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>the only retro sixth gen console is also the only good console from that generation

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name 2 good games that aren't ports

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weak bait, are you even trying? most of the best games on that thing are either 1st party games by SEGA that were exclusives to it, and even the games that got ports to other systems later on were inferior to the Dreamcast originals

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meant for: >>6236946

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Humanity died at the end of the 20th century.

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Sonic Adventure
Sonic Adventure 2
Crazy Taxi
Sega Bass Fishing
House Of The Dead 2
Jet Set Radio
Skies Of Arcadia
Virtua Fighter 3
Power Stone
Power Stone 2

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>good console
Let's see, shitty controller ports, shitty disc drives on most models. Shitty dpad on controller.
Looks shit

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Not him but
Not even a game
>Sonic again
>Crazy Taxi
Port. You failed already.
>Sega Bass Fishing
Port. Failed again.
>House of the Dead 2
Port. You're really bad at this so far.
>Jet Set Radio
Ok, not necessarily "good" but I'll let it pass.
>Skies of Arcadia
No. Horrible random encounter rate. Not a good game for many reasons.
>Virtua Fighter 3
Another port, seriously?
>Power Stone
More ports?
>Power Stone 2

You lose

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Y2K bug was wild stuff, dude

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The whole point of the console was arcade ports

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All this shows is you dislike good video games

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Overruled, asswipe.
>Jet Set Radio
>not necessarily "good"
Go back to /v/

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It's not a port when Naomi and Dreamcast are essentially identical hardware with few minor differences.

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Jet Set Radio and its sequel are some of the most fucking overrated games of all time. Right up there with Majora's Mask and Mother 3.

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back to >>>/v/ zoomer

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Remember, zoomers, your childhood console is only allowed here for rules reasons.
If it was up to me, not even 5th gen would be considered retro.

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Nobody cares what you think or how you feel about anything

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if it was up to you, piss would spurt out of water fountains

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Low-key I felt that the Sega Saturn aged better than the Sega Dreamcast. Again, just my two cents.
I just can't deal with how slippery the analog stick after playing for a while.

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you clearly do.

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beats not having a analog stick

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But Saturn had one? And it kicks the shit out of Dreamcast's.

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Facts. I only wish that more Sega Saturn games were compatible with the 3d analog stick. Sega of America gave up on the Saturn too quick. Meanwhile it lasted in Japan until 2000 and we got the Dreamcast in 1998.

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>If it was up to me, not even 5th gen would be considered retro.
And there's someone older than you who's assblasted that all you kids are gushing about your Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. Quit your Boomer LARPing and sit the fuck down.

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>not him but
You are him. You also got shit taste, zoomer. Go back to /v/

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If it were up to me, /vr/ would only allow 8-bit systems or weaker, 16-bit and up would be banned.

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Would PC Engine be allowed or banned?

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>it's not a port when it's a port

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who gives a shit if it has ports or not? Literally all good consoles have ports. Why do nearly all Dreamcast threads wind up like this? OP was baiting anyway

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Imo 6th gen was all around pretty great for all the genres I play, lotta good games for all 4 systems.

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How come Dreamcast games all look so bright and colorful? Dumb question, I know, but most of the recommended games for the system seem so sunny and pleasant to look at, and even games set during the night also were still really colorful. Even if it wasn't as advanced as the systems that came out after it that gen, most of its games look better to me than a lot of PS2 games.

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I think it's mostly because the Dreamcast was only getting a ton of development during the late 90s, so what happened was those design trends being the main ones, also a really big variety of weird japanese companies that sega was friends with that had more bombastic art

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It's the late 90s.
Japan is on an economic recovery.
Technology just keeps advancing---3D became useable only a few years ago---there's an urge, a desperation, to break the mold.
Colors had been restricted all throughout the decade due to low graphical power. Muted and muddy color schemes have been the norm for 2D and especially 3D games.
A new millennium is on the horizon. Things can only get better from here. Optimism is in the air.
So what gets made? Jet Set Radio. Crazy Taxi. Ecco the Dolphin. Sonic Adventure. Phantasy Star Online. Space Channel 5. 3rd Strike. Real shiny games.
The Dreamcast has branded itself as a shiny system with lots of polish. It's the beginning of a new era, and the culture is a reflection of that. Hip-hop, D&B, Ambient, very cutting-edge, upbeat stuff. This is what the future was supposed to be: clean, soothing, uplifting, sharp yet classy yet rebellious yet progressive. Good vibes.
That's what the Dreamcast was about. That's what the games were about. You could see that spirit carried on past its prime into its ill-fated releases on the Xbox, its spiritual successor, as well as too its own later releases. But after 9/11, there was a shift and gradually that ethos died out in gaming and the public imagination. The future we saw was grimy, desperate, dark, hopeless, dangerous, and the cultural output came to reflect that.

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Great posts, I was trying to formulate from an outside perspective how I saw these games and that explains it very well. Never owned a Dreamcast, but my cousin had one and I always wanted one because of the games and their colorful visuals. I can see why there so many Sega faithful even after the Dreamcast died out, their place in the console market was a sign of a shift in video game presentation.

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It really is a colorful library

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dreamcast is more power graphically than ps2.

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Is it actually? I wasn't aware, did it have a better processor or something?

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I want to go back, bros.

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Lolno, PS2's processor blows Dreamcast's the fuck away.

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Citation needed.

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Seems it was better in some ways, worse in other ways.

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Then I guess we should allow the ps2

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Pretty much the same story as all console generations. I wish people would stop thinking in such black-and-white terms.

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I think we should, but it would probably be pandora's box in terms of posting.

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its not fucken fair bros out childhoods deserve the retro status, too

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Not retro

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Joke's on you, I was a teenager when the PS2 came out and I think it should be allowed here. Ps2, Xbox, Gamecube, DS... It's all retro status now.

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being 10 doesn't count as teenager

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It is, actually.

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I just want to see it become retro so I can amusedly observe this elitist gatekeeping shithole's crash and burn.

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Denial in the face of reality not conforming to your wishes is mental illness

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huh? but PS2 is not allowed here. What reality are you talking about? If you mean the meaning of the word "retro", sorry to break it to you but no official definition or set amount of time for something to be retro. On /vr/, PS2 is not retro and you will have to deal with it lmao

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>but PS2 is not allowed here
I never said it was.
Stop denying reality.

