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Anyone looking forward to this thing? Launches later this year but at TWO FREAKING HUNDRED DOLLARS.

If you don't know what it is, it's a backlit gameboy type thing that will play any handheld cartridge you stick into it.

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It’s an FPGA. For what it is $200 isn’t bad, I’ll be picking one up

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>3.5" LTPS LCD. 1600×1440 resolution. 615ppi

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No, not at all. It looks like shit and it's way too expensive. Stop making this fucking thread.

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I want one bad. I just kinda think a switch would make me happier in the long run, and I can't justify buying both...

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you mean like an Advance SP?

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AdvanceSP can play NGP, GG and Lynx games?

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Perfect 10x scale of Game Boy games.

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In other words, emulation. No, I won’t be paying for the privilege of an emulator in a box that will receive poor post-launch support for $200, no matter how hard it’s shilled here or by eceleb cancer on youtube.

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it's not a black and white as that. hardware emulation is closer to the real thing than software emulation will ever be; what you get on a raspberry pi.

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>In other words, emulation.

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Hardware emulation has the -potential- to be closer to the real thing, but that doesn’t mean all hardware clones are better than software emulators.

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As soon as they confirm what cores they'll release for it or that it'll be MiSTer compatible - so never.

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Do you believe anything you read on the Internet? Unless they provide source and prove that this works just like the original chips it's safe to assume that it's effectively emulation, even if it's bsnes-tier cycle accurate.

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*no software emulation

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This is literally false advertising but it's a nebulous enough term that is worth lying because so much of the community already swallows the low that fpga isn't emulation despite the fact that literally all three of those cores are based on software emulation.

I used to believe Kevtris and smokemonster were the same person but now I want to see them bare knuckle box.

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Actually it’s emulating the functions of the SNES.

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>We added a second dedicated FPGA just for developers to develop & port their own cores.
All I could see in regards to tertiary cores.

Also evidently this thing has some kind of built-in music sequencing production tool because reasons. Not complaining about more features, it just seems weird.

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It only works with cartridges. It's not as if you just download a bunch of games to an internal storage and play them from that.

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This can't without adapters (sold separately)


Patently false statement. It's explicitly false to say there is 0 software emulation happening either. Tell me how they are using fpga logic blocks to emulate in hardware the analog components of a gameboy.

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>1Analogue Pocket does not play rom files, it plays legacy game cartridges via the cartridge slot. 2Analogue Pocket is not designed using software emulation. It is designed using a specialty hardware chip called an FPGA, which operates on a transistor level implementation of its functionality. 3Analogue Pocket does not operate utilizing preexisting bios files from any other entities. Analogue engineers everything from scratch, in house.

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>It only works with cartridges
So what? I can build a 200 bucks shitbox that also only works with cartridges. That has nothing to do with how it's twiddling the bits.

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It's emulating the hardware of the Game Boy. not the same way that software emulation works, but you're still emulating. not the real thing, but no reason to take it at face value just to justify your purchase.

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>hardware doing the same thing the original hardware does, but it has a different name, so is therefor emulation
You're not wrong but I do want to throw something kind of heavy at you.

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It doesn't do the same thing the original hardware does, it just does something that leads to the same result. That's why it's still emulation.

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Every single implementation of fpga emulation has not been 100% accurate, so no it is not doing what the original hardware does.

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It's still interpreting the functions of a gameboy, not performing the actual functions on a circuit level.

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Yes and I'm saying that several of those non-verifiable marketing statements about a closed source project are demonstrably untrue, so it stands to reason that maybe the whole thing is marketing bunk

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Fucking autists

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I have a high t hypermasculine brain, yes.

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dilly dally shilly shally

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>It's emulating the hardware of the Game Boy. not the same way that software emulation works, but you're still emulating. not the real thing, but no reason to take it at face value just to justify your purchase.
1chip snes confirmed emulation machine in 4chin

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So if there was a counterfeit chinese LCD tv that was a fake Sharp one, would that be "emulating" the LCD tv? I think you need to reevaluate your interpretation of the word emulation.

