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Can anyone recommend me some short pick-up-and-play retro? I bought a PocketGo yesterday, and I'm really enjoying it, but my goal is to only have it around for an hour long flight (I travel a lot in short range), time in a waiting room, getting my mind right at work, that kind of thing.

It apparently plays some PS1 games, but mostly poorly.

If it played the Neo Geo Pocket Color library, I wouldn't have to ask.

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City Connection?

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I love City Connection, actually, but I guess I'm looking for something less arcadey.

Donkey Kong for GB would be a perfect example. A couple of levels in chunks that I can put down and come back to at any given moment, but still progress and not begin at the ground floor or fighting for scores.

I used to enjoy a good skirmish on Advance Wars, or some GBC Mario Tennis. But like, I don't want to play the first level of Final Fight for the 800th time.

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>Donkey Kong for GB would be a perfect example
Solomon's Key, Fire 'n Ice, Adventures of Lolo, Little Magic, Catrap

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>cant emulate neogeopc
Why even by this thing? A cheap 3DS or Vita would be better,

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Super Mario World?
Long game, short stages, save feature, etc.

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All the Mario/Wario land games.

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Ice Climbers

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for me its marios picross. complete a puzzle or two and finish it eventually

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A 3DS or Vita doesn't fit in my pocket comfortably.

There are frequent times where I'll fly to another city for the day with nothing but my phone, a charger like pic related and a small USB connecter, my wallet, and some earbuds. I don't even bring a laptop bag.

Thanks, checking these out!

I've definitely already got those on here, but I appreciate the suggestions.

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Have you tried shoving it up your ass yet?

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No, is it good?

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Get good at Budokan.

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any lode runner