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Of the word retro? Again no set definition. The reality of /vr/'s rules is that PS2 is not retro.

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I'm a Dreamcast fan and even I'm comically offended by that statement. I get it, Headhunter came out on Dreamcast first but you gotta chillll

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Sigh... Same. Just replace that damn Dreamcast controller with the Sega Saturn 3d controller and we have ourselves a deal

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>Of the word retro?
No, I never mentioned that.
Stop denying reality.

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aaalrighty then

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>runs away from reality

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Why is the Dreamcast such a controversial console on this board? Is it hate from all the zoomers who resent the fact that they can't discuss PS2 and Gamecube here?

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Yes, they can't stop seething over DC being the only 6th gen console that's allowed here. And it's glorious.

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Maken X

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Sorry that nobody posted in your Atari 2600 thread, boomer.

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PS2 and GBA should be allowed here.

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All Sony systems should be banned, because fuck Sonyncels.

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I'm happy you have your own reality where PS2 is allowed on /vr/ anon. Stay there.

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Actually, people did post on my 2nd gen thread. Thanks for worrying.

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I never said it was.
Stop denying reality.

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What should I use for my HDTV to convert the vga signal of the dreamcast to hdmi?

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Code Veronica is awesome

>> No.6240368

I just bought a hyperkin HDMI cable, if the thread is still up when I get it, I'll post my impressions.

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just look at the fucking visuals, mongoloid. there's not a single ps2 game that looks better than the Dreamcast launch titles. not one. the proof is in the pudding.

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/vr/ is full of casuals with no standards. Dreamcast and the entirety of 5th Gen is not "retro".

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Super Magnetic Neo
Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise From the Ashes

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I tell ya hwat

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let's see dreamcast run shadow of the colossus

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>big game = better graphics

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>even the games that got ports to other systems later on were inferior to the Dreamcast originals
How were they? Honest question, I've only played ChuChu Rocket on GBA and the 2 Sonic games.

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I never played Maken Shao, but it looks worse than Maken X to me, both in terms of gameplay and graphics.

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>go back to /v/, where everyone also gives JSR a knob slobbering

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I'm currently using the Akura from Beharbros. Does the job well enough.

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>muh gray and brown
>muh 15 fps
PS2 ran that game like dogshit, so it’s not really a great comparison.

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It’s retards who can’t differentiate “retro” from “muh childhood.” Mostly faggots who are salty that their Gamecube threads on /v/ are instantly teleported to Page 10.

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Not only LOOKS maybe worse but the dub CANNOT be described

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Your taste is fucking awful, hoky shit.

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This is part of the reason I love the Dreamcast so much. I got eye surgery because I had cataracts and was going blind and ever since my shit got fixed I've always loved looking at and playing the more colorful games and the Dreamcast has a fuck ton of them.

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Because I don't like inferior ports, Sonic, or turn-based RPGs? I'd hate to hear about your taste, I'd probably vomit.

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Why are ports instantly disqualified if the Dreamcast has the best home version of those games?

>because you could just play them in MAME hurr

Don't be retarded.

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Is it really a port if the Dreamcast was just the Naomi arcade board repackaged for home use?

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A coin would be flipped for every post.

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nobody's talking about E.G.G.? probably the best wholly unique game on the dreamcast

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this post made me sad

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>w-well they’re the best HOME version, originally
Keep moving those goalposts.

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No goalposts were moved. The faggot, probably you, just said "port" as if that invalidates those games. Their being the best home version wasn't part of the original argument. Read the reply chain next time instead of sperging.

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Arcade games to consoles aren't ports, they're conversions. And besides, the converted games usually came with extra, exclusive content to warrant playing them on Dreamcast instead of on Naomi.

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For GDEmu and DCHDMI, should I buy the official stuff, or get the cheap chinese shit... after "flu season" ends, obviously.

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Being an inferior port is a bad thing. Being the superior original version is a good thing. Why is this hard for you to comprehend? It seems an awfully lot like you're coping.

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Name one example where a Dreamcast version is worse than Naomi, and specify why in detail.

>> No.6241885

>b-but they're ports
>b-but they're inferior ports
Nice goalpost-moving. Not to mention you didn't explain how they're inferior at all, as the other anon pointed out

>> No.6241889

Can we just talk about ecco on dreamcast, that other thread is getting to weird to talk about it

>> No.6241894

The "argument" that any of these dreamcast games are considered ports is like saying NES games that were premiered on a play choice ten a few months before they were officially released are ports. They are virtually identical to their arcade counter parts if you have enough sense to use a VGA adapter.

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>Name one example where a Dreamcast version is worse than Naomi
Just one? House of the Dead 2.
>and specify why in detail.
I can just imagine your fat cheeto fingers typing this out.
The textures are worse. How much more detail do you want? Do you even know what a texture is?
>identical hardware
>having twice as much system and graphics memory, four times as much sound memory, a faster graphics processor, faster VRAM bandwidth, and an FPGA with more processing makes NAOMI essentially identical to the Dreamcast
>Not to mention you didn't explain how they're inferior at all, as the other anon pointed out
You Sega fanboys are so annoying.

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Unironically my favorite Gundam game. I love the idea that you’re a glorified team of grunts who play a major role in turning the tide of the war, but the heavy hitters of the rest of the series are too caught up in their own bullshit to notice.

>> No.6242159

I remember getting surprised from the shark boss. Fun times.

>> No.6242202


I don't get this autist thought process. If you're buying a Dreamcast in 2020 it's obvious that you're interested in playing games on real hardware. You can either get actual arcade cabinets for these games or the best home versions on the Dreamcast.

>ports don't count!!!

Literally why?

>You Sega fanboys are so annoying.

Oh, it's console wars faggotry.

>> No.6242238

>You Sega fanboys are so annoying.
I accept your concession.

>> No.6242361

Lack of fps and shooting games and also the fps games are insanely hard to control

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You realize Dreamcast has keyboard and mouse accessories, right? Literally the same controls as PC.

>> No.6242560

The Sonic adventure games both took graphics downgrades on the GameCube and picked up a ton of new bugs

I'm still mad that VF3 still hasn't been ported to anything else

>> No.6242567

Imagine hating the Dreamcast this much just because your favourite sixth gen system will never be allowed on /vr/ while DC is.

