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The absolute madlad


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No FPGA? No point. Work on MiSTer or something

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>no run-ahead
uh i'll stick to retroarch for now

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He re-wrote this drastically after getting so much abuse for it so here's byuu's unfiltered take on the subject of FPGA: https://archive.is/gdylm

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This looks really promising. A competent multi-system emulator that's not Retroarch is very much welcome.

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He's already updated it to v2 btw but he's also announced he's going to be heavily reducing how much he works on emulation so I'm unsure if this is a project with a real future.

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He said in the same post he wants to someone else take the reigns after it gets going.

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He said in the same post that he wants someone else to take the reins after it gets going

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I like byuu, wish him the best of luck

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Emulators are cool and all, but imagine hate fucking byuu. The sheer joy you'd get out of that one forceful night would eclipse anything he programs with those delicate fingers.

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byuu is a faggot

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Do these emulators require a stupid-powerful cpu or will any competent laptop be enough?

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I don’t fuck fatties.

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not retro

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thinkpad x250 anon here (i5 5300U)
bsnes works without hiccups for me

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The key naming seems a bit odd. I tried a Super Famicom game and it looks like A is actually B and B is A, same for X and Y.

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If by stupid powerful cpu you mean a cpu from 2011 or newer then yes they do.

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It's about emulating and playing retro games retard.

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>use hacks
>get surprised when things don't work as they should

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Expect full speed in 2050 ;)

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>Nintendo NES
>Super Nintendo
>Sega SG-1000
>Master System
>Game Gear
>Game Boy
>Game Boy Color
>Game Boy Advance
>WonderSwan Color
>Pocket Challenge V2
>Neo Geo Pocket
>Neo Geo Pocket Color

do we really need brand new emulator for these consoles? it's not like most of them weren't perfected like 10 years ago

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higan's pce core does this too

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He should have just focused on saturn.
Its a literal struggle with every emulator.

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Most emulators aren't remotely accurate.

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Stick to what in Retroarch?

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>I've wasted tens of thousands of dollars on overpriced junk hardware and need to justify it by lying to myself and others.

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They werne't even remotely perfected. Most exmulators still ran on numerous hacks and approximations ten years ago. When we say that modern emualators are precise, we're talking about byuu's shit first and foremost, and it's basically just the newest release of his bnes/higan thingie.

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So just higan but with a new name

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Nice, now I can play at 5fps what I could previously run at 60.

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v2 has run-ahead.
It's based on an Xbox 360 controller and maps to more than just Nintendo systems.
He should've done N64 after SNES. Ryphecha is handling Saturn just fine.
higan but usable GUI, no game library, loads ROMs normally, run-ahead and twice as fast. PCE and Genesis emulation are not very good though. byuu says it'll support other emulators later on.

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Only emulators made before 2000 are retro

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And bsnes is still the only one worth using. Why does this guy even try? Just keep perfecting bsnes and make emulators for systems that actually need, not fucking NES and GBC/GBA that already have accurate and constantly under development emulators.

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made me chuckle

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is byuu autistic?

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>Why does this guy even try?
Maybe he did it for fun and not for you. Sounds like he's giving up soon. Hard to blame him.
Probably, why?

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Every emudev is, but byuu is special because he's also fat, NEET, furry and a tranny.

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i was seriously expecting it to need i9 or Ryzen with a discrete GPU, and SSD storage.

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>A Ryzen 5 2600 CPU should be able to run any supported system at 150fps or more.
It's literally on the link.

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Well you're half-right at least.

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>No N64
What is this doing that RetroArc isn't already doing?

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>multi-system emulator that's not Retroarch
But Retroarch isn't an emulator.

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Retroarch isn't doing anything, just taking other people's work

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>fpgas are emulation too
>they aren't inherently more accurate than software emulation.

Right from the autist himself FPGAggots BTFO! All mister shills kill yourselves now

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It doesn't "take" anything. How come no one seems to know retroarch is only a gui/frontend?

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They are both Turing complete, but enjoy your $500 meme boxes. Kevtris sends his thanks.

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Emulation for those systems is accurate for all but the most pedantic autists on all but the tiniest fraction of games.

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Retroarch literally forks emulators, transform them into their "cores" and give little recognition to the actual creators, just a string under like 2 or 3 menus that no one will ever touch. They are nothing but leeches and don't deserve half the recognition they have, since the actual UX part of the project that's one of the few things that was developed from scratch is an actual mess.

