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Seems kind of racist if you ask me.

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But Donkey Kong was in the game.

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Big yikes. I can't even right now. Could you not? That is very racist and problematic. How are people still like this in 2020?

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Why don't niggers go back to Africa where they belong?

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There aren't any American characters, either. Way to be so xenophobic, Japan. Captain Falcon isn't even a falcon, how do we explain this to real falcons?

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They're too busy here, giving you those pesky prejudices and societal fears so you can be exploited by radicals on the internet.

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Wow just wow. Racist much? You are probably a virgin who lives in your mom's basement.

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wypipo should go back to europe nawm sane sheeeeiiitt

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I'm seriously tired of white people not having any balls anymore. We need to go back to lynching these shitskin subhumans.

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Captain Falcon is of course American or of American descent. He's so manly and awesome he crossed the line to gayness twice and is now 100 percent hetero. He's good looking. He's brave. He's the perfect American hero.

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nah, whites made america worth living in. what have niggers done besides make it worse for everyone else?

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"I'm tired of angry people that look like me not killing a generalized idea of people that don't look like me. Grow some balls."

What a maroon.

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I want to believe this, but the truth is in the details: He's not Captain Eagle.


They exposed a bunch of idiots who allow their own inadequacies to be projected onto an archetypal and false representation of another race to the point of murderous rage.

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'ate niggers
'ate kikes
'ate spics
'ate muzzies
Luv me Hitler
Luv me AR-15

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Wow i had no idea what a blue board this was

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