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>Spin off game is supposed to make you love a side character
>It actually makes you hate them

Anyone else?

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Nah, not hate, but back in the day I remember renting the game Yoshi (aka Yoshi no tamago, not Yoshi's Cookie), and was disappointed that it wasn't a platformer game. I guess I was expecting Yoshi's Island on 8-bit.
On the other hand, Yoshi's Safari was a great Yoshi spinoff.

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This game did it for me. Why the fuck did they have to give Yoshi that god awful nails on chalkboard voice. Instantly turned me off the game and haven't touched a Yoshi game since then.

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Because it's not the character named Yoshi that you're playing but a group of fucking baby Yoshis? I mean I thought I was retarded for being mad that they kept the voice for all these years, but I least I fucking got that he was supposed to sound like a baby in that one game.

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I had this garbage my brother got it, I sold it or trade it.

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Black Yoshi has that bass.

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My gf loves the Yoshi's Cookie game included on Tetris DS.