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Friendly reminder that the Sega Saturn port was shit.

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I don't know why they didn't just wait and do House of the Dead Arcade 2-pack for Dreamcast

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I remember reading somewhere that Sega wanted to do a 2 pack for the dreamcast release of 2 that included the first game. It ended up not happening because the results for the dreamcast version of 1 was glitchy and they probably didn't have enough time to fix that.

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>Suffer like G did?

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I remember sinking hours into the Dreamcast version of HOTD2

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See, I heard it was because Sega lost the source code to HOTD1 or something. I find that absurd but it makes sense considering there has never been a proper arcade port of 1.

1 is my absolute favorite arcade game of all time, and the only one I've beaten without using any continues.

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It cost £1 a go in the trocadero. But my god was it fun. Years later I came across it, still running in the empty shell of the trocadero. But alas, bullets didn't register. Sad bad and mad times

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Dogs of the AMS, time they made a mode.

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Reload, reload!

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Yeah, I love the first The House of the Dead. I managed to get a cabinet several years ago. Monitor isn't that great (visible burn-in), but I do enjoy having it. Maybe it is just because I played 2 so many times on the Dreamcast that it lacks some mystique for me when compared to the arcade-only nature of 1, but the first HotD just has a much more appealing atmosphere than 2.

Wish somebody would make repros of the arcade's gun stickers.

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I wish someone with the hardware and equipment would do a direct capture of the soundtrack. Emulation still sounds fucked up because of busted fm despite whatever progress Saturn emulation had since it uses the same sound chip.

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>tfw you suck at HOTD to the point you have yet to beat all bosses on one life

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Just like my doujanshos

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>there has never been a proper arcade port of 1.
Isn't the pc version arcade perfect?

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Hell no! Is based on the Saturn one

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Oh, I see.
I just remember playing it a lot back in the day and looking pretty good for the time.
I can't really see a difference compared to a walkthrough on youtube, but has been so long since I touched the game.

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Can't say about the PC version, but the Saturn version had low quality textures, relatively poor model quality (like you can see inside/through some of the model when at least one of the zombie types die), and amusingly unfinished shit (like the window that one of the monkeys break through near the end of stage 1 simply isn't there despite glass shattering when it jumps through).

There was an unfinished prototype of the Saturn port dumped a little while ago, which contains the original, pre-manipulated voice recordings for some of the dialogue in the game:

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The most obnoxious thing is the constant loading breaks. It's just a bad fit for saturn as a straight conversion.

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I just saw videos of the saturn, pc and arcade versions. the pc version isn't as bad as saturn but is obviously based on it.
the blood is green in the video, but you can change it back to red in the options.

you can easily emulate the model 2 arcade now, but back in the day the pc version was the best you could get.

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Someone is plotting a goverment overthrow!

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>you can easily emulate the model 2 arcade now
Doesn't mean the emulation is perfect. A bunch of textures used for floor and wall patterns are missing.


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I wish there was a way to disable the lightgun flashing on emu

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plz b safe g

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>It ended up not happening because the results for the dreamcast version of 1 was glitchy and they probably didn't have enough time to fix that.
Weird because they did a whole extended opening using HOTD1 assets

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That's probably the remnants of that idea. Wasn't even in the arcade version.

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It's also the only home port that uses a light gun.

I only seen and played the arcade game once in my life and thank god I beat it, because the retarded owner threw it in the trash, but not before smashing it to pieces "to make it easier to throw in the dumpster."

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She must be dead by now...

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Based centre of London poster

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My school had a lot of light gun games. They did get the large dual screen Time Crisis 2, but sadly House of the Dead was in the smaller cabinet with the screen appearing to be balanced onto a thinner base. While people may not like microtransactions, it was worth the $1USD for me to dual wield as far as I can through the game. It is a shame there is no perfect port yet of the original HotD.

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what does the pedal do and what games use it?

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The pedal is meant to work like the arcade cabinets, so you step/hold it for cover/reload.

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Based Londoner.

I work near the London Eye and wandered into the Namco centre naively hoping a silent scope machine might exist.

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>most people would usually aim for his ass

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*tires screeching*

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*gets out of the car*

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cool boss. also neat how different the ps2 conversion is.

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I want to play the PC version but with no lightgun support and the fact I can't seem to get any music when I play on Windows Me means I'm probably SOL on that front.

Oh well, back to the meh Saturn version. Better than nothing.

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With Time Crisis on the PS1 you could put a controller in port-2 and step on the face buttons instead of using a pedal because the G-Con45 didn't come with one.
It was also a sneaky way to troll friends by inconspicuously fucking up their turn.

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You could try this. I personally never played the pc version but heard there was a fix for the music somewhere.


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No reason to not just emulate the arcade version on PC.

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why is he using the nunchuck too?
is he retarded and doesn't know that you can use the wiimote alone?

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For quick reloading, instead of having to reach on top of the wiimote to push one of those buttons

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but that's cheating. shoot offscreen to reload or don't play with a lightgun at all.

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but still the best way to play it at home with an actual light gun besides owning the arcade machine.

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Time Crisis is the main series known for it, but almost all of the major light gun series ended up using it at some point or another. Granted, most were well after the Playstation's lifespan.

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In the 90s. Today the best way to play it at home is in MAME.

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What's the lightgun situation like for MAME?

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Oh yeah, sure, MAME. Nevermind Sega Model 2C emulation on that thing is currently worse than N64, Naomi/Dreamast, and maybe even Xbox emulation considering there's no video.

Ok, I guess. I personally haven't tried anything, but here's a video:

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>Oh yeah, sure, MAME. Nevermind Sega Model 2C emulation on that thing is currently worse than N64, Naomi/Dreamast, and maybe even Xbox emulation considering there's no video.
>i don't know model2.cpp was added to the MAME code in 2018
Stupid faggot.
And name one N64 or Dreamcast game I can't emulate. Put the name back on bitch.

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When I see a lightgun plus aiming reticle, I automatically think of the wiimote aiming experience which was more like moving a mouse than aiming a lightgun.

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>Nevermind Sega Model 2C emulation on that thing is currently worse than N64, Naomi/Dreamast
>And name one N64 or Dreamcast game I can't emulate

Have you even tried to play House of the Dead in mame? Pic related is the result. And even with no 3d displayed, it's slow.

Now here's 2 in MAME:

At least N64 in mame got somewhat working video emulation, even if it's slow as hell video when I last checked. And the only Model 2 Emulation available in Mame that's working is the Model 2A boards which has Virtua Cop IIRC.

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Then run it in Nebula and stop bitching like a woman. Good grief.

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i remember some old game like these but it was you fighting guys behind grave stones. this must of been in the year 1999. it was on a pc demo site.

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type of the dead is pretty cool too.

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fuck me I just played HOTD on the model 2 emulator with a mouse the other week, didn't even cross my mind that a wii remote would've worked

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The Wii port of 2 and 3 was pretty serviceable. I was surprised that system didn't get tons more light gun game ports, since it was ideal for them.

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I remember a lot of people assuming that Nintendo would port Zapper and SuperScope games since it seemed like such a natural fit.

although not retro ghost squad and the RE light gun games were pretty good

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What's the most compatible light gun setup for PS1/PS2 releases?

Are GunCon 2's backwards compatible with PS1 games? Trying to avoid buying a GunCon 1, 2 and a Justifier just to play light gun games

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>Are GunCon 2's backwards compatible with PS1 games?
>Trying to avoid buying a GunCon 1, 2 and a Justifier just to play light gun games

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>the games of PS/PSone/PS2 compatible
well for $20 doesn't hurt to pickup, thanks anon

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