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what are some good famicom games? i got mine about 4 months ago and my library is still pretty weak. I have a disk system as well

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Yume Penguin Monogatari

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Dragon Ball: Shen Long no Nazo

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Famicom Wars. It’s a great reduction of mechanics from a series that gets a little too overwrought in the later ones (imo) super cheap too

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Man, fuck that stacy penguin

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Gradius 2
Holy Diver
Cpt. Tsubasa 2
Akumajou Densetsu
There's a ton more but I'm tired and can't think..

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how do you get that fucker to work on your tv? There should be a list of tv's that can go up to channel 95 and 96

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Just tune the rf to a different channel retard. There is a trimmer pot in the rf circuit in the console.

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ive had a newer small crt with a dvd player ever since my old one shit out on me like 6 year ago and it just works really haven’t had to do any sort of modifications with anything

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is it one like this

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thanks anon, now i don't have to pay some pajeet to mod my system to use composite.

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How come Megami Tensei has a lock-on cartridge like that?

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i wish mine looked like that, but its about that size and i think its a panasonic.
theyre just sitting on top of eachother
ive really wanted wanpaku graffiti but my local import shop has it for like 40-50 bucks :/
i recently bought salamander off ebay just because i liked the cartridge so much haha
this has been on my list for awhile too, need to pick it up considering how cheap it is.

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mother, joy mech fight, mysterious murasame castle, otocky

the fds versions of metroid and doki doki panic let you save

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I hope this becomes a thing

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My famicom has constant noise through RF on all of my displays :( anyone know a fix?

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Not OP but I did a composite mod to my famicom. It's pretty easy and cheap to do http://8bitplus.co.uk/your-consoles/famicom-av-mod/

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You can’t, RF just makes noise, especially if the RF shielding in the system is sparse.

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it already was

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Seconding Akumajou Densetsu.
Try a brand new RF adapter. The crap inside them is made of some instarust dogshit. I had the same issue with my Genesis. I would mod it for AV output though as a real fix, not just a bandaid over the shitty RF output.

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Summer Carnival '92: Recca
Crisis Force
Gradius II
Mini Putt
Joy Mech Fight
Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu
Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu (same as Super Dodge Ball, but no slowdown + 4 player Bean Ball Mode)
Nekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes

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Can you read Japanese?

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>Summer Carnival '92: Recca
>Crisis Force
If you can afford these in their original form.

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there are nes multicarts with recca in it

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Ackshually there are different revisions of the famicom and what you're suggesting isn't possible on all of them.

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Moon crystal,
Don Doko Don 2,
Wai wai world 1,2

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>original famicom
Why didn't you get an AV Famicom? It has composite out of the box and uses the 7-pin NES controller port.

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Famicoms are cheap as fuck, buy one until you get a revision that works.

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My nigga

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Pawa Bureza (Power Blazer) from Taito

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That game is the fun kind of hard, much like PEANUS WEENUS! :)


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Best Kusoge

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Ninja Kun games are all usually good. Daibouken is probably the best of all.

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