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>1chip isn't real
I've been living a lie my whole life. B-but the Genesis 3 is real hardware though.... right?

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It was made by Nintendo and sold as an SNES. That makes it original hardware by definition. A third party making a shitty clone using reverse engineering is not the same as original hardware.

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my bittboy v3.5 worth the same as a cup of coffee runs multiple systems through emulation really fucking well.
so yeah i ain't paying the price of a used ps4 in a little piece of hipster plastic

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It's Nintendo's hardware but it's not THE original hardware. You're talking about a situation where the only difference between what two shops are doing is the name written on the patent. If your argument is that doing the same thing is not emulation if the people designing the hardware also made the original, then you don't have an argument at all.

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What about the GB Boy Color? Is that as accurate to the Game Boy's CPU as we are going to get with a clone?
I think the system is really good, it's a shame that the resolution is a bit stretched though

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You are of the small mind, aren't you? 1chip motherboards are running the SNES functions at a circuit level and their only intention is to combine video output functions. All FPGA implementations are interpreting each and every function; aka emulation. While it's not software based emulation where it just throws all functions at the CPU and hopes for the best, hardware emulation running on FPGA implementation attempts to operate as accurately as it can to the processor and various chips. Not the real thing, but it's damn close. Analogue's marketing is bait for retards who don't know any better.

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I'm not sure, but it's probably actually based on the original chip designs, just with smaller transistors and everything combined into one chip. That still counts as real hardware, since it works the same on the circuit level.

This FPGA crap is completely different and I don't see how you can claim it works like real hardware when it doesn't.

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It doesn't run any user supplied software on bare metal, so it's not comparable.

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retarded manchild toy for zoomers with way too much disposable income, "look how cool I am playing pokemon in public!"

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>2Analogue Pocket is not designed using software emulation. It is designed using a specialty hardware chip called an FPGA, which operates on a transistor level implementation of its functionality.

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Literally every analogue device has been immediately softmodded to read roms from SD I see no reason this will be an exception. In fact that's why I originally thought smokemonster and kevtris were the same person

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>Analogue's marketing is bait for retards who don't know any better
they fail to mention that FPGA is still interpreting functions. how convenient.

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the snes 1chipp ppu is just a combination of s-ppu1 and s-ppu2 at the silicon level to save money on production costs, it has nothing to do with fpga

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it's their wording. only retards will willingly believe otherwise.

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that's what the post you're quoting literally says.

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the whole cycle accurate fpga craze is just a marketing gimmick from people who stand to make a profit by misrepresenting their product. think about it, the specialized circuits in a snes for example were created by a whole team of engineers, you think some autismo can recreate it perfectly in his bedroom in his spare time? from scratch? the answer is no.

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The real key damning fact is that most FPGA cores - all the "mainstream console" cores are based off existing cycle accurate software emulators.

It doesn't really matter. Cycle accurate emulation is the goal no matter what you call it and fpgas are able to do it more efficiently, nothing which illustrates it more than a small battery powered form factor - but when it comes to marketing, analogue's target demo believes "emulation baaaaad" so they're stuck in a spot.

But fuck 'em for not releasing all cores on all platforms. I'ma tell the hipsters they're being lied to until I get proper core support.

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You don't even know what the fuck FPGA means, do you? Just because it runs on a FPGA instead of a CPU doesn't mean it's not essentially emulation. Unless it's switched like the original chips it's no better than a software emulator. Running it on a FPGA is just an optimization, it's not different qualitatively.

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>unless it's switched like the original chips
Bro. what does it say literally after the comma? Or did you stop reading after seeing FPGA?

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Even if that was true which it isn't how could fpga 1:1 clone the analog components?

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>$200 for a gameboy
just buy one of those chink gameboy clones

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At the end of the day those components are just DACs and very primitive ones at that. How many people are going to be playing this thing on TVs or plugging them into tube amps? Those kind of people will always be using original hardware.

