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Imagine being the kid with crackhead parents who got him a Dreamcast for Christmas

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>Playing soul calibur on Christmas
Sounds pretty based

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Imagine mowing lawns all summer to join the Dream Team.

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>games are all about ones childhood

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Imagine being a kid in 1999

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>Trashy families bought Dreamcasts

Never heard this before but I believe it like it's an old trope

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No, OP, that was the PS2. So the crackheads would have something to watch their burnt DVDs on under the guise of it being a "gift" for their little failed abortion. Dreamcast was for cool kids that always got the newest stuff.

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Could be true

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You mean the rich kids.

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Always want the newest stuff haha look what I haz just found haha

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Sounds right most of the kids that had a dreamcast were brats.

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If they were proper crackheads that DC would be sold by new years day if not sooner.

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super fucking cozy thoughts

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crackhead parents can’t afford something like that, that’s money that could be spent on more drugs.

the true crackhead parent gets their kids a well worn out used gameboy with sticky substance on the buttons that they got from the pawn shop, now keep in mind they’ll repawn the thing at the end of the month to buy more crack.

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this anon keeps making copy pasta posts with the same header and will post any console, be it SEGA or Nintendo or whatever else, this is literally a bait/meme thread, and people keep taking it seriously because the old geezers who use this board are easily baited people

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I was that kid. Got a dreamcast for Christmas in 2000 with Sonic Adventure and some fishing game.

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That was my parents, and now it's my favorite console of all time and helped fuel my fetish for flashy arcade games. Thanks mom and dad!

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I had rich grandparents, so I asked them for a Dreamcast, and asked my Parents for a PS2, so I got both, I was one happy camper. Comfy middle class suburb feels.

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Oh, it was.

Soul Calibur, Resident Evil Code Veronica, Street Fighter 3, Sonic Adventure, Even Berzerk and Maken X were great.

I got a dreamcast with like 15 games that year and it was the second best christmas of my life, honestly.

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i have never seen a dreamcast in my entire life
neither have i ever seen a copy of the 2nd gen of pokemon
both these things completely missed my area

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That is me. I begged my parents and promised it would not be like the Saturn. They ended up getting it for me on their Fingerhut account which let them make payments on $300.

I begged them to buy me a game a for some reason I picked Chef's Luv Shack because I liked South Park. The game was terrible and they never bought me another one as punishment. A few months later they stopped renting games too so I never got to play anything else and my parents were mad at me for making them waste money.

I still hate the Dreamcast to this day.

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Imagine thinking you're better than someone for being in your 30s

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I begged my dad for a Dreamcast, but he insisted that we should wait for the PS2. You’re parents seem pretty harsh tho.

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I got a Dreamcast with Sonic Adventure for my 11th birthday, which was just two days after the Dreamcast launch.
I also got Final Fantasy VIII the same day, since it came out the same day as the Dreamcast launch even if it's a PS1 game.
They would also give me a LaserDisc of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace imported from Japan.
I still have them.

I always got most consoles at launch or near launch because I was very rich growing up.
I would later get a PS2 the following year and both the Xbox and GameCube the year after that.

Watch The Mysterious Mr. Enter's playthrough of that game here:
He rips and tears it apart really well and yeah, I can see why it's shit.
Yes, I am an Enterbot, and I am not afraid to admit it.

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Damn it, I meant to say I got the TPM LaserDisc for my birthday the following year, among other things.

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>Imagine being the kid that didn't have access to arcade-perfect ports for tons of fighting games and shmups, plus some of the best racing games at the time

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dreamcast was the shit before ps2 came out. i was legit blown away by soul calibur.

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I was that kid and it was fucking awesome.

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I didn't know about sega as a kid and I thought the dreamcast was a knockoff PS1 until like 2005

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Wow, what a retard.

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Back when I had a sega. Good days.

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Imagine being underage

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N64/Xbox knockoff*

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Imagine thinking Dreamcast arcade ports were arcade-perfect when it didn’t even have as good of specs as the NAOMI.

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Underage is 18 and below. None would have been alive in the 1990s

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Gameplay-wise, they were perfect ports.

>but muh blurry textures...
Seek help Naomi-kun.

