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I think I remember seeing the Atari 2600 cartridge of this in a flea market, but I didn't buy it because I don't collect for that system.

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Was it the Volume I or II? Because they actually released 2600 MM as two separate cartridges; one with the first 8 levels and the other with the second 8

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Fun story: The original programmer of Miner 2049er (Bill Hogue) had been developing it for the TRS-80 Model I, but switched to the Atari 800 on learning that the former was going to be discontinued. Due to delays, the Apple II port was released first. The game was apparently quite popular as evidenced by the mass release of it on all different systems.

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>good games
>existing before SNES

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Details on this game?

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>walk around the platforms coloring the floors solid
>avoid the enemies
>if you grab the power-ups, you can kill them for a short period ala Pac-Man
>each level must be completed before you run out of air and they all have a special gimmick such as elevators or whatever

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Fooey, I forgot to label the Colecovision and IBM versions

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