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>the only JRPG on N64
>it's better than any on PSX

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i still think this is one of the most well-designed and most charming games of all time, it's probably one of my top 5 ever. it just had great characters and enemies, a good world, and the badge system kept combat from being too monotonous. zap tap is the most fun badge and watt and parakarry are the best partners

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I agree, but find it was too easy to "solve" the first two Paper Marios with spike guard and multibounce

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>the only JRPG on N64

Ogre Battle.

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That's a strategy game.

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the only good role playing mario was the snes one

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the only jrpg there are several rpg on n64.
.- Wonder Project J2
.- Super Robot Taisen 64(SRPG)
.- Super Robot Spirits
.- Robot Ponkotsu 64
.- Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
.- Legend of Zelda
.- Hybrid Heaven (rpg system)
.- Fushigi no Dungeon - Fuurai no Shiren 2
.- Custom Robo

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We don't talk about that one

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SMRPG is kind of outdated today IMO, it's still fun, but later games improved on its mechanics significantly

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best chapter, best partner

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Hybrid heaven

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But your forgetting this gem one of the last n64 games

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Bow is easily the best. Using invisibly every turn just breaks the game

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Any game with linear turn order is easily solved IMO. This isn’t necessarily a criticism, I still love these games, but after a while you’re just leveraging the expected amount of damage you’re going to take and it’s fairly predictable. Even if an enemy seems “deadly,” you still are basically just working a math problem. Timed hits add an element of skill but PM doesn’t take it very far.

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You can’t use it every turn, she loses her next turn after you use it.

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Paper Mario is a good RPG if you want to introduce the genre to babies, but people who can count higher than 5 will want to look elsewhere.

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You’re right, but even still I find it entertaining just to go through the motions, like a collectathon

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Literally the worst Mario RPG.

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>Not even the only JRPG on the N64

It's the best JRPG on the console for sure. But not even close to being the best of that generation.

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It's based but the sequel is even better
Best partner is definitely Parrakarry or Bombette. Best level I think is Chapter 2, 6, or 7.
Check out Master Quest it just released this year.

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Quest 64
Aidyn Chronicles

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Is it still impossible to emulate Paper Mario? This thread made me feel like playing it, but iirc the emulation was awful.

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but its not the only jrpg

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having a strategy system with rpg elements doesn't make it not a rpg. Its still a rpg made in japan therefore a jrpg

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This kind of logic is too hard for zoomers to follow

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Two of the worst RPGs for any system. Quest 64 I can kind of write off as incomplete but had some good ideas even if the execution was horrible.

Aidyn Chronicles is by far not only the worst RPG of its generation, it might be the worst game on the 64. It is the harbinger of all the soulless, ugly, and empty console RPGs to come. There is nothing redeemable about it.

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Shit taste zoomer like you need to get the fuck off /vr/

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Still, they're RPGs which absolutely exist and to call Paper Mario the only one on the system is just an outright lie.

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Paper Mario fans are really thin skinned.

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>only JRPG
>they never played Zool

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None of them are RPGs. I don't know why you people need to call every adventure game with stats an RPG, but it's nothing like Baldur's Gate or Gothic

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I’m not the OP who claimed that Paper Mario is the only rpg on the 64.

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I wanted Super Mario RPG 2. Instead I got this. Never played it and never will.

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You're only hurting yourself. Paper Mario is better than SMRPG, and TTYD is even better

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Sorry, can't get over the faggy look

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So a beat 'em up with RPG elements like Tower of Doom is a JRPG too?


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Also SquarEnix owns Geno so we'll probably never see him again. I'm salty over all of it and have been for 20+ years.

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It’s not perfect but you should be able to finish the game fine. Kinda varies from computer to computer from what I’ve seen

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Both look faggy, it's fucking Mario, but at least Paper Mario embraces it instead of having grimdark backgrounds and with jarring Nintendo characters on top of it

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>Can't get over a stylized look because mah graphics
zoom zoom, go back to /v/

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>Paper series
>inferior combat mechanics
>less interesting characters
>less original locales and themes
>music pales in comparison to Shimomura's

Yeah, I'm thinking SMRPG is still the King.

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Everything is better in Paper Mario, objectively

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Objectively WRONG.

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It's a SMW/Yoshi's island copy, wtf

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>admits to not having played the game
>claims it's inferior in ways he wouldn't know anyway

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Are there any other games with the same aesthetic as SMRPG?
I mean a pre-rendered isometric RPG game

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Pretty much all of them. That's classic RPG perspective

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with 3D pre-rendered graphics?

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It's 2D but looks like it's 3D because the perspective is isometric, like all other RPGs

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Majority of early rpgs are top down. Isometric didnt really take off til Playstation.

If you want an isometric jrpg check out ps1’s catalogue til you see something you like.

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pic related did the "timed hits" gimmick better than any mario rpg. also it wasn't a game intended for little kids like mario is.

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One thing I kind of take for granted when it comes to SMRPG or Paper Mario is that they aren't bloated four discs long never ending movies full of filler content like a shounen anime.

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>it's not for little kids, it's for mature gamers like me

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>what do you mean, a grown adult enjoying mario, my little pony and anime is NOT cringe!!!

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Generic JRPGs are significantly more cringe than Mario.

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More adults than kids played Mario when it first came

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Does Master Quest work on real hardware or is it for emulators only like many other N64 game hacks?

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Will do, thanks.

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I absolutely loved Mario RPG and it's one of the reasons I kind of regret getting a chink super everdrive instead of sd2snes

Can't remember Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga but the GBA library was fuckin lit, spent months playing great game after the other so honestly I don't recall much besides the sick spriteart and goofy sense of humor

I really should play Paper Mario

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You're actually too nerdy for JRPGs

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They just made a Wii U release. I don't think it can run on N64 because RAM, unless it works on Everdrive, I don't know.