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purchased a dreamcast and RE3 yesterday. what are some other games i should check out? i’ve never owned a sega console.

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Shenmue 2

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The Dreamcast is great for arcade-perfect ports of fighters and shooters but the controller is terrible for them. Invest in a DC-compatible arcade pad if that sort of thing interests you.

Otherwise look into SEGA's own library for the system, they released a lot of unique games such as Space Channel 5, Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, etc.

If you're a horror fan, the system has unbeatable ports of RE2 and 3, plus Code Veronica, along with the very unique exclusive Illbleed. Capcom supported the Dreamcast pretty well, and there's a couple good racing games on it as well.

If the idea of playing a long-defunct online game on a discontinued console appeals to you, it is still possible to play Phantasy Star Online on a Dreamcast and connect to the Internet through it. Look it up online and consider getting a DC-compatible keyboard.

Finally, it has an arcade-perfect port of The House of the Dead 2, which makes for a great experience if you can nab a compatible gun controller.

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>arcade-perfect port of The House of the Dead 2
Wrong. The Dreamcast port of House of the Dead 2 is not arcade-perfect.
Typical Segatard, trying to cope with objectively wrong information.

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Shut the fuck up.

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The only three reasons I had for owning the Dreamcast were RE Code Veronica, Gundam Sidestory 0079, and especially Rainbow Six. Gundamn and Rainbow need the rumble pack controller attachment for full enjoyment.

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You shut the fuck up with spreading wrong information. Correcting your false statements with true ones is a good thing.

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Thanks for correcting me, but when did this board become /v/? What need did you feel to bring console war faggotry into a thread about a dead system?

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Grandia 2 and Skies of Arcadia are great rpgs
lots of great fighting games

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>owning a memecast
All the games got ported or have better arcade versions.

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Metropolis Street Racer. Precursor to Project Gotham Racing.

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Crazy Taxi, Power Stone, Virtua Tennis

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This. The Dreamcast is bad.

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I believe the best version of rayman 2 is on the dreamcast.

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Same could be said about PS1, MD or SNES

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Not "retro"

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OMG too many great games you need to do.

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Kill yourself zoomer

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Did you not read the fucking sticky, faggot?

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reddit is that way, little kid.

You can shove the sticky right up your ass, you fucking faggot. You'd probably like it.

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Shit system full of ports (that then mostly went on to get better ports on PC), but there's a few decent exclusives. Blue Stinger is a pretty great Action Horror title.

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All I did was correct your false statement, no other consoles mentioned. I'm sorry that the ports you thought were arcade perfect are in fact not.

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>not citing differences

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Pic raletad plus Rush San Francisco 2049

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Textures are lower quality.

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house of the dead 2 (get a light zapper)
crazy taxi
soul calibur
jet grind radio
power stone
tokyo extreme racer
guilty gear x
samba de amigo
chu chu rocket
blue stinger
sonic adventure

these are all fun, dreamcast is at its best with the arcade ports and with a friend, especially power stone and tokyo extreme racer, those two are lots of fun vs a buddy

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calm down, no need to be this angry or edgy, you’re acting like an angsty 12 year old, you could have corrected him without the name calling and swearing, as another anon said before, this isn’t /v/, take that sort of immature behavior back there

pro tip: your post could be considered as a troll post which is a global violation and is a ban-able offense if that other guy decided to report you

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I have a small DC selection, some good ones. Half are DC essentials but I’m missing some reaalllll classics like crazy taxi and jet grind radio. If I would buy any more i’d get those two and quake III, starlancer, 102 Dalmatians, and -maybe- D2

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I would forget the pic
My b

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Best version but the 64 version is adequate enough, just less smooth and less pretty, and way easier to get your hands on.

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The only angry one here is you. Using humor doesn't make a post a troll post. His post was more of a troll post by giving blatantly wrong information. My post corrected his post with facts, and had a small amount of humor. No need to overreact to every little thing.
Pro tip: troll posts don't contain valuable information.

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Sonic Adventure
Sonic Adventure 2
Crazy Taxi
Sega Bass Fishing
House Of The Dead 2
Jet Set Radio
Skies Of Arcadia
Virtua Fighter 3
Power Stone
Power Stone 2

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wow nice looking collection

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Fire Pro Wreslting D

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The 2k sports games were pretty decent for their time if you're into that kind of thing.
There was a Spawn game that had 4 player battles that was kind of like Power Stone. Not great, but fun for multiplayer shootans.

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Just showing my games. :)

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Tony hawk games are great on dreamcast. Marvel vs capcom 2 is amazing. House of the dead 2, and Crazy taxi are arcade classics. Also would recommend sonic adventure. Soul calibur is awesome, and I have a lot of fun playing quake 3 arena splitscreen with my friends.

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I felt ripped off for my parents because the Dreamcast library was so gay. The vast majority of it was arcade style trash and ultra grind-heavy JRPG weab shit. Surprisingly, one of the worst games on that system was something called Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage. I liked puzzle stuff growing up so I played the Myst games and Tomb Raider, so I thought I-Spy was going to be interesting. I could not have been more wrong.

