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Thief 3 feels clunky and uncomfortable.

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A lot of things aren't that good in Thief 3, but imo it makes up for them with a more realistic AI, real time shadows and probably the best soundtrack in the trilogy.

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Same OP. It made the game unplayable for me.

>probably the best soundtrack in the trilogy.
Gunna call bullshit. Haven't played much into Thief 3, but 1&2 have the best ambient music I've ever heard in games.

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>more realistic AI
Actually I'm calling bullshit on this to.

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In Thief 3 guards can carry torches, notice if you stole something, and blackjacking them is much harder too, which is a good improvement, because in the previous games it was a bit too easy to just bunnyhop between enemies and knock them out, turning the levels into empty mazes devoid of challenge.
TGold is still my favourite, but ignoring the few things Deadly Shadows actually improved on is just stupid.

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The dark mod did the same thing. Doesn't mean the AI behaves better when it starts looking for you or is alerted. Actually even in the Dark Project the guards will comment on things like open doors saying stuff like "Someone had too much fun here", although they don't get alerted from it. It's really easy to sneak up on them, sure, but when you alert one and they go around telling all the other guards about you the game gets exponentially harder without abusing glitches.

Also I listened to that track. It lacks the subtleness the other soundtracks had and sounds pretty generic. Maybe it's better in the actual level. What made the original Thief soundtrack so great is if they threw a stinger at you it always sounded distant or feint. Especially that piano stringer that plays when you go into a new area.

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Still better than every supernatural level in 1, and every robot level in 2.

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Some of the supernatural levels in Thief are unironically one of the best parts. Down in the Bonehoard is the best crypt level in video game history.

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Ah yes, the level where you just bunnyhop around slow, retarded zombies through samey looking brown corridors. Truly peak Thief gameplay.

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>Bunnyhopping through one of the most atmospheric levels ever invented
Well there's your problem.
>samey looking brown corridors
Did you even play the level? Is this everyone's goto for "I don't like it"?

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>have you even played it?
Is this everyone's goto for "stop not liking what i like!"?

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Thief II got rid of bunny hopping though

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8 days until the T2 20th anniversary missions get released.

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I liked 3 too but this is just shit taste anon

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I liked t2 less than t1 since they got rid of the bunny hopping

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Bunny Hopping made evading enemies too easy.

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Fuck Undercover, and fuck the ai

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Fuck metal gear and fuck kojimacucks.

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Thank god for coronavirus

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lol who is responsible

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Yeah, the missions will be better for it.

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Thief 3 would be a lot more fun if the controls were better

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This nigga.

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>T2 20th anniversary missions


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They're not released yet.

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i don´t care, give me link now

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I want to play Thief 2 again but with the coop mod and I can't see the other player, any solution? Also can I play Thief Gold in coop too?

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multiplayer is broken as shit, I think we just have to wait until it's fixed

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Thief 3 would be nearly on par with the first two if it didn't have such awful controls.

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T3 has its flaws. But when this level came, I forgive it everything.


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does the mods repair this?

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I'm playing through Thief Gold for the first time. I loved Bonehoard, the intricate design and all the exploration you get to do is great, the secrets were interesting. Thieves Guild was too long, but overall decent.
I'm on The Sword now, is this the worst level of the game?
>around 75% of all floors are tile, even taking a single step crouched and walking alerts guards to my vicinity, can't use moss arrows due to how much ground you have to cover
>up to this level in the game, it has the most guards I've ever seen
>extinguishing torches doesn't even help with darkness because the level has too much natural/wall/lamp lighting
>surrealist level design isn't fun to explore, it's cool to see the rooms but not actually get around them, feels too much like a pointlessly complicated maze, also too many dead ends
>music is worse than the previous levels

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>I'm on The Sword now, is this the worst level of the game?
No, it's usually considered the best.

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Maybe I missed something that would make it easier to get around, or it hasn't clicked with me yet. I have a hard time knocking out guards due to the issues I mentioned.

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rent free

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I wasn't a big fan of it either when I first played the game but it grew on me significantly on subsequent playthroughs. It's not my favorite but it's in my top 5.

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Just tap x or whatever your slow walk button is. And only part that is really all tile and full of guards is that floor where pedestal of the sword is located, but I remember that you can make it dark enough to sneak through without knocking anyone out. On the sword floor you just have to be patient, or use moss arrows and be quick.
And don't be afraid to get lost faggot, there is always some loot to be found and the levels are not that big.

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I like both!

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Yeah, they offer different aesthetics.

