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Thoughts on Sega Saturn collecting?

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Collecting in general is a disease.

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Poor people are diseased.

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Literally no games unless you like Sonic/Nights or JRPGs. The arcade ports aren’t arcade perfect.

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I like fighters, always had an interest in Saturn, and figured this would be a good place to start collecting.

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Waste of time

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It's cool if you can time-travel to the early 00s.

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Don't use composite AV cables.

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It's really cool if you are either Japanese/living in Japan or wealthy, otherwise don't bother.
The best games on the system had very limited runs in North America. If you want a complete playable copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga in English (aka the only good JRPG on the system) you are looking to spend upwards of 1000 USD.

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You thought wrong. Collect something better.

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It's always been a massive money pit. I remember even 15-years ago thinking it was insanely expensive; PDS was still a $200 game, and other games like House of the Dead, Shining Force 3, and Dragon Force were all over $100. Now it's just retarded.

Excellent console, but way overpriced.

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Yeah I'm seeing that a lot of the replies are form a poorfag's perspective. I actually don't mind the costs and plan to eventually own all the sought after games. I mostly just wanted to know the worthwhileness of playing it.

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i love my sega saturn

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Or maybe no game on the Saturn is so good it justifies spending over $200.

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t. Jealous poorfag

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>what are the STV games?

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it can be.

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collecting games is bad, you can get them online.
collecting hardware is good, you can't download a console.
not collecting hardware is god tier, you can emulate it anyway.

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I make more than enough to buy a NTSC-U Saturn and all the games I give a shit about if I really wanted to.
The problem is none of them are actually worth the asking price. Almost every Saturn game that I care about has a significantly better sequel or reimagining on Dreamcast which is a much better console overall and one I am glad I got into collecting years ago.

The exceptions to that rule are the Panzer Dragoon games (which are great), Burning Rangers, Nights, and some nice JP only games that I don't care about because I am not learning moon anytime soon. I don't care how loaded you are buying a nearly 30 year old piece of hardware for like 5 games is retarded.

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Still the best set of exclusive vidya pinball games I've ever played.

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This and based poster.

People who spend hundreds of dollars on a bunch of just okay games are retarded. There are very, very few games I'd say are worth over $200 from how good the game is. There are certainly none on the Saturn i can say are worth this much, and I've played most of the heavy hitters. I actually owned PDS for years, but once it was going for over $500 I didn't even have to think twice about selling it. It's a decent game, but compared to other JRPGs of the time it's pretty average at best. Then there are games like Shining Wisdom and Shining the Holy Ark which are just bad.

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i still got my jap launch saturn. love it. i got 48 games for it. batsugun still missing. but i wont pay more than 100 for a.mere cd.

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Collecting hardware is good but archiving software forever is better. The older hardware gets the more dedicated someone has to be to keeping it in working order. Eventually it will just be the domain of the ultra autistic, when conceivably Anon's 24th grandchild can fire up an emulator in 2896 just to sate his curiosity about this Pong he read about in class.

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Unless you like importing fighting games you missed the train. Pseudo saturn carts make it worth owning though if you don't mind burning

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archiving is a different matter.
collectors usually are autists that don't archive and if they do don't share because they want to be the only ones with *rare game*.
and this thread is about collecting, so I avoided mentioning archiving.

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Collect a console, pseudo Saturn cart, a stack of CDRs and start downloading, my guy.

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This book was fucked up.
One of the most terrifying endings in the series.

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Goosebumps books tended to have fucked up endings. Never ended up reading this one though.

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>Goosebumps books tended to have fucked up endings
You would think but not really. Most of them don't stand out and stick with you forever.

Here's the ones to look for: My neighbor's a ghost; My time at a ghost camp; The black & white world of school past.
That's all I can recall as ending especially chillingly.
>Never ended up reading this one though.
It's one of the most plodding and tedious I can remember reading; in fact the twist is far removed from most of the plot and comes out of nowhere essentially. It's not really worth reading.

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Stopped ten years ago, it's just to much of a damn money pit now.

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>The arcade ports aren’t arcade perfect.
that's true. They are better than the arcade with all the added soul.

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also, VF2's AI is fucking insane, so I'd rather play the saturn version anyway.

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I don't know if this post is serious or not, but I also find Saturn 3D games to be super charming even though they are technically inferior to their arcade versions. Die Hard Arcade/Dynamite Deka is one of my all time favorites and I love the Saturn version.

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I really love it. Especially the way it makes poorfags seethe

Sour grapes is literally a disease
>Self-deception has a prominent role in several medical conditions, such as borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and histrionic personality disorder.

