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Is it fair to say that Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie is a way better movie than Super Mario Brothers The Movie?

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The SMB movie is pure KINO and anybody who says otherwise has objectively shit tastes.

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>sonic movie
not retro
not vidya

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Sonic The Hedgehog's movie made Super Mario Brothers movie look like a low budget Asylum Films produced movie.

t.Seething Nintendrone.

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What retro console was Sonic the Hedgehog The Movie released on, and what year before 2000 was it released?

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Stop eating shit, especially just for spite, please.

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Practical effects > CG so...

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So OP's trolling aside, I'm understanding that the Sonic movie actually ISN'T a steaming pile? Miracle of miracles!

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From what I hear it's pretty good. Not great, but good. So that's kinda heartwarming.

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Look, I love the Super Mario Bros. movie. It, and not Jurassic Park, was the actual highlight of my 1993. I loved every moment of the movie, and my 9 year old brain rationalized every cockamamie decision the filmmakers made. Bowser was a dinosaur? Of course Bowser was a dinosaur. If Bowser existed in real life he would be a dinosaur. They were just being realistic.

With all that being said, and with the caveat that I've only see Sonic the Hedgehog once... yes. Yes, it is a better movie. Not way better. The Mario movie still had a lot of love poured into it, and Bob Hoskins played an amazing Mario. Certainly the music score was better, and the set design and effects are still great today. But the Sonic movie has heart, and a villain you can actually believe in. Mario will always be good, goofy camp, but Sonic the Hedgehog, for all its shortcomings, could still be a half-way decent movie even if they'd replaced Sonic with some original character. And at the end of the day, could you really say the same about Super Mario Bros.

I give Super Mario Bros. two thumbs up.
I give Sonic the Hedgehog two thumbs up... and a toe.

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The Mario Movie walked so the Sonic Movie could run.

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>muh seething
found the brainless trend humper

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I very much doubt that.

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>Is it fair to say that Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie is a way better movie than Super Mario Brothers The Movie?
I haven't seen the Sonic movie yet, but I get the feeling it wouldn't take much to top SMB.

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It's based on the original game(Sonic The Hedgehog) released on the Sega Genesis in 1991. The story of the movie actually follows the first game very closely, since Sonic never went Super Sonic in the first game.

>s-s-stop eating shit
>likes a shit film like Super Mario Brothers
Follow your own advice.

Poor animated intro for SMB makes your argument invalid.

The movie is excellent. I've watched twice now.

Very well said.


>b-b-brainless t-t-trend h-humper
>Seething is hard
LOL What's the matter? Can't stand the fact that Sonic is the superior film in every way imaginable?

SMB is too low budget, they had a shitty animated intro. lol


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I know nintendo fags are gonna nintendo and MUH NOSTALGIA, but I really wish we'd stop forcing this shit.

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Nintendo drones truly have shit taste

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I like the Mario Movie as a scummy sci-fi alternate take on the series. Why people want movie adaptations to be faithful to the source material is a mystery to me. You have the source material already, do you really need the same thing but in a different medium? Who the shit would watch a movie about Mario doing parkour in silence for 40 minutes until he rescued the Princess?

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Shut the fuck UP retards.

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t. Leave me alone bullies!!!

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So will the Illumination Mario movie be up against the Sonic OVA?

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This is the tiebreaker. Mario wins.

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I agree with you to a certain degree.
>Who the shit would watch a movie about Mario doing parkour in silence for 40 minutes until he rescued the Princess?
But now that you mention it...

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Super Mario Bros movie is fucking great as long as you understand that both the movie and the games are huge mushroom trips.

The Sonic Movie is on the same level as the Garfield, Yogi Bear, Alvin & the Chipmunks, etc CGI movies. If it didn't have Jim Carrey in there, it would have literally no good points.

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It's a completely average "guy and anthropomorphic CGI animal" movie, with stupid cringey humour meant for kids. There are dozens of them just like that; Smurfs, Alvin, Yogi Bear, etc.

It's not a pile of shit, it's just not any good either.

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>The Mario Movie walked

the Mario movie opened the door, got on the floor, and had everybody walking the dinosaur. The song was in fact a part of the movie soundtrack.

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look I liked the sonic movie but you're a faggot

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>Why people want movie adaptations to be faithful to the source material is a mystery to me.
They wanted faithful adaptations because back in the early 90s, videogames had 200 colours max and were limited to crudely animated low-resolutions pixels where you had to use your imagination to figure out what exactly the blobs on the screen actually were.

Today we have every videogame being a little interactive CGI movie, so you don't really need more than the source material. But in 1990 it wasn't like that.

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This. Its one of those movies that gets better with age. Solid 9/10 at the moment

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that looks like a cross of Freddy Mercury and Robbie Rotten

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As a child I had assumed that the Pointer Sisters "Jump" was part of the soundtrack because it got used in one of the commercials. It made sense since that's Mario's whole thing. Little did I realize that made too much sense for this movie.


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i was gonna say how shitty that soundtrack was until i saw megadeth on there

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Look at the chad in that picture. I bet he has the whole world at his fingertips. I'm sure he has nothing but money, fame, and lots and lots of pussy in his future.

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What year is it?

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RIP Chris

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WTF. That track list seems even more adult than the movie was.

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>lots of pussy in his future.
Well you might be right about that at least.

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Yeah, let's compare a 2020 movie to one made almost 30 years ago when the technology wasn't there and people were still experimenting and not having direct input of the companies themselves. Fair comparison.

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The Mario movie didn't really have a whole lot to work with. Sonic has at least had a pretty defined character for the past few decade.

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Sneed The Movie by far.

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Mario spoke in the cartoon show, he never needed to be "silent". Hell even Sonic took some things from his own cartoon series by eating a Chili Dog. Besides, if the Resident Evil movies would have stuck to the source material, it would have been better than what we got right now.


t. Nintencels

Jim Carrey's performance as Robotnik was amazing. Takes me back to the days when he played Ace Ventura & The Mask.

>it's just not any good either
You either 1) never watched this movie. 2) You're a Nintencel who hates Sega. 3) Both.

Triggered much?

Pretty much.

The Sonic movie probably wouldn't have done well against SMB, if Paramount didn't spend 3 months to fix Sonic's design for the movie. SMB would have certainly been the better movie in that instance.

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Eh, it's no Mortal Kombat.

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Miss this Chris. He is a symbol of better times.

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Have sex.

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No he mightn’t.

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>Have sex
I already do, Nintencel. Wanna know why? I'm a Sega Chad.

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Shame that Jim Carrey is a major SJW cuck. He’s hard to enjoy

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Is this some form of stockholm syndrome?

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I've never played a single nintendo game in my life.

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Blast Corps movie when?

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The Sonic movie JUST came out. The dust has not settled yet.

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This. We used to be so innocent.

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Yeah, his political views suck. But his movies still rock.

I would definitely pay to see that movie!

The movie is already a success, beating out Birds Of Prey, making Femcels angry. LOL

I find that hard to beLIEve, but okay.

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>if you like the Mario movie, then you MUST be a nintendrone!
Classic low IQ console warriors.
Actual nintendrones hate the Mario movie because "it's not like muh video games". Actual kino enthusiasts love it because of Dennis Hopper and the Blade Runner-esque set.
I haven't watched the Sonic movie though. The fact we're having a SMB (1993) vs Sonic (2020) thread is quite funny though.

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I'm no nintendrone but I fucking love that goofy movie

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Sonic movie is a safe, generic modern CGshit movie. SMB may be "bad" but it is brimming with soul and character.
t. vastly prefers the Sonic games to Mario

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>biggest opening of all time for a video game movie
>decent-to-good reviews
>people are actually enjoying it

I've been a Segafag most of my life (up to the DC days anyway) and I'm still super surprised by this turn of events.
Everything pointed it would be shit but...

By the way, I didn't watch the movie.

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I love Jim Carrey so I'll probably watch this in a couple months when the torrent's released

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Better times, with better games, better maymays and internet culture, technology was vibrant and advancing at a fast pace.

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We’re not saying they’re cinematic masterpieces, broheim. Sonic the Hedgehog won’t win an Oscar or even a Golden Globe. But our standards are lower for video game movies. If you watch the StH or SMB movie with the expectations and easy-to-please attitude of a child there’s no way not to enjoy yourself.

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post that webm of sonic flossing

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practical FX >>>>>> CGI

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>People STILL waging console wars in this day and age

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War... war never changes...

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is this the part of the movie where this happens?

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What did he think of the movie?

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It's she now.

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As much as I love Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Truman Show, Jim Carrey is really at his best when playing energetic, slapstick, and comical characters.

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Ace Ventura 3 when?

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>blue arms
probably hated it

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XY. It's he.

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>Mario Bros. and three color coded women
Wait a second,,,

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>"why don't we just puncture the tyres?"

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Don't forget The Majestic when talking about his dramatic work.

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make me a duke nukem movie to trigger all crazy SJW scientologist james carreys.

>> No.6207848

Duke Nukem respects women though.

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Duke Nukem is played by John Cena.


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>platform wars
I like both retro consoles and PCs, m8.

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You like muscular men, don't you?

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There's no reason to like the smb movie unless you like baby vag.

>> No.6207885

There's plenty of reasons to like the SMB movie though.

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Tie your Mother Down was in the movie? I dont remember that

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I love the Sonic Movie and this thread!

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t. Shill

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Sega does what Nintendon't

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>console faggotry
t.Seething PC Masturbater Incel

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>t-t-t. s-s-s-shill
Poorfag seething. KEK

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>It, and not Jurassic Park, was the actual highlight of my 1993
I remember my dad took me and my sister to the cinema - they wanted to watch Jurassic Park but I had to see the Mario film - so I ended up watching it on my own while they watched JP on another screen.

