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Who was the best arcade developer, and why was it Sega?

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That's not how you spell Capcom.

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More like Copecom.

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Sega's consistent and, almost bordering on ritualistic, disgust for transparencies is truly legendary

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I actually really like that look, to be honest.

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definitely not sega
definitely toaplan or taito

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I do really like Dynamite Deka.

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I'm glad that I guess with that recent coprocessor disassembly, Wing War is finally getting the appreciation it deserves.


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Breddy gud, but not as based as Sega

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Wait what happened??

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Wing War emulation was all glitchy and I hated to play it and hated even more that zoomers thought that might have been how it actually was but the Akira Genesis prototype wasn't the only Christmas present for serious retro gamers this year. MAME is more low key than Hidden Palace/CRF but they're fighting the good fight day by day year after year.

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>and why was it Sega?
Money. Sega had bigger budgets than fucking everyone else.
Also, Yu Suzuki. The guy is a fucking absolute legend. He did his thesis at university on 3D gaming, in the 80s, and he had his hand in Sega's absolute mega hits like Hang-On, Space Harrier, Outrun, Virtua Fighter, Daytona USA, etc.
There's a reason Sega basically gave him unlimited budget when he wanted to make Shenmue, he really was their golden goose.

Other companies like Taito and Namco tried to keep up with Sega's high-end efforts in the late 80s/early 90s, but Taito effectively dropped out when Sega's 3D stuff came out despite several strong attempts to match Sega's Super Scaler games, and Namco decided to go all in on the home market around the PS1 days, even abandoning their "chase after Sega" methodology, no longer really competing with the Model 1/2/3 with similarly high-end 3D hardware, but using cheap PS1-in-a-cab machines instead and MASSIVELY undercutting Sega.

Capcom never competed in the high-end market Sega enjoyed (and probably were better off for it really, and those Street Fighter bux sure as hell helped). Konami didn't really either, although they were more competitive with some of Sega's less high budget offerings.

Seeing the dithering on an actual arcade monitor isn't that bad, and it's on a medium-res monitor too, so it blends pretty well.
also, it's less so disgust and more cheapness -- a dither patter just works and can be implemented incredibly easily, versus needing to read from a framebuffer and do some blending and then write back

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GOAT 90's arcade racer

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I want to play on that machine so god damn badly

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>Goes from revolutionizing videogames and defining how they use 3d to having their flagship series turned into a minigame in Yakuza

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Wish they made more games like this nowadays, just simple fun first person flying GAMES, not aerial boredom sims for retired airline pilots and turboautists

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I've played an R-360 before just for the experience but only G-Loc. I had no idea Wing War, which I actually played seriously, was compatible with it until after I`d seen my last R-360 - and I've literally never played Radmobile/Gale Racer