Also >complaining about muh grafix

>> No.6242664

PS2 is garbage, the worst system from sixth gen. Deal with it, Sonyncels.

>> No.6242675

>fuck, he's right, even the NAOMI ports really are inferior ports, how do i respond now?
>i didn't think he'd actually give an example but he did and i got BTFO

>> No.6242731

His reasoning for a port being worse is because the textures are slightly worse. And because of this, the ports are so inferior, they don't bear mentioning as worthwhile parts of the Dreamcast's library; don't leave out the context because that's the underlying reason for the argument to begin with. If there was a great disparity in content between the versions or the Dreamcast version ran at half the framerate, or something, he (you) might have a point but that isn't the case.

>> No.6242737

Port: the console

>> No.6242749

What consoles can I play Blue Stinger, Illbleed, Carrier, D2, Seven Mansions, Spawn, Dynamite Cop, Napple Tale, L.O.L. and Despiria on?

>> No.6242758

Really? What were Jet Grind Radio, Space Channel 5 and Phantasy Star Online ported from?

>> No.6242780

LMAO literally never heard about any of those shitty games

>> No.6242783

this but unironically

>> No.6242785

Not my problem.

>> No.6242793

>zoom zoom

>> No.6242836

>if the Dreamcast was just the Naomi arcade board repackaged for home use
except it wasn't.

>> No.6242852 [DELETED] 

From today onwards PS2 is now considered retro, so Prepare yourselves for the gates of hell being opened tomorrow.
Also, Game cube and Xbox will be later this year so, hope that with this new influx, we may get more people interested in fixing emulation for the later one and PS2.

Really, PS2 needs a good emulator.

>> No.6242858

Kill yourself, this board was made with a much smaller gap in between most consoles than the 20 year gap between sixth gen and now.

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>His reasoning for a port being worse is because the textures are slightly worse
They're not slightly worse, they're much worse.
> And because of this, the ports are so inferior, they don't bear mentioning as worthwhile parts of the Dreamcast's library
Correct, inferior ports aren't worthwhile.
>If there was a great disparity in content between the versions
There is a great disparity, one looks much better.

>> No.6242887

so ye slightly worse

>> No.6242889

And yet the Dreamcast port has more content than the arcade version, so if you care about content more than being a grafixfag, that's the version to play.

>> No.6242893


Why? Just buy a PS2 and pirate the games. PS2s are dirt cheap and replacement parts will be available forever.

>> No.6242895

Forever is a nasty word and nothing lasts it.

>> No.6242898


>Bro just buy an arcade cabinet just emulate it on MAME

Mental illness

>> No.6242910

Yes it was. Same with ST-V and the Saturn.

>> No.6242917

It looks an entire generation apart. Cope.
>ok so it's not the NAOMI hardware after all, b-b-but
>Bro just buy an original console to play inferior ports and play on that because that's the memories of how I did it when I was a kid so you should too
Literal autism.

>> No.6242925

>From today onwards PS2 is now considered retro
What are you talking about? That doesn't make any sense.
Just like Justin Bieber won't be in the genre of big band music when he's 100 years old.

>> No.6242929

I don't believe you. Why do the Saturn ports look bad compared to the original arcade versions?

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>PS2 still not allowed on /vr/
>Bernie getting btfo by Biden
Bad year for zoomers so far.

>> No.6242943

They share the same architecture, hence why ports between the two were so easy to do. Sega did this so you could play the same game both at home and at arcades.

>> No.6242947

>>ok so it's not the NAOMI hardware after all, b-b-but
That wasn't my argument, read the reply chain, dumbass. I'll accept your concession the Dreamcast version isn't inferior, however.

>> No.6242948 [DELETED] 

its 20 years years today, same will be for GC and Xbox this year and next.
The thing from this is that now we get an entire gen to talk about and even some obscure shit from that time even for PC.
i think there is even some good PC JRPG's inspired on SNES Front mission that were translated and posted here on /vr/ for PC.

Anon if we depend of Gookmoot to update something even on other boards like hashbanning wojaks or phoneposting, he would be competent as pre-retirement moot.
But instead, we got this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-ARM_j5XbU

Dreamcast supports normalmaps and ambient occlusion, PS2 doesn't it.

>> No.6242956

Did you reply to the wrong post? I don't see how that answers the question.
Why do the Saturn ports look bad compared to the original arcade versions?

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>sonyggers not only literally killed the dreamcast prematurely, they don't even let Sega fans discuss it online

>> No.6242968

"Retro" is not a synonym for "is 20 years old." Right now baroque music is about 400 years old, in 400 years it will be 800 years old.

>> No.6242974

>Why do the Saturn ports look bad compared to the original arcade versions?
Which Saturn/STV game are you referring to?

>> No.6242979

comparing music with gaming is retarded.

>> No.6243014

I dont understand what that image is implying.

>> No.6243015

Radiant Silvergun for example on Saturn dips below 60FPS while on ST-V it stays silky smooth. Is it because the Saturn has so much less video memory than the ST-V?

>> No.6243019

A Sega fan, dreaming of a long lost past.

>> No.6243031

>I’ve never heard of them so they’re shitty.
Oh, you’re one of those.

>> No.6243036

I'm pretty sure the only version of RSG that doesn't have slowdowns is on Xbox 360.

>> No.6243235

the word Retro is like the word Art, with both having such a vague definition it can be made to be whatever the person who uses it likes.

>> No.6243245

Just rename the board to old videogames and include 6th gen

>> No.6243249

Is this satire? Every single one of those games is complete shit Except Dynamite Cop which is an inferior port and L.O.L. which is only good if you like JRPGs.
Not even trolling, those games are widely agreed upon as bad.
>Blue Stinger, Illbleed, Carrier
Horrible "horror" games, bad scripts and gameplay
One of the worst horror games ever made. More than half is cutscenes. About a couple of hours of repetitive backtracking gameplay. Babbage Gramps chose it as his "personal favorite" if that tells you anything.
>Seven Mansions
This has to be a trollpost. You're trolling, right?
>Dynamite Cop
Arcade version is superior
>Napple Tale
Not really a game. Also cringe.

>> No.6243285

Your lukewarm sentence-long takes are worth nothing, and no one asked for your brainlet take to begin with. That's not satire, you can read that at face value.

>> No.6243291

No one asked you for your list of C-tier games, but here you are sharing your shit opinion anyways.