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It would drop the load too hard, triggering nuclear armageddon.

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Are you faggots fucking kidding me? You guys are comparing it to other /vr/ movies and not discussing the best news fucking ever?!?! Sonic tapped out at $70+ million at the box office... can you retards comprehend what that means for Sega? Sega just got fucking saved following the success of shenmue 3, Streets of Rage 4, PSO2, and Yakuza, Sega is slowly but surely being resurrected from any debt killing them meaning that if this continues, Sega will be moving on to greater things best case scenario possibly returning to hardware

The future is looking so fucking bright. I don't think my body is ready.

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Does that money go to Sega, or the Hollywood studio that made the movie? Anyway, they must be swimming in new Sonic movie merchandise profits, I assume.
I wouldn't be so optimistic for now, I'd just be content with the new wave of Sonic fandom that comes with the movie isn't as bad as the 2000/2010s fandom.

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They will never return to hardware they're fucking dead in the water and hardware is a dying business anyway

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Hopefully this means another Sonic movie that doesn't take place in the real world.

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Look closely at Sega's behavior and profit margins. Their big come back begins with Virtual Reality.
Just wait, anon... just wait.

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You sound like a shill.
Sega is fine and they don't need a "big comeback", they have their stablished business in Japan mostly where it works, and in the west they have the occasional success, mostly with Sonic.
It works for them that way, they don't need to try to become some big soulless corporation to compete against the likes of MS and Sony.

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What's a shill?

>> No.6211074

Not him, but I remember how much of a big deal Jurassic Park was in 1993. Of course it was going to beat Mario at the box office and take all the attention.

>> No.6211158

Imagine the smell

>> No.6211194

Hello prequel apologist

>> No.6212062

Oh really? List them.

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The Sonic movie was a solid 4/10 at best, anyone who says otherwise is being caught up in the "not as bad as it could have been" hype.

>> No.6212343

Saw it in a theater full of parents and their kids. Half the jokes were ones the parents (and I) were laughing at and half the jokes were ones the kids were laughing at. All of the parts I didn't find funny had laughs from someone else present. It definitely did its job of appealing to both ends of the family and the jokes aimed at the adults were genuinely funny for the most part as well. The human world characters were actually appealing and not a detriment like all of the other stupid "we need to prop this fantastical franchise up by including dumb humans no one actually cares about to make it relatable" films and shows that constantly come out. I'm not a big fan of the new Sonic personality they created for the film but he seemed to be a hit with the kids around, which means what they went for worked. I don't think it would settle as some kind of classic or be super well remembered if not for the IP involved, but I would say succeeding at where many have failed at least gets it a 5 or a 6 out of 10.

>> No.6212486

Dennis Hopper
Literal Blade Runner art direction
9/11 foretell
all the great practical effects, costumes and crazy attention to detail
The fact it came out during the dino craze of the early 90s, I think it came out a few days before Jurassic Park
The more time it passes, the less reasons I see to hate on this movie.

>> No.6212497

Making a cartoon kids would agree to watch is an extremely low bar, you know. I can't think of even a single recent cartoon a child wouldn't enjoy. Have you seen the amateur youtube animations kids would watch? They're fine with ANYTHING.

>> No.6212573

It's just a generic formulaic kids movie that people are only going to see because it has thing you recognize in it.

>> No.6212585

Sonic is in this dead zone between "actually good" and "enjoyably bad", it settles in at "completely mediocre". Kind of sad because that's the realm that's least fun to watch. Yeah you'll probably laugh at some of the jokes and have an ok time but you'll walk out feeling nothing, having gained nothing, and you'll forget most of the movie within a week. It isn't worth watching, at least not in the theater. I guess if you have kids they'll probably enjoy it.
On the other hand, SMB can easily be seen as "enjoyably bad" and there's some great bizarro world moments in it. Definitely the more entertaining movie.

>> No.6212657

It looks like Sonic won't disappoint children the way the Super Mario did, so I guess? Mario was huge when that movie came out and I'm not sure many children really give a shit about Sonic, so it's kind of different though. Overall, it doesn't seem like a bad movie to see with children.

>> No.6212674

Heard he liked it, despite the blue arms. It's outstanding how people have been so positive about this.

>> No.6212692

Fbpb, based, redpilled

>> No.6212697

>On the other hand, SMB can easily be seen as "enjoyably bad" and there's some great bizarro world moments in it. Definitely the more entertaining movie.
This. You can already see that in the trailers of both movies. SMB has at least an interesting and bizarre setting and characters while Sonic looks just like an allright comedy.

In addition to that, the same problem of the Sonic movie may happen in the future animated Mario picture and we end up with a generic CGI movie that only looks a bit better than the latest Switch games (Luigi's Mansion 3 already looks almost like a Pixar movie).

>> No.6212704

The first second Sega return to hardware Sony will immediatly crush them like they did with Saturn and Dreamcast.

>> No.6212709

This. I always have to wonder why people STILL hate this movie. It's obvious that back in 1993, it was a lot of "NOT MUH", and it's very telling that most of the criticisms of the film boil down to people yelling
But judged objectively, it is a fine movie with a really interesting concept, and it's honestly really odd that it hasn't become more popular, since people doing gritty, cyberpunk reimaginings of Mario is all the rage on tumblr or deviantart. Based on its own merits, the Mario movie is an extremely cromulent '90s fantasy/sci-fi b-movie.

Even back in 1993, 7-year-old me wasn't such an autistic retard that I couldn't understand the appeal of a different take on a concept.Turning the whole "Mario" mythos into a dimension-hopping, techno-dystopia about meteorites and dinosaur evolution was fucking brilliant, and way more entertaining than whatever mediocre bing-bing-wahoo fest everyone else wanted. All of the leads were very well-cast, Hoskins is in top form, and a lot of the writing is actually really tight and clever. The fact that it turned out to be such a serviceable movie despite all the production issues is truly impressive, and there honestly isn't another movie like it. In fact, as a kid, not only was I NOT gripped by a 'tism rage over the fact that Mario doesn't jump on turtles or collect coins, I actually lamented the fact that there wasn't a Mario game that was more like the movie, because the movie was fuckin' cool. I wanted a Mario game where I had techno-boots, flamethrowers, and drove a police car with a front-end loader bucket.

Sonic was decent, but literally only because of Jim Carrey. Without him, the movie would have been pretty forgettable kid's fare.

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>SMB may be "bad" but it is brimming with soul and character.
This. Last time I watched it, I was actually wowed by how efficiently the movie makes Mario into a likeable character. In the earliest minutes of the movie, during the scene where the plumbing van breaks down (due to Luigi's negligence), Mario does the following:
>Fixes it in minutes, establishing himself as being competent and pragmatic
>complains about extortion-like prices on bottled water, making him sympathetic to the average man
>scores his little brother a date with the hottie he literally just met, despite his brother being a lazy fuck who broke the van, which makes him seem compassionate and forgiving
And all of this within the course of about a minute. It's a masterclass in how to define a character, something that most writers nowadays seem to forget. It's also more characterization than Mario ever got in any of his games to date, so there's that. I also like how, later, we see Mario's girlfriend, and there's zero fucking drama about it; they're always shown to have this effortless, playful, loving relationship. I like that there was a conscious effort to make Mario into a guy who has his own personal life totally sorted out. And then there's all the little details, like showing him always doing the cooking and cleaning when they're at the apartment, or the fact that he hangs his tool belt on the vanity in his bedroom. It's just a fucking classy movie, through-and-through, and as much as I love Mario games, I'm glad this movie was something entirely different.

I could gush about this movie all day, it really is way more clever than people give it credit for.

It's worth it for that. Carrey wasn't at his most hilarious, but he was still in top form. There's basically a musical interlude in the middle of the movie for no reason other than to let Carrey dance and do physical comedy, which he's still absolutely amazing at.

>> No.6212773

Did you all miss the part where I said that it succeeded at appealing well to the parents attending as well? Tom as a character was perfect for it, whereas generally the human anchor characters in similar media are complete garbage.

>> No.6212779

When exactly did you deem it trendy to get into this mindset?

>> No.6212802

You obviously haven't seen it. I enjoyed the movie very much. It was definitely a lot closer to the video game than SMB. The jokes were funny and the action scenes were amazing. I saw it 3 times already. I give it an 8 out of 10.

>> No.6213182

absolutely based

>> No.6213382

It's not trendy. Look at how many fucking plebs disagree with him.

>> No.6213408

Sorry, trendy as in the contrarian sense of it.

>> No.6213421

I think it's more like people actually stopped hating it senselessly just because "IT'S NOT LIKE THE VIDEO GAME 1:1" and appreciated it for the good things it has. In fact, it being a weird, somehow gritty adaptation of the SMB universe is what appeals to many people now.
It's an interesting movie to go back to and rewatch. There's tons of little details, and honestly it's never boring thanks to the deliveries of the likes of Hoskins and Hopper.

>> No.6213514

I legitimately don't understand why it's shit on so much. There isn't anything particularly bad about it compared to anything else that came out around that time, it's just really goofy and weird. I mean yeah, it's as if someone with no idea what the Mario franchise was had it explained to them by someone drunk with English as a second language, but why would anyone other than children and mouthbreathing autists care? It's fucking Mario, not some sort of deep and established universe of lore.

>> No.6213571

What makes the Super Mario Bros Movie si interesting is its behind the scenes. Just read all its early scripts.