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>not playing with as good quality of arcade joysticks and buttons or lightguns is perfect gameplay
What a fucking retard.

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Dreamcast had good lightgun and arcade stick peripherals.
Get over your Dreamcast hateboner already, you're more autistic than the Bernieposter.

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what the fuck

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That's not a neo geo champ

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yes, idiot

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My Parents weren't crackheads. I got my Dreamcast by launch date and I love my Dreamcast. There are plenty of good games on there that I enjoyed.

But imagine being a Nintendrone hating on one of the greatest 6 gen consoles of all time, all because you Nintendrones still care about console wars.

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I never had to. My parents made good income to buy me a $200 console.

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For some reason that is based as fuck.

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What gives I got a brand new Playstation in-between the year from my mom because DOWANT hehe

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The kids that got the dreamcast were the rich kids, anon, the PS2 was for the budget parents that realized they also got a DVD player with the deal

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Based retard

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I got a Nintendo in -99 :3

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What board was this anyway? Was it /v/ but someone made the board colour pink?

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Man, that's the kinda life I wish I grew up in. If there is a God and he gives me another chance at life, I'd pick 90's suburban America. I guess movies andThe Simpsons make me think it's different, but damn. It just seems so colorful and carefree.

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>I still live at home

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kys, your mental illness will never be cured

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>imagine hating video games

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there is no console as beloved as the dreamcast, nothing you like will ever be as adored by the general population as the dreamcast, you are upset that it gets the adoration you don't deserve
you can keep making these faggot threads, insecure due to the knowledge that you couldn't even coax a single woman to touch your worthless cocklet, let alone find someone who genuinely appreciates the fact you're alive, but you'll never stop the undying love the planet has for the dreamcast, and long after your bloated suicide corpse is found by a maintenance guy who for months just assumed the smell was normal for a disgusting neckbeard NEET the dreamcast will be remembered, and no one will have even known you existed

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>it was the second best christmas of my life, honestly.
what was the first?

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I'm still playing it online and would take it over most of your fucking shit any day

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>dreamcast was the shit before ps2 came out. i was legit blown away by soul calibur.
Have to totall fucking agree on that. Absolut mind blowing to battle it out against the pals on a chill afternoon.

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I was 17, of course I was still living at home, jackass.

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>Mysterious Mr. Enter
Autistic motherfucker

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Poor man's xbox

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Cool headcanon.

Most of us were adults with jobs and were out of highschool when Dreamcast released.

It's like corona virus summer in here. /v/ trying to blend in like a motherfucker.

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They're pretty much the same console even down to the controller and emphasis on online/multiplayer play. Xbox got games that were slated for Dreamcast if it didn't die early.

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>17 in 1999
Holy SHIT you must be almost 60 by now. Get the fuck off this site.

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Like SNES being poor folk’s PSOne?

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The dreamcast came out one year earlier than the PS2

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Perhaps but even so I'll still take successor consoles any day.

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I'm only 38, kid. But it's good to see you're triggered.

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t. Xbox-drone

>> No.6280362

>sjw picture
Holy cope, nice use of the may-mays gramps.

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That's not a refutation, squirt.
>t. 29yo boomer

>> No.6280842

That's not a refudiation, 38yo zoomer

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Nice made-up word.

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Same here man. I grew up in a working-class neighbourhood, my dad was a factory worker and my mom was a cashier. Needless to say we had very little money. Occasionally my dad would get electronics and video games, but always used, and always when they were years old and obsolete (we got a 486DX in 1996, a Super Nintendo in 1998, and an OG Game Boy in 2000). I didn't really know any better, and I had way more gadgets than other people in my elementary school. Most kids had nothing. I actually got beaten up in third grade by a kid who thought that my computer-typed assignments made his look bad, and that's why he kept getting Cs and Ds.

