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>Mario passed THIS up for Peach.
Gee whiz, Mario.

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>city bitch molested by a monkey
>pure and literal princess

wee oh gee so hard to pick one

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>mario chose a thick pure blonde princess that likes to bake over a coal burning whore
mama mia!

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>implying peach wasn't absolutely defiled by bowser

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>molested by an ape instead of a turtle
Oh wow so much worse.


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she’s tasted that cloaca on more than one occasion

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>being anything but just bark and no bite

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well where do you think bowser's kids came from

must have been pretty painful coming out of her vagina though

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Mario is a fucking chad, he also fucked pink hedgehog pussy, and Wendy Koopa.

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They both suck, it's all about Goombellarina

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>well where do you think bowser's kids came from
From the stork, anon

No, really

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this, kek

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That isn't her design from any point that /vr/ covers

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That’s literally her Donkey Kong ‘94 design you underage faggot.

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canonically the mario in those games is mario & luigi's dad

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But Pauline looks no older in Odyssey.

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>interesting sexy girl with dick sucking lips and perfect technique
>boring plain faced little girl who leaves you unsatisfied and laying awake at night questioning your decisions for the rest of your life
Babbage, is that you?

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once a milf always a milf

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>I like my girls experienced ;)

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Reminder that according to Donkey Kong '94 Pauline canonically has a Southern accent.
>But she's from Brooklyn, retard
Maybe, if you're following the old American story. But judge for yourself whether she sounds like a New Yorker or a Southern belle:

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There's a big difference between "experienced" and not boring.
Then there's boring reaction pic posters.

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mp3 won't play, what is it?

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Those dang cartoon genes.

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>citation needed

This "Cranky Kong is the original DK" is a stupid throw-away joke that Nintentards took too seriously.

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Just a voice clip going "Help!" in gameboy-quality audio. I can almost see the southern belle thing that anon mentioned but to me it just sounds like some cartoon voice clip. If anything she sounds like Minnie Mouse before they made the jump to color cartoons.

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Pauline saying "help".
SNES quality audio. It wasn't compressed any more than it normally would be in a SNES game, which is why it only plays on the Super Game Boy.
>just sounds like some cartoon voice clip. If anything she sounds like Minnie Mouse before they made the jump to color cartoons.
Compare to this standard American English pronunciation of the word: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6YO3c0H0jQ. The Super Game Boy clip sounds midway between the correct soft 'e' sound and a hard 'a' sound. 'Healp' or 'hailp'.

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the pronunciation will change a little if you're screaming it, and the audio seems to be cut off at the beginning, but yes she sounds southern. as for canon see odyssey, even if you call that retconning, it's not clearly stated that she has a southern accent. with accents though, empirical evidence would be enough except the single sound bite is in my book not definitive enough. compared to say, dan owsen's voice it doesn't seem up to what a snes is capable of.

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A stupid, throwaway *canon* joke.

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Explain. I thought Cranky Kong actually is the original DK.

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He is. That Anon is just a seething retard who gets upset anytime people discuss lore in Nintendo games or take it seriously.

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It's from the Game Boy Donkey Kong. She was redesigned by Yoichi Kotabe

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>rescues his hot tall girlfriend from a giant ape
>moves to Mushroom Kingdom and gets into an inner circle of the reigning rich blonde princess
>travels to a faraway land just to rescue a local spunky redhead princess which he later decides to pass to his younger brother
>somehow convinces an all-powerful space goddess to participate in his annual sports competitions
>surprise! Mario's first girlfriend is now into politics too and she is actually a mayor of a huge city now
Mario sure had an interesting history with the ladies

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I prefer slutty bitches who drank gallons of cum already

Cock hungry expierenced bitches are the best.

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Imagine being BTFO this hard.
That he has. I love that art, btw

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There is an ideal middle ground between virgin and roastie.

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No, there isn't.

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>not wanting a prim, classy lady who wears sundresses & tight blouses and rejects men's advances... except from you, where she moans loud and drenches the sheets as she takes your D.