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Do you even like video games

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After you play RE3, play RE2 and Code Veronica.
Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive 2 and Metropolis Street Racer are really good. Plus there are too many shooters to mention.

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Oh shit, you're right, bro. I don't like two genres so I must hate video games. I'm sorry.

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This game is a must have! Project Justice, AKA Rival Schools 2! The sequel that I almost skipped on had I not paid any attention to the front cover artwork. What's crazy is that Capcom was actually putting in work for Sega Dreamcast. Power Stone series, Capcom vs series, etc.

They had to makeup for the lazy port of games they released for the Genesis.

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If you like fighters, DoA2 and MAHVEL 2 should keep you satisfied. If you like arcade style games, Crazy Taxi should keep you more than happy. If you like batshit insane horror games, absolutely check out Illbleed.
Also some Dreamcast systems have non-existent antipiracy protection, to where all you need is decent image burning software and a basic CD-R.

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Armed 7
Fast Striker
Last Hope Pink Bullets
Gunbird 2
Trigger Heart Exelica (Jap)
Mars Matrix (Jap)
Border Down (Jap)
Zero Gunner 2 (Jap)
Zombie Revenge
Cool Cool Toon (Jap)
Deep Fighter
Spider-Man 2 (64 version is the final updated version)
Sonic Adventure 1-2
Shenmue 1-2
Red Dog
Crazy Taxi
Jet Set Radio
Hydro Thunder

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ohhhhh no you dont, page 10

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>What is Power Stone
>What is Power Stone 2

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An inferior port doesn't negate the superior experience of the Dreamcast version.

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Enjoy your sloppy seconds while I play the real deal on my Dreamcast, cuck.

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Didn't see this recommended anywhere here.

Shame on you all.

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>little kid
Spongebob is 21 years old which means he's 4 years older than 4-chan itself.

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great list!

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What should I use for my HDTV to convert the vga of the dreamcast to hdmi?

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Enjoy your sloppy seconds while I play the original arcade versions.

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Post your Naomi arcade boards, LARPer.

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You're right. The DC version is better in every way.

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Two words brotha.
Crazy. Taxi.
That game is so much fun and Crazy Taxi 2 is good too. CT is one of my favorite games in general. Other good DC pickups include the obvious stuff. Shenmue, SA1 and 2, Jet Grind Radio, and Skies of Arcadia are all pretty much must haves. If you REALLY want to do a deep dive into the DC library you can set up DreamPi and play games online again, in which case I strongly recommend PSO. Another good one is Samba De Amigo but the maraca controllers loose are roughly $60 and a CIB set is roughly $100 so only go for it if you'rd gonna gocus on being more hardcore with DC stuff after a while.

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Raging like a 12 year old on xbox live doesn't exactly strengthen your case, kid

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CT gets bonus points for having the original music and stores (pizza hut etc). Rereleases such as the one on steam have different music.

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Wait are you serious? What retard at Sega thought to replace the iconic music in CT?? That's a shame.

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I doubt anyone thought the game was better without the original music. It's just a licensing thing, same reason we'll never get a Jet Set Radio Future remaster.

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I can live without a JSRF remaster. Microsoft's been good about backwards compatability so even if I decided to buy whatever their newest console is I could still play the original disc. I always liked the original though so maybe that's a me thing. Even though it's out of Sega's hands for Crazy Taxi it's still sad. I couldn't imagine that game without that soundtrack.

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No Capcom vs SNK either. *shrug*

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I'll just list the only ones I have left in my collection. Blue Stinger, illbleed, Cosmic Smash.

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Spongebob came out in 1999. He's retro.

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>he actually fell for the DC meme

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cosmic smash fucking owns
>he doesn't have two dreamcasts
what's it like being a no dick faggot, i bet your parents are divorced lol

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Because the 360 port is superior.

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Oh shit you're right, guess that means the Dreamcast version stopped existing and isn't playable anymore.

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Where is the "true information". Without repeating the already said lies, keep shut.

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He's the autist from the other DC thread. He'll tell you the textures being slightly worse than the Naomi version makes it worse but won't mention the extra modes/content the DC version has.

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SA1 and SA2

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Better versions of many games that you probably already played on PS1, and haven’t been re released since, at least not any better than they are in DC (so, not counting Arcade originals):

Tomb Raider series
Tony Hawk Pro Skaters series
Legacy of Kain series
Resident Evil series

Am I missing any?

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Nice ports, homo.

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Over 90% of the recommendations in this weekly thread are ports. The Dreamcast is a fucking meme.

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Dino Crisis

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Oh right, if a game is on more than one system, no one can play it or talk about it, especially not as a recommendation. I forgot.

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Nigger, there are less than a handful of noteworthy Dreamcast exclusives. There's no fucking reason for there to be a new thread about this every week. Even N64 threads have more of a reason to exist.

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Shut the fuck up, we have threads about the same singular game, Doom, but a whole console's worth of games is too fucking much for you? Hide the thread and filter "dreamcast" if it bothers you so much.

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