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But you can't! You must like one and hate the other!

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>not liking the better game more
Your taste is shit.

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>around 75% of all floors are tile, even taking a single step crouched and walking alerts guards to my vicinity, can't use moss arrows due to how much ground you have to cover
Watch your headbob, you can crawl on tiles silently if you always stop before your head bobs.

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Stop making thief fans look stupid

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I like Thief III's visuals at the very least.

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Happy birthday Thief 2

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everyone on vr is stupid and thief fans are no magical exception

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>Some missions should be available in less than 24 hours.

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For what?

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For THIS: https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=150413

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Are there robots in these maps?

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Some of them do.

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>Into The Odd

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Pretty sure that's a [Spoiler] Skacky and DrK [/Spoiler] FM.

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I always thinks it's funny for how many times Thief gets talked about there is almost no gameplay footage or or even in game pics posted.

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Gameplay clips are usually just bait cherrypicking bullshit

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I find it hilarious how they planned this as well as the barricade at the start in case you go behind it. Fucking devs thought of everything.

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Well, everyone also knows that the end-mission trigger volume exists on the front yard of the Cathedral even though the mission doesn't want you to be able to leave that way.

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there's no need, you know we played the games already

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psych0sis is such a wholesome lad

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Thanks man

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I'll agree with MGS1 but MGS2 and 3 were masterpieces.

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Agreed. It's a fun glitch, when you figure it out, but it practically breaks the game. Doesn't suite the game either.

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I had a feeling thief 3 felt clunky. Are Thief 1 and 2 really better despite the poor graphics, like the original Tomb Raider games?:

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>there's no need, you know we played the games already
there's no need to talk about the games at all then

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Generally yes. Thief 3 is alright but the first two are better

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I'm not sure. Skacky is busy with other projects, like Wrath. What about Squadarofl? He is from France too?
I see people who don't like the beginning. Once you get the gist of where to go (after restarting a couple of times) and where to hide, it turns out to be quite manageable.

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I love Down in the Bonehoard but this is true, Thief could've really benefited from some updates or uh, you know, legally available source code

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>where you just bunnyhop
Can we stop with this meme already? 99% of the games have some mechanics that can be exploited

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>Down in the Bonehoard is the best crypt level in video game history
You can say that again. The Lost City is another god tier supernatural level. The Cathedral stage as well.

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Is there any guide for installing the stuff you need for playing the fan missions?

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Skacky is busy sucking Bernie's cock and being too inconsistent with his political views to be reliable.

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Download the latest T2Fix version and enable FMSel once you've installed T2Fix, that's all you need. To do this, make a shortcut of Thief2.exe and add "-fm" without quotes to the command line.

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You're not really saying much for yourself.
Also, why are you even here, little baby?

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What in the fuck

Basically what >>6290102 said, though you don't have to do that command line shit, just go in cam_Ext and remove the ; in front of the "fm" bit.

I'd personally tick off all the unnecessary shit aswell (if you go into "custom installation" just make sure only the newdark box is checked) .That's just in my opinion, but feel free to mod it up the ass if you want.

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What about Thief 1 fan missions? Do I use T2Fix for those as well?

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No you just use tfix (preferably tfix lite) for that

Basically just follow this image, just use 1.27 lite not 1.26 and ignore the tafferpatcher bits

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No, I'd suggest TfixLite.

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Nope, you use TFix for them, though I recommend using the Lite version because TFix comes bundled with a lot of unnecessary shit.

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Utilizing the utmost basic of movement mechanics shouldn't be blamed on the player and called an exploit. If anything, it's a core design failure.

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>jumping around like a retard
>basic moving mechanics

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Yes. Every player is going to attempt to jump around in any game that allows jumping. This is why developers do things like limiting the player's max horizontal acceleration while jumping. Imagine failing to cap the attack rate of the sword, and allowing you to click as fast as you can and remove any enemy in seconds. You'd probably agree conceptually that that would be a core design issue, because one should operate under the assumption that players are going to try to click faster than intended, and balance the game accordingly.

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Actually I wouldn't. When I play stealth games, I don't actively search for the ways to exploit them, I play them the way they are supposed to be played.

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Thanks, lads

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Wait, what's the difference between The Dark Project and Gold?

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>supposed to be played this way
>wildly more effective to not play that way
That's called bad design.

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Again, it's called exploiting, since it can be done in most of the games ever made, one way or another

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Three extra missions and minor changes to regular missions. And a main menu screen that has no reason to omit the subtitle "The Dark Project" and substitute it with "Gold"

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You mean regarding the movement mechanics? There's no difference.