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Literally this, if Mario marries Peach he will be king, even if you say Pauline is now a Mayor that doesn't benefit Mario as much

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mario x bowsette is canon

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She's a New Donker, of course.

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i'd donk her

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There's really not, you just have to do the best you can. I don't know what my fiance's sexual history is, but she went to art school and fucks like a demon, so I imagine it was fairly extensive. Just something I have to live with

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look at dem BJ lips

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He screwed up. Simple as.

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>all these coping Peach shills
He ain’t getting shit from Peach. Look at all the shit he went through just to get a cake. She blueballs him through several castles just to literally cuck him with a big turtle. Not to mention that a prude princess doesn’t suck dick.

He fucked up.

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Going by paper mario, mario should be drowning in nonhuman pussy but only fruitlessly simps for Peach

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He is technically single despite implications. Of course everybody in the kingdom would be dying to invite the hero for a cake.

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Anyone else think that sounds like Pinelope Pitstop?

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Does Mario have erectile dysfunction? Where is his boner?

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>looking for boners in cartoon characters

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sup /v/?

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Mario is just a clout chaser

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Mario has a blue checkmark on twitter.

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that's mario's mom
the original donkey kong game's jump man is mario's dad and fought cranky kong.
at least have some basic mario lore knowledge before you make a thread about mario

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In bed she kept comparing him to Kong.

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You know that gorillas have a lifespan twice as short as humans? If Mario and Cranky were both around 20 during the arcade game's events, 10 years later Mario would be in prime adult age while Cranky would be considered old by his kind.

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Oh, that is a good argument.
Maybe that will demolish the 2 mario theory, right?

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>applying human and gorilla lifespans to mario and kongs

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Nintendo needs to officially retcon that stupid joke already. I don't get why they'll tell us Mario is like 22 and the Koopalings aren't actually Bowser's kids but they'll let us continue thinking Cranky Kong is the original Donkey Kong.

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This, kek

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I thought the same thing! I wonder if it was intentional, and who the actress was.

Fun related fact: Pauline screaming 'Help!' is an idea that goes back to the original Donkey Kong. Miyamoto:
>"The lady stolen away by Donkey Kong was supposed to yell out, 'Help, Help!' And when Mario jumped over a barrel, she was supposed to yell, 'Nice!,' complimenting him. But some people within the company said, 'Doesn't the pronunciation sound a little weird?' So we tested it on a native English speaker, a professor. They said it sounded like she was talking about seaweed: 'Kelp, Kelp!'"

>"At that point in development, we couldn't fix it," Miyamoto said. "So we took out all of the voices.

They took them out, but they didn't delete them! They're still in the ROM, and you can hear them at TCRF: https://tcrf.net/Donkey_Kong_(Arcade)#Voice_1_.28ID:_FA.29

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Doubtful since Retro's Cranky was supposed to be Rare's Donkey. Just live with it. The One-Linkers lost and their situation is far more convoluted.

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>Mario is like 22
25, and I agree it’s retarded. Statisticians who know nothing say kids prefer young characters, so you get shit like this or Sony de-aging Popeye in that cancelled movie.
>and the Koopalings aren't actually Bowser's kids
It sucks for us cause it’s a huge canon whiplash of what we thought character relationships were for like, 25 years. I havent played the recent rpg games but apparently they use them more in those now. Only decent reasoning I can think of for it is maybe those games wouldn’t make sense if they were his kids?

They may have axed the ‘Mario Bros are from Brooklyn’ thing too, which is lame.

I actually like that Cranky is original DK though, gives the characters a bit of history and backstory. I was always able to accept the gorillas age faster thing fine, but that was because Mario was a middle aged man. It is retarded now I admit, but they should just age Mario back up.

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>They may have axed the ‘Mario Bros are from Brooklyn’ thing too, which is lame.
They had axed it ever since Yoshi's Island. Only recently in Odyssey did they sort of bring it back by turning Brooklyn into New Donk City.