>> No.6213617
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While we're on the subject of video game adaptations, did anybody else enjoy Silent Hill? I thought it was decent as a horror film and had a couple really cool visual bits, especially a part maybe halfway through the movie where Pyramid Head slices through a bunch of walls and shit and then later on he skins a dude.

They also got Akira Yamaoka to do part of the soundtrack which really helps it nail the vibe, or at least get close.

>> No.6213759
File: 242 KB, 1450x2091, r15-1b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I loved Silent Hill. I watch it every Halloween. That reminds me...has anyone ever noticed that Double Impact is a lot closer to the video game of Double Dragon than the official movie of Double Dragon?

>> No.6214313

Originally it was to describe Hillary supporters. But now it's just incels who uses that as an insult.

>> No.6214327

Actually, "incel" is just a word that Hillary supporters use as an insult.

>> No.6214579

>You obviously haven't seen it. I enjoyed the movie very much. It was definitely a lot closer to the video game than SMB. The jokes were funny and the action scenes were amazing. I saw it 3 times already. I give it an 8 out of 10.
I'm just going to hope this is bait

>> No.6214580

>Tom as a character was perfect for it, whereas generally the human anchor characters in similar media are complete garbage.
Yeah, Tom was a fantastic character, I loved how he went from "I want nothing to do with you" to "we're best friends forever and I wanna dedicate my attic entirely to you" within the span of like five hours. Extremely realistic

>> No.6214592

Huh? Tom is a sheriff and had a natural inclination to help everyone in town out. He was too good natured to not get wrapped up in Sonic's quest for his rings, especially since, you know, he was personally responsible for Sonic losing them in the first place. Sonic grew on him. Of course it's a fucking movie and they have to get attached a little faster than some longform media, but the development as it's presented in the film makes perfect sense. It's not instantaneous at all and he's definitely not that up to the whole thing at the start but hey, he's got a wife and no kids, so Sonic starts feeling like his son and he lets him have a room where he doesn't have to be lonely and cause more issues with his outbursts.

Have you just never seen a film before?

>> No.6214598

You can justify it all you want, doesn't make his character any less of a cliche who goes through the exact motions you expect him to. He's also very bland. Not a great character. You could say he was "fine" because he was, but "Tom is a perfect character to appeal to adults"? What? He's a walking cliche.
One of my biggest problems with the movie was how "it's exactly what you think it is" it was. Every beat goes exactly as you expect it to and there are zero surprises in the entire movie. The formulaic nature of it would be excusable if the journey was entertaining, but it isn't. It solely shot for being the most generic formulaic obvious movie you've seen a hundred times before and it never even wanted to be more than that.

>> No.6214607

I'm honestly kind of annoyed at people trying to say Sonic is a great movie or whatever, I feel like it's just falling into the hype. It's thoroughly mediocre in every way, basic, formulaic, boring. The only way I could see anyone thinking it's honestly a great movie is if it's the first one they've ever seen or if they can't help but to jack off to anything that has the Sonic license.

>> No.6215220

>I'm honestly kind of annoyed at people trying to say Sonic is a great movie or whatever
It's a solid kids' movie that's short and has enough chuckles to keep all but the most cynical adults entertained. Most of the difference in opinion I've seen usually amounts to someone saying they liked it, and then someone else screaming "I HATED IT, WHAT ABSOLUTE SHIT, HOW COULD YOU SAY IT'S BETTER THAN CITIZEN KANE!? STOP LIKING THINGS THAT I DON'T!!!"

>I loved how he went from "I want nothing to do with you" to "we're best friends forever and I wanna dedicate my attic entirely to you" within the span of like five hours.
Dude wanted to be a big city cop and save lives. He's worked his entire life in a small town where he helps grannies cross the road and clean out their gutters and nothing exciting ever happens. He specifically said he wanted a chance to "save" someone, and then Sonic literally asks him to do just that. And even then, Tom doesn't fully buy in because he kicks Sonic out of his car on the highway 15 minutes later when he changes his mind, and he was still largely fed up with Sonic until after the bar scene. I'm not saying the movie is a masterpiece, but it explicitly gave you a reason for his involvement, and his change of heart wasn't nearly as absolute as you seem to think it was.

The movie isn't a masterpiece, but trying to pick it apart and say it's worse than it is because you literally couldn't follow a movie made for 8-year-olds is pretty cringe.

>> No.6215232
File: 219 KB, 800x1098, SMB_movie_thai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I liked the Sonic movie, but in no way it's better than Super Mario Kino.

>> No.6215247

I don't think anyone would ever argue this. Not anyone with taste, anyway.

>> No.6215260

lmao nintentoddlers.

>> No.6215286

I call Social Justice Warriors "incels" and I am anti-Hillary.

>> No.6215290

I like Super Mario Brothers The Movie, but after seeing Sonic The Hedgehog yesterday, I can honestly say Sonic The Hedgehog is a much better movie. Super Mario Brothers The Movie is still kino though and a great classic. The two movies shouldn't be compared to be honest. I would pit Sonic The Hedgehog against Detective Pikachu.

>> No.6215291

I think Birds Of Prey stans are the only ones who would say something like this.

>> No.6215321

Holy shit, that poster rules. Why are foreign posters so much more fun?

>> No.6215346

>I can honestly say Sonic The Hedgehog is a much better movie
I liked Sonic, but I can't agree. Mario Bros is a really creative and interesting movie with a damn fine cast that is only maligned because of how different it was from the source material. Sonic was a solid kid's movie, but Jim Carrey basically carried the whole thing. Had he not been there, it would be pretty forgettable.
> I would pit Sonic The Hedgehog against Detective Pikachu.
I'd agree with this, they're extremely similar in their tone, target demographic, and overall execution. I'd give Sonic the edge here, but like I said, only because of Jim Carrey.

>Why are foreign posters so much more fun?
They don't have to appeal to braindead normies. In third-world shitholes, people are happy enough just to see a moving picture that a quirky poster won't dissuade them from forking over their shekels; meanwhile, burgers get confused by artistic, complex or abstract posters and get scared that they might not be able to just shut their brains off and dump overpriced popcorn and sugarwater down their throats for two hours.

>> No.6215349

you sure showed them, /v/

>> No.6215354

people that actually appreciate videogames don't like nintendo.

>> No.6215360

people that actually appreciate videogames probably don't engage in brand loyal wars at all and just enjoy individual games independently of the brand.
but leave it to /v/ to think they appreciate video games lol

>> No.6215362

did your school bully play nintendo games? why the trauma?

>> No.6215365
File: 46 KB, 680x461, daisy_and_luigi_playing_snes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, we can say it took almost 30 years for another video game movie to match the Mario movie. But yeah it's still not better than it.

>> No.6215369

Stay in denial.

>> No.6215373

Do you honestly think people like the 1993 Mario Brothers movie out of loyalty to Nintendo? We're just talking about kino, you goofball.

>> No.6215376

I'd argue the people who don't like the Mario movie are the most suck up Nintendo fanboys who can't tolerate that the movie wasn't a faithful adaptation of the video game.
People who like kino enjoy it for its wild interpretation of the Mario universe.

>> No.6215378

Fuck off to /tv/.

>> No.6215384

The thing about the Mario movie is that people were hyped at release, didn't met expectations, but people didn't outright hate it at first, at the time, it was like "oh well that was weird" kind of reaction, and then people quickly forgot about it.
Fastforward to the cynical 2000s and everyone was saying how it's absolute and total dogshit and how it's liek, the WORST THING EVER!
Then fast forward once more to the 2010s and people started appreciating it again after the hateboner went down, even finding it good in a lot of ways, be it because of the cast, or the work put on the movie set. It's an okay movie that isn't either terrible or a masterpiece.
Sonic's movie is completely different in this regard, it started with an anti-hype, and now people are reacting to it in overwhelming ways. Time will only say how it compares to the Mario movie, in terms of public reaction. Will people in the 2030s hate it, then love it again in the 2040s? Time will tell.
I agree with some anon above, I think this movie was saved by Jim Carrey. In terms of world-building and art direction, it didn't seem as creative as the Mario movie to me. But I guess that's not fair because we're comparing practical effects to CG.
Maybe in the future people will have nostalgia for this era's CG and somehow the Sonic movie will have a lasting appeal, but again, we'll see.

>> No.6215441

Don't you think you can dodge giving me a (You) you bitch. I'll give myself one

>> No.6215535

It doesn't even match it, though.

>People who like kino enjoy it for its wild interpretation of the Mario universe.
This. It's actually kind of perplexing that it still isn't more popular, especially since edgy/gritty reimaginings of the Mario universe are a pretty popular subject on DA, twitter, tumblr and the like.

>The thing about the Mario movie is that people were hyped at release, didn't met expectations, but people didn't outright hate it at first, at the time, it was like "oh well that was weird" kind of reaction, and then people quickly forgot about it.
EXACTLY. As a kid, I actually really liked it, and most of my friends did, too. We used to play "Mario" in our backyards and pretend that super soakers were devo-guns. I remember digging through the shed and finding my dad's old ski boots and pretending they were the stomper boots. I carved my pinewood derby car that year to look like one of the police cars with a huge plow on the front (it had fucking shit aerodynamics but I didn't care, lol). As much as I still loved the games, I recognized the movie as a perfectly cromulent spin on the Mario concept, and I was actually disappointed that there wasn't a game based on it, even though it probably would have been western-developed shovelware trash.

The only friend I have who always hated the Mario movie and STILL hates the Mario movie is a serious 'tismo who has a room full of Nintendo merchandise, gets personally offended if you call Mario "gay", and used to throw his controller at you if you beat him at Mario Kart. This will forever be the mentality I associate with people who still have a hateboner for the Mario movie after all these years. It's okay to dislike it because it's not faithful, but calling it a piece of shit is blatantly false.

