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the final redpill is realizing he was right.

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Yes some Jew named Karrastein the Thief equivalent of Zuckerberg was right. Okay.

No thanks. Pagang gang for me.

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the perfection of the machine is far superior to the chaos and faggotry of nature.

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ngl this is pretty good OC

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Nobody sympathises with a cartoon tier villain, even ironically

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His voice is terrible

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It should have been a damaged SHODAN who came here through a black hole.

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I hope you double taffers are playing the 20th anniversary missions.

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I find his voice to be really creepy and ominous. He struck me as a fat greasy 80 year old loner. Even his machines kinda look like this because they have no chin. Then I saw what he looked like and was really confused.

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Reminder that he did nothing wrong.

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Would you take a tenement any day of the week in the castle of the future?

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Okay I'm in

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The hammerites weren't too fond of mechanists.

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Weren't very fond of girls either

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>tfw no hammerite gf

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I will find thee and crush thee, betwixt mine thicc thighs!

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What are your favorite FMs of the anniversary?

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Into the Odd and Feast of Pilgrims.

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>Into the Odd
>Ten Little Taffers
>Builder's Paradise
Can't pick a single one out of them as they each have something special of their own to offer, though I still have to play Feast of Pilgrims and GORT's word salad.

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I loved Death's Cold Embrace. The atmosphere was kino, great music.

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what >>6302576 said

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For the most part, they're surprisingly pretty good. The only one that is objectively bad is Time for Change, imo

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What is your favorite fan mission and why?

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I agree. *Coofs.*

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Am I the only one who thinks that Thief was more revolutionary than Half-Life?
Half-Life has better AI and more varied scripted sequences, but everything else (architecture, story, lore, gameplay, variety) is worse than Thief, which came out one month later.

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hl had more impact, and it represented far more popular genre

but I do agree that thief is a better game

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There are some things that Thief revolutionized more, such as environmental storytelling (Half-Life didn't do that properly until HL2) and AI idle behavior that is meant to be indirectly beneficial to the player. Such as "barks" i.e. voice lines that convey AI state and act as a position beacon. Thief also codified shadow-based stealth that was adopted by many games into their stealth mechanics. Too bad the same can't be said for the use of audio in stealth.
I haven't played many adventure games of the 90's, but didn't Thief also basically invent geometry-based mantling? One thing that's great for sure is that Half-Life's version of mantling never caught on and has only ever been used in Valve games. Crouch-jumping has never been anything but a ridiculous concept in all aspects.

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