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post some charts

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>entire Saturn library
Yeah, great chart.

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saturn has a lot of good games buddy.

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>inferior ports are now considered good
This board has gone to shit.

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them being inferior doesn’t discount the quality they have

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imagine recommending Nights to someone, the guy just played SOTN or saturn bomberman, he boots the game and thats it a faggy clown flying through circles. i would like to see the reaction.

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t. filtered by the faggy clown game's high skill cap gameplay

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is hating nights the new forced meme now?

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>them being inferior doesn’t discount the quality they have
u wot m8

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despite being worse than the ps1 version, symphony of the night on the saturn is still a good game. the only real issue is the map being a separate menu you have to get to rather than simply pressing a button

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NiGHTS was never great. Specially not Christmas into Nights which is a glorified demo. if i got told as a kid to get that game and convinced my mom to get it over literally anything else, i would be a pretty pissed kid

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Imagine proudly broadcasting that you haven't changed or grown since you were a child.

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imagine thinking you cant have the same opinion about some kinds of media when you were a child, finding newfound admiration (or confirming your biases) with a more matured viewpoint

what a sad sorry adult you must be

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a SS list that doesnt include KYUUTENKAI cant be taken serious, better luck next time noob

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Thanks for the list.

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