>> No.6215558

>it didn't seem as creative as the Mario movie to me
I think it's just the nature of the concepts. Mario was about people from Earth traveling to a strange new world, while Sonic was about someone from a strange new world traveling to Earth. It's automatically a bit less interesting for audiences that like high-concept world-building.

Honestly, the best part of the Sonic movie was the beginning with the owl-priestess and the murderous echidna bandits. Well, that and Jim Carrey's laboratory dance party.

>> No.6215575

>As much as I still loved the games, I recognized the movie as a perfectly cromulent spin on the Mario concept
This. I feel like kids were more open to different interpretations of things back then. When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of Tim Burton's gritty, murderous Batman, but I also watched reruns of 1966's campy-as-fuck Batman and loved it. The whole "NOT MUH" culture really took off in the early 2000s when shit like nostalgia critic took off, and the easiest talking points these tryhard brainlets could come up with were direct comparisons to source material and say, "THING NOT SAME! DIFFERENT THING BAD!"

This mindset, coupled with the painful nostalgia culture we've been drowning in for the past decade is why all it takes to get people to soi the fuck out and clap for something nowadays is to put something recognizable from 20+ years ago in it.

>> No.6215614

You might be onto something here. Back in the 90s, people's general reaction to the SMB movie was indifferent to positive, I don't remember people disliking it, and although it was later forgotten, I remember myself as a kid and other friends liking this new Mario concept and how it gave some sort of reasoning behind the video games, like Mario using those shoes to jump high. My only real disappointment with the movie was that Koopa was human except for a short CGI split of a second at the end.
As an adult I love him though, best thing about the movie is Dennis Hopper.

>> No.6215705

>beating out Birds Of Prey
That's not an accomplishment.

>> No.6215712

Why spend more money when this made bank?

>> No.6215721

>but you'll walk out feeling nothing, having gained nothing, and you'll forget most of the movie within a week
That's why they put the sequel bait in the credits. Now everyone is putting all their expectations on that.

>> No.6215730

>there's no way people could dislike the movie, they must salty fans of another movie!
Cliche fans for a cliche movie.

>> No.6215757

It's a good movie, it's just a shitty Mario movie. Change a few character names and it's a lot better. It was also an important movie as they had to create a lot of practical effects which were later used in Jurassic park.

Sonic is just a bland script hampered by the studio thumbing its nose at the source material

>blue arms
>skinny actor as Eggman

In any way they could, while pretending they "bent over backwards and worked VERY HARD to give the fans what they wanted" because they sort of changed the CGI design- of which they kept blue arms and defended their choice because they had to keep some concession for doing all that work.

/pol/ also loves it because it lacks "woke" content and they want to pretend it beat BoP- just like they fantasize about beating women, naturally.

I'm not paying to see it. I also don't bother with media that /pol/ likes, not even for free. Fuck the film. They lost me at the halfassed redesign, Jim Carrey is an anti-vaxxer who needs to be in prison and I don't lump in with /pol/ because they are always wrong.

>> No.6215760

>It was also an important movie as they had to create a lot of practical effects which were later used in Jurassic park.
Sounds interesting. Could you list a couple of them?

>> No.6215767

>"woke" content
what does this mean?

>> No.6215768

Boomer cope.

>> No.6215769

>Why people want movie adaptations to be faithful to the source material is a mystery to me

Because "change for the sake of change" is 100% pointless and unnecessary. It happens so some asshole- who often knows fuck-all about the franchise- can slap on things they like because they think their version will be an improvement.

Go look up the production issues on the original Perlman Hellboy film. The execs wanted stupid shit like him being a Hulk ripoff(a man who turns red when he's angry). Del Toro fought to stick to the source material instead. The studio retaliated by releasing the film opposite Gibson's Jesus movie and cutting the advertising budget to nothing. So what? If they made the movie the execs wanted it may have made more money but it would have been garbage unrelated to the franchise.

Fuck artistic expression and what some idiot exec wants- they can do it right. They're trying to sell me a product, they can give me exactly what I ask for or I take my money elsewhere.

>> No.6215790
File: 116 KB, 793x642, 1497810617945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

conservatives like you only want to fuck children, you having sex is actually a bad thing.

Have a seat over there. /pol/ is always wrong.

And yet BoP stuck to the source material far better

>but black actor as white character


Also fuck Phoenix Joker, it's not the real Joker no matter how much you clowns idolize your "white man kills people who hurt his feelings" fantasy.

Duke would hate conservatrash like you though. I also find /pol/ far easier to trigger and much more deserving, because you're stupid and a detriment to society in need of a purging.

I'm surprised that ever made it in and hasn't been removed from future releases, honestly.

Oh no some rich person won't get an extra $3 to spend on cocaine, how horrible!

>> No.6215802

It had a massively troubled production, ultimately helmed by a husband & wife team with no experience making movies who kept insisting on more CHANGE FOR THE SAKE OF CHANGE deviations from the games than were initially planned. They treated the actors like crap, constantly rewrote the script during production(when you have barely any time to read & memorize the brand new stuff before shooting, it's that much harder on the actors) and Hoskins actually broke his arm during filming- he has a cast hidden under clothing for several scenes. Hoskins and Leguizamo were also prone to heavy drinking because of the shitshow production and were hammered at times just to endure all of it.

Hoskins trashed the movie for the rest of his life and Leguizamo wasn't very kind to it, either. They had signed on with better expectations and ultimately just finished a movie that wans't what they expected so they could get their paycheck.

Granted they can only get so close in 1992, but these days films have no excuse for any changes. The tech is all there. It's generally bullshit now. Spider-Man's gland web shooters. Eddie Brock's black hair. Sonic's blue arms. They force in needless deviations, as minor as they can be, just so some creative type can say he left his personal mark on something he didn't create. They get away with it because consumers become complacent and pay for shit that they don't like because "well I guess 80% is good enough". It would be like demanding no pickles on your cheeseburger only to eat it anyway because the employee who put your order together thought it would be better with pickles, and you don't care to fight over "small things". They just keep doing those small things, then the bigger things, because you become conditioned to take what you don't even want because it's better than nothing and the squeaky wheel often gets the grease. When the redesign hit and anyone complained about the arms they were attacked for it.

>> No.6215804

That Ray Liotta film NARC is also closer to Max Payne than the actual Max Payne movie.

God what a piece of shit that was. Nothing to do with the game, probably made by people who didn't play the game. If that came put today though /pol/ would be demanding it succeed because it's "not woke" or whatever. That movie used its source material as a nuclear testing site.

>> No.6215806

>you have to be a liberal to disagree with me in any way, shape or form

Typical /pol/

>> No.6215827

The fact Nintendo will never acknowledge the movie is going to hurt its legacy.

They don't even acknowledge the Mario cartoons anymore and have done everything they can to retcon out every bit of canon from those days, which is why Mario is no longer from Brooklyn. Basically anything from the American side was purged- no Brooklyn, the Koopa kids are no longer Bowser's children, anything like that.

It's better than Michael Bay Transformers. Even if you took the brand name away form those, they'd still be terrible movies. Mario would at least work well as an original property.

I'd say the same for Joker but Falling Down already did that in the 90s and did it better.

It still barely made back its own budget so far. Movies have to make back 2X to 3X their budget to be counted as successful these days. Movie studios are'n't out to break even.

Hell, you just know Paramount will be screaming "high piracy rates" or some shit and pretending the movie would have done triple of not for torrents- like these studios do with every hyped movie.

>> No.6215874

>They don't even acknowledge the Mario cartoons anymore and have done everything they can to retcon out every bit of canon from those days, which is why Mario is no longer from Brooklyn. Basically anything from the American side was purged- no Brooklyn, the Koopa kids are no longer Bowser's children, anything like that.
Like a lot of modern companies, they have too much brand-awareness nowadays. Nintendo still makes good games but they have lost some of the crazyness and creativity that comes when you are less strict with the lore and character history of your games.

>> No.6215906
File: 40 KB, 512x288, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And yet BoP stuck to the source material far better
I guess technically, but still missing the mark with a lot of things. Cain being the biggest one.

>> No.6215929

> I mean yeah, it's as if someone with no idea what the Mario franchise was had it explained to them by someone drunk with English as a second language, but why would anyone other than children and mouthbreathing autists care?
Maybe because of exactly that reason?
Yeah, I get "alternative takes" and whatnot, but the SMB movie was a bit TOO alternative. The Sonic OVA and SATAM (as long as you recognize the latter is mostly an edgy imagining) are alternate takes, but still retain the core of "speedy hedgehog fights fat guy with robot fetish" to varying degrees.
The Super Mario Bros movie turns "plumbers rescue Mushroom princess from turtle clan and their evil king who wants to take over the kingdom" into "plumbers rescue dinosaur princess from dinosaur president who wants to fuse dinosaur reality with normal reality". Along with everything >>6215802 said
Maybe if we got the anime movie, it'd be a bit easier to swallow (with something else to fall back on)? Probably not, but it's fun to speculate.
>He doesn't know.
There's a reason they cut the Boom Boom Bar scene anon. This movie was more adult originally.
>Basically anything from the American side was purged- no Brooklyn, the Koopa kids are no longer Bowser's children, anything like that.
Those weren't American-only concepts: The Brooklyn thing is shaky but Miyamoto acknowledge it in a Mario 64 interview (and, if you want to be technical, that's been gone since Yoshi's Island). The Koopalings were always Bowser's kids in Japan. No idea how that misconception got started.