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>hey guyz do I fit in yet? kyuh kyuh kyuh

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All this fighting about the nature of Donkey Kong and nobody raises the real question. Who the fuck is DK Jr.? He existed in Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong '94 (before Rare retcon) and in Mario Tennis (after Rare retcon). Later he was apparently completely erased from the lore, despite being a pretty major character in early years.

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>muh fair skin blonde hair
Pauline wins again

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Me, I'll always stick to the story that DK Jr. is modern DK's pops. That's because most sources, including Rare's own, have claimed Cranky is current DK's grandpa. Where that places DK Sr. (Jr.) in the modern era is anyone's guess, but I always thought it was confusing--and batshit stupid--when they included Jr. along with the baby characters in the sports/party games alongside the adult Mario cast. There was a time when Nintendo pretended to care about consistency and logic in the Mario universe, but that time has long since passed.

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I find the inclusion of DK Jr. into Mario Tennis a really weird one. Camelot were clearly going through all Mario characters to fill the roster, leading to inclusion of weird or forgotten characters like Birdo, Daisy or bloody Waluigi who was literally made up for that game. However Mario Tennis' success catapulted Daisy and Waluigi into the core cast for future games, while DK Jr. was never to be seen again. I guess Nintendo realized that having modern DK and DK Jr. together made no sense, but it was too late to cut him from the roster.

>> No.6207328

>There was a time when Nintendo pretended to care about consistency and logic in the Mario universe, but that time has long since passed.
Yeah that hasnt been a thing since the NES.

>> No.6207334

And yet the last few mario larts have had like 5 baby versions of characters

>> No.6207338

What about Yoshi's Island DS? Are we to assume that Jr. no longer exists and modern DK was always just DK even as a baby?

>> No.6207339

The real answer is Nintendo does not give a shit about Mario lore or continuity. Each game may as well be a reboot. You may as well look for continuity in old episodes of popeye or loony tunes.

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Is Jumpman Mario's dad?

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Seeing how Super Mario games don't exactly have strong continuity, it doesn't really matter. But it does make it funnier if Mario thinks DK and Diddy are the first generation and Jr and never noticed a difference since they have their own lives and just meet up for racing/sports/parties.

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He didn't pass her up - SHE passed HIM up, because Pauline's an Amazon woman who needs someone closer to her size, it's why she eventually sort of liked it when DK kept kidnapping her in the later Mario vs. Donkey Kong games.

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Well said.

>there's a baby Rosalina now
Alright what the fuck.

>> No.6209658

Hope you're ready for the inevitable Baby Pauline.
Shit like this is why I have never cared about the spinoffs.

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>implying Mario doesn't have a big dong

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Not really. In the SNES and Game Boy era there was still some semblance of world-building and storytelling going on. SML2 for example introduces Mario's childhood rival, and Yoshi's Island serves as a Mario origin story.

Even in the N64 and early Gameube era there were hints at a loose continuity. Paper Mario subtly references Luigi's Mansion, which would release the following year, and Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door reference each other and other Mario games. But at some point the devs of the mainline Mario and related series either stopped caring, were discouraged by Miyamoto from caring, or both.

>> No.6209698

>Yoshi's Island DS
I'd assume that's just old DK as a baby. As much as I hate that game, it doesn't necessarily contradict the original Yoshi's Island or the Donkey Kong Country series.

>> No.6209714

>were discouraged by Miyamoto from caring
it must be this.
this old senile man should step down already.

>> No.6209780

Sadly, I don't think him stepping down will help, i'm sure there's some official written guideline that they'll have to follow that forbids anything beyond the most basic of story, and puts a heavy embargo on which Mario characters are allowed to actually appear in Mario's games.
Then again I honestly don't know what the rules could possibly be since Toadette and Pauline are main series characters now. But then we go to a world with Easter Island Heads and Pyramids, but Daisy isn't there., nor is Tatanga in Space.

>> No.6209790

before Odyssey my head canon was that Jumpman and Paulina raised Luigi and Mario that were brought to them by the stork

>> No.6210053

Baby Yoshi never appear so maybe might go under radar.

