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You should play a Breath of Fire game.

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I'm afraid that if I do then I'll become a furry

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No thanks, JRPGs are for trannies.

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I should leave 4chan

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BoF and BoF II were boring as fuck though

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What if she went "haha, what is that tiny thing?" LOLE

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Is the shota naked? I might try this game.

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Its breath of fire IV, not breath of dick.

You pederast.

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how does it compare to Golden Sun?

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Much much better in every conceivable way.

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And they are. But III and IV are a million times better. Seriously. While the first two are mediocre boring and overall irrelevant JRPGs, the PS1 are actual damn great games. III does take a while to get a decent pace going, though.

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II is underrated

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It has more soul.

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I spent almost a year marathoning the Dragon Quest series so I burnt out on JRPGs but when I get the urge to play a new one, I decided BoF will be next on my list ( Right after I finish DQ7 8 and 9 since I didn't finish those )

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I've played the first two, and furries disgust me. They're good, if pretty typical of 90s JRPGs

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I just beat 3. It was okay, but people who call it some 10/10 classic are delusional. The combat balancing sucks and some of the addition gimmicks like masters and enemy skills leave a lot to be desired.

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"soul" isn't a quantifiable term you utter retard. Quit talking in memes and actually explain what is good or bad about something in a video game.

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i heard they're grind 2 win, no thanks

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soul is a meme buzzword for charm

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Geez, is that a direct translation of お疲れ様です?

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You should get a life.

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Teepo did nothing wrong.

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How are the adventure aspects? Exploration, puzzles, the actually important parts?

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Teepo did nothing period.

>How are the adventure aspects? Exploration, puzzles, the actually important parts?
Above average, I suppose. The overworld is kind of a long, twisted hallway for the most part, but there are some opportunities to backtrack and engage in side content. A number of puzzles and mini-games are found in dungeons or are tied to plot set pieces, with the most elaborate combination of the two involving cooking shisu for some grumpy mayor. Fishing and town building also return from BoF2, but work pretty differently than in that game. It's nothing amazing, but it can be fun and comfy if you're in the right mood.

The most notable gameplay system in the entire game, though, are the masters. These guys kind of work like Espers from FFVI, but are less polished in execution. Basically, you fulfill some condition to allow one or more party members to become apprentices of certain NPCs, which allows them to alter their stat growth on level-ups and learn certain skills after having gained a particular number of levels. It's a decent system, but having to constantly backtrack to masters to learn skills is a pain in the ass, and knowing which party member to put under which master and which masters are actually useful is something you should probably research ahead of playing the game. Oh, and you can also learn skills from enemies a la blue magic in FF, but it's totally unintuitive.

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I just can't win that stupid early boss fight against .... the enemy that game is about.
Am I missing something? Grind more?
Shit's impossible. It's so beautiful though.

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I heard there’s some dungeons where you can get a large amount in befofe realizing you need a certain party member then you’ll need to leave and redo it with the right team.

Kind of sounds like it’s better to read a guide about certain things as you go.

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Yeah, there are a bunch of moments like that in certain dungeons. I'd definitely recommend playing the game alongside a strategy guide. Also, if you're using an emulator, don't be afraid to fast forward through random battles. Most of them are boring as hell and take way longer than they need to.

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>Right after I finish DQ7

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>gbc version of III
>not the superior snes version

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I love the fuck out of 3, but always lose interest within 10 minutes of starting 4.
Something about the washed out colors turns me off.

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Plebian, IV blows III out of the water.

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And has the best Nina

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I needed this.

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This game has one of the worst translations I've ever seen. It's completely nonsensical. You'll play it for an hour and realise you don't know what in the actual fuck is going on. It's not an underrated game either. If anything it gets more attention than it deserves. Having the encounter rate so high you get a battle every 2 steps is a good way to kill all enjoyment of a jrpg.

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BoFII's translation is 100% soul

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Why does this character filter so many brainlets? I still see people that think him living was unintentional and doesn't see how killing him ruins the plot.

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started 1 today, just beat the frog boss. headbutting the dungeon was cool, the game follows this pattern? or im just retarded and should go more prepared?

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That sounds more like II than III