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*breaks into your house with thermite*

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Carmack: the real rock star developer.

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I don't have any Apple II computers for you to steal, check down the road.

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*fires you for having a net-negative impact on his life*

Heh, nuthin personnel kidmmm...

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my nipples can only get so erect

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*puts you down for being an annoyance*

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I don't know if Mitzi was actually euthanized, because there's an interview with John Carmack way later on around the time of Quake 3, where you can see a cat lounging on top of a monitor.

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*gets abandoned by tranny mom*

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poor Jude

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American had a hard life.

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Why is Carmack so smug bros??

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poor guy

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He has a rocket pointed at your house if you want to start shit.

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Wtf!? Hopefully this guy was able to mail her a bag of horse shit before she died

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*eats nothing but pepperoni pizza for more than 20 years*

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I think she was a dyke

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>When McGee was sixteen, he came home from school to find his house empty and abandoned; the only things left were his bed, his books, his clothes and his Commodore 64 computer. His mother had sold the house to pay for two plane tickets and the fee for her girlfriend's sex reassignment surgery, leaving him on his own.

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He got away with a lot of child rape

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He knows in the future he's going to rule over us all with his AIs. It's only a matter of time.

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I think that was just for lunch. He works those calories off so it's not so bad.

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How can one man be so based, lads?

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Going on 49 years & he still has a full head of hair, he is a the Chad mother fucker you all wish you could of been. I think he is our guy

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>accidentally sets off the thermite dog decoys I just happen to have set at that particular entryway point
Now I need to find out if this is covered by my insurance.

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>As reported in David Kushner's Masters of Doom, when Carmack was 14, he broke into a school to help a group of children steal Apple II computers. To gain entry to the building, Carmack concocted a sticky substance of thermite mixed with Vaseline that melted through the windows. However, an overweight accomplice struggled to get through the hole, and opened the window, setting off a silent alarm and alerting police.
Kek, based fatman.

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It was probably for Carmack's own good.

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Either way, I've read this story so many times over the years, and I can't picture it in any way that doesn't resemble a cartoon.

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>eats nothing but pepperoni pizza for more than 20 years
>still in good shape
Guys, I don't think Carmack's human.

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>Why is Carmack so smug bros??

He knows what we don't know.

Didn't he said he has no pity for humanity or something like that? this guy is the king of the ayys.

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That's why these mentally ill sodomites belong in the mental asylum.

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Because he knows that time will prove him right. Just look at his comments on bunnyhopping.

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He doesn't subsist on nothing but pizza, he like eats one for lunch every day, he works out a lot, which is why he isn't fat, and in fact buff.

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>he like eats one for lunch every day
For American pizza, that's an unhealthy rate.

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One slice or one WHOLE pizza? The latter is very unhealthy.

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It's a medium size pepperoni (so a cheese pizza with shitty sausage), it's not the healthiest food, but there's far worse.

Not if you work off the excess.

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>McGee had a "fucked-up, weird-ass childhood". He met his biological father only once, at his 13th birthday party. His father, whom he had just met for the first time, was inebriated and assaulted McGee with intent of murder. McGee escaped this event by suggesting they drive to a bar and get drunk. Fortunately, his father agreed and McGee speculates he would have been killed or molested otherwise. Shortly afterwards, his father crashed into a telephone pole.
what it in the sam hill

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Jesus, no wonder the Alice games are fucking messed up.

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Once again, American had a very hard life.

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Wholesome 100 Simps sons says trans rights open up lesbo

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That's about what I expect from someone who names their kid after a country.

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What, you wouldn't name your kid Yugoslavia Johnson, France Vance, or El Salvador Von Braun?

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Hes suffered more than any person should

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I mean, America was named after Amerigo, so it isn't that strange.

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Wait, let me clarify, America the continent/country was named after Amerigo Vespucci, so America McGee getting his name is just like the German Johann turning into John in English.

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*crazy hippy mom and tranny stepdad

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>post saying trannies should be locked up deleted
Are you niggers serious?

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see >>6258847

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Nothing wrong with anglizing his name, johann is john in english as is juan (spanish), sean (gaelic, ivan (russian), jean (french), etc.

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Yeah, I agree. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

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kill all trannies.

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who was the best level designer in the 90s?

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does it actually work? vaseline and thermite? where did he get the thermite?

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Honestly? Probably John Romero. But since that's a meme answer as well, I guess I could also go with whoever did System Shock.

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I stole an Apple II when I was a kid and didn't get caught like this jackass. We just hocked it, though.

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wow you just blew John Carmack out of the fucking water
someone better get him on suicide watch

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*Makes better engine and more money than you*

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Better to put him in protective custody so I don't plant my seed up his butthole.

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Carmack really was the Tesla of game engines.
Can't wait for some bizarre unit to be named after him.