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>Again, it's called exploiting
No, it's not. I'm genuinely not sure why you're choosing to die on this hill. They chose to give you a 40% boost to movement speed while jumping in Thief 1. This isn't an "exploit". It's not a "bug". It's simply bad design. In Thief 2, they reduced the boost to 5%. That's much better design.

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Are you people seriously arguing about whether bunnyhopping is supposed to be an intended mechanic in a game where you fail your primary goal of the game genre if you exploit the bug in the vast majority of areas in the game? "Wildly more effective to use that feature" -in what way is making as much noise as possible during movement so you get detected in a stealth game more effective use of game mechanics? You might as well use that same argument for strafe-slashing with your sword, that it's wildly more effective to use the enemies inability to properly turn around, because that way you can get a game over from committing murder so much quicker.

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>forgetting all of the shitty supernatural levels where you can just skip all the garbage filler
Don't worry, I wish I could forget all of those trash levels in TG too.

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>He doesn't sneak around the monsters and undead
Garrett doesn't avoid murder or detection because it's practical, but because he's an egomaniac. Just because burricks can't testify against you doesn't mean you should let them see you.

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>choose to play a stealth game
>lol let's ignore stealth and just jump around
It's an exploit. You can jump around and run through levels without sneaking at all in Thief 2 also.

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It's not an exploit. If they had design the blackjack to also 1hko from the front, would using it as such be an exploit?

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In a stealth game? Yes.

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It doesn't matter which side of the head you use the blackjack. All that matters is the AI's alertness state. And there is an exploit related to that in the game. AI can see you in pitch black darkness when you're right in front of them, so you shouldn't have the ability to knock out anyone from the front even in darkness. But you have a forward lean that lets you reach out from beyond their vision.
But I don't think bunnyhopping is an exploit in Thief, because it doesn't help you. It is a bug, but using the bug is stupid. There is a mechanic that is actually just a bug but it makes so much sense and is just dificult enough to require some active participation that is might as well be an official mechanic. When you crouch and gently slide your hitbox off a platform, you can land on a hard surface without making noise. It's like a game equivalent of grabbing a ledge and lowering yourself down. It was never intended, it's just a property of how the game produces footstep sounds using the hitbox's locomotion but it makes sense so people don't consider the exploit to be a bad thing to use.

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We are talking about a 20 something year old game.
If you don't know what the gameplay of Thief looks like, why are you even in this thread?
Your comment is retarded.

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Hold on a second

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Could Arx Fatalis be considered a spiritual successor to Thief? I never played it, but I'm thinking about it.

>> No.6290909

Not exactly, but it's from the same school of design considering it started as an Ultima Underword 3 pitch.

>> No.6290915

I read that it has a shadow based stealth mechanics, so it could be played as a stealth game?

>> No.6290964

If you invest enough skill points in stealth stuff, you probably can, but some of the mandatory stuff in the game is going to be a pain in the ass. The ideal way of playing it is investing in magic and combat equally.

>> No.6291075

Stealth is fairly, if not completely, useless in this game.

>> No.6291610

It's a spiritual successor to Ultima Underworld.

I had the same exact idea you did. My first playthrough I wanted to do stealth. Big mistake. Do not play that game for the stealth. Play it for the magic. The spells are all extremely powerful and interesting. That game is mostly about interacting with the world and finding secrets.

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Crap. Why is it so hard to make an rpg game with proper stealth mechanics...

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Play Dark Messiah. It's not retro but it has amazing stealth. You can't really do non-lethal, but you'll see that's not really the point of the game. It's made by the same people who made Arx Fatalis and Dishonored, although the stealth is way more thief-y than Dishonored. It even has the rope bow. Stealth is kinda gimped compared to magic and fighting, but it's still extremely viable because you can sneak up behind people and kick them off cliffs or break shit. The entire game is built around environmental hazards which is perfect for stealth. It's also full of secrets like Thief. Really is wears the Thief inspiration on it's sleeve.

The game really is a giant goofy mess of mechanics were you can play pretty much any way you want: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7T9tJiw6AU

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Also Arx is 100% worth it even if you don't play for stealth. It's one of the few immersive sims that live up to the name. Maybe watch some reviews on it to get a feel for it.

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I was planing to, I heard some of the guys who made Thief also made the Dark Messiah.
I did watch them, a lot of them mentioned stealth mechanics but none of them talked about how good it is, so I had to ask here.

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Thy sin shalt be thy own undoing.

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dont die