>> No.6243293

They aren't shit games that magically nobody enjoyed because of double digit IQ takes like this:
>Also cringe.

>> No.6243294

Silent Hill 3

>> No.6243402

It's 5.5 gen

>> No.6243424

>Carrier and D2 aren't complete shit
Are you mentally retarded?

>> No.6243436

No. Kenji Eno games are worth playing and discussing as much as that upsets you.

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The Dreamcast Has Less Than 10 Actually Decent Games Sooooooo Fuck Off And Die

>> No.6243628


>> No.6243629

I bet you're a JRPG fan, so having less than 10 games relevant to your interests is actually a good thing.

>> No.6243676


>> No.6243685

Oof and you want people to take your opinion seriously?

>> No.6243689

You obviously never played any games on the Dreamcast. Go back to /v/, zoomer.

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Anyone here play Elemental Gimmick Gear?

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>Kenji Eno games

>> No.6244023

No i did not think of that. that's stupid anyway. because people don't set up game consoles on desks like they do with pcs. i can imagine someone laying on the floor,in his bed, or on a couch with his dreamcast keyboard and mouse.

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This. If you really want to get technical, this board started allowing Dreamcast discussion back in 2014:
>16 years after the system's release back in 1998
>And 13 years after its discontinuation in 2001
Even though it was discontinued, there were still some games coming out for it, The last one being in 2007
And taking a look at the GameCube to today:
>It's been 19 years since its release back in 2001
>And 13 years since its discontinuation and final game back in 2007
The next console gen's going to be starting soon anyway, so I wouldn't be surprised if 6th gen discussion is allowed by at least 2021/2022

>> No.6244550

Retro is a period of time, not an age.

If little zoomies want to discuss their childhoods they can do it on /v/ or have their own board, stop trying to come here and shit this one up to feel like you're in the big boy club now

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>> No.6244604

>Retro is a period of time, not an age.
Mario 64 wasn't considered a retro game back in 1996

>> No.6244640

How was it? I'm waiting for my dreamcast to arrive in the mail and it caught my eye.

>> No.6244654

>The next console gen's going to be starting soon anyway, so I wouldn't be surprised if 6th gen discussion is allowed by at least 2021/2022
Why would it be? It's not 80s or 90s, therefore it's not "retro" for the primary userbase.

>> No.6244718

That's exactly right. Since some people have a misconception, I was explaining what the 'r' in /vr/ means, in the context of /vr/. Our rules for what is "retro" are not necessarily the same as what the word means to you personally. In this case it refers to a specific period in time, not a relative comparison with now.

>> No.6244721

And Jorge Luis Borges wasn't considered a postmodernist in 1944. The paradigm shift wasn't recognized until a generation later, in the 1960s. That is always how cultural criticism works.

>> No.6244749

Because 5th gen isn't retro. Games stopped being retro after the '80s.

>> No.6244782
File: 157 KB, 1295x309, vr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not that anon, but time changes, fifth generation consoles weren't even considered retro back when the board first started

>> No.6244815

Honestly, it should have remained that way. N64 and Playstation are not retro.

>> No.6244821


This board doesn't exist because someone determined that games made before an arbitrary cutoff period were designed with a different "mentality" than later ones. It simply exists as a space for people to discuss older games without being drowned out by the memeing and shitposting on /v/. That's all. It's not a statement of intent or an attempt to subdivide video games into "eras" like architecture or literature.

>> No.6244884

No, it wasn't.

>> No.6244891

This x1000.

>> No.6244941
File: 63 KB, 625x626, 1473083840507.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bad edit

>> No.6244956

>no metal queer solid
>no final faggasoy 7
>no gay elf 64
/vr/ would be glorious, why did the rules have to be changed bros.

>> No.6244958

>bad edit

>> No.6245062

>You lose
Imagine making arguments online a "game" because you're such a sad loser. DC originals run superior compared to ports, you have no case.

>> No.6245290

For gdemu buy clone, for dchdmi buy real

>> No.6245321

Do GDEmu clones perform better or are you suggesting that because they perform the same and are just cheaper? Only curious because I bought a modded Dreamcast with a real GDEmu in it.

>> No.6245361

I'm sure normal gdemu are fine if not better. I just refuse to support Deunan and would rather buy from the chinks.

>> No.6245365

I figured that was the case, heard he sperged out and canceled people's orders or something because they were wondering when the fuck the thing they paid for is going to finally ship.

>> No.6245524

I already preordered the legit dchdmi, shipping in early April.

I wouldn't mind getting a clo e gdemu as long as I can be certain it works just as well as original

>> No.6245583

>Almost a quarter of the way into the century
>Stuff from the last isn't retro
ok boomer

>> No.6245594

never ever, zoomer

>> No.6245642

Not him but the extra content is pretty worthless.

>> No.6245786

Back in 99 having arcade perfect home ports didn’t exist anywhere else and wasn’t just a novelty. Arcade games lived hard on the Dreamcast for a fucking reason anon. They were the only way to play back then. The Dreamcast library is legendary.

>> No.6245787

>They were the only way to play back then.
Or you could just go to an arcade.

>> No.6245798

Good post. I only disagree with the 9/11 part. There was still plenty of sunny, happy pop culture after 9/11. I think the subprime mortgage did far more damage.

>> No.6245803

but the earliest zoomers were still in diapers when the Dreamcast launched

>> No.6246078

Not as worthless as slightly better textures

>> No.6246094

video games don't age, only you do.

>> No.6246153

>They were the only way to play back then.
And now you can play the superior original arcade versions, so the inferior ports are useless.

>> No.6246161

Console conversions > emulated arcade original, though

>> No.6246178

Wrong. Worse textures, worse gameplay, no ability to upscale, more lag, no ability to use any controller, to ability to output to HDMI or component natively with most consoles, inferior sound, do I need to keep going?

>> No.6246195

More content, equivalent gameplay, choice of controllers, fixes over the arcade version and it makes you seethe. I see you're still upset I proved you wrong about House of the Dead.

>> No.6246230

All that is assuming the emulation is well programmed. There are no good Naomi emulators however.

>> No.6246237

>nebula dabs on you
>laggy adapters
>worse gamepllay with an extra fame or two of lag
Keep lurking kiddo. Home console ports just don't have the power to do what arcade games can do.