>> No.6210089

That's because Baby Yoshi isn't a human female. We've got Baby Wario, Baby DK, and Baby Bowser, but only Baby Peach is allowed to appear in games outside of the Yoshi franchise.
That's what i'm saying, there are weird fucking rules and guidelines they seem to follow about this kind of shit but there always seems to be some sort of exceptions under really weird and specific conditions.

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peach is a princess. wouldn't you want to marry into that kind of money?

pauline is just some thot who runs around with literal apes

>> No.6210112

Princess = obligations and responsibility x10
Some thot = freaky sex and comfy nights in your new york apartment cooking pasta together

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das it mane

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Slightly more forgiveable, but Mario also passed on this. You can't tell me Luigi is gonna tap that any time soon.

>> No.6210342

Man, she was a lot cuter in 2D.

>> No.6210371

You say that like Peach isn't willing to fuck any plumber who rescues her.

>> No.6210618

Do you mean the girl from TTYD or that one with the hat from Odyssey.

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Old Mario manga slightly implied that something did happen aboard Mario's spaceship after Super Mario Land

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Well there are those infamous manga panels of Mario's penis, so I wouldn't be surprised if they implied he...used it.

I heard the manga also implied that Lady and Pauline were separate characters, but they never directy appeared in the same panel together, did they?

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taking into account his physique, mario's is probably shorter but thicker than average.
so peach has to like being stretched even when it doesn't reach deep.

>> No.6211253

DK Jr. is essentially just Diddy Kong. Diddy Kong was intended as a DK Jr. redesign, and they only changed Diddy to be his own character after Nintendo said "no, that's too different." Diddy fills the same role so there's no reason to have Jr. in the game anymore.

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File: 783 KB, 1406x791, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there's a baby Rosalina now
Has been since 2013. Now we also have this, I promise you this is a real thing in an official mobile game and not some fanmade shitpost.

>> No.6211263

Incredibly based.

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File: 66 KB, 416x240, Ch6_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, Baby Daisy and Baby Rosalina were both wtf additions to the cast. Those two were just made up for Mario Kart with no prior appearances whatsoever.
It's even more disappointing for Rosalina, who had an actual little girl version of herself in a milestone mainline game, now forgotten and replaced by a toddler.

>> No.6211292

The one from Odyssey is Goombettey

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>> No.6211297

don't wanna make a new thread so i'll ask here. should i play super mario world on the SNES or the GBA?

>> No.6211301

To be fair, that voice clip does sound like "Kill 'em".

>> No.6211306

SNES. GBA lets you save after every level, but in return you get reduced screen space, oversaturated color palette and non-stop annoying voice acting. The last two can be fixed by romhacks but screen crunch remains an issue.

>> No.6211308

SNES no question.

GBA butchers the sound and colors, adds screen crunch, and worst of all are the voice clips. You really don't need to hear "Wah! Yah! Hoo! Here we go! Lucky! Pee pee! " in a 2D Mario game.

The only upside to Advance is that you can choose between Mario and Luigi and they have actual mechanical differences.

>> No.6211310

i see. thanks a lot, very informative.

>> No.6211313

They’re basically the same, but GBA has a Luigi with unique physics so I guess that one. In SNES he was just for player 2 mode and controlled the same as Mario. It also has voice clips of their dumb voices in GBA but it’s not a huge deal.

>> No.6211314

I assume SOMEONE's done romhacks by now that add the bonus content from the GBA ports to the original game, so you can experience them without the GBA's sound and screen size limitations.

>> No.6211325

You would think that. But SMW hackers don't really give a shit about the original game.

They did manage to get some of the GBA stuff working, but not fully.

>> No.6211326

>bonus content
Was there anything besides Luigi?

>> No.6211330

Not much, but there were a few extra features. Like the elemental Yoshis being added to normal levels once you've found them in the Star Road and turning getting all of the Dragon Coins into a side quest of sorts (although the reward for it is extremely stupid).

>> No.6211349

Baby Rosalina is essentially Miyamoto's revenge for the Galaxy developers daring to give Rosalina a backstory without him knowing.

