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Big bro bit the dust from cancer a few weeks ago. Playing through all the classics of our childhood.I need something to keep my mind occupied.

Starting with chrono trigger. Bring on the coke and cheetos. Link to the past is next.

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Hey sorry to hear about your brother my guy.
Have fun and stay safe yourself.
Have some boobies to cheer yourself up.

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That's rough, dude. I hope you find peace in those games. LttP reminds me of childhood because there was an SNES in my aunt's basement and we would crowd around it to play that or Street Fighter.

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> Bring on the coke and cheetos

obesity and sugar consumption vastly increase your cancer risk. Please stop

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Well, if you're depressed because people around you are dying of cancer, it's as good a time as any for "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" logic to kick in.

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Your use of the word depressed instead of sad is very telling. Please start working out and stop eating junk food.

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Video games are awesome because of those shared memories. It's like going through a family album but it's interactive and you remember the good times you had when you played.
Keep on playing for your brother and pass on the classics he liked.

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I'm really sorry your bro passed man.

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go away attention whore
no one here cares about your blog

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What's your full game list looking like?

Besides Link to the Past and Chrono Trigger, anyway.

My boy-friend lost his brother and went on a retro-kick, too. He's currently working on the games his bro wanted to play but never got to, like Shovel knight. He also marathoned The Tick as it was a favorite of him and his bro.

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mom passed from cancer a month and a half ago. around that time I got to introduce my nephew and niece to mario bros through all-stars, which I value. i've been playing BotW hard as an escape. I feel ya /vr/other, cancer is the fucking worst

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Rest in peace big brother.
Rest in peace BF's brother
Rest in peace mother
Cancer fucking sucks, and somehow its always the people who deserve it the least that end up with it. Stay strong and keep the faith.

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My wife beat cancer about 4 years ago. I don’t even remember if I played anything whenever she was passed out after chemo or whatever. I think I actually did a lot of fiction writing during that time. I recommend doing something creative to cope.

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Based brother keeping the tradition alive. Sorry about your brother that has to be tough.

I have schizophrenia unironically and I'm thinking of an heroing this month. My younger brother by 4 years is probably going to inherit my SNES collection. I'm definitely giving him Chrono Trigger. We live on in our games. Just trust.

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Don't do that, just try to get some help. Try talking to your brother.
Sorry for your loss, OP. It's nice that you have happy memories of gaming with him. I know games are a "waste of time," but beyond entertainment they definitely help create some personal memories.
Sorry for your boyfriend's loss. I only played Shovel Knight for the first time within the past few month and was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it.

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Be strong I have a cousin who have the same issue and she found a man who really love her. She seems often sad and a bit lost when we talk with her but she is a nice person. I personally think her father is crazy and evil and he made her like that by constantly being angry against her and also constantly being disappointed about whatever she has ever accomplished.

I hope things will go fine for you anon, but don’t pass to act about what you’ve said, your live matters.

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>I only played Shovel Knight for the first time within the past few month and was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it.
The knee-jerk reaction most people have is that it's just another wannabe, pseudo-retro 8-bit indie game, but the developers actually designed it keeping original audio and graphical limitations in mind so it doesn't look like some shit designed in MS paint with a chiptune sound filter. Plus, they actually know how to design an intuitive level that acts as its own tutorial instead of breaking up the gameplay to tell you how to do basic shit. Seriously, go back and play the first level, and you'll realize that it basically goads you into using just about every move and game mechanic in a completely organic way. That kind of development ethic has been lost to time.

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i need help im playing through chrono cross and occasionally accessing a guide when i get lost
the following is spoilered because i need help end game stuff

basically im at the point when sky dragon island rose out of the ocean. im supposed to have access to kid's orphanage segment but she isnt in the bed on hermit island. for the record i refused her every time during the game and the guide im using says she's supposed to be in the bed but she isnt. should i just go to the island and finish the game or what can i do? i still have saves from before i even entered chronopolis

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How old are you, dude? 20s or 30s? You haven’t even started life yet. Trust.

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This. I'm turning 31 this March and I know how much life I have ahead of me.

I've just recently (and by that, I mean the last two years) become comfortable in my own skin. I'm more confident out of what I want out of life. I have friends who actually accept me. And I give little fucks about what anyone thinks.

It's not without its rough patches but life gets glorious when the pieces start to fall into place.

And there was a time where I thought nothing would fall into place. I was fresh out of college, a virgin, living with my parents, and working in retail. I thought I would never escape, but I have. I moved out, had sex, and am now a salaried office manager. I never would have reached this point in my life had I given up at 25. And goddamn, let me tell you. I wanted to.

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please respond

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Shovel Knight isn't retro, you shameless shill.

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Fuck, where's the Valis anon to discuss retro vidya and loss
Did anyone see that thread on /v/?

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This made me feel better, I just turned 26 in August and feel literally worthless. Same situation minus the college part.

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I'm 27 and a year and a half ago I was a literal neet living with my parents. College degree didn't get me anything and retail jobs felt like a waste and I felt like I had no future. Was pretty miserable all the time. Was considering enlisting in the military just to have something.

Sorta lucked out with a job prospect and once I did everything fell into place. Now living on my own. Honestly it can be kind of a crapshoot but the only reliable constant you can have is to keep trying. Once something actually happens you'll be surprised how fast things can turn around.

I'm not exactly an advocate of military enlistment, but if you really really run out of options it's there too.

We're all gonna make it.

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It's alright it's ok Jesus told me so there's something to live for

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Someone drop the megapack with all translated snes games, this will do it.