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So I just finished Parasite Eve for the first time and I had a lot of fun, some flaws aside like unskippable cutscenes and wonky camera transitions between rooms.

But I really want to know if PE2 is worth playing. I keep hearing it's really flawed but when I search why, people pretty much complain about stuff that's perfectly normal in classic RE games. Is PE2 like a bad RE or is it pretty good but people are butthurt because it's not enough like the original?

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The time it took you to type this in could have been used to play the game itself and find out.

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I don't want to waste hours in a game that I might not like because it's unbalanced or something

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>Just finished Parasite Eve for the first time
>Flaws like unskippable cutscenes

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I lost like 5 times to the last boss, so watching the cutscenes and having to mash X for the dialogue was really obnoxious. I love retro game design but those kinds of quality of life features were needed back then.

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Generally people adore one and like the other so give it a shot rather than ASKING PEOPLE A FUCKING QUESTION YOU COULD'VE GOT THE ANSWER TO ON YOUR OWN I NA FEW MINUTES YOU DENSE FUCK! Jk love you bro.

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>Jk love you bro.

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As someone who played all three in 2019, PE1 is clearly the best one. If you like backtracking because there is a finite level of experience and currency in the game, as well as Resident Evil controls, go for it

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I thought it was fun for how much people shit on it (although I tend to still enjoy sequels/prequels that are often labelled as disappointing.)
My biggest issue is the enemy design being lame.

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Everyone on this board loves this game lol
It might be the most "mixed reception" game with a really positive reception on here.
We've had a few threads about this game hitting bump-limit actually.
How do people dislike the enemy design? It's like The Thing mixed with RE monsters. I find the PE1 enemies to be kind of boring, they're mainly just mutated animals.

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Pe1 is garbage

Pe2 is a decent Resident Evil-like

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Parasite Eve 2 is highly replayable (unlockable difficulty modes and unique weapons that encourage different playstyles.) and Aya is at her best in this game.

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Stfu bitch. Pe1 is a classic with an intuitive and interesting weapon upgrade system. REtards are all the same when it comes to Parasite Eve, can't appreciate a good action JRPG.

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PEII is the only PE you need to play in your life. The mixture of real time action and RPG, the atmosphere, the music and graphics are ALL god like tier. Also you'll have onde of the games with best replayability of the psx era with the extra modes you unlock after the ending. Go and have a blast anon.

Cringe opinion. PEI is Just a boring RPG with the worst spell selection ever. And I really wish I was wrong.

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if you don't know why parasite eve is fun you're probably sad in real life

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PE1 and PE2 are both good games but really different to each other so you'll have /vr/gins claim 1 sucks and 2 is great, or 2 sucks and 1 is great.
You sure saved some time here, undecided anon.

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games usually arent' very fun single player unless they're unbalanced anon

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PE 1 haters are niggers. PE2 is good game. Lots of replayability

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i think 3rd birthday is actually maybe like a 9/10 game, at least 3 stars for sure

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That shower scene made was quite something for a middleschooler back in the day

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>I think this game is maybe 90%, at least 60%.

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PE2 on Bounty Mode is one of my favorite experiences of the PSX era.

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>people that like pe1 are niggers

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Played through the first PE recently and loved the whole 'What if RE was a JRPG' design. Considering bumping 2 up in my backlog to be my next play, is it substantially different or more of the same? I'd be perfectly content if it was more of the same.

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I got memed by this board into playing this game and it's not good

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I don't understand the hate for PE1 at all. This board has it's fair share of JRPG haters, but should Parasite Eve be a fresh of breath air and a sea of pretentious incredibly long grindy JRPGs? Not only is the game a very digestible amount that at least in my experience doesn't require grinding at all but it also has a unique combat system and weapon upgrading. The one thing I would fault the game for being is just a little bit too slow but the combat really picks up after a certain point. I don't understand what everyone's problem is for that game, the people who hate it have yet expand on any of their negative opinions on it either, I guess they're just salty it doesn't play like Resident Evil at all.

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/vr/ likes to pretend they actually enjoy bullet hell shit and hate jrpgs. In reality, there's like 10 really vocal spergs hat play that shit and everyone else enjoys jrpgs.

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And here we have an example of the typical /vr/ poster: a jarpig that hates skill-focused games and can only talk about his jrpg garbage.

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>deliberately enter thread of thing you dislike
>"i hate thing and now i am mad!!!!!"

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Aya a cute. CUTE!

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How's the original novel?

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1 is pure kino, bought it with the reimbursement when sony got hacked

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>Japanese and white
Her genetics are folded a thousand times

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