Once I got into high school and started mixing with kids from the good side of town, I realized how poor we were. One of my friends lived in a big, new house near a lake. He owned an N64, Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS2, a Nintendo DS, a sick AMD Athlon64 gaming PC, and an older IBM laptop in his room (this was 2005, I was 15 and it was my first time seeing a laptop in real life). I remember playing GoldenEye for the first time and it absolutely blew my mind. Aside from the vidya, everything about that house seemed so amazing. His family seemed so happy and carefree, not stressed and unhappy like my parents always were. Everything was neat, clean, and impeccably put together, unlike the fucked up baseboards, dirty, rattling windows and stained, uneven floors in our rental townhouse. That was my first glimpse into middle-class suburban life. When I got home that night, I went straight to my room and cried into the pillow.

The next year he begged his mom to give him an Xbox 360, but she agreed to do it only if he got rid of at least one console. So he ended up giving the N64 to me. Rinse and repeat with the Nintendo Wii in 2007, when he also gave me his GameCube. I still have both consoles to this day. Whenever I play them, I think about everything I missed out on as a kid- from video games to vacations.

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Interesting anon, for me I also grew up quite poor but had parents (or parent since my dad loved spending money) who did their best to sacrifice their own enjoyment for ours. So I had everything more or less, and so did my two brothers. We had all the consoles and were always up to date (although we didn't care for Sony surprisingly, so no PS2/PS3 until we were teens). So I always had something to distract me. Still, at least my parents didn't force me to give away my vidya for more vidya, she would just buy us whatever was new for birthdays and christmas.

I'm from London so I pretty much see a city that has around 5 different architecture styles clashing into one another constantly, along with tons of graffiti and rubbish everywhere, it's honestly such an ugly place and the weather never changes so it's always grey. I also live in an apartment block that was for 2 people but had 5 people living in it so I was always cramped. Whenever I would watch movies or tv shows set in suburban America, it was such an eyeopener. It was the EXACT kind of place I wish I lived in. It was sunny, spacious, seemed like there was tons to explore and places to go, everyone sort of knew each other or at least were on good terms, kids played outside for ages, you could hang out with your friends at your place or vise versa. I'm sure it's a "grass is greener" kinda deal but I imagine if you took my family and placed them there instead I probably would've had a completely better life.

I don't know, I guess I just never had any kind of experience due to my overprotective parents. So whenever I'd escape to movies and TV I'd always see kids having adventures in these houses and neighborhoods, hell even when I'd use the internet and browse 4chan when I was a teenager the greentext stories would always be from Americans talking about their middle class lifestyle, playing vidya, hanging out with friends, sleepovers, hanging out in the woods and shit. Just seemed so much better.

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I can't help but chortle at your factitious claim. That word is completely natural and not made up. I picked it from a wild word tree near my home just this morning.

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Trolled softly

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>parents still buying things for you at that age
Actually winced holy shit. What a baby lmao

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You remind me of an SJW Incel I triggered on Facebook.

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Being a spoiled rich kid, why would I want to buy it myself when I don't have to work for a living? Sounds like you're jealous.

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>metal gear
>sly cooper
>shadow of the colluses
>god of war
>every shin megami tensei game
>every final fantasy lol
dont get me wrong the dreamcast is good but saying the ps2 is inferior is retarded. i would argue they are both equally good.

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You know what? I'm going to say it. I don't care that you broke your arm!

>> No.6282124

What kind of crack are you smoking? My arm isn't broken.

>> No.6282138

he wasn’t saying PS2 was bad, he was saying it was the console of kids with cracked parents, which it was, but everyone had a PS2 though so you could put any group under the PS2 umbrella, but there absolutely was the poor black kids with the drug addict parents who had them, but that’s just the playstation brand as a whole really, their consoles have always sold well because of the developing world and the poor, because PS1 & 2 were so easy to pirate on

>> No.6282162

What veriety of different cracks are you aware of, you little degenerate fuck?

>> No.6282187

Ah, you're definitely on some kind of crack.

>> No.6282223

I grew up in a similar situation. My dad worked his ass of so I had everything he didn't have. It wasn't till I got to high school when I noticed he gave up buying himself things to buy what every game or thing I wanted.

>> No.6282643

Lame. Learn how to make a funny, non-redundant retort.

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Think about him, I know exactly who you are talking about.

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>metal gear
>sly cooper
>god of war
>every shin megami tensei game
>every final fantasy lol

>> No.6282658

>this post

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Hurr hurr, there you go kiddo. In a couple decades you might understand the game.