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I did, actually. But even so, why believe them after they've been caught lying more than once? You can't verify this shit at all. I mean, it's not even important if it works exactly like the original as long as the result is the same, but saying it works like the original when it doesn't (and prior FPGA clones have been proven not to) is just straight up lying or believing lies.

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>Anyone looking forward to this thing?
I was, but then I realized I don't really need it. My GBC works great and I play in well lighted areas anyway. I play it daily at breaks at work. A GBC and a flash cart does all I need. If I want to play at home, I can fire it up on my mister so the hdmi out dock holds little draw for me. I'm not knocking it, it could end up being really great but I don't see it as something I have to buy.

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Not true sorry look it up yourself. Also conceding the inherent inaccuracy in fpga is really convincing

>> No.6125368

>which operates on a transistor level implementation of its functionality

it means it interprets the functions but at a hardware level instead of just throwing functions at the CPU like a software emulator traditionally does..

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What specific component are you referring to them

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This actually looks pretty damn good. I feel the screens on the original game boys are just much too small now.

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It looks aesthetically pleasing and promising. But I'm afraid it's really not worth the price

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Dude, stop, emulation has nothing to do with "throwing functions" at the CPU, except when talking about high-level emulation in later-gen consoles like N64. Emulators operate on individual cpu instructions of the target hardware and change the emulated registers/RAM in whichever way the original CPU would. Some even divide the instructions into more steps if they want to be more accurate. The same goes for graphics, sound and other subsystems.

How those changes from one instruction to the next are computed differs from implementation to implementation and is largely irrelevant as long as the result is accurate in result and timing, but if it's implemented differently than the original chip it's not like original hardware.

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Does it have a screen shot button?

>> No.6125450

GB Boy Colour is actually quite accurate, it's a real hardware clone if you can handle the screen. I have a backlit game boy and I still usually reach for the GB Boy.

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Whatever the case, it SEEMS to be a faithful, cartridge-only, modern day solution to a no-longer-in-production handheld system problem. Also I dig that they went with the GBP shape.

The only issue I take with it is that ludicrous price tag, and that's not even the complete console. The adapters are sold separately. For another $50 one could get a PS4 and that has a damn blu ray player and optical THX output in it.

>> No.6125464

I'd be glad to. What specific components are you referring to?

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a PS4 doesn't play game boy games bro

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thanks for the reaction image, friend! stolen.

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reminder that byuu said the 1chip snes behaves more like a snes emulator than a die shrinked original snes

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At just $200, that is an amazing bargain for a collector's item. Just look at the Analogue NT and clear Super NT, you should buy at least 2 for the appreciation. The accuracy of the quality FPGA is just the cherry on top.

>> No.6125473

If the screen were perfect, and maybe the buttons were better quality
It'd be a lot better to buy than the $200 FPGA Game Boy

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OH MY GOD, you haven't heard about the recent jailbreak news, have you?

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Hardware clones are a different thing

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Yikes and blatantshillpilled

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you can buy a 3ds with that money
just saying

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1- 3DS sucks
2- I hate DS in general
3- that does not play NGP, GG or Lynx games
4- Not 1440p
D- No built in midi sequencer to tool around with

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>1- 3DS sucks
>2- I hate DS in general
>3- that does not play NGP, GG or Lynx games
>4- Not 1440p
Mega gay
>D- No built in midi sequencer to tool around with
Verdict: you are GAY!

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who cares about resolution half life 1 running at 8192x6144 resolution just make it look worse then what it was

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What the fuck is the point of all these FPGA consoles when the original hardware is over 90% cheaper?

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You seem to have gay on the mind, faggot

>> No.6125675

so the companies can make a lot of money for collectors who care more about how accurate the hardware is than enjoying the game

>> No.6125690


But I'm a collector. The actual, cheaper, console is what's accurate.

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May this jpeg serve as a stern reminder and reality check for you. Mammy's big boy should not be using bad words like "gay".

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I'm in for the form factor and backlit screen

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>when the original hardware is over 90% cheaper?

All of these are used, mind you.

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Here's a brand new one. Opening bid: $340 USD.

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>I'm a retard who doesnt know how to use Ebay's search function!