>> No.6216081
File: 29 KB, 390x600, The Far-Left Are Full Of Shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>conservatives like you only want to fuck children, you having sex is actually a bad thing.
>Have a seat over there. /pol/ is always wrong.
You Social Justice Incels always falsely accuse conservatives of doing something they aren't. When in reality it's you hypocrites who are doing exactly what you're accusing conservatives of. Case in point, Gender Identity is used for people like Jessica Yaniv to sneak into girls restrooms & locker rooms & snap pictures of them naked, as well as inviting underage girls to a pool party. When someone disagrees with Gender Identity and point out it's problems, you call them "child molesting racist sexist misogynistic transphobes". And then there's that vape shop employee who got triggered by a Trump supporter wearing a MAGA hat. He accuses him of being racist, but then that triggered SJW Vape Shop employee said the N word during his rage rant.

In other words, seek help pedo.

>And yet BoP stuck to the source material far better
False. There were a lot of things wrong with BoP. None of the characters look like their comic book counterpart. They were all dressed like trashy ugly feminists. At least CW made an attempt to make Black Canary look comic book accurate. But in BoP, Black Canary looks extremely low budget. If you read the comics at all, you would know BoP is not comic book accurate.

>Also fuck Phoenix Joker, it's not the real Joker no matter how much you clowns idolize your "white man kills people who hurt his feelings" fantasy.

Sonic having blue arms doesn't bother me, since I think the movie was going for realism. It's a minor detail.

Joker was portrayed by a Jew. Last I checked, /pol/cels don't consider Jews "white". The Joker movie was great. You're just upset because you brainwashed idiotic social justice incels didn't get your way and that Joker ended up being a box office success while BoP flops.

>> No.6216083
File: 165 KB, 850x879, AntifaAreTerrorists.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Duke would hate conservatrash like you though. I also find /pol/ far easier to trigger and much more deserving, because you're stupid and a detriment to society in need of a purging.
Duke has the personality and the looks of an anti-SJW. He's more likely to be a conservative than a whiny triggered Social Justice Incel Cuck who gets offended by everything.

>> No.6216090

Exactly. It's as if these movie makers don't care. The Resident Evil movies are proof of that. There was never an "Alice" in any Resident Evil game I've played.

>> No.6216095

>You have to be liberal...
>Typical /pol/
I literally never mentioned liberals and I don't post at /pol/. I happen to be a liberal. Birds Of Prey stans hate Sonic The Hedgehog.

>> No.6216276

Boomers are loving this movie because of Jim Carrey.
SMB is still better though.

>> No.6216285

>The fact Nintendo will never acknowledge the movie is going to hurt its legacy.
What do you mean "acknowledge"? there's Mario movie promotion in old official Nintendo magazines.
Anyway, the movie can stand on its own, it doesn't need modern Nintendo's blessing. In fact, as the post you were replying to said, SMB already had it's dark days, in the 2000s, the era of people trying to be super smart by being super cynical about everything and anything. Now that that era has passed, people are starting to appreciate SMB again, maybe a bit of an overcompensation (people saying "it's kino!!", etc, but frankly that's fine, especially considering the "KOOPA KINO" part which is funny in retrospect).
Also, what the fuck is up with all this redditspacing, guys?

>> No.6216314

the super mario bros movie is an amazing movie, it just has little to do with super mario

>> No.6216315

>>love in it

Thats because all the actors were drunk

>> No.6216653

I will always remember the Mario movie.
I will forget the Sonic movie ever happened within half a year.

>> No.6216662

A woman in the Sonic movie shouts "Little Lord Baby Jesus!" when Tom brought Sonic to her house. Since taking the Lord's name in vain is now safely established as OK for kids' video game movies, I want to propose Illumination's Mario movie have Mario shout "Jesus H. Ravioli!"

>> No.6217429

A lot of zoomers loved Sonic when I went to see it.

>> No.6217432


>> No.6217484

But Nintendrones hate the Mario movie.
Console warriors... they never learn.

>> No.6217487

No shit, it's the modern lanky Sonic with green eyes.

>> No.6217548

I see more Nintendo fans love the Mario movie than hate it. When I was 14, my friend Allen had a Super Nintendo, I had a Sega Genesis. My friend Allen had the Super Mario Brothers movie on VHS. He absolutely loved that movie. Even I loved that movie and I was a hardcore Sega fan at the time(1996). My friend Allen was a hardcore Nintendo fanboy, but this was before he ended up owning a Playstation a year later in 1997.

>> No.6217549

>Sonic has green eyes
Did you expect Sonic to have black eyes?

>> No.6217553

>muh Mister Rogers
You're probably an atheist.
>Also fuck Phoenix Joker, it's not the real Joker no matter how much you clowns idolize your "white man kills people who hurt his feelings" fantasy.
>Only white men commit violent crime despite arrest statistics
The Joker movie is still cucked since it had liberal fantasies like caring Black womyn and White men as thugs on a subway harassing womyn.

>> No.6217561

And it's irrelevant anyway because nowadays most Sonic fans are probably also Nintendo fans.

>> No.6217565

I prefer a soulful 90s fungipunk film over a modern generic CGI movie

>> No.6217635

There's nothing good about the movie outside of Jim Carrey chewing the scenery. And that speaks more about Jim's talent then about the merits of Sawnik.

More or less everyone defending the movie in places like 4chan are one of the following:
A. Reactionary posters trying to stick it to the SJW crowd once they came for Sonic
B. Sonicfags in all varities (coomers who go for Amy or Rouge namely).

>he thinks is a good franchise and not just memes, nostalgia, and coomers

All you need to know about the SH film is that the movie makers replaced Harry with a chick since they think fathers don't care about their children.

The whole movie is just a test to find a new audience who'll eat up whatever slop Sonic Team throws Sonic into especially now that Sonic Forces and Team Sonic Racing both underwhelmed. It won't work much.

The kids who watch the movie won't bother with the games.

Sega doesn't even damn about Sonic anymore it's just Iizuka and Co. in Sonic Team who do. Sonic's irrelevant as a vidya character now. His lifeline comes from memes and expanded universe.

>> No.6217654

Nintendo still sucks.
Literally all baby or rpg shit and no arcade goodness.

>> No.6217659

I never "hated" the Mario movie, although I was a bit annoyed about the whole concept. What I didn't like about the movie back then was that our boomer parents though videogames were stupid, and somehow, ridiculous game adaptations like the Mario movie seemed to back up their opinions.

>> No.6217686

Okay /vg/ poster.

>> No.6217689


>> No.6217695

Watch out everyone, we've got a Mature Gamer over here.

>> No.6217702

>and no arcade goodness.
Famicom and SFC both have a lot of arcade-style games though?
Game Boy is also full of arcade style games, most of its library actually.
N64 is often panned for not having enough RPGs, and instead has a lot of arcade-style racing games from companies like Midway.
It's okay if you want to have a hateboner for Nintendo, just don't parrot stupid shit you aren't actually knowledgeable about.

>> No.6217720

>falling for the "console war" bait over, and over, and over again

fuuuuuuuuck you

>> No.6217726
File: 538 KB, 850x650, Coomer Games.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's just a vg poster trolling.

>> No.6217850
File: 3.32 MB, 1440x2334, 90sliveactionsanic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, I feel cheated.
Pic related could go toe-to-toe with Mario Bros.

>> No.6217917


>> No.6218094

t. seething Nintencel

>> No.6218126

Lots of Sonic games on Nintendo systems.

>> No.6218129
File: 43 KB, 477x1000, gotta go fast eight legged walking doll 19th century.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which is why you're supposed to go watch it *with your kid* or nephew or whatever, my friend just saw it with his son and they enjoyed it. I'll catch it at some point (by which I mean illegally download it) but it's not aimed at the /vr/ autist crowd, you have to expect some dumb fart joke tier stuff that kids find hilarious.

>> No.6218175
File: 476 KB, 984x1148, chris-chan likes sonic movie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6218193

Not even a contest, Sonic is better.

>> No.6218197

IMDb are already saying some kind of sequel with Tails in it is basically guaranteed

>> No.6218198

Subjective. Read the thread, tons of people have arguments as for why they prefer SMK.

>> No.6218212

The Sonic movie isn't bad, but it's incredibly modern basic. For what insanity and stupidity the Mario Bros movie was, there is literally nothing like it and it wins to me because of that.

>> No.6218230

I agree. But Nintardo fags will disagree.

>> No.6218232

mario had more LORE in it

>> No.6218238

It really has nothing to do with companies of video games. I prefer the Mario movie for the cast and the surrealistic setting.

>> No.6218254

>can you retards comprehend what that means for Sega?
Not much because the money goes to Paramount who already paid Sega for the Sonic license. And it's made less than Detective Pikachu for the last 3 days and won't open in China. There's also the fact that it opened lower than DP in the majority of countries which means this film wont even get to 400mil

It's a modest hit, nothing more

>> No.6218272

>b-but the arms

>> No.6218289

is this like a joke about mario?

>> No.6218302

No, It's Mushroom Hill Zone

>> No.6218323

>literal card carrying Hillary supporter tranny with pronouns posted
Nothing will ever own the SJWs as hard as this, in my opinion.

>> No.6218326

how do that pronoun thing work? why do they write "he/him" or "she/her", why do they specify the him/her pronouns?

>> No.6218460

I'm a Sonic fan, I'm anti-SJW and I find the gender pronouns thing to be ridiculous.

