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I cannot perform even the most basic of combos in street fighter wtf

I am playing as Chun Li on my SNES Mini

I know that for a Kikouken it is back -> forward -> punch, but the game never lets me do it wtf

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Abuse parries to build meter and tag in your partner when things get hairy

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29 years later and you still don't know what the fuck to do in street fighter 2...sad OP

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it's not back forward punch. you have to hold back for a bit, then press forward and punch at the same time.

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bruh, i tried

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Are you playing against people or the AI? Keep in mind that the AI in SF2 straight up cheats, it can do things that the player is not able to do like use charge moves without charging.

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oh the computer

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Well no wonder it's hard to pull off moves on a computer instead of the actual system

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He's just referring to the AI as "the computer".

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He's playing it on the snes mini so odds are he's under the age of 20.

I could never get the hang of charge charecters so I just played with shoto guys, still can't get the timing, and I've been playing since '95.

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hold back button for 2 seconds, then then press forward+punch.

keep practicing until you get it.

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Charge is unironically easier to do than shotos though. Just hold down and back and it charges both

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Are you mentally deficient? He can't pull of a Kikouken, this has fuck all to do with if he's playing versus another player or the CPU and only comes down to his own ineptitude.

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most modern gamers will never be able to do the normal movements of almost any game since they got used to dumbed games which are automatic (press 2 or more buttons at the same time) or semiautomatic (direction pad plus button)

i tried to play with someone that he was unable to do the movements in the end i gave up

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are you playing on a CRT? few years ago i tried to play the SF collection on ps2 and couldnt pull any combo, turns out i was playing on LCD and lag was throwing my timing off.

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Did you grow up playing with an older brother? One of the best SF players I know was entirely driven by beating his asshole older brother.

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Put your tv in game mode

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Why are you playing a shitty console port? You can download mame and play actual ST. The snes controller is awful for fighting games, the dpad is far too rigid on it.

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>Kikouken it is back -> forward -> punch
This is where you're wrong. This is her input in ST. In HF (the game you're playing), it's half-circle forward + punch. She got her whole moveset revamped in ST.

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Yeah I thought her little mini-fireball had a different input in HF
Then in ST where she sticks her ass WAAAY out it's a different move entirely.

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kek, what a gay ass excuse or you had worst LCD of its time.

cant belive in this thread, i remember charge feeling strange when i was 9 years old but could still pull it. are you guys touching a joystick for the first time?

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>wasting time on games with cheap rubber band AI

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>SNES Mini
You deserve to suck at SF2.

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>wasting time on games at all

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I love how most of this thread is giving you shit for being underage or shit at games and next to no one has pointed out you’re doing the wrong motion.

OP, you’re a faggot but you’re ok. The rest of you? Fucking shameful.

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they explained to OP the motion but he doesn't understand.
you are pathetic for defending brain dead OP

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>wasting time on entertainment

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i forgot because i didn't read the part he was using the snes mini that's street fighter 2 turbo in other words chun li don't have a kikouken ,she only had a kikouken in super street fighter 2 and forward if you play the remake you could get the kikouken.

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