>> No.6125715

I bought an sp for 35 bucks last week. So not exactly 90% cheaper but closer to 80%. For a silly hyperbole that guy didn't do half bad. What was your stupid inane point again?

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>used nintendo hardware
Enjoy your fecal matter and sweat from a guy who bathes once a month under protest.

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No. It looks like paper thin garbage that my giant yaoi hands could never stand holding.

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>What are Lysol or disinfectant wipes for $500.

>> No.6125735


>all sponsored ads
>all unsold auctions
>all limited edition, with box, or modded

Guerilla marketer detected. Analogue has deposited 15 cents into your account for your post.

>> No.6125736

They're just using the word differently. By "no emulation" they mean to let you know there's "no save states", "no real-time rewind", "no run ahead", "no netplay" and "costs way more money than it should"

>> No.6125889

Was it the backlit AGS-101 or the frontlit AGS-001? AGS-001s are way cheaper and not as desired.

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Those are AGS-001 models dumbass, they're cheaper because they have shit frontlit screens. If you want a nicer backlit screen you'll have to pay up.

>> No.6125934


Not him, but I got my 101 at a thrift store for $20. They're everywhere

>> No.6125939

Never seen one in the wild for that low, that's a good find.

>> No.6125940

I picked up my (scratched up pink) 101 at a yard sale for $10. Some youtubers will probably receive free Analogue Pockets but it's really only reasonable to discuss fair market value if we're trying to make fair comparisons.

>> No.6125968

>for a handheld
>in current year

Ooh boy I can't wait for the $50 screen magnifier that's just cheap plastic and tin.

>> No.6126058

Yes. Many people are. I'm not one of them but I don't deny there's a lot of suckers in this world.

>> No.6126154

Just for fun I went and saw how recently one might have picked up a cheap AGS-101. Didn't have to go back very far, just Sunday and it SAS even listed as such. I was expecting to have to spot one.


Little chewed up and still $30 but leaves lots in our hypothetical budget

>> No.6126587

You could get a Switch Lite at that pricepoint. Seriously, don't buy this thing, I'm sure it'll be ass like most of Analogue's other console outings.

>> No.6126647


>> No.6126668

>overpaying for fake consoles/handhelds

>> No.6126686

>front covered in disgusting branding


>> No.6126721

>Pocket is designed around a first-in-class 3.5”, 615 ppi, LCD. With a 1600x1440 resolution
Are they fucking retarded? 1440p on 3.5" screen??? Half of this shit price is the fucking screen. Fucking 615ppi for GAMEBOY GAMES LOL

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File: 921 KB, 2048x1536, Gameboy-Color-Emulator-Psp-Apk-Full-And.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>In fact that's why I originally thought smokemonster and kevtris were the same person
they aren't, but kevtris is TOTALLY NOT INVOLVED in the development of the """""jailbroken""""" firmware AT ALL. *nudge*wink*

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>Analogue Pocket does not play rom files

>> No.6127335

for 200 it should be able to play N64 at least

>> No.6127338

Or i can get a new 3ds and do all this shit for free, fucking idiot

>> No.6127341


>> No.6127369

I won't lie, it does looks nice. A form factor like that but without all the useless garbage for a modest price would be amazing.

>> No.6127805

This is one of the ugliest and most useless and overpriced piece of crap I've ever seen in my life. Go back to /v/ to advertise your hipsteric shit.

>> No.6127812

What about the aspect ratio?

>> No.6127827

Every Analogue product so far has had the ability to play ROMs shortly after release, they just say that so they don't get sued.

>> No.6127871 [DELETED] 

>comparing official Nintendo aesthetic branding to some literally who shit plastered all over the front of your trash emulation box


>> No.6127880

kinda want it but at $200 its so much

>> No.6128360

So it's an emulator, then.

>> No.6128393

Yes. It emulates the console and carts. All in hardware with an amazingly high level of accuracy. Stay mad poorfag.

>> No.6128482

Is an Everdrive an emulator?

>> No.6128570

pretty sure they can be sued for false advertising if this is real

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Can you make save states with it?