>> No.6211381

seems like no matter how they modernize her design, she still projects that wildcat appeal.

>> No.6211385

>elemental Yoshis being added to normal levels once you've found them in the Star Road
Somehow I’ve beaten the SNES version many more times over than the GBA one I had as a kid, but I never realized this doesnt happen in the SNES version.
>turning getting all of the Dragon Coins into a side quest of sorts (although the reward for it is extremely stupid).
Oh yeeeaaahhhh
I kinda blame this change for the star coin shit they started putting into the New games. That kind of collectible just isnt fun for me in 2D Mario for whatever reason, or at least it isnt when I have to collect it to unlock stuff. If I remember right the reward here is just a different title screen or something, which I actually prefer to unlocking secret levels cause it means I dont need to fucking bother.

>> No.6211428

>GBA has a Luigi with unique physics
And the SMB2 sprites for some weird reason, since they don't really fit with the SMW style.

Fortunately, there's usually a hack to rectify these sorts of things.

>> No.6211429

so i just started playing the SNES version and man this game is even better than i remember. thanks again for the advice boys.

>> No.6211460

Did they also give Luigi his own physics in the SMB3 remake on GBA?

It’s so weird the third game in the series is the fourth in the GBA remakes.

>> No.6212025

>itt porn obsessed shut ins

>> No.6212074

Or maybe it is just that some people at Nintendo really likes little girls.

>> No.6212196

She sexy thou

>> No.6212245

>my relationship is boring and i'm realizing it and it's depressing

>> No.6212714

Which manga/volume(s) are these?

>> No.6212815
File: 2.53 MB, 979x1417, 6GoldenCoins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

KC Mario by Kazuki Motoyama
Male frontal nudity: Vol. 1 - Super Mario Land #1
Daisy causing Peach to snap: Vol. 19 - Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins #1

>> No.6214217

Just started reading these. The expressions are pretty great.

>> No.6215606

i think daisy ruled the chinese, not mexicans

>> No.6215634

Daisy rules a kingdom themed around the supernatural, which raises the question of why Sarasaland hasn't been in a Luigi game yet

>> No.6215650

I could not be at more of a loss to explain what is going on here. This does not resemble SML2 in the least.

>> No.6215740

>From the stork
And we all know that the stork only comes when mama and papa loves each other very much.

>> No.6215850

So a regular 4chan thread?

>> No.6215859

I like to believe Bowser kidnaps Peach so frequently that the storks simply assumed they were a couple and decided to bring children to them

>> No.6215905

In the manga, Wario kidnaps Daisy and Peach follows Mario to help. And also because she’s jealous of Mario and Daisy and doesnt want them alone when she’s not around.

The scene you’re seeing is at the giant world from the game. Wario showed up after Peah and Mario shrunk and brought Daisy along. The page before this he tried to crush them so they ran up Daisy’s leg to hide. So here he’s whacking her in different places trying to crush them, while they’re running around her body causing her to laugh from the ticklishness.

As you can see, this is all perfectly logical. As expected of Mario.

>> No.6215937
File: 10 KB, 227x200, 40 keks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>As you can see, this is all perfectly logical. As expected of Mario.

>> No.6216019

Pretty good

>> No.6216129

So here’s a question: When did Pauline become Pauline and stop being Lady?

It looks like she got turned into a brunette in spinoff material and promo art that existed way before the Mario VS DK games, far as I know those were her first comeback as far as the games are concerned. It’d be weird if her design was more or less finalized so long after her appearances in Donkey Kong and NES Pinball when she didnt appear in any more games for so long, especially since her final design and Lady basically look nothing alike.

>> No.6216132

Nevermind, I’m retarded. Just remembered DK 94 exists.

Great game.

>> No.6217220
File: 52 KB, 309x463, LadyPauline.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Despite how brain-dead obvious it is that it's the same girl kidnapped by DK, some sources considered Lady and Pauline to be separate characters until the Smash Wii U Trophy. Apparently, this is because they used her western name in Japanese DK94, while the original design was always known as Lady in Japan even after the arcade version. In a way, it's a lot like the Ado/Adeleine thing from Kirby, except that one is somehow worse. Anyone who says Japs can't be auts needs to be smacked.