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>i don't know that even STV titles had to be reprogrammed when going to or coming from the Saturn, often by third party developers

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>RE is now $100

that shit was like $15 7 years ago. this market man

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Any suggestions on hooking one up to a modern TV?

I've only got one TV that has composite inputs and it's on the way out.

Not worried about quality, so long as it isn't completely awful.

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The average collector of today will have his collection die on him. Discs will run out of parity. Capacitors will burst. What you know as collecting now won't exist in a generation. It will be harder to do right. The era of just storing shit in a basement is ending.
That's my point. It will only get harder.

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>The average collector of today will have his collection die on him
That's the idea right? It's a good thing.

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I went halfway into collecting then said "dude these prices are hella ridiculous" and went to soft mod disc burning mode. I did however get lucky with finding a copy of panzer dragoon II for $30. Other than that, get the system but mod it.

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that's why I said that collecting is inherently bad.
they are just hoarding like idiots and don't even use half of their collection, they see games as trophies.
as you say, archivers is what we need, I never stated the contrary.

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Get an action replay cart and figure out how to flash it with pseudo Saturn.

Burn some isos and enjoy yourself. The money you’d spend collecting would goto human cancer and not the developers who deserve your cash. Pirate all day, don’t be a hipster human cancer now buddy

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You missed the boat by 15 years.
Composite looks like utter shit. How new are you?
>Any suggestions on hooking one up to a modern TV?
Don't bother.

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I use S-Video through the Retrotink on my 55 inch Samsung. Obviously its not perfect but it looks better than the pic suggests.

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Emulate it.

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How do PVMemers cope with this? Does anyone actually prefer playing Mario Party on a 20" screen compared to this?

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Most of not all of my retro collection came from getting it when it was cheap. If you go out now the prices are so fucking high it's not worth it. If your a real hardwear on a CRT guy go get a saturn, chip it and place burned games.

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You'll need CRT television with an s-cable port if you don't want to spend a lot of money. It looks horrible on modern LED flat screens no matter what you do so don't bother trying that. Oh, and don't spend a ton of money on the games, they are ok but none of them are worth what they are going for today. Burn them to disks and use the Atlas hack on a ram cart so you can play burned games region free. You can switch out the hacked cart with a regular one while the game is running to save. Otherwise use Mednafen, its the best emulator.

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Blowing up these low res games onto huge TVs looks bad. They look better on small displays. That's why emulating on a phone is the best way to play old games.

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As long as they're scaled perfectly, how do they look worse? Do you have any examples?

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Pixel art falls apart when it's blown up too big, unless it's really simple flat stuff. It's why people spend all that time trying to find the perfect filter to deal with it.
Like this famous FF6 shot people use as an example. There's an accompanying shot with a blur filter applied that blends things together better...or if you just view it on a small screen or stand back far enough it also looks fine, no filter needed.

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>I don't know that STV titles were developed simultaneously because it's the same fucking hardware and i'm a huge faggot so please rape my face

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Thats bullshit. Discs will last much longer than you give them credit for. Caps can be replaced. Get a fucking soldering iron.

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>Almost every Saturn game that I care about has a significantly better sequel or reimagining on Dreamcast
Lol what horse shit. Very few franchises carried over from the Saturn to the Dreamcast outside of a few arcade games.

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>Source: my ass

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Use a 720p Plasma with RGB SCART. Unironically looks better than squinting at a CRT. It can upscale properly to 720p, but not to 1080p.

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If you're going to do that, import them in bulk from Japan and check ebay for phantom chips. Buy a soldering iron and sell them for a profit of at least 500%. You might have missed the boat, but I still flip jap saturns (the white ones) for a decent price every now and then when I think my soldering skills are getting rusty.
I'll have to try that. I have a 50" LG.

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make it happen sega you cunts

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The chip allows for region free correct? Does it also allow for burned games?

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Phantoms let you play burned games on CD-Rs, yep.

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You also need the Action Replay for region free/upgrading the memory. Or you can change the system bios, but still need the action replay.

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Incorrect. It follows that it doesn't "also" allow you to play burned games. It only allows you to play burned games.

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If it is a game I really love or I think I will get alot of value out of, I feel comfortable paying whatever the MSRP was when the game was originally released. Doesn't matter how old the game is, a good game is a good game to me.
I wish older games would get reissued more often on the original platforms. Like a print on demand thing for CD games would be neat, but the issue with that is the discs for these systems have to be professionally made a certain way, so that's not really feasible. There are some publishers dabbling in small print runs of reissued retro games, on CDs and cartridges. I want to see more of that.