>> No.6218508

Yes, technically. Legally it's Mushroom Hill Zone, but secretly it's the Mushroom Kingdom, since Mushroom Hill Zone looks very different from what you see in the movie, if you've played Sonic & Knuckles.

>> No.6219018
File: 14 KB, 314x353, 1571977356860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sick of "it's a kids movie" and "it's good for what it was" excuse, kids movies don't HAVE to be the same regurgitated tropes you've seen a thousand times, not even done well. the movie was basic as fuck and had literally no surprises no fresh twists nothing no reason to watch it. everyone just got sucked into the "at least it wasn't outright bad" and "dae new sonic looks good" hype and fool themselves into thinking it's actually good. no it isn't. and movies for kids can be great. spider-verse is rated PG and is a thousand times better than the sonic movie. good kids movies exist and you retards go to see "just ok" and jerk off over that when your time and money were better spent elsewhere. just cringe.
kind of hurts my argument that i also got swept up into the hype and went to see it for way too much money but at least i feel justified in my argument thanks to being one of those retards myself. ten minutes into the movie it fully sunk into me that i willingly paid to watch this stupid generic 5/10 at most family movie jam packed with cliches just because it has a cartoon hedgehog i recognize in it.

>> No.6219182

Just go back to vg/twitter and read your Sonic gay porn already.

>> No.6219221

False: it passed that lame ass Pikachu movie in a week then the week of Pikachu's release.

>> No.6219481

t. Triggered Nintencel

>> No.6219489

>Spider-verse is rated PG and is a thousand times better
You're a social justice incel, aren't you? No wonder you're so triggered by the Sonic movie.

>> No.6219538

Actual nintencels like Detective Pikachu.
Real retro Chads like Super Mario Kino over furry shit.

>> No.6219579


Mario dressed in fursuits to get powers, though.

>> No.6219582

literally anyone with a brain would tell you spiderverse is the better movie

>> No.6219585

yeah, kino
>Mario dressed in fursuits to get powers, though.
In the movie?

>> No.6219686

A lot of social justice cucks & incels love Spider-man Into The Spiderverse because of it's wokeness and a Gwen Stacy sporting a Feminazi style haircut. No one outside of social justice cucks/incels like this movie. Sonic The Hedgehog is the better movie, not only because it's close to the source material and has comedic scenes, but it also triggers the social justice incels/cucks who wants to see this movie fail because 1) they want Birds Of Prey to succeed. 2) Paramount actually listen to the fans and gave them the Sonic redesign, which angers the brainwashed Social Justice Incels and the woke mainstream media.

Besides, the Spiderverse movie is forgettable. Sonic The Hedgehog has rewatchability.

>> No.6219695

>furry shit bad
I'm against furries, but I still enjoyed Sonic over Mario. Not saying Mario is a bad movie, but Sonic was at least put together well. I will say that the Mario movie has a better cast though.

>> No.6219702

free rent and all those memes

>> No.6219727

>Man on the Moon, always forgotten

Watching this followed by Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond is a fucking experience.

>> No.6220476

I loved them both but I preferred Sonic.
The Mario movie is still a great cult classic, though.

>> No.6220497

people that actually appreciate videogames masturbate to john carmack every night

>> No.6220604

I agree.

>> No.6220729
File: 165 KB, 800x794, roscoemcqueencover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where's my Roscoe McQueen movie, dammit?

>> No.6220803

Not much of an accomplishment the Mario movie was awful and had almost nothing to do with the games besides some vague similarities and references with names. Mario is one of those things that should have never been made into movie. The games have extremely simple and straight forward plots that could not be adapted well.

>> No.6220917

Now a Mario movie or even serialized cartoon could work if:
A. Miyamoto and Co. are kept far away from production
B. It looks deeply into the spinoffs (Mario RPGs namely) for not just plotlines and characters but tone, subject matter.
They won't do that though.

>> No.6220939

Is it fair to say that Sonic X was better then any of the Mario cartoons?

>> No.6220951

Only Sonamyfags praise Sonic X here on 4chan.

>> No.6220952

That and yurifags who want Rouge to be a dyke.

>> No.6220974

If you are the kind of person who thinks Palcomix makes the best fanart, then sure, Sonic X was great.

>> No.6220984

Sonic the Hedgehog was obviously a superior film when you compare its performances, its visual effects, its soundtrack, its accuracy and its coherence.

As always, the middle-aged fanboys stanning for Super Mario Bros reveals an incredible amount of obvious console war bias and hubris.

>> No.6221325

As explained many times throughout the thread, console war has nothing to do with preferring the SMB movie, especially since hardcore Nintendo fans themselves are the first ones to pan it because of not being faithful to the video game.
Some people just prefer the cast of SMB and the visual effects (the few CGI SMB has aren't bad, and obviously Sonic's CGI stuff is modern so it's better, but the practical effects on SMB are better than anything Sonic has to offer in my opinion)

>> No.6221328

Most of the console war shitposting comes from (supposed) Sega fanboys. In fact, OP made this thread explicitly to make it about console wars.
The guy calling everyone who prefers the Mario movie "nintencel" is probably a teenager himself who wasn't even probably alive back in the actual Sega vs Nintendo war, anyway.

>> No.6221338

Yes. It was more accurate to the video games than any of the previous sonic cartoons. Although Sonic SatAM was pretty close.

>> No.6221345

Sonic X may have been accurate to the Adventure games, I wouldn't know, but not to the classic Sonic games. And SatAM wasn't accurate at all.
The Sonic OVAs are the most accurate classic Sonic.
I feel there has never been a properly accurate Mario cartoon, but Dic Mario > Dic Sonic.

>> No.6221347

>is probably a teenager himself who wasn't even probably alive back in the actual Sega vs Nintendo war, anyway.
You'd be wrong since zoomers wouldn't remember Super Mario Brothers The Movie. Even my nephews didn't know there was a better live action movie of the Ninja Turtles in the 90's until I showed them.

>> No.6221349

The Dic Mario is an unwatchable mess. It's the same with The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog.

>> No.6221351

My 14 year old cousin knew about the Famicom and other older consoles, while his brothers (19 and 21) had no clue. It's because of Youtube.

>> No.6221353

I actually found the Super Show and SMB3 cartoons to be pretty watchable.
Super Mario World, on the other hand, was terrible. A shame because it had poential.
The best thing about the Super Show in retrospect is the live action part with Lou Albano, anyway.

>> No.6221363

Makes sense. Even my 24 year old ex-girlfriend didn't know half of the consoles I own because it's older than she is.

>> No.6221390

The Adventures of SMB3 was my favorite Mario cartoon growing up. I couldn't believe how much more faithful to the game it was than SMB Super Show was to SMB1 and 2.

Then I tried to rewatch it as an adult and quickly noticed that nearly every episode features a scene where Mario, Luigi, or worst of all, Princess Toadstool, refer to Brooklyn as "the real world", as if the network wanted to make sure kids knew that the Mushroom Kingdom wasn't a real place. And that just kills it for me. I'll take the original Super Show's "Plumber's Log", Bowser-of-the-Week nonsense over that autism.

>> No.6221641

>Although Sonic SatAM was pretty close.
>Superfast hedgehog modeled on stuff like Dragonball and Bugs Bunny is in post-apocalyptic Star Wars
>this is appropriate for Sonic
Go away Doug Walker.

>AoStH is bad
Go away Doug Walker.

>> No.6221671
File: 986 KB, 500x341, knux-ova.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OVAs, plural?

>> No.6221707

Okay Coonsoomer.

>> No.6221752

Yuropoor who's been into Sega most of his life (Nintendo only really started to pick up with the GBC).
Mario Bros has way more to offer than Sonic. Visuals, actors, a storyline that's fucking bananas...Sonic has Jim Carrey.

>> No.6221772

Though the English version combines them so that it's feature length, it was actually released as a two part series of OVAs

>> No.6222525
File: 108 KB, 1090x613, Bob Cuckman The Cucksoomer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anybody who likes Sonic more than SMB is a coonsoomer
Not him but go ahead, deny the obvious fact that Sonic is the superior film.

>> No.6223245

>A lot of social justice cucks & incels love Spider-man Into The Spiderverse because of it's wokeness and a Gwen Stacy sporting a Feminazi style haircut. No one outside of social justice cucks/incels like this movie.
Imagine being this far down the rabbit hole of delusion.

>> No.6223287

That's because sonic is a far easier IP to make a movie from due to the story being. save the animals, Collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds and defeat robotnik.

>> No.6223417

Not him but it's been stated a lot of times throughout the thread that SMB has a better cast and practical special effects.
Neither movie is a masterpiece anyway.

>> No.6223451


SMB is unique and intersting, even if it's strange and bad. Must watch. Sonic is just boring. There's nothing special about it. Nothing bad either, but you should not waste your time on this. It's a decent movie for little kids. SMB is an art. Sonic the Movie is not.

>> No.6223463

False. Several of my far-left friends who think Pelosi & Schiff are somehow honest and think Warren would make a good president because she's a woman, loved Spider-man Into The Wokeverse, while also shitting on films like Alita Battle Angel, Shaft, Sonic The Hedgehog, Rambo Last Blood and Joker because the woke media tells them not to watch it.

Sonic didn't collect any emeralds in this movie though.

>Sonic is boring
You clearly didn't watch it. Sonic manages to be entertaining as fuck, while SMB was okay at best but it failed to get a sequel. Although I guess Jurassic Park didn't help SMB's chances, so maybe there would have been a sequel had it been released on a different month.