>> No.6217296

shit "art"

>> No.6217298

way to translate it for us anon - fuck you and your jap shit with huge American whiteman benises.

>> No.6217302

Wow, they must let anyone who can move a pencil across dead trees be a manga artist, because that art is terrible and looks nothing like it's supposed to.

>> No.6218348

Soon there will be "Dr. Baby Metal Pink Gold Tanooki Peach"

>> No.6218420

And Green Mario will still be DLC.

>> No.6219135

Honest to god I would not be slightly surprised if they try to do this as a joke or something

>> No.6219149

Gooigi is confirmed for Mario Kart 9

>> No.6219169

Ah but it's not Dr. Baby Metal Pink Gold Tanooki Gooigi now is it

Not yet, anyway...

>> No.6220541

Isnt her name just Ado in dreamland 3 and Adeleine from then on? How is that worse?

>> No.6220549

Some people think they’re different characters because besides the name their color scheme is slightly different. My theory is the character’s name was shortened to “Ado” in-game (from “Adorenu” the Japanese pronunciation).

>> No.6220881


I would be surprised if they did it as a joke, because I can only imagine them doing it completely in earnest, thinking it was a thing that people wanted.

>> No.6220963

The idea of combining powerups like Fire Boomerangs or Cape Frog is really appealing to my autism, but that would be better suited to platformer games than "new" characters in Mario Kart.

>> No.6220983

>not caring about Mario canon
I'm unironically triggered

>> No.6221582
File: 49 KB, 500x627, mangado.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All right, I'll do my best to explain the sitch.
>Ado, a girl painter whose drawings come to life, is introduced in Kirby's Dream Land 3.
>Adeleine, with nearly identical character design except minor palette and details, also appears in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
>In Japanese, Adeleine is written as a simple extension of Ado's name, which was common knowledge in the fandom even back then but a whole lot of Kirby fans write fanfictions with Ado as a boy or depicting Adeleine as a twin.
>Kirby series has so little plot at the time that HAL just discards human characters shortly afterwards and pretends they were never there, and Shinichi Shimomura is MIA so no one is able to clarify the intent.
>Years later, an anniversary book claims that Ado might be Adeleine's nickname, but stops short of outright confirming that they are the same character (this happened again recently).
>A little while later, ANOTHER anniversary book comes out. This time, it seemingly confirms that Ado is Adeleine as it contains a design document with both designs. In a rare act of mercy, the shittier yet more active wiki merges the Ado article with Adeleine and finally treats the two as the same character.
>Fans with more than a rudimentary knowledge of Japanese realize that the document is, technically, not confirming them as the same character and is rather a guide for how to design Ado in manga, but collectively agree to remain silent because they are all sick of the theory-baiting.

>> No.6221590
File: 98 KB, 320x335, daialone.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Oh yeah, that's right, an important side note: Adeleine in Kirby 64 literally uses Ado's design from old manga, just under a name change. Not only that, but the manga - an officially licensed product, canonicity be damned - treats them as the same character and introduces mannerisms to Ado that would later be given to Adeleine. When Kirby Star Allies free DLC releases, people notice that while Adeleine isn't listed as being from Dream Land 3; however, no one makes a big deal out of that at the time since she's paired with Ribbon and Gooey is claimed to be from Dream Land 3 instead of Dream Land 2, so prominent roles are mentioned instead of strictly debuts. Adeleine also has a move called "Ado's Painter", but this is more like "Ado-Painter" in Japanese it doesn't appear to be vaguely referring to another character. Dataminers find that Adeleine is referred to as "Ado" in her texture files, and is the only Dream Friend to use a name shortened from the playable "Adeleine" folder (said texture files are slightly renamed in the recent Switch eShop game but still refer to "Ado" for short, suggesting they knew), besides Bandana Waddle Dee who just reuses the enemy textures. This, among other discoveries, cement the fact that current developers think of Adeleine as Ado.
>Some German Tumblrite named Kaialone breaks this vow of silence and goes on a spree on various websites, posting blogs about how the design document was misinterpreted. Despite acknowledging nearly all the evidence to the contrary, Kaialone insists that Ado and Adeleine's "ambiguity" MUST be treated separately, which is an act of overcorrecting that lacks self-awareness.
>The only way to convince this schmuck is to wait for the Ado/Adeleine post to come out on the Japanese Kirby Twitter's Dedede Directory, and hope HAL won't reiterate the bullshit "gee, they MIGHT be the same but we dunno, it's not like we're the fucking developers" schtick.
And that's where we are now, sorry for the tism.

