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what am I in for boys? I really loved this, the combat was fun and had a good amount of variety especially with all the different badges you can get, and the artstyle and music were really perfect and fitting for the game. What do they do better and what did they do worse in the sequel?

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>what did they do worse in the sequel?
They removed best partner

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The combat of TTYD is generally better but the pacing is way off. The 2nd chapter is somewhat infamous for it.
Also the music is in a different style. Good, but different.

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>but the pacing is way off
I've heard this, the first one has a fair bit of backtracking but I've heard that TYD has some really excessive backtracking late into the game. The pacing on PM64 is fantastic up until the Toybox chapter, but it definitely picks up after that

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>What do they do better and what did they do worse in the sequel?
The writing's more obnoxious, less charming, more modern in the sequel. So most people prefer it

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TTYD is bloated with too much talking and is in general too long, it's a big step down from the original's near-perfect pacing

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something that struck me is that TTYD is much more "directed" than PM64. What I mean by that is that generally the dungeons are much more of a straight line and there's a lot more dialogue and cutscene interruptions in general.

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TTYD isn't retro.

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PM64 is

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You asked a question about TTYD, and got a third of the thread to answer it. You're just trying to be a little shit.

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you're being semantical

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Face it, lad.

Sixth gen is retro.

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based. oldfucks and boomers can piss off

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this is why i fucking hate this board, it never manages to stay on topic about what the actual thread is and always devolves into a topic about what it vr and what isn't

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all (You) btw

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It's fine, anon. Comparing retro games to how their non-retro successors did is fine

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No it isn't. Read the rules and kill yourself.

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dumb faggot

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The only thing TTYD does better is the gameplay and battle system. Visuals, music, level design and story are all better in 64.

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TTYD should be fun on your first play, you're still exploring and the writing is clever so you won't notice some of the design shortcuts

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TTYD is mediocre and soulless.

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TTYD is a bit long but it's a worthy successor and a LOT of fun

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I don’t want to spoil anything specific, but TTYD can be pretty shocking the first time you play it to due to how dark the story is in some areas. The city of Rogueport is much seedier than anything seen in a Mario game before or since and the story takes some surprising turns. You’re in for a treat, let me tell ya.

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The backtracking isn't excessive so much as it is obnoxious. There's one specific segment where you have to revisit nearly every town in the game, but there are shortcuts there so it isn't as horrible as you might think
Yeah, the Japanese version even has a bloodstain with a chalk outline. It isn't "dark" per se but it's a bit more mature than you'd expect from a Mario game with turf wars between rival gangs and actual Princess Peach nudity