>> No.6246245

No proof again? I accept your concession, dreamcast arcade conversions are indeed great.

>> No.6246250

Any proof of NAOMI not having twice as much system and graphics memory, four times as much sound memory, a faster graphics processor, faster VRAM bandwidth, and an FPGA with more processing?
All the sources I can find show these technical specifications which explain the shit graphics of the Dreamcast ports compared to their arcade originals (see >>6242865 where the Dreamcast literally looks like shit).
Do you have any proof that the Dreamcast actually was the same as the NAOMI?

>> No.6246251

But seriously though, who thought putting the cord on that end of the controller was a good idea?

>> No.6246254

>doesn't post proof again of dreamcast conversions performing worse
>ignores dreamcast versions having more content and fixes again

>> No.6246258

>having better graphics and framerates is performing equally
>doesn't post proof again of fixes

>> No.6246357

Holy shit, it was a consolewarfag this whole time? It makes sense. Your only argument is muh grafix. Just like the other anon and many others before said,
I accept your concession.

>> No.6246467

>the only good console from that generation
Gamecube, Xbox and PS2 are all objectively better.

>> No.6246496

My clone gdemu seems to work fine but I haven't put it under any hard use.

>> No.6246519

PS2 maybe out of sheer number of games, but the other 2 don't even compete. GameCubes best game was a DC port

>> No.6246526

The worst sega console. Sega consoles got worse with every generation. The patrician's choice is the master system.

>> No.6246547

The Saturn is better

>> No.6246593

>posts no proof of better framerates
>has posted zero proof of claims but expects others to post proof as if he's worth the effort
>is a grafixfag that pretends more content is worse because muh textures

>> No.6246596

metroid prime was a dc port?

>> No.6246742

Go tell /v/ about it, zoomer.

>> No.6246749

The worst Sega system is still better than the other shite from sixth gen.

>> No.6246778

I would take the whole game looking a bit better over side content I don't want to play.

>> No.6246801
File: 437 KB, 575x1173, Screenshot_2020-03-06 Dan Kunz on Twitter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the most well-known caveat is that they can't be updated to newer firmwares, but most out there are already on the latest firmware and can run the problem games.
the other issue to look out for is that some of them have bad clock crystals, evident from the startup audio sounding wrong and games not working. you can fix it for cheaper than getting another gdemu, and i haven't run into it myself.

>> No.6246823

I didn't get very far in it. I didn't think it was bad, though-it's a nice looking game. Other stuff just got in the way.

>> No.6246867

Not him but

>a faster graphics processor
No it doesn't. The original version of NAOMI has a single 100 MHz PowerVR2 just like the Dreamcast.

All that NAOMI really has over Dreamcast is more memory, and everybody knows of that advantage. It makes sense based on that, that it could have higher resolution textures.

>faster VRAM bandwidth
Only there to increase access times across the larger VRAM. In any case, it doesn't matter. PowerVR2 literally runs at peak theoretical performance with the VRAM that Dreamcast has (at least in terms of framebuffer write speed), so faster memory bandwidth wouldn't help. It's tile based deferred rendering after all.

Dreamcast performance is entirely bound by CPU/T&L/triangle setup.

>a FPGA with more processing
The FPGA was almost certainly used for live decrypting of ROMs, not more processing power.

>> No.6246886

You don't have to be a zoomer to realize how overrated the DC is. It's literally only praised because it came out before the others.

>> No.6247029

I'll keep my eyes peeled. Thanks.

Well, I guess I should be good as long as I'm careful.

>> No.6247069

Good for you, doesn't mean the DC version is objectively inferior. I'll enjoy boss mode while you stare at the textures or whatever.

>> No.6247070

Cool, I'm not the guy that said it was. Have fun with boss mode, to the extent one can.

>> No.6247084

Why do slavs (namely polacks and russians) love the Dreamcast so much?

>> No.6247087
File: 107 KB, 600x600, SEGA-Dreamcast-RF-hkt-8820-gametrog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah and here in Europe it came with this cable the first day I bought the dc I couldn't play it since I was unable to find that fucking channel

>> No.6247093

>Console conversions > emulated arcade original, though
It really depends, but in most cases, fuck no.

>> No.6247107

I will, and to a greater extent one can than with slightly better textures.

>> No.6247728

t. doesn't like the dreamcast

>> No.6247776

Didn't know that Melee was a DC port. Or was it Wind Waker?

>> No.6248323

>No it doesn't. The original version of NAOMI has a single 100 MHz PowerVR2 just like the Dreamcast.
The Sega Dreamcast's arcade counterpart, the Sega NAOMI, has the same CPU, the Hitachi SH-4, at the same clock rate, but is more powerful in other ways, including an updated PowerVR2 GPU with faster performance, additional RAM and VRAM, higher bandwidth, and faster ROM cartridge storage.


Stupid faggot.

>> No.6248328

While the CPU of the NAOMI and Dreamcast operate at the same clock frequency, the NAOMI packs twice as much system and graphics memory, four times as much sound memory, a faster PowerVR2 graphics processor, faster VRAM bandwidth,[n 1] and FPGA with additional processing.


How's getting BTFO feel?

>> No.6248404

Sega Retro is notoriously inaccurate. Their spec pages are written by a fanboy who looks up SDKs and has no fucking idea what he is reading

>> No.6248406

If the data comes from Sega Retro then there's a 50/50 chance of it being complete fucking bullshit.

>> No.6248485

>Sonic Adventure
>Sonic Adventure 2
They absolutely overflow with 90s charm but the actual gameplay is fucking terrible.

>> No.6248493


It's hilarious that Boomers, Gen X and Millenials all agree that the 90s were the last good decade

I don't know whether to pity zoomers who've never known anything but the current shit culture that's pretty much unchanged since the 00s, or envy them

>> No.6248504

The 90s are like a sober 80s with better tech. The 00s and later decades are like a dystopian alternative timeline. It's hard to imagine how both periods exist in the same universe.

>> No.6248509

>It's hard to imagine how both periods exist in the same universe.

I find some appeal in the idea that the world actually ended sometime around 2000, and God's just got a rough backup of the universe on loop to keep us busy while he sorts through the sudden huge backlog of souls

>> No.6248516

I like to think the Y2K glitch is related somehow.