>> No.6221603

Wow, that is really silly.

>> No.6221723

>Gooey is claimed to be from Dream Land 3 instead of Dream Land 2
Well, it's not like he did anything in DL2 beyond be an item. By all means, DL3 was his proper debut.

>> No.6222473
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Some Nintendo translations of the Star Allies promotional material DID confirm Adeleine as Ado, but they conveniently don't count because they "might be a mistake," so even if HAL does proverbially shake the fandom by the arm and yell in their face sometime soon, expect idiots to still deny reality regardless.

>> No.6222805
File: 3 KB, 160x144, KDL2_good-guys+girl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know you playing devil'advocate, but c'mon, even one of the ending images shows Gooey alongside the extended supporting cast. And what's Chao, chopped liver?
I wonder if there are any Japanese fans that still cling to the idea of Lady and Pauline being separate characters because "Smash doesn't count." Though at least the Lady/Pauline situation had better excuses.

>> No.6223180

Considering what gorillas are packing, if anything Mario's dick may have been too big for her to enjoy.

>> No.6223198

Isn’t he technically current DKs father and original DKs son?

>> No.6223308
File: 13 KB, 128x128, 34f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6224651

No, Cranky being the original DK was just a throw away joke that people took too far.

>> No.6224657

Yes. That is 100% canon no matter how much certain “fans” and Nintendo themselves may not like it.

>> No.6225141
File: 154 KB, 410x270, CrankyKongReturns.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Throwaway jokes tend to actually be throwaway and not, well, continuous. If you want a mindfuck, Retro briefly considered their Cranky to be Rare's DK in Returns, which begs the question of who the hell Diddy is.

>> No.6226231
File: 300 KB, 900x567, cranky kong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>which begs the question of who the hell Diddy is.
Clearly it's old Diddy's grandson. The Kongs are a very traditionalist family. Though with this mindset having a new Dixie is the REAL point of confusion because it would be assumed Diddy and Dixie had kids and grandkids with this setup, but the new Dixie is still the new Diddy's girlfriend.

>> No.6227171

The idea of Returns being descendants is neat, but didn't use it to build their own characters. No wonder they abandoned the idea.

>> No.6227256

>implying a big dong will EVER compensate for manletism
When will they learn?

>> No.6227698

we can't choose who we love

>> No.6227763

>Though with this mindset having a new Dixie is the REAL point of confusion because it would be assumed Diddy and Dixie had kids and grandkids with this setup, but the new Dixie is still the new Diddy's girlfriend.
>implying this is a problem for gorillas

>> No.6227808

Donkey's a gorilla, Diddy's a monkey, and Dixie lacks a tail so she's some kind of ape like Donkey but has a similar build to Diddy so she's likely something else like a chimp, either way Diddy and Dixie are different species so they technically shouldn't even be able to conceive. I used to think Diddy and Dixie formed a sex pun when I was younger (eg. "Diddy did Dixie with dix!"), but knowing Rare, maybe that's not far off.

>> No.6229790
File: 246 KB, 1023x1370, dickylicky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I used to think Diddy and Dixie formed a sex pun when I was younger (eg. "Diddy did Dixie with dix!"), but knowing Rare, maybe that's not far off.
It's not.