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Accurate, but those forks generally go on to be developed far further and actively than the originals.

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Wat? I don't want no 500 dollar emulation box either just sick of fpgaggots who think they're above emulators. Either use hardware or emulate, using an emulator box like the mister or analogue nt is retarded

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Are you drunk? How much more credit can they give than using the emulators name for fucks sake. I mean, I didn't even know pcsx or snes9x were still active until I used retroarch years ago. And when was the last version of picodrive on windows? Does taking an hour to learn how to use a piece of software scare you so much you have to try and make them bad guys?

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Has he ever done a face reveal?

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No face reveal, but hand and voice. Wasn't what I pictured him like at all.

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Nemesis already did this with Exodus, like 5 years ago.

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Only for some cores and mostly because the original devs never wanted the feature in their standalones in the first place. You can check commits on their cores, literally 90% is just merging changes from the master.

Maybe showing the real developers somewhere on the main screen? Linking to the source? Telling people to donate to them instead of asking for money and acting like they are doing everything on their own? There's a reason some emudevs don't like RA. About everything else, yes I knew about Snes9x because I still use it on a toaster. And who cares about picodrive, Genesis Plus GX is better. And no, it doesn't because I actually use it and I've been using it since it first came on the PS3, I just don't like how people give them all the credit, donating money and everything while their shit is still a mess after all these years.

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This is a weird one to be fair. Magic Engine's the only one I've seen run it properly. Anyone know what's up with that?

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>half the thread is gossip about a person
And this place thinks they're better than reddit.

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but higan was already a multiconsole emulator

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He mentioned N64 as something he wants to start doing. Maybe we'll finally get some progress on this shit

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Damn, just tried the NES emulation. Never gave the "Accurate" emulators a chance (always hardware or whatever is on the wii). I must say, even down to the BLUR this is as close to the original thing as you will get. Mega Man 2 chugs and struggles at all the correct spots, plays very good. I turned on FAST FORWARD mode (to get past the power upscreen) and my computer (a 1600 with a 1660ti) was getting some scrambling noise. Guess it takes loads of CPU huh?

Good for this byuu guy.

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>Autistic faggot makes yet ANOTHER multi-system emulator after fucking up twice before
Just fuck off, Byuu. Your worthwhile contributions to emulation ended 8 years ago.

>A competent multi-system emulator that's not Retroarch is very much welcome.
There are already two of those: Mednafen and BizHawk.

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>Most emulators aren't remotely accurate.
If you're including all emulators in existence ever, yes. If you're talking about emulators that are actively developed, no. The vast majority of the listed platforms have cycle-accurate emulation available in at least one form or another.

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none of my PC Engine roms are working with this one : ( is anyone else not able to load a lot of games? I tried Air Zonk and nothing

>> No.6243820

I mean might as well just use MESEN it is already accurate and has all the features Byuu "hopes" to implement

>> No.6243828

I just tested a lot of PC engine games and a ton have fucked up backgrounds or are otherwise not working... seems better to still use Mednafen for PC engine

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>inb4 each emulator core creates a directory for each ROM you play.
>inb4 they can't run zip ROMs.

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its okay i never even regarded you in the first place retard

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anon is right actually, just tried it myself. Those games didn't load.

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>It's based on an Xbox 360 controller and maps to more than just Nintendo systems.
That's why it doesn't have L2 and R2.

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It runs like it shit and flickers but it runs.
Probably because they aren't needed for anything he emulates.

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Systems Byuu emulates which have A right of B:
-Famicom (incl Disk System)
-Super Famicom
-Game Boy
-Game Boy Color
-Game Boy Advance
-PC Engine
-WonderSwan Color

Systems with A/I/1 left of B/II/2:
-Master System
-Mega Drive (incl Mega CD)
-Game Gear
-Neo Geo Pocket
-Neo Geo Pocket Color

Systems with a different layout
-Pocket Challenge V2

Since it uses the naming of the SFC controller it should follow the layout of the SFC controller.

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>Genesis Plus GX is better
GPGX can't into 32X

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byuu sounds like a piece of shit parasite, run-ahead and all that other shit is garbage, and emulation is for broke third-worlders as well as thieving mutts, but anything is better than Retroshart, so I give this my approval. Nobody needs some semen slurping shitters running a monopoly on anything, especially with a shite product.

