games on a system
>lists almost all titles it has
I mean, technically it is still right but if you post 40 out of 45 games that doesn't mean much.

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Did Yuji Horii actually say you should play them in order or is the creator of this chart doing the projection thing we do about CRT's?

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Look here: >>6297281

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these aren't mine, just ones I've saved

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That's the most reddity chart posted
>/vr/ core
>the classics
What the shit does that mean? Moreover all those games are in better constructed, informed charts. This just looks like it was made by some fag who made a chart to feel important.

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that's true, I just saved it since it's got a lot of good games listed

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shit made chart... doesnt even list what system each game is on. 1/10 list

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That's a list of most discussed games on /vr/
Learn 4chan and his cores

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This is just a response to that /mu/ chart.

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Who the fuck puts SF3 over SF2 in a list entitled 'the classics'?

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>Red and Blue but no Gold and Silver
I honestly don't understand

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>That's a list of most discussed games on /vr/
That are already in other charts.
>Learn 4chan
I've coming to this shithole for nearly a decade faggot.
But why, /mu/ is filled with faggots both figuratively and literally, with shit taste to boot.
>Who the fuck puts SF3 over SF2 in a list entitled 'the classics'?
Fags who want to feel important by making a chart that will dictate a board's tastes. Charts are honestly shit.

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Am I correct in understanding that the only original GB mega man game is V?

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Bust a move is perfect

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No. They're all edited for the GB and recombine different parts of the originals. But V is the most original.

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DQ1 works surprisingly well as a mobile game desu

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This should really change to recommending crispy doom over chocolate doom, as they are literally both the same except for crispy doom offering extra options like uncapped frame rate and widescreen support.

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>Doom 2 is "keyboard-only"
Even the original DOS version had mouse and keyboard support. Not great, it had some untogglable shit like strafing with the mouse, but it worked fine enough to be able to play it that way.

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>anything except IV
3-6 are more than fine. 1&2 are OK

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Considering there's two sets of trilogies and that the later games are all love letters to the series as a whole, it's reasonable to assume Horii would want them played that way, but the guy who made the image is definitely just making that assumption.

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To a degree, yeah. Personally, I think the entire genre ran out of ideas by the mid-90s. I mean, look at Pokemon. There's only so many things you can do with Menu Selection: The Game, unless you fuse it with other game genres, like Undertale did with bullet hells. I totally get why SE transformed FF into an MMO (partially).

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Paper Sorcerer (not retro) kicks ass.

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>that shitty chart I made in hatechins ages ago is still making the rounds

I don't know how to feel about that

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Does anyone have an SNES recommendation list? I feel like playing some games now that I'm working from home.

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That reminds me. Is Saturn emulatable now?

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Here is your resource for “can I emulate X”

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