>> No.6229965


>> No.6230059
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>The only way to convince this schmuck is to wait for the Ado/Adeleine post to come out on the Japanese Kirby Twitter's Dedede Directory, and hope HAL won't reiterate the bullshit "gee, they MIGHT be the same but we dunno, it's not like we're the fucking developers" schtick.
The good news is you probably won't have to wait too long since the Dedede directory is generally going in game order with few exceptions and nearing the end of the KDL3 characters (KLD2/KDL3 Dark Matter was just released the other day, so Zero is likely next). They will most certainly use Ado/Adeleine to bridge the KDL3 & K64 characters. Given the Twitter account is actually run by HAL directly and not outsourced to a third-party like the Japanese artbooks, and the fact that the artwork they release only shows the Adeleine design even among obscure series females, they will probably take the opportunity to confirm Adoleine. There is literally nothing to gain from keeping this tired charade up any longer. Of course, I could be wrong and they might have Dedede say something along the lines of, "Oh, I THINK Adeleine is Ado, but I'm not sure," because Shinya Kumazaki thrives on giving out theorybait to lorewhores for attention. Just have to cross your fingers they don't shit the bed on this one chance I guess.

>> No.6230139

You know HAL will insist on keeping the "maybe, maybe not" stance regarding Ado and Adeleine because it's simply how they've always stood on it.

>> No.6230182
File: 1.61 MB, 1536x1080, Two-Zeros.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>KLD2/KDL3 Dark Matter was just released the other day, so Zero is likely next
I wager Ado is next because I doubt they'll do two major villains back-to-back. If anything, they'll save Zero for when they cover 02 because it's easier to post them together. I think those two are officially considered separate characters though, but it's just easier for them to occupy the same space since their roles are so similar as Dark Matter bosses.
The point is that, while some souces have gone with the ambiguity schtick, sources that haven't all point to them being the same, so either way it's retarded to regard them separately. Also, as far as I'm aware, HAL themselves never actually commented on the issue, it's always been a licensee up until now. The closest to a direct developer statement is in >>6221590 if pic is anything to go by, and if it's true that HAL hates having humans in the Kirby series, you can bet that they're going to say there's only one such character sooner or later and be done with it.

>> No.6230832

>the whole Derek thing

>> No.6230838

Mario wears red - Pauline Wears Red
Luigi wear's green - Rosalina wears light blue (green in japan)
Wario wears yellow - Daisy wears yellow

So Peach clearly needs to find a plumber wearing a pink shirt and hat.

>> No.6230852

Lightweight options - Baby Mario, Baby peach
Medium options - Mario, Peach
Heavyweight options - Metal Mario, Gold Peach
You can play as the main ones no matter what preference. It makes sense.

N64 had the comfiest Roster, though.

>> No.6230913

If HAL really cared, they would have said something about the two painters already.

>> No.6231016
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Opportunity hasn't presented itself yet, Ado/Adeleine literally only existed within the Dark Matter trilogy before recently returning while only paired with another character as a DLC extra, the interim with HAL regretting adding a human to the series despite being a fan favorite and leaving third-parties to pick up the pieces out of Kirby's simplicity. Do people believe Lord Kibble is a separate entity from Sir Kibble, despite being completely identical and the latter taking the former's design / the former taking the latter's name for a while?

>> No.6231096
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>"I'll be waiting...Mario"
What did she mean by this?

>> No.6231136

"How do I make the drawing more detailed without actually being more detailed... meh, just add more lines."

This method is never not ugly.

>> No.6231178

t. Kaialone

>> No.6231310

But Rosalina is Luigi’s neice

>> No.6231498

just what i needed... thanks guys!

>> No.6231532
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>> No.6231557
File: 3 KB, 303x243, wario thumbs up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm happy that you understood

>> No.6231601

That's just how "Gag" manga looks, my man.

>> No.6231602

I'm sure someone will commission some artist on Patreon to do it one of these days.

>> No.6232627

She waited 37 years to become a playable character in the latest tennis game.

>> No.6233214
File: 44 KB, 519x129, MKDD_Unused_Character_Icons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

DK Jr. was planned to be in Double Dash, but they went with Diddy instead.

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