>> No.6128654

My phone can play all of that shit and I can talk to my friends and I can look at titties on it. I could mod a GameBoy Advance with a backlit screen and still have money to burn for $200, this thing's fucking useless

>> No.6128660

>My phone can play all of that shit

>> No.6128662

Yes, it emulates the function of a cartridge. Hope this clears things up for you.

>> No.6128679

GBA is the only thing that's even remotely demanding on emulation. GBC, Lynx and NGPC will all run flawlessly on any modern phone

>> No.6129480

Love the irony. A total retard calling others retards. kek

>> No.6129715

Hardware emulation isn’t even emulation it’s closer to a clone but you g*mers are still using computers for childish nonsense so i really shouldn’t be disappointed that you’re stupid as well aw immature

>> No.6129749

ok, and how about a psp/vita?

>> No.6129750

>emulation isn't emulation
zoomers. lol

>> No.6130028

>comparing aesthetic Nintendo branding to literally who trash plastered all over the thing

knockoff systems should either be unbranded or illegally copy the original branding

>> No.6130032

Seems kind of meh.

>> No.6130037


Yeah, because flash cart developers and emulators are getting sued right and left, right? And computer manufacturers while we're at it? And I guess Nintendo would have to sue themselves for producing one of the most popular emulation devices ever, the Wii.

There's literally nothing illegal or even grounds for a lawsuit for allowing a computer to run programs from storage.

>> No.6130208

is your ass a pussy emulator?

>> No.6130256

>It's not as if you just download a bunch of games to an internal storage and play them from that.
[SmokeMonster intensifies]

>> No.6130296

So Nintendo's SNES games on the Switch aren't emulation because it's from Nintendo?

>> No.6131635

I'm not buying the meme pocket.
Fuck memetubers.
If I want to play game boy games(I don't btw) I'll emulate them and if I want to play them on the go, I'll hack a psp or vita.

>> No.6133705

There's surprisingly many people with dedicated Game Boys for making chiptunes. Probably trying to tap into that market.

>> No.6135062

If it doesn't play import WonderSwan games it is a total waste of

>> No.6136746

Yeah first thing I'm gonna try is those Sachen unlicensed carts

>> No.6136818

>101 meme

>> No.6136861

Don't you remember when Nintendo threw a big lawsuit at some ROM sites back in 2018?

>> No.6138421

They are cool though. You're the one spazzing.

>> No.6138495

>illegally distributing copyrighted software is literally the same thing as producing a device which can run programs from memory

this is you

>> No.6138504

>its only a device which can run programs from memory and not a device intended to play pirated nintendo games and replace nintendo hardware
Are you retarded?

>> No.6138510

It's not a meme, shit-for-brains.

>> No.6138516

>buying bootleg consoles/hanhelds

>> No.6138692

Did you ever see a 101 in the wild? I never have. Saw plenty of 001s though. 101 isn't the true experience.

>> No.6139215

Does this shit even have an OLED screen or something?
Should have waited until MicroLED goes mainstream and release it with a proper high brightness/low resolution screen with strobing for optimal clarity.

Instead they will just use a shit 480p LCD screen and upscale shit and have it look garbage.

>> No.6139225

The one on the left looks much more soulful.

>> No.6140171

I am very happy with my Super NT

>> No.6140515
File: 7 KB, 266x194, 1422361451544.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any reason to get this if I have a GameCube with a GB Player (plus Swiss and GBI)?

>> No.6140518

They both look not retro.

>> No.6141387

if you want to play while on the shitter maybe.
but even there I would go for a psp/3ds/whatever portable device of your choice or actual real hardware over fpgmeme.

>> No.6141934
File: 2 KB, 210x195, 1446980455088.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah maybe I'll pick up a Vita if I want something for portable emulation. That thing has a wonderful D-Pad anyway.
But it's a shame Nintendo is retarded and didn't turn the Nintendo Switch Online service into a Netflix-esque library of their entire back catalogue because that would have saved me the trouble.

