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And whats your favorite game in that genre?
For me its the traditional 2D platformer, shmups and racing games.

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/m/ stuff, genre doesn't matter
Outside of that, beat em ups, platformers, STG games, top down adventure games. Favorites pictured here.

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Platformvanias, dash 'n' mashes, and scroll-em-uplikes

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Jarpigs, metroidvanias, and VN/dating sims.

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>SRW F Final
My man.
But playstation version?

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Saturn version has that save bug.

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I favor 3D games with a third person view of the character you're playing as. Third person shooters, platformers, adventure, hack-n-slash, whatever.

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Platformers - Gimmick
Racing - F-Zero X
Run 'n Gun - The 8 and 16-bit Contra games are all tied for first
Rhythm - not /vr/ (Rhythm Tengoku)
Shooters - Rayforce

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I kind of remember reading about that, but I think it isn't too common? I never had it happen to me.
playstation version has that weird music though.