>> No.6223512

A shill is a plant for a corporation, paid to glamorize their products without revealing official attachment. Predates 2016 by at least 100 years

>> No.6223582

I play Sonic Games way more than any Mario games.
I still like the mario movie more. its far more interesting than a bland cookie-cutter movie like the sonic movie.
If they would have been creative and set the sonic movie in another world, I would have cared a lot more.
The Sonic movie had so much pointless shit. The only scenes that were memorable were any with Jim Carrey

>> No.6223646

>in another world
But Sonic was intended to be on Earth. As in, Earth by the time of the game's release. Not some Planet of the Furries or Dr. Seussland like in the bad/meme cartoons. The JP manuals even called it Earth or talked about Christmas and British sports cars.

>> No.6223652

>You clearly didn't watch it.

I did. It's generic shit.

>> No.6223659
File: 104 KB, 960x570, Hop-the-Bunny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what if we swapped the Easter Bunny from Hop for Sonic the Hedgehog?

That grungy, cyberpunk-y 90's atmosphere is unbeatable, man. Mario Mario wins.

>> No.6223686

>>Basically anything from the American side was purged- no Brooklyn, the Koopa kids are no longer Bowser's children, anything like that.
>Koopa kids
The Koopalings were introduced as Bowser's children from the start. The JP manual in SMB3 calls them such.

They stopped being Bowser's kids since:
A. It's easier to write Bowser with just one child than 7.
B. They realized the non-family friendly implications of a fire-breathing turtle repeatedly abducting a beautiful woman while having 7 really different looking children with no onscreen wife. As in harems, concubines, bastards.

>> No.6223715


>> No.6224131

And yet Sonic The Hedgehog manages to make more money than SMB. Sonic is clearly the winner.

>> No.6224458

>we got to the point where we discuss money and how much do hollywood studios make
Jesus christ Sonicfags. Your movie is not bad, just cope with the fact many people prefer the Mario one for reasons that have already been stated dozens of times.

>> No.6224468

Nice try, Nintendo. I'm sure showing SMB to anyone in parts of the world counts as rape. It's one of the worst films I've ever seen and I've never ever seen the entire thing because I walked out-as a kid! And ironically had more fun playing video games (not SMB) in the lobby. I think I played E-SWAT and Shinobi.

>> No.6224475

Can't tell if false-flag or actual zoomer LARPing as an idealized version of a 90s console warrior that never existed.

>> No.6224479

ninty would be actually rooting for the Sonic movie (since anyway, Nintendo makes money off Sonic now), and at the same time trying to make people forget SMKino existed.

>> No.6224484

Both incomprehensible posts. Congratulations.
Being the wise and courageour anons that you are you feel strongth welling in your body.
Return to catalog.
Challenge again!

>> No.6224487

Nu-/vr/ at it's finest moment.

>> No.6224495

What's hard to understand?
Nintendo profits from Sonic sales now, and they'd probably prefer people not to know about the Mario movie from 1993. Especially with that 9/11 imagery going on at the end.

>> No.6224504

>an idealized version of a 90s console warrior that never existed.
What does that even mean? Do you mean a Gen Xer? Oh we exist, sonny.

>> No.6224510

>Especially with that 9/11 imagery going on at the end.
No one cares. Destroying huge recognizable landmarks has been a thing in books and movies since the start.

>> No.6224534

Damn, you zoomers are getting good at impersonating older people.

>> No.6224536

>Destroying huge recognizable landmarks has been a thing in books and movies since the start.
Name another video game movie where it happens.
Genuinely asking, I'm curious now.

>> No.6224539

It's very simple, actually.
Super Mario Bros. The Movie: Retro
Sonic The Hedgehog: Not Retro

>> No.6224575
File: 16 KB, 1117x196, List of upcoming films based on video games.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how well these fair?

>> No.6224581
File: 123 KB, 1108x831, streetfighter-raul-julia-jean-claude-van-damme-1108x0-c-default.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying any of these compare to the all-time GOAT of vidya movies

>> No.6224613

Based schizo.
>Name another video game movie where it happens.
>Genuinely asking, I'm curious now.
Oh now it has to be a video game movie, huh?

>> No.6224640

Mario, SF and MK are the holy trinity of video game movies. They may have flaws, but they're pouring with pure SOUL

>> No.6224695

SMB and SF are awful, awful movies. Never saw MK, but I'm sure it's shitty too.

>> No.6224756


>> No.6224994

Are you a JCVD fan at all by chance? Street Fighter honestly isn't much better or worse than his other movies.

>> No.6225404

I can see a couple of them being box office bombs, especially if MK is woke somehow.

>> No.6225406

Raul Julia made SF worth owning on Blu-Ray.

MK was actually good. The sequel not so much.

>> No.6225418

>Never saw MK
how is this even possible? And shitposting against based SMB and SF kinos? Out.

>> No.6225431

Maybe now, but those three were fucking hated when they first came out (same for Silent Hill, which I love), but as the years went by, they found their audience and acquired cult status.

By the way, there's this doc called "In Search of the Last Action Heroes" that has a whole segment dedicated to the Street Fighter Movie that I recommend watching.

>> No.6225435

>Maybe now, but those three were fucking hated when they first came out
I don't remember any hate. In fact, me and my friends fucking loved the Mortal Kombat movie.
SF and Mario definitely had a "wtf is going on" factor to them, but not hate. I had a SF movie poster in my room because it looked badass.

>> No.6225803
File: 20 KB, 704x400, 10aa90e21ad903164e72afafd8949bc7[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Raul Julia

>Julia felt that this film would allow him to spend more time with his children, who were fans of the video game franchise and helped him prepare for the role.

>> No.6225809


>> No.6225832

they did movies for angry birds and fucking emoji

>> No.6227602

I haven't watched it, but it does look better.

>> No.6227796

It certainly is. Although I also like SMB, but mainly because it's a classic movie that can be enjoyed for what it was. The only thing that bothers me about SMB is the cliffhanger ending, instead of a definitive ending.

>> No.6227802

He is truly legendary.

>> No.6227954

Minecraft, Angry Birds and Emoji are all bad movies idea. Who greenlights this crap?

>> No.6227969

It isn't a cliffhanger ending, a cliffhanger is where the story ends where the characters are stuck in a situation, e.g. the ending of The Italian Job, a literal cliffhanger.

SMB ends with them going on another wacky adventure which gives better closure to the story than "they went back to being plumbers in Brooklyn"

>> No.6227980

It doesn't matter if they're bad movies or not. They're popular IPs so children will make their parents take them to see them. Anyone who pays to go see a movie based on a video game franchise really isn't much better.

>> No.6227981

I would prefer them going back to being plumbers than for them to hint at a sequel that never got made.

>> No.6228162

anyone else notice all the obvious digs at nintendo in the film? I thought it was pretty cocksure from SEGA to rip their competitor like that but then I checked out how the companies have positioned themselves for the next 15-20 years and it makes sense.

Nintendo is too focused and invested in proprietary hardward and that has left them at a disadvantage now that everyone plays games on the device they already carry anyway; their phones.

>> No.6228348

>the obvious digs at nintendo

Can you give some examples?

>> No.6228392

I've seen the movie and I saw no digs at Nintendo.

>> No.6228423

The thing is that there are no iconic characters in Minecraft & Emojis. Angry Birds had characters, but none you could really make a movie out of. Somehow the studio made it work. Sonic & Mario on the hand has multiple characters, stories, comics and even cartoon series to draw material from.

>> No.6229018

Having rewatched it recently, yeah. It is great.

>> No.6229379
File: 183 KB, 800x450, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6229394

All I can think of is the "gross smelly mushroom world" being a reference to Mario, but that feels like a big stretch.

>> No.6229827

Sonic's games are a meme anyway.

>> No.6229839

The movie was actually very close to being unironic kino. It would have just needed more focus on the production design (the whole underground city was pretty cool and very mario-like, but still it was all over the place, too grimdark, the fucking goombas, etc; just a bit more inspiration from the game artwork), and a more focused story (it works, but again it's all over the place, same concept but with a more defined idea, and that idea better entwined with the production design).
It's like the ingredients are there but it isn't cooked properly.
I like that they tried something new and different, and that it's quite an original take on something that has little to go on, but it seems like they didn't entirely make up their minds on where they wanted to go with it.

>> No.6229848


>> No.6229849


Raul Julia AND Jean-Claude Van Damme

>> No.6229850

t. Zoomer Incel

>> No.6229976

Honestly thought that was a reference to Mushroom Hill Zone.
Probably where this scene takes place: >>6207272

>> No.6229985

It all boils down to mental illness.

>> No.6229990

Sonic was boring but competent. SMB was neither.

>> No.6229993

t.Seething Nintencel

>> No.6230223

SMB was incompetent, but fun as fuck.

>> No.6230247
File: 291 KB, 537x409, 1450729901495.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ivo Ivo Ivo Ivo Ivo

>> No.6231065

Man I miss watching that when I was a kid.

>> No.6231069

It was kind of shitty, but at the same time it was so fucking cool to see Sonic as a cartoon on the TV.
I remember when my cable service finally got the channel that had the Sonic cartoons I went absolutely bananas. Admittedly, I was waiting for SatAM (which I knew because of a Sega VHS I had, that had the opening scene, I must have watched that a hundred times, the hype was off the roof). When AoStH came up on TV, I was weirded out and a bit turned off, since I expected the SatAM opening. But still watched it, and kept wondering what the fuck was up and why wasn't it SatAM. Eventually, I managed to catch SatAM too, which this cable channel also had, but didn't air as often as AoStH. In the end I ended up watching AoStH more, and barely have any memory of watching the actual SatAM cartoon.