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I'm assuming he made the thermite himself, he was getting all kinds of recipes from bulletin boards, smokebombs, regular bombs, pyrotechnics.


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You have to admit: Carmack's not great in the smiling department.

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I know right.

He looks like an alien trying to mimic a human.

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>"She's going down, down to chinatown!"

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because he is the architect of the post-singularity simulation we all live in

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Thermite is just powdered aluminum mixed with iron rust. The only trick is getting something hot enough to ignite it. Magnesium strips work pretty well, and I'm sure he could just lift them out if them chemistry lab.

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the minute that you let her under your skin

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"Ah, Carmack! You brought the thermite we needed. Good. Now let's put that in that miniature rocket of yours and I'll load up the drone with the VR steering software and soon both our biggest problems will be nothing more than a smoking crater in the ground!"

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without someone with the rockstar attitude you just can't make dooms

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>just use software mode bro

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Software mode would have worked if they weren't porting the Playstation version. Saturn is much more powerful than the 32x, and could easily handle the PC's low-detail mode at 30 fps, but with all the colors and levels, unlike the 32x version.

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I started typing this up and realized this doesn't actually really have anything to do with your post, but I'll just leave this tism musing here anyway.

>The PSX versions (as well as the 32X, N64, 3DO, and the first GBA one) has its base in the Jaguar version, which runs well, but has some limits in what you can really do with it.
>Things like resurrecting dead monsters and spawning new ones isn't practically doable, so you can't have real Nightmare! mode, the Icon Of Sin, or the Arch-Vile. With some creative solutions you could probably make some workarounds.

>For instance the Motherdemon has her minions already in place in the map and they funnel in, possibly the Archie could be rigged up to work on a similar principle, having a small cache of minions in a space outside the map (a couple of imps, pinkies, and lost souls), and the Archie just calls in one of them randomly instead of resurrecting dead monsters. To prevent you from having a gimped killcount the designated monsters can be tagged to not count for it. Depending on map, maybe he has a chance to call in a Revenant, Caco, or Hellknight, depending on what you put in his "buffer" sector, difficulty, etc. Similarly for the Icon Of Sin.
>The Archie has a lot of frames though, depending on storage media (disc or cartridges), you might need to cut a bunch of his rotations to make him fit, optionally maybe go for a bigger cartridge or a double disc game or something, but convince the publisher of that.

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What I was trying to say, possibly poorly, is that if you took the Jag or 32x version, and stuck it on Saturn (but with full colors, actual music, and all the levels), it would have run great on Saturn.

Taking the PSX version and sticking it on Saturn with software rendering is a fucking disaster, because Saturn's single core performance is like 50% of PSX.

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I know, I was light headed when I wrote that.

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That's Tim Sweeney.

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he had to endure so much shit and his sister vanished recently, probably kidnapped and who knows where if even alive

why the fuck is life so fucking shit to him

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>absolute shit diet of junk food and soda
>somehow in amazing health

How the fuck.

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>reading Carmack's twitter

He's literally a robot. Every post is some sort of scientific word salad where he details some sort of experiment he did that day in rigorous detail.

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If it makes him feel any better I kinda liked Bad Day LA and I think most of the negative reviews of the time were from stuck up journo faggots

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Further proof that trannies a mental illness

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He seems like he got bored with his own output if Thy Flesh Consumed is any indication, E4M2 was fucking absurd. Way above what you'd expect from having played E1-E3.

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that's what autists basically do with everything in their lives

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But his mom isn't a tranny.

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I don't know, I find his smiles oddly charming.

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*gets punched in the face for breaking into my fucking house*

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Apparently he was a fan of the 32X and the Atari Jaguar.

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Careful bro, he knows judo.

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Why did he get fired from id again?

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Trans enablers?

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>put Jace Hall, the Monolith CEO who's almost a foot taller, into a headlock

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i'm pretty sure the saturn version isn't using just a single sh-2.

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Back in the '90s during crunch time. The guy's been doing BJJ for years now.

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Was there crunch time in the 90s? I heard crunch was a recent thing that started back in the ps3/360 days

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A bit early for a red pill that big.

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He works out. He also probably counts calories.

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Home field advantage counts for something, like a bunch of Home Alone style booby traps.

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No, that's a photo of American McGee

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It is using both, but the majority of the load is on one.

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Around Carmack, watch your back.


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They're interesting, he probably appreciated the hacking challenge of the Jaguar, because it's such a boulderdash of a system.

The guy grew up hacking computer games and shit, it was probably really fun for him to toy around with that weird thing, and I figure his affinity for hacking is why he figured out how to get such good performance out of the machine, which a lot of other devs struggled with. The Jaguar is pretty powerful if you can figure the thing out, but if you don't, you're probably looking at a game which could just as well have been on a SNES or Genesis.

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Does this mean she was paying to turn a male into a """girl""", or paying to have a girl turned into a """man"""?

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I think the former

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