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chip only allows for burns, but you can region batch a game prior burning.
For region free loading of original discs, you need either an action replay (multifunctional but unreliable, breaks often), or a region free bios (you need to desolder a 40 pin smd chip to install this), or install a country switch (can be fiddly, only loads what you set the region to, not everything).

You don't need the action replay if you use patched burns or a region free bios.
Actually the AR is the worst choice because of its tendency to self destruct and lose your saves. And I hate how you need to go through its menu every time you boot or even just to LOAD A SAVEGAME because it can't be used for direct saving.

Also, you don't need a memory expansion cart. All the games it allows you to play have either better ports, or it's way easier to play the superior originals in MAME.

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Its really fun
thoguht it would be hard but got a job

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>not having played best SRW

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I started with an action replay that came preflashed with pseudo saturn, then I decided to go the full mile and had modchip (racketboy) installed and the region free bios installed. When the Sakura Wars game was fan translated, I was able to burn a copy, throw it in my system and it played without any issues. At that point I also switched to a normal action replay cartridge, which I always leave in my system. Isn't that what most people do? With the action replay in my system, it always boots to its menu when you turn on the console, whether there is a legit game in there or a burned game. A minor annoyance.

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Pirate everything
Mod your Saturn if you can
If you want presentable cases for your favorite games, just fucking buy reproductions, don't bother searching for complete sets

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>Yeah I'm seeing that a lot of the replies are form a poorfag's perspective
I make enough to own anything I would want for the Saturn, but I rather put that money towards building my other collections. There isn't a single game on the Saturn that's worth the asking price that most people are asking for

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Collecting affects poor and rich people. If you know someone suffering from this disease call your local mental health specialist.

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>you can't download a console.
anon, i...

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ok virgin LOL
Jewel cases get my gf mad wet

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>you can't download a console

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Have they developed a Saturn core? Link plz

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That is what most people do to the point where if you're buying a Saturn bundle off somebody there will be one included.

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"J-J-Jewel cases get my gf m-mad wet...."

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Have you developed reading a reading comprehension? Link plz

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Can someone explain the collection fetish to me? Genuinely don't understand it, I used to own games (before I went completely emulation) but I never considered it a collection or even thought in those terms. Nor did I care about displaying them to other people on some sort of shelf with toys and posters framing it.

Genuinely perplexed what is going on these days.

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Fun, way better if you can read Japanese (not that hard to learn elementary japanese reading which is good enough to struggle through 99% of games.)

Don't try to get a large collection all at once though.

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Imagine saving this

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mister is still emulating, at a hardware level but still emulation.
so unless you can 3d print a console 1:1 and be the same as going out to buy one, you cannot download a console.

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Do I need to?

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>Can someone explain the collection fetish to me?

It's like real life pokemon. You gotta catch em all. The joy is in finding everything at the right price and the best condition.

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Depends if there is something more to it than just reeeeeeeing because there is a composite cable in the pic.

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All the cool kids call their handful of toys a collection. The fact that you had a collection, failed to realize it and then sold it to buy weed and have to emulate shows you're retarded and gay.

>> No.6159696

>all that cope
lmao. Yes, you make the rules kiddo.

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What I don't get is guys that collect but then play their games through budget 1080p screen with the shitty tv speakers. Seriously people, just get a well maintained large crt with component inputs and a stereo with big speakers. Its blissful.

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Excuse me, I have a library, not a "collection."

>> No.6160703

I'm sure there's many things you don't get because if your limited world view. Why don't stamp collectors lick their stamps and send mail with them instead of using email. Seriously wtf amirite?

Then you're not One Of The Cool Kids™

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I like certain games enough to buy them physically, as well as owning the hardware.

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I got lots of games on clearance back in the late 90s to early 2000s. I feel that was the ideal time, as I've gotten over 350 titles for the system. The prices on the games have really spiked up for some reason, as no one likes Sega or Sega systems ever before. I can only guess that they have become scarce since most Hard-offs and Surugayas have barren Sega shelves these days. To think there were so many everywhere that no one bought back then.

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I'm selling a bunch of stuff I collected on the cheap. And I mean real cheap, before the retro game market boom.
Paid a few quid for Out Run 3-D for the Sega Master System, now it's worth £40 at least.
Anyone getting into collecting now is a mug.

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Yeah it is. Those that do it are going to have a house fire and become hoarders.

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When gen 7 stuff started coming out a lot of shops here started dumping old stock to make room for that. I used to go around and buy it up in bulk. I have a few thousand Saturn discs. I'm not even sure exactly what I have but know there are many that are L@@K R@RE. I dumped and released several previously undumped games from my horde. Nothing valuable, of course.

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>collecting dogshit
For what purpose?