>> No.6248518
File: 822 KB, 2917x2083, 1582489412420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>yfw the y2k glitch was in the computer running the simulation we're in

>> No.6248520
File: 80 KB, 635x636, 1576532621886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So this is what the matrix was suppose to warn us about.

>> No.6248529

the late 90s were already shit, and there was no difference culturally between 1999 and pre-911 2001.

>> No.6248545
File: 16 KB, 460x276, aEz2GZK_460s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It also had some predictive programming. I even believe the term redpill was supposed to be introduced in popular culture all along.

>> No.6248548
File: 160 KB, 488x519, bcb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He wasn't expecting humanity would last this long...

Hell lobbies are full.

>> No.6248550

> there was no difference culturally between 1999 and pre-911 2001.
If you expand the margin earlier a few years you'll pretty much have the time period when all the gigantic 90s nastolgia bait was released and the golden age of PC gaming.

>> No.6248552

Dreamcast is only "retro" because it was killed before the 6th gen starter properly. Devil May Cry and God of War are all decidedly modern games, while most of the Dreamcast library is 90s 3d arcade games.

>> No.6248556

I’d say 1998 was the last year that actually felt like the 90s. But the real 90s was like 1992-1996 (1990 and 1991 were basically 1989 the epilogue)

>> No.6248559

Comparing to the last decade, the late 90's looks great.

>> No.6248565

won’t disagree with that

i thought post-911 00s were worse than now in some ways, but not in all ways though

>> No.6248581

Everytime you ask a zoomer about why the 90s is great they'll give you the n64, the ps1 and then a bunch of shit released between 97-03

Somehow shit keeps getting worse. I always thought 07-10 was the absolute worst it has gotten, but then I get reminded of all the shit that dominates mainstream media/games today.

>> No.6248672

>Best version of Resident Evil 2
>Best version of Resident Evil 3
>Best version of Rayman 2
>Best version of Shadow Man
>Best Version of Soul Reaver
>Best version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
>Power Stone 1
>Power Stone 2
>Crazy Taxi
>Chu Chu Rocket
>Dux 1.5
>Grandia 2
>Jet Set Radio
>Blue Stinger
>Code Veronica
>Skies of Arcadia
>Best version of Spider-Man 1
>Best version of Spider-Man 2
>Sonic Adventure 1
>Sonic Adventure 2
>Shenmue 1
>Shenmue 2

>> No.6249012

Works fine on my machine

>> No.6249027
File: 56 KB, 640x640, 074299406928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It also has the best version of this, but no one cares except me.

>> No.6249036

times change

/v2k/ would be a pointless board

Things that came out 20 years ago are retro, anon

>> No.6249047

But anon, most people who want /vr/ to include 6th generation are no younger than 28-30

are you just mad or

>> No.6249139

>Spider-Man 2

>> No.6249215

Proof? Source of that data being inaccurate?

Give a source that says the NAOMI's graphics processor wasn't an updated PowerVR2, because it's becoming clear you're completely full of shit and just grasping at straws now.

>> No.6249219

How about posting more than one source besides Sega Retro?
Oh wait, you can't.

>> No.6249334

"The NAOMI (New Arcade Operation Machine Idea) from Sega is an arcade system based on the Dreamcast that became available in 1998 and succeeded Sega's Model 3 series. The similar architecture between the NAOMI and Dreamcast include a Hitachi SH-4 CPU (running at 200MHz), Yamaha AICA sound, and a different version of the PowerVR Series 2 GPU. Where the NAOMI out performs the Dreamcast is in having double the system memory (32 MB VS. 16 MB) and double the graphics (VRAM) memory (16 MB VS. 8 MB), four times the sound memory (8 MB VS. 2MB) and updated PowerVR GPU with better performance."


BTFO again. Now you've been spoonfed two sources. Do you have one source yet for your retarded claim?

>> No.6249409

No games are retro after pong. Convince me

>> No.6249437

>Manchild arguing if an arcade system is superior than a home console sold for $200

>> No.6249916
File: 256 KB, 502x377, dc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most aftermarket VGA boxes do good enough. Stay away from behar bros shit though, their quality control on their cables is awful and they still break even after they redesigned them because people bitched. Awful company, stay away. Their new case for the dreamcast looks fucking awful as well.

>> No.6250059

>loses argument and gets embarrassed
>samefags as third person now claiming both sides are stupid in attempt to exit argument

>> No.6250492

Go back to your homework kiddo

>> No.6250496

>t. doesn't like video games

>> No.6250514

anyone got the full version of redream

>> No.6250618

Because we grew up not knowing anything about gaming industry and some dudes were selling clones of NES and Mega Drive 2 (no one here knows about Model 1).
And, of course, we were poor and piracy.

Dreamcast is popular here because we knew SEGA and bootlegs were ~100rubles ($3).

Also, PS2 and other 6-gen didn't rise here because:
1) Around ~2000 there was a trend for PC for "studying", and it was actually a first PC for many.
2) We had a dozen of PC-only magazines which either never talked about consoles or straight-out shat on them.
3) Very few of us liked anime, and even if someone knew about consoles, but disregarded them as kids-game because majority of its games were anime/cartoony.

But DC was SEGA and that was enough.

>> No.6250637

Because we have good taste in video games.

>> No.6250660

I don't think you understand, my tv HAS a VGA port but it doesn't work with the Dreamcast (says the signal is out of reach)

>> No.6250661

I do

>> No.6250758

You could try one of those cheap vga to hdmi converter boxes. They're not the worst thing if you don't care about absolute reference quality video. I think at most they will crush the blacks with a VGA signal. If you're not looking to spend much, that would be the cheapest option. OSSC has a vga input on it, but you're gonna be at the mercy of what kind of signals your hdtv can accept from it. I'd rather chance it and get an OSSC than deal with Behar Bros. products to be honest.

>> No.6250902

Hes right though, once 3d graphics/polygons became the standard over tradtional sprites games were no longer retro. Snes generation should be the cut off point for retro.

Thr n64 is not retro

>> No.6250925

Nah, Dreamcast is the cut off point for retro, so yes N64, PS one and Sega Saturn are all considered retro. Only way N64 wouldn't be retro is if they kept going with games past 2010, but Tony hawk pro skater 3 was the last game released in 2002

>> No.6250929

The N64 is very retro unless you're some bitter gen Xer

>> No.6250939


Not only 3D graphics though, but the transition from arcade-like gameplay to games with cinematic cutscenes. 5th Gen isn't retro and 6th Gen (Dreamcast) especially isn't retro.