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>thieving mutts
>t. scalper

>> No.6244156

Have sex

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>gives you free open source emulators for decades
>helps improve everyone else's emulators too

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you sound like you have some issues

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>>6242394 >>6243340
If you failed to notice this: This is a rant about Super NT, a proprietary FPGA-based emulator that provided some outrageous claims which pissed him off.
This isn't about miSTer or any other open efforts. He even acknowledges that FPGA is the way when it comes to latency.

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thank you kevtris for saving us from this bullshit

>> No.6244506

This, did OP forget?

>> No.6244854

>hating on byuu/near for making emus for free
you can just not use his stuff, you know...

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Who are you quoting?

>> No.6245616

It's an unusable front end, yes.

>> No.6245627

the statement was about fpgas in general it didnt say "the super NT isnt inherently better than software emulation" it said FPGAs, fucking mister shill

>> No.6245641

Shilling what exactly? Open hardware?
>the statement was
The whole FPGAs aren't magic article was meant as a response to Super NT's claims.
Ultimately, he's pointing to two facts most of us knew, but plebs don't:
1. FPGA emulation is way harder to do right than software emulation.
2. But FPGA is worth it if you care about latency, as there's inherent latency to the software approach.

>> No.6245649

runahead has rendered your latency arguement null and void, if you want to have all the features of hardware just use the fucking hardware, mister is poorfag cope trying to get an "authentic experience"

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wow, it's fucking trash. good things we have mednafen, based buggy stays winning

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>Maybe showing the real developers somewhere on the main screen?

You mean like using the emulator's name as the core name? That would be nice. So then people can know what emulator it is and google it.

>Support the devs.
>And who cares about picodrive.

You're doing it right. Champion.

(I used to use pico drive for many years because gxplus would randomly freeze on my system for some reason, picodrive never did. I have a completely new setup since then, but I still use picodrive. Can't tell the difference anyways.)

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The article was written because Analogue was throwing every software dev, not just Byuu, under the bus to sell their magic box to people. The article was stating that both FPGAs and software programs are Turing complete. Any computation one can do, so can the other. The accuracy of a solution is based on the developer, not on the technology. It's the artist, not the tool. Both the Super Nt and Higan have their share of bugs.

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The only reason I ever found out about this autist is because I'm autistic about the music of Super Mario RPG. Wanted to play it. Cart is hundreds of miles away. Sound emulation is shit.
>Cycle accurate emualtion
And the rest is ever improving history.

>> No.6245813

he means shmuparch
i'll stick to shmupmame though

>> No.6245882

Is a nice trick. But it still multiplies CPU usage. You have to do it for every possible input.

>> No.6246034

The sound emulation comes from blargg and is literally bit-perfect. If you think it sounds different, either you setup is shit, or your memory is shit.

>> No.6246609

That's not how runahead works. Anyway, a Haswell Celeron can handle SNES run ahead of at least 2 frames without struggling in my experience, so it's not that demanding.

>> No.6246657

I'm saying every other emulator sounds different and Higan/byuu emulator actually gets it right. Not sure if I wrote it full retard or you can't into reading. Either way, hopefully this helps clear things up.

>> No.6247765

>But Retroarch isn't an emulator.
It has emulator cores that are exclusive to it.

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Who here /dev/?

>> No.6247867

Yeah right. Needing an i7 just for super nintendo games? Fuck off. I'll stick with snes9x core via retroarch.

>> No.6247886

Same here. People don't realize how far snes9x has come. Only thing that was holding it back years ago was the sound didn't sound right at some points. Not sure when they fixed that, but now it's golden.

>> No.6248135

It runs even on the shittiest i3, what the hell are you talking about?

>> No.6248141

>posting slobass dicksuck and thinking you are edgy, cool and hip

>> No.6248148

Is Windows an emulator because it has emulator programs exclusive to it? Retroarch is a frontend that happens to run emulators since it's compatible with Libreto cores. Their goal is to be more than just a emulator box. You can even watch videos and listen to music using that thing.

