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How did retro multiplayer games sell so well with no online whatsoever?

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It was the norm back then, when you said multiplayer it was automatically assumed you meant local multiplayer. Only enthusiasts played online multiplayer.

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Back in the day people spent more time hanging out with each other instead of being locked in their own boxes and communicating through smart phones and the internet

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Kids do still play games together, right? Like, I assume more play online just because it's easier than begging their parents for a ride to their friends' house. But they wouldn't prefer that over being in the same room.

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For some games. For others its a clusterfuck, you need a separate user account, sometimes a game account...Switch has a lot of local friendly games. Other games are not the case. Easier to just watch a streamer play and pretend you're over his house.

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there was online multiplayer back in the day though like xband and sega meganet (jp and brz only) but they weren't as popular or well pushed. sega channel was great though.

games that were already awesome and have key feature for great single player also just happen to be multiplayer at the same time works great too. as a kid i played smash 64 alone just as much as i did with friends and family, same with goldeneye and things like turtles in time.

home console games also having derived qualities from arcade games that were bigger at the time in terms of overall quality in every facet absorbed the same nature in their games of having 2 players go at it, and more as time went on.

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>hanging out with each other

What a strange concept..

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>How did cars become so popular with no flight capability whatsoever?

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zoom zoooom

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Because back then when i was a kid we use to have actual real life friends that weplayed with on a daily basis.

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How did cavemen get through life without Netflix or Fortnite whatsoever?

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The most popular game at the time was called Rape. Very entertaining, actually.

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Fun for the whole family

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Haha yeah it wasn’t just my mom playing with me, I totally had friends

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I had friends but it also would have been neat if my parents played games with me, but alas.

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vhs tapes and doom deathmatch.

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It was easy if you had siblings or friends to play local multiplayer. I was lucky and had two brothers to play with.

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Makes me sad seeing so many games not even having a local multiplayer option nowadays

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10/10, simple and elegant

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My parents never understood the vidya when I was a kid. My dad eventually became hooked on Rome: Total War for a few years, but that game was "muh strategy", and he still looked down on anything console-based. it would have been really cool if either of them had picked up a controller and played some Mario Kart with me.

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Good contribution to the thread.

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You sound like an orphan.

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It's kind of amazing how fun some of the split-screen from that gen was in spite of the hardware getting really bogged down by it.

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VHS tapes, rental stores, cable television, satellite television. Hell I think shit like Tivo even existed around the same time as that gen.

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I was born in 1987. People were assholes who spent their "hanging out time" in the pre-digital era being abusive pricks and treating each other like shit.

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we actually interacted with meat friends instead of just little glowing rectangles. mario kart just isn't the same without 4 people in the same room hooting and hollering

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If you are legitimately asking that question then you don't belong on /vr/.

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Only to people like you. I was born in '88 and the abuse was only directed to those who were outright weird. And complaining about abuse when hanging out with people is comical. Online abuse is so prevelant people actually get banned from games they bought.

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lol, no. Everyone in my family was angry and abusive towards each other. Everyone at the ratty ghetto school I went to was mad at the world and mistreated each other. Human beings are meanspirited.

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>ames are not the case. Easier to just watch a stre
I wish my mom played video games with me ( ._.)

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then your family sucks and ghettos certainly suck
89' here, really not much abuse to speak of
there was always the single mom kid or the ones who got abused at home and took it out on other kids, but that's still around
in a shitty ghetto school there's tons of those kids

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No one wants to talk about your problems. You are in the minority and you will never understand our joy. Go away.

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Sounds like you have a broader issue than one specific to hanging out offline and playing games.

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this has to bait, no person would think this.

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The world wasn't full of antisocial aspies

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Couch based split screen multiplayer.
We literally had Goldeneye/Mariokart parties.
I hit on a girl who played Tony Hawk with us. Me and the gang used to stay up till 3 am playing Perfect Dark in the living room in 2000.

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honestly, when i was a kid i used to play snes, genesis and n64 all the time with kids from the block. Most of the time i didnt even like them, they just happened to be kids that lived near me.

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Composite video eeeeeeeewwwwww

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Nobody was online in the way you understand it today. A relatively small number of people, mostly Americans, had shitty dial-up access to spend a day downloading an MP3 file of I Saw The Sign by Ace of Base if they were good enough at Alta Vista to track it down.

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>ratty ghetto school
People live in the ghetto for a reason.

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The absolute state of the zoomer brain. Truly fascinating.

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>Rob Zombie - Dragula.mp3

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It's 2020 and I still refuse to play online games with strangers. You all are a bunch of whiny faggots and I'll have none of it.

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Those were better days. You could actually have conversations with strangers back then. You cannot achieve excellence with out exclusivity.

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not vr but the console i spent by far the most playing 4 player games was the PS2
the wrestling games are absolute blast in multitap
also CTR was really fun too on PS1

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It's called having siblings, anon.
>tfw my roommate and I can never play new games together unless we buy two copies and sit in seperate rooms for online multiplayer
Getting rid of split screen was a mistake. Online splitscreen too.

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