>> No.6231083

I didn't have cable at the time when the Sonic cartoons aired. So I was able to catch AoStH everyday after school during the weekdays. I would watch SatAM on Saturday morning if I got up early enough. I had more fun watching AoStH. SatAM was a little too dark & gloomy. Strangely enough, I was still more obsessed with Sonic than I was with Power Rangers, even though I was able to watch them both during the weekdays.

>> No.6231092

I'm from a latin america country so the only way to watch Sonic cartoons was on cable.
And yeah I don't remember what I thought of the actual SatAM show, but I remember being bored of it, it didn't caught my attention, which was disappointing from all the hype I had from watching the OP so much.
AoStH was mostly nonsensical and b-grade looney tunes kind of humor, but it was still more enjoyable than SatAM to me.

>> No.6231114

That sucks that cable was the only way for you to watch Sonic. But yeah, AoStH was very fun to watch.

>> No.6231116

I didn't know any better. In a way it made it special when I finally got that channel on my cable system. I wanted it for Sonic, but I ended up loving that channel for other stuff instead in the end.
Also, about Power Rangers, I fucking loved that show. AoStH was entertaining, mostly because "omg sanic on TV!", but MMPR made me legit get super excited around the green ranger arc, almost cried on the double-episode where Tommy "left".
The Dragonzord was one of my absolute favorite toys. Still have it but sadly missing some pieces.

>> No.6231117

>Sega just got fucking saved following the success of shenmue 3,
You stupid nigger, all Sega did was handover the license for Shenmue III to Ys Net. Did you not notice the lack of classic Sega arcade games in it?
Again, an indie project they just licensed out. No one from Sega is actually working on that.
>PSO2, and Yakuza
Only ones they own and profit from. Still not enough to revive their hardware division.
Nigger, I'm a gigantic Sega fag too. It's not happening. In case you haven't seen, the console market is pretty volatile right now. Sony is on track to have another PS3 debacle with the PS5 and no one knows what will happen with Series X after the money sink that was the Xbone. Literally only Nintendo is doing well, and that's thanks to hardware that's more of a handheld than a dedicated stationary home console. The idea of a "home console" may not last for long.

>> No.6231130

I was obsessed with the Power Rangers, all the way up to Zeo. Turbo was the worst, I couldn't keep up any more and my interested started to be more geared towards Superboy comics, as well as wrestling during the nWo/DX/Austin days. And yet despite all of that, Sonic manages to pull me back when I bought the Dreamcast & started playing Sonic Adventure.

>> No.6231153


I don't think it's a Mushroom Hill reference, Mushroom hill was a forest with oversized Mushrooms, it wasn't nothing but mushrooms, where even the mushrooms have mushrooms growing on them.

Anyway, I didn't care for Jim until the very end where he even seemed to sound more like Eggman. I think Wayne Night would have been a good pick.

>> No.6231156

My interest in PR waned off around the 2nd season. At first I was really hyped, but quickly declined, probably after the movie.
Didn't watch the other seasons, but I remember Zeo getting a cool racing game on SNES by konami.
I also remember getting into the "new" supermans, can't remember much of the actual comics, but I had Death of Superman and loved the Death and Return of Superman game.
For some reason I never got into wrestling. I feel like I'm missing a lot of fun, but I dunno.
Got a Dreamcast as well, but I couldn't go back to Sonic. The last Sonic game I truly enjoyed was S&K.

>> No.6231159

Movies don't have to be 1:1 adaptations of the video games.
It's why it's a "reference", not actual Mushroom Hill Zone from the game.
Or maybe the guy in charge of the CGI just thought shrooms were cool and never even played a single Sonic game.

>> No.6231889

It doesn't take much to be better than the SMB movie. I mean, it would make Uwe Boll and Ed Wood cringe.

>> No.6232157

>Mortal Kombat

I've never been much of a fan of techno/dance/trance, whatever, but Techno Syndrome is so.damn.catchy.

>> No.6232221

Zeo was the last good Power Rangers season. DC Comics had a lot of great stories during the 90's. I own the Death & Return Of Superman video game for the Sega Genesis, but I also have the SNES version installed on my SNES Mini. You certainly did miss out on wrestling. There were a lot of crazy things that happened, things you would not have expected. Stone Cold Steve Austin was cussing, giving the middle finger and drinking beer, he was the ultimate badass in wrestling. DX & the nWo had a cool gimmick and had cool t-shirts that I would wear to school. But the wrestling games such as WWF No Mercy for the N64 was the best wrestling game you could ever play, especially with the create-a-wrestler feature and the ability to fight backstage.

The retro Sonic game I've enjoyed was Sonic Adventure 2. But as far as newer games goes, I definitely enjoyed Sonic Mania, but I still prefer S&K with Sonic 3.

>> No.6232225

I guess to each their own, but I enjoy the SMB movie for a number of reasons, even if the production was a nightmare, and prefer it over any Uwe Boll work ANY day.

>> No.6232231

I would have casted Chris Farley into the role of Robotnik, but he's dead. I don't think the movie would have worked without Jim Carrey though, he brought the crazyness out of Robotnik, which is what I loved about his portrayal.

>> No.6232235

To be fair, SMB was a much better movie than anything Uwe Boll has done. Although I did buy the House Of The Dead movie.

>> No.6232262
File: 106 KB, 910x657, rr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just so tired of this "Roger Rabbit" trope, man. Cartoon characters travelling to the real world and all that shit.
Hopefully the sequel takes place on Mobius or whatever people call Sonic's world these days.

>> No.6232267

At least Roger Rabbit had soul due to actual 2D animation

>> No.6232373

Space Jam also had 2D animation.

>> No.6232668

Mobius would require a lot of CG. May as well be a video game.

>> No.6232713

Considering the SMB movie was an awful mess, and Sonic movie was generally competent, yeah. I like Bing Bing Wahoo games better, personally.

It's kinda fun from camp angle, but it's absolutely not good. If your stars are regularly getting drunk on set to cope with what an awful production and awful movie it is, there's a lot of things wrong.

RIP Bob Hoskins.

As a rule of thumb, practical effects often look better, and has more soul, but it's also limited, and they need to be done well.
The SMB movie has some alright practical effects, but nothing particularly great.

>> No.6232736

It's nothing special, but it's definitely better than Alvin and the Smurfs, those are absolute abortions.

Mortal Kombat's camp is actually kinda suitable for the silly nature of the games.

A Duke Nukem movie could be great, but chances are slim. You pretty much couldn't get a suitable actor to both look like Duke and also sound like him, so they'd have to get JSJ to dub him, which would actually be fine.

Also if you aren't playing retro computer games AND retro console games, you're doing yourself a disservice.

>> No.6232741

>Nobody disrespects our chicks, and LIVE.

Is that in any kind of production?

Don't you?

>> No.6232747

The studio will want a hefty cut, and I doubt Sega will get back into hardware any time soon, but it's definitely good for them to make a fat stack of cash, because they're a pretty good publisher.

>> No.6232762

I don't hate John Leguizamo, why was that a thing back then?


>> No.6233413

/pol/ is always right you retarded bitch dont you know your memes?

>> No.6233639


>> No.6233674

LMAO this delusion has been going on since 2001

>> No.6234095

Bob Hoskins passed away? Damn, I must have been living under a rock. I haven't heard about this until now.

>> No.6234164

>If your stars are regularly getting drunk on set to cope with what an awful production and awful movie it is
This often comes up when people discuss the SMB movie, but... would this actually matter if we're only judging the movie? Back in 1993 when I watched the movie in the theatre, I wasn't aware of that anecdote, probably because the only reason people know about it is because they commented about it on an interview.
I feel as if this neo-hate for SMB (because, again, people didn' thate the movie back then, at most they forgot about it quickly after the release, but not hate) comes partially because of people reading up on the whole production hell this movie went through... but again, we only know about it because of the interviews.
What's so bad about the SMB movie, really? People often say it's a mess, but I don't see it. It's no masterpiece and it's very campy and bizarre, but I don't see it as "Omg total mess so bad!", it's still a goofy entertaining action comedy.

>> No.6234216
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I don't remember people hating so much as just talking about how different it was from the games. It was weird that King Koopa was Dennis Hopper. People would say it was bad, or so bad it's good, but it was the weirdness and changes from the games that came up the most. I actually like the movie, personally.

>> No.6234220
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Yep, exactly. There was no hate, or people calling it a bad movie, it was just "huh, that was very different from the video games".
And yeah as a kid I didn't like that Koopa was human-looking, I wanted him to be a giant dinosaur turtle. Nowadays, I think Hopper Koopa is one of the best things about the movie. I just like the movie in general a lot more now as an adult. As a kid I enjoyed it though, it was weird (in relation to what I expected as a kid for a Mario movie), but not bad

>> No.6234435

Roger Rabbit had fucking amazing effort put into making the cartoon animation mesh up perfectly with the actors and props on film, it's legendary on that aspect alone, aside from being good.
Further props to the actors being able to act at nothing successfully.

>> No.6234469

/pol/ unironically thinks it's illegal to stand up and pee in countries like Sweden and Norway, what the fuck do they know?

Years ago.

I didn't see it back then, I was still in diapers in 93', but I don't particularly care for the plot and characters.

I'll say it's not a rotten movie devoid of redeeming qualities, and I don't think being an adaption that's different from the source material is bad. Hell, Return Of The Living Dead was supposed to be based on a novel, but the director thought it was hot garbage and wrote a new script from scratch, it's my favorite movie. Then you have Starship Troopers, which differs wildly from its source material, but it's still a good movie.

>> No.6235179

I expected a giant turtle dinosaur, but seeing a human Koopa just seems so cheap.

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