>> No.6248221

Technically, windows 10 is emulating when you use certain varieties of compatibility mode

>> No.6248269

just make openemu for windows already fuck

>> No.6248292

I play higan on my i5-6500 and I stream to twitch at 1080p60 while doing it and my cpu usage never goes over 25% so higan cant be THAT demanding

>> No.6248302

>runahead has rendered your latency arguement null and void
No, it really hasn't

>> No.6248307

>cpu has 4 cores, 100 / 4 = 25
>gpu handles encoding

>> No.6248931

>gpu handles encoding

>> No.6249328


>> No.6249347

>PCE and Genesis emulation are not very good though.
I'm glad you said this. First game I randomly tried on it was Comix Zone, the sprites were bugged and the game didn't even start.
Seems strange he even included the cores in this state if he's serious about stepping back.

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File: 608 KB, 1006x1200, yvauvtrubpd31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

these are vital systems but well within his reach.
considering what it does and how it does it, we are blessed with this program. A proper CLI would be cool though.

>> No.6249608

>just make openemu for windows already fuck
pls dont. openemu is trash and we already have retroarch

>> No.6249837

retroarch consistently takes too much effort to use
openemu has some bullshit (randomly doesn't work with PS1 USB controllers, still makes you edit a config file to play multi disc games despite being designed to "Just werk", not supporting PS2/gamecube etc because lol macs, some other bugs, glitches and performance issues) but ultimately it's mostly succeeded in making an emulator that doesn't fuck you around and makes it easy to just play games up to the PS1/N64 era. Retroarch is too consistently obtuse to be worth the effort (ah yes, the dreamcast core has crashed to the menu without so much as an error message again. excellent.) even after getting used to older standalone emulators messy UI's and borderline necessity to look up a screenshot of a config to make specific games work.

>> No.6249887

Honestly that has to be bait, RetroArch is a UI mess but it's not all that difficult to navigate.

>> No.6249932

the ability to drag'n drop stuff is a huge thing if you're a mac person.
I do like how box-art is dynamically generated too.
playnite is getting close to what you might want in terms of ease-of use. As far as a wimp interfaces go: there is quickplay

>> No.6249968

That's an autistic voice.

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>the ability to drag'n drop stuff is a huge thing if you're a mac person

>> No.6249990

Finally, an alternative to RetroFart that actually looks like a fucking Windows program. No retarded fullscreen UIs, no clusterfuck of menus? Sign me the fuck on. I don't care if Byuu is a gay furry or whatever, I'd suck his dick while wearing a horse costume to keep him from quitting this project.

>> No.6249995

Try Bizhawk too

>> No.6250000

I'll bite.

>Nvidia has NVENC
>AMD has AMF


>> No.6250010

You really only need a 3ghz cpu from within the last decade since it has no multithreading. But I like shaders and all so I just use snes9x and can't tell the difference.

>> No.6250017

GPU does handle encoding, we aren't in the prehistoric age

>> No.6250020

I've used gpu and cpu encoding. if I'm using a shader with scanlines I use cpu encoding because the amd encoder butchers that shit.

either way I got an i-5 and an r9 390 and streaming higan doesnt stress my old midrange pc at all.

neither does streaming ps1 games using mednafen, however I havent tried saturn games yet, maybe then my just-okay pc will sweat

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File: 743 KB, 1024x576, vlcsnap-2018-10-15-13h15m06s129.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure they CAN, GPUs can do anything CPUs can after all, but encoding is either not supported depending on the situation, and when it is, it still look like shit, since they are simply not good at encoding for many reasons. NVENC for example, looks really bad when compared to x264 on CPU using the lowest presets, and that's why no one uses it, specially if we talk about older versions that were even worse (pic related is only available for RTX). Why do you think AMD is marketing Ryzen so hard at "content creators"?

>> No.6250176

full speed in 2050!

>> No.6250181


That crazy faggot did it!

>> No.6250460

or when you throw away your pentium 3 and get something modern

>> No.6250662

All it's missing is a cheats function.

>> No.6250685

/vr/ is just /v/ with pretension.

>> No.6250963

Except for SNES, Higan emulation of these consoles isn't really that much accurate, you know

>> No.6250970

lol, not really, Exodus only emulates Genesis so far and stil has many issues

>> No.6250978

Still the best for many of the platforms.

>> No.6251256

Not really, bsnes is the only one that can be considered the "best" of anything. Not even bgba is any close to mGBA despite being the second most developed emulator on Higan.

>> No.6251376

what have you contributed lately?

>> No.6253037

>: https://archive.is/gdylm
403 Forbidden

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