>> No.6142215

Of course you do, kid. Of course you do.

>> No.6142225

So many poor haters that cant afford anything talking shit about analogue in this thread lol. Cry more.

>> No.6143043

It will probably have a way superior upscale quality than the GameCube combo. Also, you can play other systems. It's more expensive though

>> No.6143063

>$200 for a cheap emulation machine
no thanks

>> No.6143640

No it's shit. diagonal buttons, ugly design, way too expensive, and its more like 400 dollars after shipping. Get a mister

>> No.6143704
File: 124 KB, 956x538, 1576285569981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Get a mister
A what?

>> No.6143801

Asked this in the handheld thread but didn't realize there was a dedicated pocket thread so I'll ask here

If the screen is 3.5", how big would that make the GBA screen size? Anything smaller than the micro's screen would probably be too small really

>> No.6143817

Please stop shilling this faggot shit.

>> No.6143819

I've seen some people that do online streaming express interest in this, if that's your thing, this could be a good device to capture footage from.

Putting aside software emulation. If you want to capture video from a Gameboy, using the Super Gameboy plugged into a SNES is the go to option. For Gameboy Advance there's the Gameboy Player for the Gamecube, but I heard that the video quality on that is not great.

>> No.6143853

I want one, but because it's not cheap I will wait for some of those in-depth video reviews first. I am seeing alot of people say that this product will be shit, what's the basis of that opinion?

This is the first Analogue product to have a screen and to have buttons, it's those features that I would really like someone to weigh in on critically in a review. A lot of the retro controllers being released recently have had issues, how are the buttons are this thing going measure up? Will the button layout feel right for all systems? The think the high resolution for the screen was chosen to allow for integer scaling on all the resolutions from the various hand held systems this thing is going to support. If they get that right, and the screen provides a crystal clear picture, that's going to be pretty sweet.

On the other Analogue products you could play around with different settings, for example you can increase the sprite limit which would help flickering in some games, I could see that improving things in some Game Boy games.

>> No.6143908

its an open source FPGA project that does more consoles and arcade games than any other FPGA device.
What's it to you

>> No.6143913
File: 189 KB, 250x508, U_r_mr_gay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A mister gay

>> No.6143921

>not cheap

>> No.6143940
File: 94 KB, 860x718, mister.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my Mister, it looks a little different than yours. Not sure of its sexual orientation, but it plays my games real good, which is all I care about.

>> No.6143956

> Imagine paying for meme fake consoles that don't even play roms. In 2020.

>> No.6144015

Gee MiSTer, why would you waste your money on that?

>> No.6144103

It plays mah games reel guud

>> No.6144260

My PC does the same, MiSTer.

>> No.6145829

and so does a raspi.

>> No.6145937

>sd slot
>custom cores
>open sores
Haha yeah it totally doesn’t play roms guys

>> No.6146275

I own every Gameboy model and a few IPS LCD mods so I don't see myself buying this. Looks cool though.

>> No.6146650

I kinda can understand paying 200 bux for a SNES that hooks up to HD TV but why the fuck would you buy this when you can just buy a GBA?

>> No.6146819
File: 979 KB, 4032x3024, image7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nah I'm good

>> No.6146826

get a Gameboy advance sd. has a light. will play both. got mine in high school for 5 bucks

>> No.6146828
File: 24 KB, 600x600, 1575331919996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6146830

>My PC does the same
No it doesn't

>> No.6147649

This also plays a couple other things like the Neo Geo mini and there's a dock you can buy to connect it to your TV.
Also you'll be able to hack this thing a month after launch and play roms.

I'm not buying it myself, but it has its advantages.

>> No.6148330

I have a powerful pc and a iphone 11 pro
so I don't want your garbage

>> No.6149194

better than your shitbox does

>> No.6149296

> transistor level implementation of its functionality
Also known as emulation.

>> No.6149339

No emulation is translating the instructions for one cpu architecture to another. If there's no translation happening it's not emulation. It's just running natively. I think retards on this site don't even know how fpgas work. It's rearranging the transistors on the chip to recreate the original hardware. It's exactly the same as an ASIC chip. The only difference is that they are pre-burned with the core. It's no different than any other clone console. The is a real Z80 in the fpga.

