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>Best fighting game soundtrack of the 90's
prove me wrong.

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This isn't "retro" by this board's definition.

That being said, it does have a really good soundtrack.

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I prefer SF II or SF Alpha 2's soundtracks.

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nothing personnel zoomer

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It's a port of a 1999 arcade game. It's retro.

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>3DO version
Pretty based, not going to lie.

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I love Third Strike, but the soundtrack isn't good. Even Second Impact has a better soundtrack. The stages are also pretty lame but that can be saved for a different thread.

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Technically the arranged soundtrack debuted in the FM Towns version but it never hurts to bring up the 3DO

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Technically you are a faggot.

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As far as I know, there is no condition or special clause that qualifies me to being one

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Imagine having this bad of an opinion ufufufu

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Take your pick OP

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Eternal Champions, had it been arranged better.

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>here's your controller, bro

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Are ports on non-retro consoles actually retro?

The rules read:
>Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier. With the release of the 8th generation of consoles, the Sega Dreamcast will now be considered "retro", though the remainder of the sixth generation (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) will not.

Since the PS2 isn't retro, why would a game on that console be considered retro?
After all, the rules clearly mention "video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier".

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Imagine being this autistic. Wow.

Re: OP's post: It's fun, enjoyable to listen to 20 years later. But it is pretty bog standard mid-late 90s dnb/hip hop/house beats. I'd rank SFII as having a more impressive soundtrack. Art of Fighting 2 is up there for me personally as well.

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>Imagine being this autistic. Wow.

I'm not autistic, just pointing out your bullshit.

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Ok dummy

It launched on the CPSIII if you really wanna get specific - a platform that debuted in 1996/7

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Why would you post the ps2 version, then?

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Neat, I always thought it was exclusive the 3do, thanks for the info anon.
Quiet faggot.

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Yeah, posting a port for a non-retro system cover art (to not even talk about said port in the thread) is obviously just bait.
The Animal Crossing threads, that caused some (pointless) controversy, always used OP images of the original N64 version and used the original japanese title of the game.

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>prove me wrong.

Sure, SF3 has shit music because its all House Jungle Rap. only monkeys like this shit.

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it is way more comfortable than it seems

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I'm gonna say this...... All versions of Street Fighter 3 and Alpha/Zero 1&2 had the best music. The character select bgm on those games alone ruled. And Ibuki's theme is beautiful, so I can see why you feel some way about Third Strike.

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What about The New Generation and 2nd Impact versions of SF3? Don't tell me that SF3 turned you away because of the sf2 characters that don't exist in the game. Lol, cause I know a lot of people hated it.

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ah yes talking about the genesis ps2 collection is not retro

i can't wait will the 6th gen restriction is lifted just to spite you

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Is it similar to the Dreamcast? Because the terrible soundtrack is one of the reasons it never got much play with us.

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I was just talking about the soundtrack.

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For me, it's KOF 2000.


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This is how I know you're black and also wrong.

DOA 1 actually has a pretty good OST. Well, I guess two since there are two versions of it.

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Cool it with the homophobic slurs

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If the original game is retro, it counts. Even Remakes are allowed.

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I'm pretty sure you're trying to create your own loophole here.
>video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier
>platforms launched in 1999 or earlier

Thus, ports/remakes on retro consoles are indeed okay, but not ports/remakes on non-retro consoles.

Wait longer, zoom zoom Until then, let's enforce the rules ;)

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did somebody say "Best fighting game soundtrack of the '90's?"

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Port discussion is always allowed here because it's the original game but made to work on another system.

Remakes are entirely new games.
Sonic Gems Collection - okay because it's a bunch of ports
REmake - not allowed because it's an entirely new game

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I don't know. And you could argue endlessly on the port/remake difference... are updated graphics a port, or a remake? Are extra options a port,or a remake? Is a reorchestrated soundtrack a port, or a remake?

To avoid endless pilpul, I stick to the explicite rule:
>video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier
Which I read as: as long as the game is on /vr/ console, you can discuss the game on THAT console.

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Agree. I'd say that even the original SFIII has a better soundtrack. Sean and Alex's themes in that game are some of the best Capcom themes ever.

Other favourite of mine 90s fighting game music:

- Street Fighter 2
- Street Fighter Alpha 2
- Art of Fighting 2
- Samurai Shodown
- Fatal Fury Special
- King of Fighters '96

It's probably worth having its own post, but I believe CPS2 music was worse than CPS1 or Neo Geo.

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Coming from a a post from 2014.

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>i can't wait will the 6th gen restriction is lifted just to spite you
It will never be zoomer
go back to /v/

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You should ask /o/ what the definition of retro is because anything that 15 years plus is considered retro.

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Instead of your fucking feels.

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>anything that 15 years plus is considered retro.
So by 2022 we could be having PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP and DS threads on /vr/ if that were our rules.

Do you not see how retarded your train of thought is yet?

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>prove me wrong
This exists.

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>And you could argue endlessly on the port/remake difference... are updated graphics a port, or a remake? Are extra options a port,or a remake? Is a reorchestrated soundtrack a port, or a remake?
I am pretty sure that "port", "remake", and "remaster" are pretty well define. Like you said, there will be some disagree here and there on edge case.

>argue endlessly on the port/remake difference
>Are extra options a port,or a remake?
Most of arcade -> ps1 port has extra options such as "arrange mode", "ARCADE MODE", "special char", but all of them are ports.

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>Most of arcade -> ps1 port has extra options such as "arrange mode", "ARCADE MODE", "special char", but all of them are ports.
I mostly agree with you.

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He's talking about Third Strike itself, he just happened to post the PS2 cover of it

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Not as much as bending tge meaning of a period sensitive word to whatever you people think

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thats okay but still nothing compared to all the BANGERS in SF3...

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Ninja Gaiden 2 on nes has one of the greatest soundtracks of all time op. Sorry dude.

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It has some good songs but I think there are better soundtracks out there like SF EX2 Plus.