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Why don't console[/console] beat em ups get more love and attention? You can't honestly tell me that some average beat em up like Night Slashers which brings nothing new to the table is a better game than Guardian Heroes. Even Panzer Bandit and Mad Stalker PS1 are better than some of these games in my opinion. Mamecucks cope.

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>le forced argument over a dead genre
get a life

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why bother replying if you yourself dont care about the argument? What does that make of your life?

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ok consolenigger

nice fucked up spoiler btw

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helping others not fall for bait
0/10 thread

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Because the vast majority of them are crap so the few good ones get lumped in with them. Guardian Heroes deserves to get ignored just because of how fucking ugly it looks. Mad Stalker is decent though, Ninja Warriors Once Again is great

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>Guardian Heroes deserves to get ignored just because of how fucking ugly it looks.
Plus how jank the gameplay is.


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>if the game isn't absurdly difficult then why bother?
You can't even play as this guy in the story mode

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i just played through capt commando yesterday and it was kinda fun i guess

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Because this board likes to shit on shit. No need to discuss things you actually like here...

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watch the whole video, the story mode characters have broken infinites too.

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okay but what if it doesn't matter and infinites are fun? most people aren't just casually pulling off infinites, and even if they are ITS FUN. fuck you all of you stupid mame autists and your shitty beat em ups

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Ok now do that yourself during actual gameplay.

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OP you fool, you forgot Nekketsu Oyako Saturn, the best console-exclusive belt scroller.

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Maybe true though I have yet to play it

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beat em ups are such a shit genre that they warrant abusing infinites, cheese strats and glitches.

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>belt scroller

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Night Stalkers is pretty shit, I'll admit that much

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The genre's awful. Streets of Rage 2 and Double Dragon 2 manage to still be good despite that, but most games in the genre fail at being anything more than shallow spectacles--mild co-op fun for a few minutes

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Tell me how I know you're credit-feeding scum.

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Whats with the bmups are shallow meme? Theyre some of the deepest and most dynamic action games of their time. Final Fight had 3d gameplay, robust movesets that could be combined and used in many different ways and fairly complex, dynamic enemy AI with strong synergy between enemy types when people were still playing very simple platformers like Castlevania and Megaman.

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