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There are people browsing this board right now who don't understand/appreciate the OG of video games.

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Hmm, but that's not the first game ever, neither is Pong by that matter, the first few games were around in the 60's, unless you count that Tic-Tac-Toe OXO released in 1952!

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Are there even any games from before the '80s that have aged well at all?
Can't think of anything.

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well yeah, there's OP pic and Asteroids from 79

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Asteroids is fun but even back then I never liked Space Invaders much. Galaxian is pretty cool though.

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Space Invaders for the Game Boy running on Super Game Boy is kinoest Space Invaders

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It is cool, but the original arcade version will always be the best if only for the *tsssssss* sound it makes when you fire. No idea why they replaced it for a beep in the later versions

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Game Boy version has that sound

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close, but no cigar

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Gotta give the little Boy credit for trying

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of course, it's an awesome version, especially that it basically has the full snes version included.

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I played the gameboy version while waiting in line this morning
Inverting the colors with right+B gives you that original arcade white-on-black

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Unfortunately there are a lot of them. We need to retcon some some woke feels deepest lore to get them interested.

Hmm, but that's not the first time I saw a tard strawman because he literally couldn't understand what he was reading

Sure. Excluding countless pinball games with are "retro" and "aged well" There's some great classics from the 70s. In addition to space invaders, breakout, asteroids, and galaxian are solid. Even pong is fun as a simple 2 player challenge.

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Shitty arkanoid ripoff

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Which was in turn a shitty pong ripoff

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I loved this shit. It had an ending, it actually did a decent job at world building, and the boss fights were fun and tough when I was younger

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Space Invaders is a surprisingly consistent franchise, low key great games for almost 40 years. A Space Invaders collection is coming to Switch soon... in Japan

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>Hmm, but that's not the first time I saw a tard strawman because he literally couldn't understand what he was reading
"There are people browsing this board right now who don't understand/appreciate the OG of video games." (pictured: Space Invaders)
We're all lost, anon. Which game was OP actually referring to? Oh, I see...:
Isn't that a subjective opinion? Where is the strawman? Gosh, you're such an unlikable faggot, anon. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a slow painful death.

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Never really cared for the original Space Invaders even if i have no problem with score chasing games, it's a bit too simple and slow compared to something like Galaxian and further on.

But Space Invaders sequels fix it's problems and then some, at least some of them, i swear, Space Invaders Extreme should be a game developers must study when it comes to remaking or bringing an old arcade game into the modern era.

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>Space Invaders Extreme
The second title should be made into an arcade game. It's absolutely sublime.

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Is SIE 2 worth buying? I heard it is easier than the first one. How does the music compare?

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>the original Space Invaders is slow
I never quite got this argument. It is slow for the first minute or so but then it becomes very hard and very fast in no time at all. Most people can't last more than a few minutes.

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Thread theme and obligatory IMO

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bonus track

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Thanks OP. That takes me back
>playing the cocktail table version at the local Blimpies
>getting called a nerd and goaded into a fistfight over my diorama of the Battle of El Alamein
actually, nevermind

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>i'm very mad
>not because i embarrassed myself
>but because you pointed it out
I know. That was the entire reason I pointed out your stupidity. And it gives me pleasure to know that triggerd you so violently

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I am the guy who posted this badly made post, whoever posted that other post was just defending me.

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You must appreciate the i n v a d e r g a m e.

Honestly this style of arcade game is by favorite. Atom Smasher, Lunar Rescue, Yosaku, Dorachan, Tora Tora, etc. Favorite format.

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>fast food chains that weren't Pizza Hut having arcade games
Nice larp.

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>what is a franchise?

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Nothing makes me more happy than watching idiots on 4chan think they know what they're talking about..

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>what is a franchise
A fast food chain. Are you retarded? Do you know what synonyms are?

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Yeah, you definitely knew what the 'old days' were like, you retarded fucking Spongebob poster. Genocide all larping teenagers.

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...you like Spongebob don't you anon?

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Ah, shit. You got me. I guess I should post some Amuro next, huh?

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Howdy, mister.

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how does one git gud at this game??

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I believe once you get so far in the game, if the invaders are just above you they'll shoot though you because of the way their lasers spawn. At that point, it's nothing more than common sense and pattern.


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darn... this kind of ruins it for me ahhhhhhgh!!

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>larping about larping, larpception
Top kek kid. Where did you experience the 70's, reddit or youtube?

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Not all fast food chains are franchises
A franchise owner/operator has more latitude with running their store
Some even put arcade games in their stores, or did, back when loads of places were trying to cash in on the arcade game craze
Even laundromats and 7/11s would have them

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My first gaming experiences were playing Defender and Pac Man at the little roadside diner going into town. They didn't even make pizza.

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This too. 7/11s were where most people played street fighter and mk where I was.

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Shoot the outside columns of invaders first
This way it takes them longer to cross the screen
When the get across the screen, they move down

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that works for the first few levels, but then it becomes impossible later on. The real GOAT strategy is here: >>6243750

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