>> No.6250941

>8 Console Generations
>6 of them are retro

>> No.6251838

God, I miss my Dreamcast. Never should've gotten rid of it.

>> No.6251847

Goddamn, I miss the 90's so fucking badly. This post just made me realize that we probably never would've gotten CoD clones and brown and grey shooters if 9/11 and the WoT never happened.

>> No.6251874

Are cheaper VGA cables like the Tomee ones acceptable? I have a Naki VGA box which has decent picture but only when it works. Sometimes if anything moves the box it reacts really strongly and either discolors or outright kills the picture

>> No.6252038

What really happened is that the Dreamcast made a gamble and lost. They made a 90s console at the end of the 90s, based on arcade games already dying by '99.
They didnt try something innovative and new, they made a few games for the system and then ported everything else over from the Naomi and tons of old PSX games.

People love the Dreamcast now because the arcades are dead and the dreamcast has superior versions of PSX games, but when the dreamcast came out nobody cared.

>> No.6253025

Does it work with a PC set to low resolutions like 640x480, 800x600, etc.? Because if it does then your DC VGA is more likely to be faulty. The DC outputs [email protected] It's the most defaultiest default resolution you could ever get, so either your VGA box is broken or your TV used a VGA port as a stand-in for HDTV component signals.

>> No.6253093

original xbox master race

>> No.6254582

xbox has nogaems

>> No.6254610

Why are you playing a light gun game on an HDTV, you retarded nigger?

>> No.6254713

Anyone know what the best Dreamcast emulator would be for debugging homebrew games? I'm thinking of getting into homebrew, but I don't want to burn CDRs yet.

>> No.6255514

>Space Channel 5
Are we really pretending that game wasn't shit?

>> No.6255561

Oh boy, sentimental emotionally driven nostalgia as deciminated by perpetual childlike millenials and the zoomers who hear about this shit 2nd hand. Just what this shithole needs.
>Japan is on an economic recovery.
You fucking dumbass, no they weren't.
Look up the Asian financial crisis of 1997, Japan's economy was still in full recession by the late 90s.

Also the 90s fucking sucked outside of computers and video games
>Political correctness enters public consciousness
>rock/metal music becomes completely defanged and gives way to self hating heroin addled grunge, wigger nu-metal, and estrogen sounding pop punk
>rap goes from nigger gangster shit to polished manufactured pop rap
>manufactured boy bands make a comeback
>animation the world over starts switching from hand drawn cels to garish digital ink and paint
>movies begin implementing CGI effects that look immediately dated in lieu of practical effects
The 90s were a sham only beloved ny millennials because that's when you dumbass spoiled brat who didn't have responsibilities to take of.
You are full of fucking shit.
Hated the 90s because they were pushing middle age, their collective adolescence was officially over, and they watched as their Gen X kids piss away their time by being shiftless slackers.
>Gen X
Only because they mooched off their parents being dumbass slackers.
>and Millenials
Were dumbass coddled kids thanks to their boomer parents who decided to spoil them rotten after neglecting their Gen x kids.

The 90s were thoroughly mediocre if you weren't in the 3rd grade.

>> No.6255573

I wonder what kinda games we'd have if the 60s, 70s, 80s had 90s game technology.

>> No.6256612

>>Political correctness enters public consciousness
mostly an anglo thing, rest of the world didn't have it
>>rock/metal music becomes completely defanged and gives way to self hating heroin addled grunge, wigger nu-metal, and estrogen sounding pop punk
>rap goes from nigger gangster shit to polished manufactured pop rap
again, anglo things. In europe electronic music and eurodance were much more prevalent
>>animation the world over starts switching from hand drawn cels to garish digital ink and paint
Wasn't that at the end of 1999?

>> No.6256654

Yes because it wasn't unless you're a tastelet

>> No.6256843

But it has games that were intended for Dreamcast if it didn't die.

>> No.6256897

>Wasn't that at the end of 1999?
I know the first digital anime was a Dr. Slump adaption in 1997, though it wouldn't be widely adopted for a few more years after that.

>> No.6256905

Correcting myeslf, apparently the actual first digital anime was from 1995. I don't think it's as "presentable" as the Dr. Slump anime though, goddamn is this uncanny valley

>> No.6257146

That was changed within like a week of the board's inception though. The rules have been entirely consistent since then with the exception of the Dreamcast being allowed, then being banned, then being unbanned.

>> No.6257673

Still it was only widely adapted from 2000 onwards

>> No.6257741

>>animation the world over starts switching from hand drawn cels to garish digital ink and paint
But we still got Disney renaissance movies, Nigthmare Before Christmas, Ghibli films, or 2D tv shows like The Simpsons, Cartoon Network classics or Batman Animated Series. Also, all those movies were still shot on film, which at least gave them a warm and great picture quality. It wasn't until the new century that the flat digital style got huge, and Disney got crazy and started restoring their old movies making them look digital.

>> No.6258717

I'm using a Hyperkin VGA to HDMI cable that apparently is supposed to be shit but it looks fine to me. Makes me wonder if the lower-end cables for VGA aren't as bad as people say they are.

>> No.6258907

All my games work but not soul reaver when i put it in the sega logo will boot up but then it'll just go back to the dreamcast window. does anyone know how to fix this

>> No.6258991

Are you running it from a retail disc, a burnt disc, or off a SD card via GDEMU? Give us some details.

>> No.6259030

It's a retail disc

>> No.6259140

It might be the laser dying. Games with more data might not boot on DCs with a laser that's going out, though I'm not sure if Soul Reaver is such a game.

>> No.6259161

Legacy of kain Soul Reaver, it was ported to the dreamcast.

>> No.6259184

why is marvel vs capcom 2 still so fucken expensive fuck you

>> No.6259191

Because it's more arcade-accurate than the PS2/Xbox versions and it's been the version used at EVO for ages.

>> No.6259202 [DELETED] 

>buying dreamcast games
lmao'ing @ your life

>> No.6259747

I was thinking of taking 1 too, but supposedly you shouldn't use it for more than 3 hours. Also normal direct VGA to dreamcast cables work like they should.

>> No.6260417

Why shouldn't you use it for more than 3 hours? That sounds ominous.