Get lost squirt.

>> No.6282845

luckiest kid in the world

>> No.6283209

awesome console and I wish I still had my modded out one still. even modded the vmu with some programs. I'll pick another one up eventually and spend my days playing a few of its rpgs and power stone 2's quest mode

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>I'm from London
Interesting, I also grew up in a city called London, but in Ontario. Just like the real London, there is a Thames River, an Oxford Street, and a shitty east end (where I lived). I now live in a place called Waterloo. You could say that we're fond of British place names.

Newer middle-class suburbs in London and Waterloo are exactly like the American equivalents. Green lawns, nice big lots, fairly large houses on the lots. I live in a post-war suburb in Waterloo, which are also a lot like the 1950s American equivalent (bungalows with carports, but no garages) though slightly less shabby since there isn't the same kind of white flight problem here. In both neighbourhoods, kids don't really play outside much because the parents are worried about all manner of things, whereas in my working-class neighbourhood, all kids COULD do was play outside. Most people did not have cable or video games, so you were kinda forced to. Generally we didn't have sleepovers, because my mom complained that we were paying to feed another mouth (in retrospect, my poorer friend would always try to take food from our house, which would piss me off nowadays). Overall I think the lack of internet and cable contributed to a more carefree environment and less paranoid parents. So your overprotective parents were basically just ahead of the curve.

No matter where you are, being poor sucks on a relative basis. I think it sucks less to be poor in Canada vs the US, but I do not look back fondly on my childhood.

It's pretty common for rich kids. The friend I mentioned in the previous post went away for university, and before he left his parents bought him a car and a brand new Macbook. He was 18. I stayed in my hometown for university, took the bus for an hour to school every day, worked part-time, and took notes on paper until I could afford a second-hand Thinkpad T42p (thanks, /g/). Being rich allows you to be a kid longer.

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you look like the nigger who's parents also bought him a zune

>> No.6284145

>what was the first
One time my mom wrapped up her hands and when I unwrapped them, she gave me and my dog handjobs.

>> No.6284353

So your birthday is on 9/11?

>> No.6284404

Aside from you guys already posted, please check out:
>Spawn: In the Demon's Hand
>Record of Lodoss War - Advent of Kardis
>Seventh Cross Evolution
>Toy Commander
>Red Dog: Superior Firepower
>Fur Fighters
>Ooga Booga
Those games were all pretty based, played the shit out of them and still replay some of them regularly.

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>> No.6285224

seventh cross is such a strange game desu... I should go back to it at some point and just putz around more with it. also fuck that lag on stage 2

>> No.6286925

I think he's incel because he hasn't come to terms with the fact that he's gay.

>> No.6287056

I agree

>> No.6287068

>bragging that he never had to work for anything and never learned any work ethic

>> No.6287075

Spoiled shit

>> No.6287083

That guy's a disgusting furfaggot who fucks a fat ugly fecalphilliac spic.

>> No.6287086

Look at this fat gay fuck

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>firing up the dreamkey and waiting 5 minutes for 30 second porn clips to load on thehun.com

Also based.

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>Jealous of never having rich parents who buy you things growing up.

>> No.6287115

Yup. Social Justice Warriors are a joke.

>> No.6287804

yeah i can't get it to emulate properly, the game is weird as fuck

i wished there was remaster/new Spawn: In the Demon's Hand, that shit was so fun

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>tfw also spoiled as a kid and had a PS1 AND N64

>> No.6289467

I'm glad I wasn't the only one. Being able to see porn on the big screen TV was based. Also, when my mom got drunk and Hulk smashed our PC off the table, I was able to buy new parts online via dreamcast web browser to fix it. Good times.

>> No.6289596

Could have been worse. At least it wasn't a fucking Jaguar.

>> No.6289601

Imagine being the kid with crackhead parents who got him a shitty slow Dell for christmas and all they could play for years is doom while listening to shitty metal noise while masturbating to john carmack and planning a school shooting

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at least they didn't get a nintendo for christmas and grow up to be something like pic related

>> No.6289807

>crackhead parents would buy their kid a console for Christmas let alone a next-gen one
Doubt very heavily.

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