>> No.6149351

I pee when I sit down on the toilet and I also use a Vita to play games with emulation.

>> No.6149469
File: 263 KB, 1024x708, 1579533275629.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do these types of things tend to drop in price or go up in price after a while?

Also, how long will it take for Chinamen to clone it?

>> No.6149779

That's not emulation but software emulation. Keep your facts straight.

>> No.6149787

Any? How does one play NDS games on one screen?

>> No.6150609

you don't ;)
this analoge is garbage!

>> No.6151169

They gave you a review copy to make that assessment?

>> No.6151413

thats still emulation, the hardware is mimicking (EMULATION) the FPGA is emulating the function of the original chip. Emulation has nothing to do with software or programming, an aftermarket car part is emulating the original even if the output is 1:1 and its an exact recreation its still copying it, FPGAs arent even that close to that. Which also means clones are emulation as well.

>> No.6151428

I would buy this, I wish it was software emulation. Then I could overclock and get updates. Instead it's shitty hardware emulation that will have small glitches which can't be fixed.

>> No.6151462

Maybe "won't fix" but of course they CAN fix it. They might not because profit margins, but they CAN. The whole point of FPGA is replacing the entire logic from a binary file.

>> No.6151470

Honestly, a handheld device is where FPGA meme makes the most sense. Kind of a waste if it's only gameboys but if it gets jailbroken and have SNES, MD etc. cores made for it it could be pretty cool. The cartridge slot is a complete waste of space, though.

>> No.6151478

>Kind of a waste if it's only gameboys but if it gets jailbroken and have SNES, MD etc. cores made for it it could be pretty cool
They've advertised it as having an extra FPGA which will probably be precisely for that.

Cartridge slot is a waste, yes, but otherwise they'd not be able to give the illusion of this device being used for legitimate purposes.

>> No.6152149

>Kind of a waste if it's only gameboys
it's not.

>> No.6152243

They usually stay the same unless they discontinue it, but so far they've only discontinued the really expensive stuff like the NT and NT Mini.

>> No.6152247

You can update FPGA systems, all their stuff has received updates. There's an SD Card slot for a reason.

>> No.6152443

I'm probably retarded for asking this, but does this pocket thing have a link cable port?

>> No.6153661

It does

>> No.6153664

What's the chances it works in conjunction with a GameCube for like the tingle tuner in Wind Waker?

>> No.6153673
File: 1.50 MB, 3420x2220, GameCube-GBA-Link-Cable.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Likely zero for games that want a GBA with no game in it (wind waker), and minimal for games that talk to a GBA cartridge (Pokemon box) unless the emulator is designed to be able to handle that. The gamecube communicates with the actual hardware in the GBA and this has none of that actual hardware, it's just an emulator box. It also looks like it doesn't have the holes for the hooks on the GBA-GC cable to hook in on either side of the port.

>> No.6153702

Makes sense though. Thanks for clarifying.

>> No.6153993

Do you even know what interpreting means fuck tard? You're basically calling analogue pocket a wrapper for the GB's cpu, when it isn't that. It's built from scratch and written in it's own unique way to mimic the GB, and it does so very accurately because it's at the hardware level.

>> No.6154260

I'm not even sure what they were thinking using that screen. I just recently acquired a new pocket go (pocket go v2?) and it uses a 3.5" 320x240 IPS screen and everything looks perfect on it. I don't understand why they think a retro handheld system needs such a ridiculous resolution.

>> No.6154345

enables integer scaling for all kinds of aspect ratios, maybe?
it's not like these high dpi-screens are rare or power-hungry anymore these days.

>> No.6154756

He's wrong, it likely will. FPGA isn't just normal software emulation, so it will probably feature real hardware connectivity. For example, with the Analogue Mega SG you can hook up a real Sega CD through the expansion port and it functions like a real Sega CD. So chances are it will have GameCube connectivity, but we'll soon see.

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