>> No.6260990

Well, one Hong Kong seller said that

>> No.6262259
File: 631 KB, 500x493, 1539331278304.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know how to get a better set of disc art for the GDEMU? It keeps giving me stock art and sometimes they're upside down

>> No.6262332

I'm wondering this too. Especially fan translations that have no disc art whatsoever on the GDMenu.

>> No.6262346

Dreamcast was by far the worst 6th Gen console. Also not retro

>> No.6262351

Tastelet and brainlet, a daring combo.

>> No.6262363

I got the Akura too... Do you have any issue where you don't get a signal to your TV until after the boot screen?

>> No.6262532

Yeah the signal starts at the tail end of the boot up. It also doesn't seem to like being plugged into a hdmi splitter.

>> No.6263871

Shit taste and retarded, a dangerously mindless combo.

>> No.6263882

It's explicitly dubbed retro in the pinned post, eat shit seething boomer, things get old and nostalgic for more generations than just yours.

>> No.6263924

Spiderman 2 isn’t on the dreamcast nigger

>> No.6264047

you can edit images to have different disc textures and some people do this for box art, but it's a waste of time and occasionally game breaking to repack your games over something so petty

>> No.6264050

You don't have to elaborate on your taste, I already know.

>> No.6264069

It's so cute watching someone with shit taste and no clue on history trying to flip the script. <3

>> No.6264076

Kinda weird that getting upset turns you into a literal faggot but whatever helps you cope.

>> No.6264083

Gamecube was better

>> No.6264215

I'm not upset, and I'm not a faggot. It seems like you're the one who's coping. :)

>> No.6264239

Dreamcast > Xbox > PS2 > Shitcube

>> No.6264378

Definitely mad and definitely a faggot

>> No.6264464

PS2 is the best console of that gen for the same reason it ruined future consoles. It had that DVD player which artificially inflated the playerbase (people who didn't play games bought one), so most devs naturally flocked to it because it had the biggest playerbase in history. The PS2 had such a massively wide range of games in every genre and a lot of them knocked it out of the park. The consequence is ever since then every single console has either been either a gimmick or a media device.

The Dreamcast and Gamecube overflow with charm, but when it comes to the library PS2 wins hands down.

>> No.6264487

PS2 = Dreamcast > Gamecube > Xbox

>> No.6264783
File: 308 KB, 1355x847, sd4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this cant be a good deal can it ?

>> No.6264810

might be worth it tbqh.
real gdemu, real dchdmi, 3d-printed sd-card-holder-thing, picopsu, translucent case, board and case and shit looks very clean.

>> No.6264813

and a noctua-fan to boot.

>> No.6264826
File: 161 KB, 558x558, 1533453639582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw bought a modded one off eBay and it has a clone GDEmu

>> No.6264997

How can Xbox be worst when it got the best 3rd-party Sega titles of gen 6?

>> No.6265005

Outside of Jet Set Radio Future, OG Xbox has nothing to offer compared to other consoles except for the "MUH GRAPHICS" ports.

>> No.6265016

Why the hell did they put the wire on the bottom of the controller? That's so dumb.

>> No.6265068
File: 335 KB, 2048x2048, 3fed40018332c3562aae2b02fdca55d3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't mind me the best Sega third party is on the shamecube

>> No.6265072

>forgetting OutRun 2, still the most arcade-accurate home port
>forgetting Panzer Dragoon Orta
>forgetting GunValkyrie
>forgetting the enhanced port of Shenmue 2


>> No.6265150

Why is this board constantly ignoring all the Sega PS2 games? Xbox had like 3 games made by sega and suddenly its DREAMCAST 2!!11

>> No.6265158

Wow I never wondered but I sure wonder now. What a concept. Gosh I wonder why kind of video games people in 40's would make with 90's tech.

>> No.6265164

Because it was mostly ports? The PS2 Sega original titles weren't very good.

>> No.6265181


>> No.6265912
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Bought one of those. hoefully it will work good

yes, but I tried with a VGA box aswell as a straight to VGA cable, it worked on a older HDTV (2006) while every other tried it on so far kept saying the same thing.

>> No.6265943

If it was up to you rain wouldn't be water, but cum. And sucking dick would be an international sport.

>> No.6266349

You can buy cheapest one you can find, don't be afraid, the chinks ones they all come from one factory.
It will be on 5.15 even if the board says 5.05. I brought 5.05 and in menu is says 5.15. Chinks don't bother to repaint the boards.
And crystal can be different from photo, too. But I don't think crystal is a problem nowadays because that tweet is a couple years old by now.

>> No.6266362
File: 719 KB, 1225x1225, 1534468998954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh huh.

>> No.6266404

my god did someone actually buy one of the sonic-themed GDEMU clones

>> No.6266415

it's marked up over $200 from what it cost to put together and it's not hard to put together yourself. and the gdemu is fake.

>> No.6266525

>the gdemu is fake
Does this really matter? You can't buy the authentic ones 99% of the time and the clones work just fine. I just found out mine was a clone the other day and haven't had any issues except for a gamebreaking bug in Code Veronica that apparently happens with authentic GDemu, as well. I do agree that that Dreamcast is pretty overpriced, though.

>> No.6266528

it doesn't matter, i use a clone myself. that anon just specifically, incorrectly said it was real.

>> No.6266559

Oh, my bad, I can't read.

>> No.6266584

Only good PS2-exclusive title in that list is Virtua Fighter 4.

Shinobi was god awful, Yakuza is an overrated movie game with shallow button-masher gameplay, the less said about VO Marz the better, and the Shining games are an insult to their franchise.

Xbox and even Gamecube got better Sega games, deal with it Sonyboy.

>> No.6266937

There is so much more to play on PS2 than Orta, Jet Set Radio and Gunvalkyrie. I much rather have VF, Sakura Wars, Shining and almost endless list of classic ports than the few games on Xbox and GC.

>> No.6267020

Jet Set Radio

>> No.6267024

Xbox was far and away the best of that gen, you're retarded

>> No.6267169

>Shinobi was god awful

>> No.6268684

>it's marked up over $200 from what it cost to put together and it's not hard to put together yourself.
but with that offer you don't need to.

>> No.6268968

>wanting the worst Sakura Taisen entry and the garbage post-Camelot Shining games over Smilebit's best games that they ever developed or the best F-Zero game ever made
Shit taste, bruh.

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