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Can we have an anti-nostalgia thread? Going back to many Nintendo 64 games was sorely disappointing and lacking to me.

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Everything about the nshitty4 is honestly total dogshit.

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It's this thread again.

The N64 is bar none the best multiplayer game system. I played hours and hours of Mario Kart 64. 4-player battle was the shit.

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Another N64 hate thread.. oh joy!

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Mario Kart and Mario Party are full of soul

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No other system that generation can remotely touch the multiplayer experiences in goldeneye, smash bros, and mario kart. Sorry, itès just the truth. N64 is certainly overrated, but it has many qualities.

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Just waiting fir someone to come in a claim that Croc is a better platformer than SM64, always a source of amusement.

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/ogg/ N64-edition?

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>hey remember that thing you liked over 20 years ago? WELL IT SUCKED
Riveting thread. go back to /v/ please

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Even back then the n64 was king. Saturn flopped hard and ps1 was good but it was the cheaper and lesser alternative. Most games on ps1 don't even support the analog sticks at all.

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Going back to N64 is always fun. Start exploring the JP catalogue.

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EOP あほ外国人 can't into the best games on N64 and this board is full of them, don't bother.

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They can at least enjoy Sin and Punishment, it requires almost no japanese knowledge, and it's dubbed in english.
But yeah, they're missing on the best ones, as per usual.

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You like playing Nintendo 64 don't you?

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Did PS1 controller even come with analog sticks?

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Nope, not until the dualshock came out.

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Original release, no. Updated release, yes.
Drop the name, nigger.

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... Wonder Project? There really wasn't much of a Japanese market for N64 so do tell of these hidden Japanese exclusive gems.

>Even back then the n64 was king

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>There really wasn't much of a Japanese market for N64
>do tell of these hidden Japanese exclusive gems.

Claiming there was no market when you can't even name a single fucking game, obviously indicating you've never looked into it? Worst poster strikes again!

Still perpetuating the console war meme is pretty cringe.

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This. The N64 is such a disappointment, especially compared to the Playstation.

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It had the best wrestling games by far.

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They basically saw the N64 and copied it by adding joysticks and rumble feature to their controller. Classic Sony copying Nintendo, just like with the godawful PlayStation move controller

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Okay since you don't even recognize Wonder Project that makes it pretty clear you're just larping. Better luck in the next thread.

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>People who make threads about things they hate do so because they realize they have nothing to say about the things they love

So what have you built your identity around OP? What makes it so hollow?

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Don't reply to gramps, he always plays the role of "N64 hater" on N64 threads.

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Disregard that, I suck cocks.

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Just like with the basic Playstation controller lol. So Nintendo, reactionary as always made an atrocity.

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I seriously wish they actually copied SNES' d-pad.
Was playing some shooters on PS2 recently, god I hate that d-pad. Need an arcade stick for PS2.

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>unironic console war post

Companies are not sports teams.
If you dont like something, ignore it and dont buy it....

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see: >>6107506

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It seems that Nintendo actually has a fairly solid legal basis for the defense of their "cross dpad"

This is a discussion forum

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>youll never get lost in a 3d world again for the first time playing mario 64 at your older cousins birthday party

Why live?

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>unironically defending their unironic console war posting

Its 2920, you finally convinced the last virgin that EA is better than Valve, that nVidia is better than ATI, that AMD is better than intel, that apple is better than microsoft, that Sony is better than Nintendo, that poweraide is better than gatoraide

What do you do now?

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To actually get good at Royal Raceway because it's one of the best circuits in all the Mario kart series.

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Found the larping tranny

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Ascend to godhood obviously

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Cool now go have fun. Even you know that you never feel good when arguing online. Go be happy.

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stop giving him entity, retard.

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I have keto flu right now so I'm not going to feel very good for a couple more days anyway. Maybe I'll find the motivation to go buy this sweet Christmas tree at Home Depot that just went 75% off. Happy New Year!

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Whats your favorite retro game? Mines Kirby Super Star. I know its not the best, but its my favorite. Will always hold a special place for me.

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In retrospect, it's just a boring fantasy isekai with mindless combat and lots of pointlessly obtuse gimmicks tacked onto its skill systems and side content.

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Found the retard who's obsessed with trannies

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Even the plugs look similar

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N64 has the best 3D platformer, 3D scrolling shooter, jet ski racer, futuristic racer, 3D action adventure and console FPS of it's generation though.

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N64 is the greatest video games of all time

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The Playstation Dual Shock controller and the Playstation Move controller is an improvement.

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Im playing Mario Kart 64 right now with my daughter and she is loving it.

Nintendo had some of the best multiplayer.

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Has the best 2d (2.5d?) platformer of the generation too. Well, on 5th gen consoles at least. SNES has better 1995 releases.

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