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If the Model 2 was so powerful, why does all its games look worse than N64 games? Is it just Segoid delusion?

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It didn't. Model 2 run games at higher resolution, had better textures and constant 60 frps.

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Too bad the games themselves were all boring as fuck.

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Running 60 fps was enough of a reason to be impressed but looking at the graphics the geometry of ps1 and n64 does seem to be a similar level to model 2. Even pc games didn't have that much more geometry that ps1 games.

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Also, Model 2 was created in 1993, which makes it pretty advanced for its time. Daytona USA could'n be made in home consoles until the Dreamcast.

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Sega's immense hatred of transparencies took a dump on this webm's quality.

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MYTH games run at 60 fps
TRUTH games ran at 29.95 fps

games that run at 60 fps
dead or alive 2 dreamcast
street fighter 2 dash (the one that was hard to control because it was too fast)
killer instinct when using the codes on VS screen default ran at 5 fps the faster was run at 60 fps but barelly a few could control the game that way.

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show me a n64 game that looks better than arcade Daytona USA

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how does this in any way look worse then a n64 game? the n64 is garbage

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Why were they too cheap to implement transparencies

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Here's a better webm

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You didn't notice it in CRT monitors.

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Yes you did, zoomer.

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Awful example. Low resolution PS1 game with the camera zoomed pretty much into the screen. Come back with a better contribution, zoomer.

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Look at The House of the Dead and tell me that would look anywhere close to as good on the N64.

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the design hardware was more simple.

transparency using stipple to decide whether to write to the frame buffer when rendering a polygon can be implemented by XORing the last two bits of the x and y coordinate together.

transparency using alpha blending requires an extra screen buffer read to get the existing data and computation to actually compute the new value (two multiply and two additions for the basic equation color = color1 * a + color2 * (1 - a), and multiply ain't cheap). Moreover, most alpha blending strategies aren't communative, meaning the order you draw affects the resulting image. this can make rendering algorithms more complicated, from possibly needing multiple passes to render a single frame, to visibility issues like what to do when a polygon is facing away from you

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No gouraud shading and the textures themselves were actually in black and white IIRC. The surfaces themselves were colored to give the textures color.


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Lame bait. Most N64 games can hardly do 20fps and at half the resolution of Model 2. And it’s three years newer!

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looks worse imo

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Why was this allowed in a kids game?

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Ok, now let's look at some better examples:


And let's not forget that by the time the N64 came out, Model 2 was old hat and the Model 3 board was out:


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are you a soccer mom